Top 15 Trashiest Women In Wrestling History

There have been plenty of trashy wrestlers to step into the squared circle over the years.

In general, professional wrestling is not considered an upscale form of entertainment. This isn't to say it's not awesome, because it is! For the most part however, non-wrestling fans view it as trashy. Entertainment is subjective, so to each their own. With that being said though, there have been plenty of trashy wrestlers to step into the squared circle over the years. Such wrestlers do little to dispel the stereotype.

In fact, just to get to the WWE many independent wrestlers have to survive the independent circuit just to get noticed. Sometimes this means travelling to remote areas, gambling casinos, backwater counties and more places that other forms of entertainment dare not visit. From time to time people in the audience at these shows decide to get into the business themselves, and that's where some of the entries on this list come from.

This isn't to say there is anything wrong with being trashy, far from it! Many of the wrestlers on this list have embraced their inner-trashiness, and some even made it part of their gimmick. Besides, wrestling is for everyone, that includes the misfits, near-do-wells, and the trashiest trash you can find. Out of all the trashy female performers who ever broke into pro wrestling, these are the 15 trashiest!

15 Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie was underrated as a performer. In terms of playing the role of a ditsy, cosmetically enhanced valet, nobody did it better than Dawn Marie.

She was brought into ECW by Bubba Ray Dudley in 1998. At the time, Bubba had taken a larger backstage role with the company. Dawn's first role was as Lance Storm's valet during his feud with Chris Candido and his valet, Tammy Lynn Sytch. Dawn Marie was given the name "Tammy Lynn Bytch". After the feud with Sytch ended, she simply adopted the name Dawn Marie. She would continue to manage Lance Storm after he formed a tag team with Justin Credible known as The Impact Players.

After ECW folded, Dawn Marie was brought into WWE to play the role of Vince McMahon's assistant. This led to several other storylines, including one where she married Torrie Wilson's father, Al.

14 Nidia


Nidia (Nidia Guenard) was so trashy they turned it into her gimmick. The now 38-year old was the first female winner of Tough Enough. That inaugural season for the reality show featured only contestants who had no prior wrestling experience. This led to the winners of that season failing to become big time stars in the business like future winners would (somewhat).

Nidia would form a pair with Jamie Noble, who is now a backstage agent and one-time member of J&J Security. Noble and Nidia's gimmick was that they lived in a trailer park and fit the stereotype of others who do so.

13 Kimona Wanalaya 


Once in ECW, when the company was forced to delay a show due to a problem with the ring, Paul Heyman sent Kimona Wanalaya up to the rafters of the ECW arena to do a striptease. The usually hard to appease ECW crowd had never been so happy to not have wrestling to watch.

12 Major Gunns


Looking back at this period in WCW history, it's amazing that executives at TBS didn't pull this show off the air sooner than they did. In late 1999, Major Gunns (Tylene Buck) debuted in WCW as an nWo girl. She would later be renamed "Major Gunns" and placed in the Misfits in Action stable, which also included Bill Demott, Chavo Guerrero and Lash LeRoux.

Perhaps her biggest feud while in WCW culminated at the New Blood Rising PPV. On that night she defeated Miss Hancock in "Rip Off The Camo" match. The match just so happened to take place in a pool of mud. This was Vince Russo's WCW after all.

11 Madusa


Throughout the 1990s both WCW and WWE would try and get Madusa (aka Alundra Blayze) over and start a new era in women's professional wrestling. It didn't work in either promotion.

As Alundra Blayze, WWE initially gave her a big push. When it was clear the fans weren't taking to her however, she was allowed to walk from her contract, and nobody even bothered to get her WWE Women's Championship Belt back from her. She proceeded to throw the belt in the trash on a live edition of Nitro.

10 Francine


Francine Fournier, known to wrestling fans simply as Francine, sure has cleaned up well in her post-wrestling life. Something about being away from pro wrestling has sat well with the now 45-year old mother of two. Back during the ECW days however, nobody was trashier-looking than Francine however.

9 Bertha Faye


Bertha Faye is a former WWE Women's Champion. This was the version of the championship that was retired in 2010 however, when it was merged with the Divas Championship. Faye defeated Alundra Blayze at SummerSlam 1995, though she would drop the title back to her a couple of months later on an episode of Raw. After that the title was dropped in the trash, nobody spoke of it again for the next three years.

