Top 15 Twins In Wrestling History

Why have one when you could have two? The world of sports has seen its fair share of successful twin tandems, including NHL’s Sedin brothers, MMA’s Nogueira brothers, football’s Pouncey brothers, a

Why have one when you could have two?

The world of sports has seen its fair share of successful twin tandems, including NHL’s Sedin brothers, MMA’s Nogueira brothers, football’s Pouncey brothers, and the Lopez brothers competing in the NBA, to name a few.

Unlike a twosome formed by strangers-turned-best friends, twins possess an extra edge because they are mirror images of each other -- not only do most look identical, they know what their sibling is thinking more often than not.

It’s in the genes, which is something that can’t be taught.

When it comes to pro-wrestling, we’ve seen twins trick their opponents, help one another out, and dish out the punishment on foes that take their adversaries for granted. This, and a ton of hard work, became the blueprint to win championships for specific sets of twins in WWE.

Some twins rose to prominence by being glamour models inside and out of the squared circle, while other duos shared a common goal of calling matches down the middle. Whatever the roles may be, there’s no overlooking the upper hand some identical siblings have over their rivals. Unfortunately, though, some twins have been more successful than others, and while a number of twins have set foot in WWE and other major promotions, most are easily forgotten.

Here are the top 15 twins in wrestling, with the majority of the selections guaranteed to pick your brain:

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15 The Phoenix Twins


The Phoenix Twins were regulars on the independent circuit, feuding with The House of Truth approximately half a decade ago, which means they’ve shared rings with Jimmy Jacobs and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Unlike his brother, Dash, Tweek still competes to this day and both twins have wrestled indie vets like Austin Aries, The Briscoe Brothers, Chris Sabin, and The Young Bucks.

14 The Klimaszewski Twins

There have often been times where female twins are signed by wrestling companies not because of their in-ring skills, but more so their ability to make the sleazy male demographic drool.

The Klimaszewski girls are popular for being The Coors Light Twins, yet they also appeared on WCW Nitro frequently as members of The Nitro Girls. They competed as The Power Twins under a WWE development territory, yet both Diane and Elaine weren’t exactly equipped for the squared circle.

13 The Batten Twins


Competing since the mid-1980s, The Batten Twins have tussled against some of the best in the world, but they never quite got the recognition they wanted.

Both Bart and Brad, who spent the majority of their time in WCWA, took on all comers such as Kevin Sullivan, Matt Borne, The Moondogs, and a tag team called The Thrillseekers, a duo made up of Chris Jericho and Lance Storm.

12 The McGuire Twins


Tipping the scales at approximately 1,470 pounds, The McGuire Twins were once the world’s heaviest twins in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Billy and Benny weren’t exactly the most talented superstars in wrestling history, yet the business was different in their days, which ultimately led them to matches in NJPW and Canada’s very own Stampede Wrestling.

The twins have a victory over the Ron & Terry Garvin, and competed against legends such as Antonio Inoki and Tatsumi Fujinami.

11 The Olsen Twins


This one’s a little cheeky, but with reason; the Olsen Twins (not to be confused with the starlets of Full House), were branded as twin brothers in Chikara, yet Jimmy Olsen and Colin Delaney are not real-life brothers.

They don’t quite look alike, but to the Olsen’s credit, they often wore matching outfits, which facilitated the gimmick, also helping tag teams like The Fabulous Ones, The Dicks, and The Basham Brothers to look like similar siblings in the past.

While Olsen is best known for his time in Chikara, Delaney is a familiar face to WWE fans, competing in the revamped ECW against the likes of Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, and Mark Henry, to name a few.

10 The Owens Twins


The Owens, composed of Leah and Casey, are two Irish girls that recently auditioned for WWE Tough Enough casting. Active since 2011, the Owens are still trying to catch their big break in the business, wrestling for smaller promotions across the United Kingdom and Japan.

They’ve also shared rings with two promising Scottish standouts, Carmel Jacob and Nikki Storm, as well as Japan’s Tsukasa Fujimoto.

9 The Tate Twins


With dreams of making a huge splash in the wrestling business, both Brandon and Brent seem to be in good hands wrestling for Ring of Honor and Global Force Wrestling.

They’ve competed against two major tag teams on the indie circuit in War Machine and Best Friends, and they make appearances regularly as Dalton Castle’s boys as two elegant and dreamy studs that had an episode alongside Japanese legend Jushin Liger at this past year’s Global Wars in Canada.

8 The Cole Twins


In the early-1990s, The Cole Twins became a tag team to keep an eye on in WCW, competing regularly on shows such as WCW Worldwide and WCW Saturday Night. They laced up the boots to face tandems like Harlem Heat and The Hollywood Blondes, both sporting mullets and looking like long-lost cousins of Ricky Morton and Dan Spivey.

Only Keith would be given PPV time, competing in the Lethal Lottery alongside Ron Simmons at Battlebowl 1993.

7 The Blossom Twins


The Blossom Twins had high hopes in the wrestling industry as two twin girls growing up in the United Kingdom.

