Top 15 Undertaker Memes That Are Savage AF

Nobody knows the brilliant WWE storylines any better than The Undertaker. The man inhabited the stage as the freaky, cryptic wrestler, for well over 20 years. He was never consistently top dog in the wrestling world. Those roles were played by the late Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, and a few others. But The Undertaker was good enough to knock off any of those foe at any given moment.

Over 25 years, The Undertaker won seven major titles. He was constantly in the talk, the ultimate icon with the freaky flair and strength to surprise one of fans favorite's, and walk off with their belt in his massive hands.

There were many memorable moments with The Undertaker. My favorites were when he wasn't the planned match, but would surprise fans by ascending from the floor like a demon in smoke. There he'd walk toward the ring with that epic black cloak and long, wet, wispy hair, and stall the two fighters. He'd enter the ring and start kicking ass.

Who could ever forget the time he kicked the crap out of David Flair in the dressing room? That was a genius start to David's short lived prime, a call to the Flair family and the WWE writers to re imagine the company going forward, to invent new characters. And that was what made The Undertaker so vital. His role was the constant variable, the hitch in the narrative, the ripple in time. You could never count out an Undertaker sighting. It added an anticipation to the fan's experience. However with 'Taker's age showing in the last few years, it's lent itself to fans getting creative with memes and poking fun at The Deadman. With love, of course.

Here are 15 savage AF Undertaker memes.

16 Reincarnate With Eyeliner

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You can't kill what's already dead. The Undertaker was the WWE's horror movie. He was the Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. The guy who could cause shivers up your spine. What I loved most about the Undertaker was his character's creation. It didn't matter if he won or lost. What mattered was what The Undertaker did to a league that commonly fancied itself with comedic goons like Hulk Hogan. The Undertaker reminded us how much fear could strike a chord in our centers, and encourage us to draw deeper into the story. Essentially, what I'm saying, is the Undertaker was a nice break from the bright lights and cleavage. He was Rob Zombie with an ability to undercut you with a knee jab to the torso and a body slam. So bad ass, he could hold his own head, and live. Cue frightening sidetrack.

But the reality is that the Undertaker wore eyeliner, tons of it. He needed more makeup than a WWE Diva. Ponder that for awhile, and tell me you don't feel confused.

15 Even the Dead Like Cute Boots

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The dead don't need cryptic shoes. They can concoct Bon Jovi boots and jam out while eating your insides. Even The Undertaker needs a break from being Undertaker. He, too, imagines himself one of the band members of Kiss: tongue flaring, while he riffs a solo toward a woman Undertaker with nice rotting legs.

Have you ever been caught in your car belting Luther Vandross, or mimicking the key-tar in an 80s Boy George jam? I have. And it's embarrassing. But if you're The Undertaker nothing embarrasses you. You are the dead doing this life momentarily to cause fear to treble down our souls, you are Jimmy Hendrix in the grave.

But it's all about the boots. The Undertaker knows he needs the cute boots to flash his flare as a future adorable rock star.

14 Don't Steal From the Undertaker

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Meek Mill better sleep with his light on. He better light sage incense and do his Hail Mary prayers before bed. Because if he doesn't, and maybe even if he does, the Undertaker is coming for him. You steal from the Undertaker and your soul gets sucked from your body. How dare this cute rapper uses the man, who plays ping pong with the devil's, theme music. That's like diving fifty feet up into a pool filled with knives. You're asking for it. And all for a battle with Drake? How silly. If Mill's suddenly vanished, we'll know why. Do not call the authorities. Find your nearest soothsayers, and get them whatever they need: crickets, smoke, snake venom. Either way, don't steal from The Deadman.

13 Not In Front Of Your Parents

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Before I riff into a bit of humor here, let me just say how impressive this face is. It proves how much these guys (and gals) get into true character. His eyes are creepy AF, and that tongue, what is it? A two foot snake unwound from its death-chamber?

It all depends on what kind of lady you want. This look will get you some fine soiled wormy babe with bad breath and a wilted rack. The Undertaker is not interested in anything human. A girl doing her make up with a fake tan doesn't impress him. Unless, of course, he plans on emptying her of her blood, and drinking from a devilish challis.

