Top 15 Underrated Female Wrestlers of All Time

The WWE Divas, or women in general, are a big part of pro wrestling, and have been for many years. There are some women who have become legends in the ring and are in the Hall of Fame, and then there

The WWE Divas, or women in general, are a big part of pro wrestling, and have been for many years. There are some women who have become legends in the ring and are in the Hall of Fame, and then there are some who only lasted a very short time in wrestling. That brings this list, female performers who has longevity, but they were never fully utilized as they should have been.

Both current companies in WWE and TNA are guilty of taking talented female performer and not allowing them to be fully recognized and used in a way that will allow them the biggest opportunity possible. This list goes through 15 females who had all the skills, athleticism, and ability to become bigger, and there are a few on this list who are still with WWE and are just not being given the chance they deserve or being used for the in-ring ability.

All the women below possessed a mix of in-ring skill, technique, and agility, on top of all that they were all very attractive, which in WWE is a big plus. WWE, for some reason, decided these ladies were going to be constantly overlooked and never get the attention and spotlight they rightfully deserved. These are 15 underrated women in wrestling.

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15 Jacqueline


Like many, her career began on the indies, and from there she slowly climbed her way to the top, to the WWE. While in WWE she was used in decent manner, but was never given the entire spotlight. She was clearly in great physical condition and had all the technique in the world. From 1997-1998 she was sparringly used in WCW. In mid-98 she returned to WWE, where she would get another chance, but not the full opportunity she deserved. She managed to capture the Women's championship, and even won the Cruiserweight title from Chavo Guerrero, but she was never given the chance she truly deserved.

14 Ivory


Her first appearance was as a 'ho' with The Godfather. From there she would go on to debut as Ivory, and after many storyline that went nowhere for her career, she would later become a slightly bigger part of WWE Raw. Ivory was part of the WWE Divas when they were not there for wrestling, but a feud with Moolah would eventually give her a Women's Championship run. She would later have another run as champion as a part of RTC, and her feud with Chyna. Ivory clearly had all the in-ring ability, but was never really appreciated back in her day.

13 Jazz


In a time of Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler, Jazz was sort of lost in the mix. She was clearly all about impact and not about looks. She had all the in ring skill, and was Women's Champion more than once, but it seemed like WWE was more interested in looks at this point. The Divas wrestling eventually improved from the Attitude Era into the Ruthless Aggression years, but Jazz was always a background player, when she should have been at the front of the pack.

12 Molly Holly


She began in WCW as part of Team Madness with Macho Man, but her really big break came in WWE as part of The Holly Cousins, with Bob and Crash Holly. She would later go on to be the sidekick of The Hurricane, Mighty Molly, where she briefly won the Hardcore title during its 24/7 period. Molly would later end up getting the Women's title, but due to being surrounded by Trish Stratus and Victoria, who were the centerpeices of the divas at the time, Molly and her time in the divas division went unnoticed, despite her immense talent and skill. The one notable moment in her career came when her head was shaved at WrestleMania.

11 Kaitlyn


This one might be a surprise to most, but to me, Kaitlyn was a good talent, and had WWE chose to, she could have become a lot more than she was. She was only given one brief reign with the Divas title, and she left the company just before WWE started using the Divas properly again. Her career began on NXT, when it was still goofy, and she quickly made her mark on the main roster. Her skillset in the ring slowly became better as she learned new moves. It seems that Kaitlyn could have been an infinitely bigger star than she was, the fans loved her, and she had it all ...and with more more training, her in-ring work could have become even better.

10 Naomi


A former Orlando Magic cheerleader, and probably the most athletic diva currently on the WWE roster, it is amazing to me that Naomi has not had any title run. She started as a sidekick, dancing with Brodus Clay, but it quickly became apparent to fans that she has massive ability and she is able to make people watch her. There seems to be nothing she is not capable of doing in the ring, and I hope she gets what she deserves, a lengthy run with the Divas title. Team B.A.D has been a very entertaining and fun group to watch, and Naomi is a major stand-out of that group with her attitude and personality.