Competing in Ohio Valley Wrestling for five years with a combined four title reigns, Hannah and Holly made a name for themselves wrestling under TNA, first appearing on TNA Wrestling: British Bootcamp, where Rockstar Spud and Mary Scurll were also discovered. They both left TNA in 2014 and haven’t competed since.

Their in-ring attires truly made them memorable, even if you only saw them a few times.

6 The Headhunters


Having made appearances in Japan, Mexico and North America, The Headhunters (consisting of twins Manuel and Victor Santiago) are best known for their stints in WWE and ECW.

The twins are former CMLL World Tag Team Championship, but wrestling fans will most likely remember them for appearing in the 1996 Royal Rumble Match as The Squat Team. Both Manuel and Victor were eliminated by fellow behemoths, Yokozuna and Vader.

After being rebranded as The Arabian Butchers (a team managed by Jim Cornette), the Santiago brothers wrestled against teams such The Dudley Boyz, The Gangstas, and The Bruise Brothers (who come up shortly on this listing) in ECW.

5 The Shane Twins


The Shane Twins will forever be subject to ridicule in the wrestling world and some of that criticism is unfair. They were victims of some of the worst gimmicks in the history of the business.

Feuding with teams such as The Road Warriors and The Nasty Boys, Mike and Todd caught a big break winning the NWA World Tag Team Championship, which lead to a stint in TNA Wrestling, where they appeared on the very first pay-per-view (PPV) event. Accompanied by Mortimer Plumtree, the Shane Twins were known as The Johnsons, two latex-wearing brutes made to resemble giant penises. Obviously, the gimmick was an unsuccessful one.

Years later, the brothers appeared on WWE programming, this time accompanied by fitness freak Simon Dean as Gymini, an offshoot from the mythical Gemini twins. After briefly competing in Deep South Wrestling in 2006, WWE parted ways with both Mike and Todd.

4 The Harris Brothers


In the world of pro-wrestling, no other set of twins are as well traveled as The Harris Brothers.

Ron and Don have been wrestling since the late-1980s, competing against The Rock n’ Roll Express, Shane Douglas, and The British Bulldog in their early days.

They made their WWE debuts in 1995 as The Blu Brothers, participating in the Royal Rumble Match and eventually losing to Davey Boy Smith and Lex Luger in the opening bout of WrestleMania 11. When they returned to WWE, they adopted the names 8-Ball and Skull, joining their real-life cousin Brian Lee (as Chainz) and Crush in The Disciples of Apocalypse.

They never won WWE gold, but the brothers did win the WCW Tag Team titles three times as Creative Control, as well as the USWA World Tag Team Championship five times.

3 The Hebner Brothers


During WWE’s first ever Main Event broadcast in 1988, fans in attendance at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis witnessed devastation as Hulk Hogan, the WWE Champion at the time, was forced to surrender his title to Andre The Giant after beating him at WrestleMania 3 a year prior.

Dave Hebner, the assigned referee, greeted his doppelganger mid-match and the two brothers began clawing at each other to prove who was the real referee. It turns out Earl was hired by “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, which introduced the Hebner twins to the world of pro-wrestling.

Both Hebners served as referees, with Dave taking on more of the backend stuff like promoting and working as a road agent. Earl is notorious for ringing the bell at Survivor Series 1997, costing Bret Hart the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels in an episode titled the “Montreal Screwjob.”

Both brothers were released from WWE in midst of a merchandise scandal, as they were accused of selling WWE products without permission. Earl still officiates TNA Wrestling matches alongside his son and former WWE employee, Brian Hebner.

2 The Bella Twins


Arguably the most popular set of twins in wrestling today, The Bellas aren’t everyone’s forte, but they’ve been at the forefront of WWE’s Divas division for quite some time.

Used primarily for their looks, these two glamour models -- Brie and Nikki -- often competed as a tag team and even had an onscreen breakup not long ago. They are the main cast members of reality show Total Divas, and if that’s not enough, both sisters are dating WWE’s top stars, John Cena (dating Nikki) and Daniel Bryan (married to Brie).

As for championships, Nikki is the reigning Divas champ, currently enjoying her second stint with the title. Brie held the belt once and won the Wrestling Observer’s Newsletter’s Worst Feud of The Year in 2014 (among having a number of terribly worked matches). Since then, both Bellas have worked hard and improved drastically in the ring.

1 The Usos


Rikishi’s boys have grown by leaps and bounds since debuting in 2010, winning the WWE Tag Team titles twice and considered by many to be the premiere tag team in the company. Surely, Jimmy and Jey are set aside by some in favor of Tyson Kidd & Cesaro or The Prime Time Players, yet they’ve been holding down the fort for a while and excel in entertaining matches.

Honored as the best tag team of 2014 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the brothers had a lengthy feud with Luke Harper & Erick Rowan and it’s safe to say both teams delivered in some incredible matches. The Usos also went to war with another brother duo in Goldust and Stardust, where they lost their belts to the Rhodes brothers at Night of Champions 2014.

When it comes to the division, Jimmy and Jey have shared rings with WWE’s best, and even though the Samoans haven’t rejuvenated since losing to Kidd and Cesaro back in February at Fast Lane, they should be resuming where they left off once Jey is cleared to compete again from shoulder surgery.

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Top 15 Twins In Wrestling History