Top 15 Unlikely Real Life Wrestling Couples

The WWE Superstars dedicate their lives for our entertainment each and every week. However, they do so at a cost. It's not easy to become a professional wrestler. Years of hard work are

The WWE Superstars are constantly on the road. Their job requires them to travel the world and work in front of different audiences. Pro wrestlers are rarely ever home. It's almost impossible for a wrestler to have a normal relationship with someone who's not in the business. That's exactly the reason why so many professional wrestlers end up dating each other.

Wrestling fans, myself included, love to get an insight on what takes place behind the scenes. So, as a writer for, I do my best to bring to light interesting facts about topics that you probably don't already know. Since most things that take place in the WWE are fake, I have decided to focus on some real life wrestling couples that have gotten together over the years.

However, to make things a bit more entertaining, I thought that it would be a good idea to focus on the top 15 most unlikely real life wrestling couples. So, without further ado, here's our list.

15 Edge and Lita


Although these two didn't look unusual standing next to each other, the way they went about getting together was everything but ordinary. It is well known that Matt Hardy and Lita were in a serious relationship for many years. Hardy even dreamed of having children with Lita and starting a family. Unfortunately, Lita began cheating on Matt with Edge around the five year mark of their relationship.

Edge and Lita had a hot and well-documented affair. The couple even participated in a live-sex scene on Monday Night Raw. While the affair made for a great wrestling storyline, Edge and Lita's relationship ended after a short while.

14 Alicia Fox and Wade Barret


Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox were dating for quite some time before their breakup in 2014. Fox asked Barrett to clarify the reason for their breakup on an episode of 'Total Divas.' Wade Barrett told her flat out that he didn't see himself marrying her. He was a bit harsh, but it's expected out of him. I mean, his name is "Bad News" Barrett.

Alicia Fox seemed genuinely heartbroken when Wade gave her the bad news. Nonetheless, it was the right thing to do. Wade also told Fox that she was an amazing, beautiful, and honest woman. Barrett and Alicia Fox are friendly with each other these days.

13 Karen Jarret and Jeff Jarrett


Before Karen Jarrett married Jeff Jarrett, she was married to Kurt Angle for 10 years. The love triangle between the three superstars was a main focus in TNA in 2011.

The feud between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle seemed like a shoot, and that's because it was. Kurt harbored ill feelings towards Karen and Jeff for several years. It was obvious in the promos that Kurt and Jeff had some serious heat with each other.

Kurt was suffering from substance abuse during the timing of the split with Karen, and that's what made things extra painful for him. Thankfully, Kurt is in a better place now. Although the relationship between Karen and Jeff was strange to say the least, they remain a happily married couple to this day.

12 John Cena and Nikki Bella


John Cena and Nikki Bella are two of the most popular superstars in the WWE. The powerful union between Cena and Bella is surprising for a couple of reasons. First off, John Cena was known as a notorious womanizer, even when he was married. The fact that he has taken his relationship with Nikki Bella so seriously is extremely surprising.

Like Cena, Nikki Bella is also someone who enjoys mingling with the opposite sex. Bella has had her fair share of flings, but her relationship with John Cena is unlike any she's ever had before. Nikki Bella genuinely loves Cena. She wants to get married to him and have his babies.

From what we have seen on 'Total Divas' thus far, it would seem that John Cena isn't ready to settle down with Nikki. The chances of this relationship lasting forever aren't good, but we are all hoping for the best.

11 Sable and Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar and Sable have been together for nearly a decade. They were married in 2006, and things seem to be going along smoothly.

This real life wrestling couple is strange because Sable is one of the hottest WWE Divas of all time, and Brock Lesnar is a behemoth of a man. It's hard to picture Sable and Brock sitting together having a peaceful dinner in a restaurant. Lesnar looks like the type of man who eats raw meat right from the bone.

With that being said, maybe that's exactly what Sable likes. Another thing that makes this real life wrestling couple so unlikely is their age difference. Sable is 10 years older than Brock. However, she is still very hot. Sable, a Florida native, even moved her life to Lesnar's remote home in the Minnesota countryside.

10 Sunny and Chris Candido


Sunny and Chris Candido debuted in the WWE in 1994. Sunny was the manager of the tag team The Bodydonnas, which Chris Candido was a part of.

The reason that this relationship was so unlikely is simple. Sunny was just way too damn hot for Chris Candido. She ended up cheating on him on more than one occasion, but her most famous affair was with Shawn Michaels.

Chris Candido did not want to believe the terrible rumors about Sunny, but they were hard to ignore. Everyone knew that Sunny was cheating on Chris, and it eventually led to their breakup.

In recent years, Sunny has admitted to sleeping with Shawn Michaels. She even had this to say during a shoot interview, "In WWE I was called the ‘Kliq chick, and not just because I got along with the Kliq, but because I was sleeping with one of them."

9 X-Pac and Chyna


Chyna was left heartbroken after Triple H had cheated on her with Stephanie McMahon. Luckily for Chyna, X-Pac came to the rescue. At first, X-Pac and Chyna seemed to be perfect for each other, but things quickly spiraled out of control.

X-Pac was a heavy drug user when he began dating Chyna, and his bad habits eventually rubbed off onto the muscle bound vixen. Their relationship turned from loving to volatile in an instant. Their intense drug habits caused them to make a number of horrible decisions. Of course, the worst thing that they ever did was star in a sex tape together.