9 Tamina Snuka


A second generation wrestlier, the daughter of Superfly, and part of The Samoan Wrestling Family, she debuted alongside The Usos, and from there her career has been fairly quiet, she has not been given a chance to prove how dominant she can be. It is clear she has the skills, and it is also clear she is good at making people hate her. It seems to me that Tamina can be a much greater contributor to WWE, but it is another case of WWE not realizing the mass talent they have on their roster. WCW was notorious for this as well.

8 Natalya


This should not even be on this list, but she is. The WWE has only really used her well when she was paired with Beth Phoenix, since then she has been non-existent, only appearing when 'needed'. She has had the Divas title, but the title reigns have not been of any great significance. She comes from a family that was full of great technical wrestlers, and she is a great wrestler herself, but for some reason, the WWE refuses to use her to her

full potential.

7 Becky Lynch


When the 'Divas Revolution' began, it was something WWE fans were waiting for, a long time coming for WWE to finally give the Divas a chance to perform at a high level. The groups have faded and it is now all about solo acts, and it seems Becky may be lost in a shuffle. Charlotte is champion, Paige is on top as a heel diva, and Becky is just coasting along with Sasha, Naomi and Tamina ....all four are divas with massive ability, and they could all be contributing at a much higher level.

6 Eve Torres


One of the biggest surprises in WWE, was when Eve Torres won Tough Enough. I don't think anyone figured her for more than an announcer, but she quickly began an in-ring career. It soon came to a point where she was a legitimate in-ring perofmer, and she spends time trainign with The Gracies, so her technique is unmatched. She had some title runs in WWE, but it was before WWE was fully willing to acknowledge the Divas in a good way, so she never got enough credit for her skill and athleticism. She was soon moved to an assistant role, and soon after left WWE.

5 Brooke Adams


She began in WWE as a part of Extreme Expose, a WWE version of strippers. The group , and that version of ECW did not last. Brooke was later released by WWE. It was her time in TNA Wrestling that she became an in-ring performer and won the Knockouts title. She went from being an afterthought, to showing her in-ring ability, and proving she is more than a pretty face. Her time as a top Knockout in TNA did not get much recognition, as their division was in transition at the time.

4 Maryse


The blonde French Canadian, a former Divas Champion, Maryse began as part of the old FCW training facility and was moved to the SmackDown roster. She began as the person right before commercials, telling fans to stay tuned. She would soon make her in-ring debut against Cherry, although it was a loss, it was the beginning of an impressive run in the WWE. She would go to have good matches with Michelle McCool and Natalya.

3 Jillian Hall


Much to the surprise of many, Jillian Hall had wrestling ability, despite being an on-air annoyance, which was the character she got branded with. She often had her best performances during live events, because she was never given a chance to shine on Raw or Smackdown. Little to many people's knowledge, she had wrestled in the indies for 10 years before her time in WWE. Her very brief title run with the Women's title would last a few minutes, and she lost it to Melina.

2 Layla


Coming in at number two is Layla, she was part of one of the most successful diva duos in a long time, which was Lay-Cool with Michelle mcCool, but beyond that she never fully got a real chance on her own. She was switched between face and heel so many times it was hard to follow. When she returned in 2012 after a long period of being injured, it seemed as though she would be in a spot to be a top diva, and again, for a short time she was, but it faded fast.

1 Gail Kim


Perhaps one of the most underrated and misused women in wrestling, Gail Kim is a highly skilled in-ring technician, and yet neither company can seem to find any story that would properly showcase her ability. She won the WWE Women's Championship in her debut in the company, and has had numerous Knockout title reigns in TNA. Her second run in WWE was a complete joke. It is very odd that neither company can see her ability and true potential, and find a way to make her the no.1 female in the company.

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