Faye's gimmick was that her and Harvey Wippleman were dating and lived in a trailer park. Years later, Wippleman would claim that despite the storyline they were involved in, the two performers did not get along particularly well.

8 Missy Hyatt


If Missy Hyatt didn't invent the role of a trashy female in wrestling, she certainly perfected it. The 53-year old began her career in the mid 1980s, working for the Texas based World Class Championship Wrestling. She was brought into the business by her then-boyfriend John Tatum, who was a wrestler for the promotion. Hyatt ended up leaving Tatum for Eddie Gilbert not long after debuting in the UWF however.

7 Luna Vachon


Luna Vachon is one of the most memorable female characters in the history of pro wrestling. She was something of a cosmetically-enhanced hell spawn.

Her character was created in Florida Championship Wrestling as part of Kevin Sullivan's Army of Darkness angle. Luna was playing the role of a mild-mannered reporter interviewing Sullivan, when the future Taskmaster reached out and slapped her across the face. Something about how Sullivan treated her made the mild-mannered reporter descend into madness and become Luna Vachon. She kept the gimmick up for the rest of her career.

6 Mrs. Cleavage


The Beaver Cleavage character didn't last long, but it made a lasting impression during the short time it had.

Mosh from the Headbangers was given a rather peculiar gimmick in 1999. He was given the name "Beaver Cleavage" and several vignettes were shown to introduce the character. These vignettes were shot in black and white to mimic Leave it to Beaver, an old TV show that Vince may have watched as a kid. Mrs. Cleavage was played by Marianna Komlos. She was a rather buxom young lady, and most of the jokes in the sketches revolved around sexual innuendos that had to do with her large chest size. The gimmick was quickly abandoned, but for those who bore witness, it will never be forgotten.

5 Bull Nakano


During the mid 1990s, before Sunny and Sable began removing their clothing frequently on Monday nights, both WCW and WWE tried to kick-start their Women's Divisions by bringing in Bull Nakano.

Nakano had spent much of her career with All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling, a promotion that is said to have had an influence on a young Sasha Banks. When WWE wanted to create a star out of Alundra Blayze however, they brought in Nakano to be the monster heel she worked against. Blayze managed to defend the WWE Women's Championship against Nakano at SummerSlam 1994.

4 Shelly Martinez 


Wrestling fans first got a glimpse of Shelly Martinez in the newly rebooted version of ECW in 2006. Martinez was then known as Ariel, and she managed the vampire-esque Kevin Thorn. After a match, Thorn would hold Ariel upside down over top of his defeated opponent as the two showed off their fangs.

Ariel and Thorn would join the New Breed stable, along with Matt Striker, Elijah Burke and a few others. Martinez was released from WWE not long after WrestleMania 23 however. She made a few scattered appearances for various promotions, including TNA, where she was briefly a member of the LAX stable. Unfortunately, Martinez was never really able to catch on with another wrestling promotion.

3 Gorgeous George


In 1999, Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) was dating Macho Man"Randy Savage, and became his on-screen valet. Savage had been off television awhile when they both showed up at Spring Stampede 1999. It looked as though Savage was about ten years younger, and now he had a stable of women with him, as Madusa and Miss Madness would also join the group.Her and Macho Man ended up breaking up, and she went on to marry a guitarist from the Misfits.

2 Nicole Bass


Nicole Bass died earlier this year at the age of 52. She had a rather unique career in pro wrestling. Bass was a professional bodybuilder in her pre-wrestling life. She won several championships in the Heavyweight Divisions and caught the eye of ECW promoter Paul Heyman. She was brought into ECW in 1998 and used as a valet for Justin Credible. Her size and appearance caught the attention of WWE however, and they signed her up in time for WrestleMania XV in 1999.

1 Sunny


Tammy Lynn Sytch's career in sports entertainment often gets overlooked due to her frequent troubles outside the ring. Sytch, like many others from her era, has had problems with drugs and alcohol. She has even landed in prison for multiple DUIs.

What gets forgotten is how much she contributed to pro wrestling during her career. As Sunny, she revolutionized the term Diva in WWE. Back then, very few women were on the roster, but Sunny showed that she could often get the biggest pop of the night. This led to WWE bringing in more women and eventually bringing back the once vacated WWE Women's Championship.

It has been a rough 2017 so far for Sunny, as she was just released from prison in February. Since then she has given a few interviews, made a few appearances, and does appear to be doing a little better undergoing a new rehab stint.

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Top 15 Trashiest Women In Wrestling History