Top 15 Underwhelming Title Reigns in Wrestling History

There are some champions and title reigns in wrestling history that just did not do enough to be in that elite class. Sometimes a superstar, who has all the right intentions, just does not cut it as a champion. There have been numerous stories over the years of champion losing quickly, or having a reign with as title that is quickly forgotten.

This list will look at some of those champions, from Jillian Hall to Sabu in ECW. Sometimes things are just not meant to be and the stars are not aligned properly for one specifc star to become a long running champion. Some have tried to break records, but fall short, and the time they had with the belt was not significant due to lack of meaningful matches. WWE, WCW and ECW have all seen their share of short title runs, some are done for a purpose, others are done because of lack of faith in a superstar, either way, these are 15 runs that were extremely short, there is one situation in this list that caused shorter than usual reigns, and it made history in wrestling.

This list won't merely be guys or women who held the title(s) for a day. There's no time for an opinion to really be formed on that title reign if the wrestler loses it right away. This is for wrestlers who held a championship but left a lot to be desired from their reign.

Once again this is my opinion, and it is a list of 15 superstars who had title reigns that just did not measure up to what the rest of the roster had achieved.

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15 Taz - ECW World Champion (2000)

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This one will be further explained as we move on, but Taz had one very short lived (and forgettable) reign as ECW Champion. He was signed by WWE, and won the belt as a favor to Paul Heyman. He faced Triple H on Smackdown for the WWE Championship, and then returned to ECW to drop the belt to Tommy Dreamer a few days later. This was a unique situation, and it will certainly never be duplicated ever again. In any other situation, Taz would not have had such a short reign with a title.

14 Rosey - WWE Tag Team Champion

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He was a superhero in training, and won the tag belts with Hurricane. The two of them, and Stacy Keibler made quite a super-trio. The fact is, most people will remember Hurricane and Stacy before they remember Rosey. He was an athletic big man, and before being part of a super team, he was part of 3-minute warning, an even less memorable team. Coming from the legendary Anoaʻi family, it seemed he never quite got the break he needed to really take off.

13 Ted DiBiase Jr. - WWE Tag Team Champion

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He came in billed as Priceless, but his career was essentially worthless. He had a run as Tag Team Champion, and his father gave him the old Million Dollar Belt, but the son of The Million Dollar Man had a less than stellar WWE run. Him and Cody Rhodes seemed to under perform as part of The Legacy, a group created by Randy Orton to be better than Evolution. DiBiase was supposed to be the stand-out, but things don't always go as planned. A lot of people expected DiBiase to take off as a performer after Legacy split, but it was Cody Rhodes who grew.

12 Masato Tanaka - ECW World Champion

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Another short lived and less than memorable champion. He had a unique and different style, but he was just not bred to carry the ECW banner for long period. The title was quickly lost the title to Mike Awesome, who had jumped from WCW and won the ECW world title. The scandal with Mike Awesome will be further explored later. Masato did not have a long enough title run to be remembered, but he certainly made his mark in ECW in other ways.

11 Sabu - ECW World Champion

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The suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death-defying Sabu was a crucial part of ECW, but his reign with the world title did not last long and was not really memorable. Sabu was not entirely 100 percent committed to ECW at this point. He was publicly fired by Paul Heyman. The short reign Sabu had as ECW World Champion will probably not be remembered in the grand scheme of things, but Sabu will certainly not be forgotten by fans of the original ECW.

10 David Arquette - WCW World Champion

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Technically, this should not even count, because the fact that WCW ever made him the World Champion is a shame and a disgrace. That being said, David will certainly not be remembered as being a memorable champion, at least not in the right way. He quickly lost the belt to Jarrett, and I am sure that was the only time fans were saying 'Thank you Jeff Jarrett'. One positive of Arquette's reign is that he donated his earnings to the families of Owen Hart and Brian Pillman.