What kind of lady do you want? If you want the tanned living one, comb your hair and act polite. If you want the kind of woman, who will wake you in your nightmares, mimic this look. Or simply ask for the Undertaker's mom.


11 You Go Girl

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Some of us grew up in church. Because of that, we might (I know I do) struggle with giving in to the dark side. It was Confucius who said: "light and darkness...the interplay of opposites that constitutes the universe." Meaning, within us all there is a balance of good and evil, none of us strictly one or the other.

If Confucius says it, it's good enough for me. So, why not turn to the man-demon of all demons, when in need of my evil being blessed? The Undertaker's white eyes in this shot are savage AF. And his demonic glare says it all: "Do bad things. I bless you. Go wreck havoc. Cause carnage. Annnnnnnndddd, you totally go girl."

Does any legendary wrestler have more hilarious photos than this man? The dichotomy between character development and pictures like these are afresh in the world of the Undertaker. This, of course is later in his career, too. Which could speak to his fall-off as a legitimate night terror.

10 Keeping It Fresh

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We all know The Undertaker doesn't have the same full head of hair that he used to. It's difficult to keep those greasy locks looking fresh. I mean The Undertaker was like 894 years old when he retired. It took a little too long now didn't it? Hear me out: I loved The Undertaker's character and thought he was essential to the ongoing narrative of the industry, but by the time he hung it up, he was beginning to look like a geezer in a sagging muscle suit. Can you imagine all the TLC to make him look like the Undertaker? Hours. Which is really quite funny. The frightening Undertaker sitting in a dressing room and getting his hair dyed and makeup done, would something to behold. That dynamic is worthy of most comedians shtick.

9 Not Frightening Anymore. All About the Nails.

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Age is nobody's friend. Even for the man of nightmares, time is unforgiving. Let's be honest with ourselves: It was time for The Undertaker to retire. I mean look at this shot. Is he really all that frightening?

Remember when Michael Jordan hung around too long? He wore that meaningless Wizards jersey (sorry Wizards fans) and looked utterly disheveled while pretending to still have hops and be good. That's what happened to The Undertaker.

His hairline loping back from the brow made him almost look sideshow. And come on, where's the bad ass gear? I didn't become a fan of the man associated with all my fears, to watch him masquerade in an average leotard, looking an awful like one of the homeless men in Home Alone.

What type of nails do you think The Undertaker goes to the manicurist for? Does he ask for cute little rhinestone skulls over a pale gray matte?

8 Hardy Har

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Hardy har har. What is he in this shot?...one of those old men playing a saloon's piano with a cute little curlicue mustache?  I mean, this is not the guy I signed up for in the 90s.

His scream face has been bar none the most viral of any meme Of The Phenom made over the years. This one is spot on: an actor in a Fraser episode. LOL. What song do you think he performs as a pianist? Cryptic dirges? Or does he branch out into rag time and spunky riff music? My hope is he throws us for a loop and plays something outside the norm.

But, please, Undertaker, BE THE UNDERTAKER. Not this old fart with a look like a b-level clown.

7 Brock Lesner No More

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Undertaker took out many legendary foes. Some of which included: Hulk Hogan and John Cena. He was never shy to controversy, feeding it with his in-character evil masquerade, mocking the league's many pillars.

For quite some time, Brock Lesnar - one of the major pillars of the league - asked for a fight with the Undertaker. And what does WWE do? Make Lesner, the last mega fight of Undertaker's career. And what happens? Undertaker pins him to hell, that's what happens.

It was honestly the perfect way for The Undertaker to cement his legacy.  The Meme pokes fun at Lesnar, who chronically repeated that he was going "to kill," The Undertaker. But Brock, as you've learned, a dead man can't be murdered. Especially when you have the audacity to smash the same demon babe. How dare you, you fool.