After many years of being together, this unlikely wrestling couple parted ways. X-Pac was eventually able to get sober, but Chyna unfortunately succumbed to her demons and passed away this year.

8 Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth


Macho Man Randy Savage was one of the most intense professional wrestlers of all time. He was also one of the best. Savage was a great performer, and the peak of his career was in the mid 1980s.

Miss Elizabeth was a huge part of the Macho Man's success. Their real life relationship was integrated in several storylines throughout the years. It's no secret that Randy Savage was way too protective over Miss Elizabeth in real life. Many wrestlers have even stated that the Macho Man would lock Miss Elizabeth up in his locker room during his matches.

This unlikely couple was doomed from the very beginning. The fact that they were married for eight years is pretty amazing to me.

7 Cesaro and Sara Del Rey


Cesaro is known as the "Swiss Superman," and it's not hard to see why. He is freakishly strong, and he can pull off superhuman moves. Cesaro also happens to be very popular with the ladies. Unfortunately for the female fans of the WWE, Cesaro is in a committed relationship with NXT standout, Sara Del Rey.

The "Swiss Superman" and Del Rey have been dating for more than five years. Their relationship began in the indie scene, and it seems that they are genuinely in love. The only reason I put this couple on the list is because Cesaro could literally have any woman he wanted. I'm not trying to sound rude here, but I think that Cesaro could do a lot better for himself.

6 Renee Young and Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose is known as the "Lunatic Fringe," and it's definitely for good reason. Ambrose has proved time and time again that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win a match. He is a rugged individual who loves to scrap with the toughest competitors on the WWE roster. While Dean Ambrose is a decent looking man, it's kind of surprising to me that he landed such a classy chick.

Last year, Renee Young revealed that she was in a serious relationship with Ambrose, but she didn't go into great detail for privacy purposes. Ambrose and Young seem to be doing better than ever. In fact, there is a chance that the couple will show up on 'Total Divas' together, as Renee Young has been added to the cast for the next season.

5 Rusev and Lana


The Bulgarian Brute is a monster of a man. You would expect him to be with a butch and ogrish woman. Instead, Rusev is actually in a real life relationship with Lana, and the unlikely couple has been together since 2014.

In October of 2015, Rusev asked Lana to marry him, and she said yes. While the real life couple is happier than ever, most people would have never thought that Lana could fall for such a burly man. However, maybe Rusev is actually a giant teddy bear behind the scenes.

4 New Jack and Terri Runnels


Most WWE fans remember Terri Runnels as the ridiculously hot manager of Goldust. While her onscreen pairing with Goldust was a bit strange, the fact that they were actually married in real life is even weirder. With that being said, Goldust (Dustin Runnels) is the son of a wrestling legend. He was and still is a great worker.

The relationship between Dustin and Terri wasn't too strange. However, the relationship between Terri and New Jack was a complete shocker.

New Jack and Terri began dating in 2009. The couple actually lasted two years together before all hell broke loose. In 2011, Terri Runnels took New Jack to court for selling nude pictures of her. A judge ordered Jack to stop selling the explicit pictures of Terri, but I have a feeling that he continued to do so anyway.

New Jack and Terri Runnels ended their relationship on bad terms. However, Jack has expressed his love for Terri in several shoot interviews following their breakup.

3 Maryse and The Miz


I don't know how The Miz does it, but I'm definitely jealous. The Miz has talked himself into so many amazing positions over the years. Hell, he even headlined WrestleMania 27 against John Cena for the WWE Championship, and he ended up winning! How insane is that? With that being said, defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship is not the most impressive feat that The Miz has ever accomplished.

Convincing the insanely hot WWE Diva known as Maryse to marry him is definitely The Miz's greatest feat to date. Maryse is a blonde bombshell, and she is just way too hot for him. I mean, what the hell is she doing with The Miz? Maryse could literally have any man that she wanted. I guess The Miz is a better actor than we all thought!

2 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


The relationship between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H is obviously going well. The McMahon-Helmsley dynasty is currently in charge of the greatest wrestling organization in the world. While no one would ever question their marriage today, their relationship was a huge deal behind the scenes when it first started.

In the late 1990s, Triple H was in a committed relationship with Chyna, but, he ended up cheating on Chyna with the boss's daughter. While Vince McMahon was okay with the relationship at first, but everyone else was against it. After a significant amount of pressure from his employees, Vince McMahon took away his blessing. However, it was clear the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon loved each other.

Once it was obvious that Hunter wasn't using Stephanie to further his own career, Vince McMahon once again gave his approval. Hunter and Stephanie are doing better than ever these days. They have three daughters together, but I have a feeling that Triple H wants to try again for a baby boy.

1 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella


Daniel Bryan is unquestionably one of the best wrestlers in recent years. It's truly a damn shame that he was forced to retire. With that being said, Bryan did rather well for himself. He made millions of dollars, and he also married one of the hottest WWE Divas of this era.

It's not hard to see why this couple is so strange. I mean, just take a look at Daniel Bryan. He has one of the biggest beards in WWE history. Bryan looks like the lumberjack from the Bounty commercials. How the hell did he score such a hot woman? Well, Brie has actually said on 'Total Divas' that she loves the lumberjack look. Who knew?

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan were wed on April 11, 2014. The couple regularly appears on 'Total Divas' together. It's quite obvious that Brie and Daniel are inseparable at this point in their relationship. If any couple on this list has a chance to last forever, it's Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

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Top 15 Unlikely Real Life Wrestling Couples