9 CM Punk - World Heavyweight Champion

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CM Punk always seemed to be somewhat brushed to the side, even when he was a champion. While he had several title reigns before the Summer of Punk in 2011, no one really remembered them because they were short and he never seemed to get big moments on PPV. Punk won his first World Title by cashing in on Edge on an episode of RAW after Edge was attacked by Batista. Punk had some forgettable title defenses and lost the title as a result of a Randy Orton punt, forcing him to vacate the title.

8 Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase - WWE Champion

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He bought the World Title from Andre the Giant, which is something now allowed in WWE, you can't purchase a title. Then President Jack Tunney declared it null and void and he was ordered to surrender the belt. Although Dibiase is a legend in wrestling, without a doubt, his attempted reign as World Champion will be forgotten because it never was allowed in the first place. It can certainly qualify as a blooper though. It's a shame the Million Dollar man never really got a run with the title, as he would have made the perfect heel champion.

7 Mike Awesome - ECW World Champion

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Mike Awesome's story of why his title reign was so short is strange. He joined ECW, won the belt, and then went back to WCW as ECW Champion and attacked Kevin Nash. By bailing on ECW, he had to return to drop the belt, so he did and lost to Taz. The story does not end here, as Taz was signed by WWE, so Taz dropped the belt to Tommy Dreamer who had never won the World Title up until this situation occurred.

6 Dolph Ziggler - World Heavyweight Championship

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He had a brief world title run when he was aligned with Vickie Guerrero, but it was not meant to be, because he lost it not too long afterwards. The WWE stupidly made Dolph Ziggler's first title reign start on a technicality, as Edge had used his spear in a match against Dolph when his spear was deemed illegal by Vickie. Ziggler was awarded the belt, only to lose it to Edge later in the night. This booking didn't benefit anybody, especially not Ziggler.

5 Santino Marella - WWE Intercontinental Champion

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The resident comedian of WWE. Santino had numerous runs as Intercontinental Champion, and he tried to break the record set by Honky Tonk Man, but it was not meant to be. In my opinion, in order for a reign to be memorable there has to be significant and high quality matches over an extended period, and Santino never really achieved this.

His first reign started in memorable fashion, by upsetting Umaga in his debut, but his title defenses were very forgettable. He would eventually lost the title back to Umaga to end his initial reign.

4 Drew McIntyre - WWE Intercontinental Champion

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He was proclaimed to be "The Chosen One" by Mr. McMahon and held the Intercontinental title for a while, and then went to 3MB ...quite a way to fall. I think Drew was forgotten about the moment he was released by WWE; he was pretty boring and one dimensional, and quite forgettable like most on this list. His reign with any title will be a footnote in that title's history. Maybe his new tagline should be "The Forgotten One".

3 Curt Hawkins - WWE Tag Team Champion

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A former tag team champion in WWE ... and that is about the extent of what Mr. Hawkins did. His tenure was lengthy, but he was barely used once his tag team days ended. It is safe to say that you won't see any signs about Curt Hawkins any time soon. Although I do think Hawkins and Ryder made a decent tag team that probably should have stayed together, they were split, and the two of them never really made it further afterwards. Zack Ryder got over with the crowd, but Hawkins did not.

2 Jillian Hall - WWE Divas Champion

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The one with the annoying voice. She briefly won the Divas title and then was forced to defend it instantly against Melina, who won it from her. Title reigns like this are generally not acknowledged by the WWE, but she will be acknowledged here as one of the underwhelming champions in history. Jillian had some actual wrestling skill, but WWE decided to use her as an annoyance, rather than an actual female talent, hence why her run with the belt was so short and left a lot to be desired.

1 Ezekiel Jackson - ECW World Champion

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Number one goes to Big Zeke ... a superstar who had so much potential, and could have been more than he was, but his character just came across as another big guy who was 'the heavy', it never evolved to anything better. He was part of a short-lived ECW faction, he joined The Corre with Wade Barrett. Zeke was the last recognized ECW Champion, and because of this , his reign ended after the match ended, because ECW was officially finished after that point. The reason this is number one is more due to the lack of charisma and depth shown by Zeke as a champion , the stars mentioned above managed to show some character, Zeke was pretty dull.

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