6 Drake


This meme is so right on so many levels. First, I absolutely can't stand Drake. He's bar none the most overrated rapper EVER: his rhymes are weak and pop-rap style, corny and unjustified. As stated above, Meek Mill, another rapper, used The Undertaker's theme music in a rap beef battle with Drake. The result was mad respect for Mill, but The Undertaker wasn't too happy, suing the rapper for infringement. Wrestling fans everywhere were likely rejoicing.

Thank you, Undertaker. Not only are you bad ass times 5,000,000, but you proved it by keeping these wannabe rappers in check. Not only do you pay with your soul if you screw with the Demon-Man, but you pay with your pocketbook, too. For shame gentlemen, for shame.

5 Calling Out A Copycat

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Weak writing on the WWE's part. I'll get over it, but it is obnoxious. Anyway, the Undertaker is no fan of copycats. It's one of his many pet peeves, and if there is one person you shouldn't piss off, it's the man who wants to eat your juggler vein and empty you of blood.

It really isn't Chuck's fault. When you've been around as long as the Undertaker has, you've seen and done about every trick in the book. Nobody can get away with doing something off the cuff, without The Undertaker staking claim to it. Now that he's gone all the tricks can arise again. Or is he?

You never know truly if the Undertaker is ever gone. He's the bad dream that keep dreaming. Once can't close his or her eyes, without seeing him do bad things.

4 Bad Omen

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Those damn Sunday blues are strong, aren't they? We all get them on some level. Spend a weekend with little to no responsibility, and then wham! Sunday at about four in the afternoon hits us, and we're suddenly lamenting our lives. It makes us look a bit manic, doesn't it? Up until that time, we're still in LA LA Land, pretending our sole purpose in life is to drink another beer.

The Undertaker holding a Cowboys jersey with the no.33 was a painful indicator that perhaps he was doomed to lose to Roman Reigns on the big stage. There are plenty of savage Cowboys memes out there and this was a perfect marriage between The Undertaker, a true Texan and the perpetual playoff loser Dallas Cowboys.


3 Old Man Spooky is Spooked

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It's heart breaking, utterly sad. Old Man Spooky too senile to know where he's at and what he's doing. Another brilliant savage AF meme, mocking The Undertaker in his later years. Seriously look at this photo. Is there any part of you that wants to hide your head in your sheets and count to 100, until the sheep of sleep wisp you away into happy go-lucky dreams with Leprechauns and lilies? I didn't think so. It's images like these that tarnish a legacy. In today's fast paced media centered Internet world, photos surface like piranha. It'll be hard to erase images like these, in order to maintain the image of the frightening real deal Undertaker of the 90's and early 2000s. Undertaker now gets frightened by the small scurrying of a mouse. Oh, how the mighty demon-god has fallen.

2 The Hair Man...

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The thing about entertainment wrestling, is two-fold: Yes, it's "fake," in that the stories are written by creatives and then fed and practiced by the wrestlers. But you can't make it in the league, unless you're in astronomical shape and have some background in athletics. And because of the nature of many of these fights, the wrestlers find themselves in physical quandaries. Yes, sometimes the blood is real. Yes, sometimes a bone is broken. Yes, sometimes a sprain occurs. And yes, sometimes real beefs arise out of these matches, because of those things. Stuff happens that wasn't scripted. The wrestlers may go off script, may have an unforeseen physical altercation around a prop intended for another purpose.

The Undertaker was the ultimate professional who took his job seriously. But the hair man....that hair. What is it? The greasy locks are what made the Undertaker, the Undertaker. Is this the Undertaker and Sting's love child?

1 Adorbs Fashion Sense

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If there's one thing Undertaker got the short end of the stick on, it was true followers. Hold up...before you throw a shoe at this screen and scream bloody curse words, hear me out. The Undertaker always played, in essence, a villainous role. The kinds of characters fans adore and lift up like gods, are usually All-American hero-types with a He-Man look, ala Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, or the Rock.

Because of this unfair experience for one of the league's All-Time greats, the writers wrote Undertaker's character as someone who is extremely jealous for adoration. He not only would beat one of the fans heroes, but do it and stand around even after the bell, mocking the fallen "good guy." He also found that mauve gloves work perfect with his demonic black get up and Satan-cycle. Who designed them? Luciver Van Trisse?

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