Top 15 Unofficial Rules That WWE Obviously Follow

It is all part of the show and it is all part of an unofficial rule sheet that WWE has created themselves.

Every die hard wrestling fan is aware of all the rules that WWE follows. How disqualifications happen, how a match is made a count-out. But it seems that WWE has many more unofficial rules.

Obviously, WWE started the rule that every champion has a rematch clause. It's a way for WWE to continue a feud, but last year they decided to take away Sasha Banks' rematch clause when she was defeated by Charlotte at Roadblock: End Of The Line.

As a company, WWE can decide to make up rules, have people tagging in and out of Handicap matches, making a title change hands on a disqualification or even deciding that a person can be stripped of a title based on a fast count.

It is all part of the show and it is all part of an unofficial rule sheet that WWE has created themselves. Here are 15 more rules that the company obviously follow on all of their brands.

15 John Cena Will Always Kick Out At Two


That's right, members of the CeNation will be aware that John Cena is a hard star to keep down. No matter what you hit him with, or how many stars that move has kept down, Cena will always kick out at two.

This was seen recently at Elimination Chamber and at The Royal Rumble when Cena kicked out of The Styles Clash more than once.  move that has kept half of the SmackDown locker room down, it send out the impression that Cena is much better than all of them, because he can kick out of the move, which isn't the case, The 16 Time World Champion just really needs to work on his in-ring psychology and understand that the point of a finisher is that it usually finishes a match.

14 Moves Always Hurt More on The PADDED Mats Outside The Ring


This is one of the more annoying rules of WWE. The barricades are padded and so is the area outside the ring. The ring itself has a thin layer of padding, but it isn't as padded as the outside area.

Why do the commentary team and the wrestlers themselves insist on how bad it hurts to be suplexed onto the mats on the floor? Even being thrown into a barricade wouldn't hurt with all that padding on it. The WWE Universe call for it every time because the commentators over react about how bad the move was and the audience then think that it was a much worse move than it would have been inside the ring, but it isn't. It's all about perception, inside the ring is much worse.

13 Always Send Untrained Security And Cruiserweights To Split Up A Fight


This has always amused me. There are men in that locker room who could do real damage if they were used to split up a brawl but instead, WWE send out Jamie Noble and the rest of the Cruiserweight Division to break up a fight between men twice their size.

Triple H sent security after Seth Rollins when he appeared at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio when he had a locker room full of wrestler that Rollins wouldn't have been able to fight out of. Sometimes it seems as though it isn't thought through at all. A normal person who was running a company would use the things that they have at their disposal, so why not send out a much bigger guy? If they knocked him down then the reaction would be much bigger.

12 The Older You Are, The More Unbeatable You Become


Ahh, the golden rule of WWE. As you get older you develop a legacy in WWE where you seemingly become much more beatable. When Brock Lesnar recently returned he was unbeaten for three years before Goldberg showed up. And it seems the torch has now been passed to the former WCW Legend after he managed to defeat Brock in record time at Survivor Series last year.

The Undertaker has been undefeated at WrestleMania again since he lost his streak to Lesnar and hasn't been pinned on WWE TV itself for a very long time. WWE legends gain a lot of respect when they return to WWE. The problem is that WWE needs to think of the stars who are the future of the company and remember not to bury them at the same time.

11 The More Flips You Add To The Move The More Painful It Is


That's right, it doesn't matter if you're Rey Mysterio and you only weight 170 pounds, if you're in a match against  Big Show and you hit a flip into a splash, most of the time you will get a two count.

It is a rule that WWE has followed for many years. Currently, Mustafa Ali has a reverse 450 Splash that has kept every man he has wrestled down. Neville's Red Arrow is exactly the same, he adds so many flips to the move that it also keeps people down. It is more of a move for high flyers and Cruiserweights right now, but it still seems to be a rule that WWE decides to follow. Even Kevin Owens has a flip of his own that he likes to pull out every now and then.

10 The Submission Will Never Win The Match The First Time You Apply It


Every Superstar has a submission move that they often use as a second finisher. They usually pull this finisher out when needed on an opponent that is not in the right position for their impact finisher.

Even the female Superstars have a submission move as well as their regular finisher. Paige has the PTO, Carmella has the Code of Silence, Charlotte has the Figure 8, Becky Lynch has The Disarmer, and Sasha Banks has the Bank Statement. The problem with many of these moves is that the stars will spend the entire match trying to lock their finisher in and when they finally do, the move rarely ever wins the match. The opponent usually makes it to the ropes and it takes them another few attempts to finally win the match.

9 The Way You Look Is More Important Than Having Talent

This is a rule that annoys the WWE Universe to no end. It's the reason why Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman still attract a lot of heat years after their debut because WWE will always go for someone that looks the part over someone who has the talent. Look at Dolph Ziggler's position on the card compared to Baron Corbin.

The fact that Braun Strowman is being pushed to the main event level in WWE because of the way he looks. Meanwhile, the likes of Tyler Breeze and Jack Swagger are stuck working as jobbers on the SmackDown roster. It has been this way for many years and it doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. The Women's Division was like this for a very long time, luckily that has changed in recent years.

8 If You're A Big Guy Then You Must Perform A Senton


This is mostly aimed at Triple H's two main guys at the moment, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe. Both men are around 300 pounds but are still quite agile and manage to perform moves like Sentons because it gives the impression that they are landing all of their weight onto their opponent.

The Senton is usually a move for high flyers and is performed from the top rope or running off the ropes. Owens and Samoa Joe have changed the theory behind this and it seems that many bigger guys could now be considered to be just as versatile as wrestlers who are much smaller than them. While this isn't a bad thing, it shows that WWE has progressed a lot over the past few years and are finally allowing their superstars freedom when it comes to performing.

7 You Automatically Become A Legend As Soon As You Pass Away


This one is harsh to write but when it comes to WWE, it rings true. WWE distances themselves from many wrestlers after they leave WWE but as soon as they pass away the company will make an emotional tribute video, add them to the Hall of Fame, and decide that they were legends.

Vince McMahon stated that Randy Savage would never go in the Hall of Fame, but as soon as he died, he became a legend that must take his rightful place amongst the elite. The Warrior Award is supposed to stand for everything that The Ultimate Warrior's legacy created. Well, that isn't a lot. And it is hard to bring this up without mentioning Chyna and the fact that she blamed WWE for the way she was. She never forgave Triple H for cheating on her and she died still hating the company but they played tribute to her and called her a legend after what they did to her. It's embarrassing.

6 Women Must Always Scream And Trash Talk Throughout Their Matches


Paige is perhaps the worst one for this; even though John Cena is also quite loud at calling moves in matches. Paige and Melina back when she was wrestling would always scream or talk loudly and it used to distract from the actual match.

Luckily, the women have come so far over the past few years that this isn't as much of a problem. This only happens now when the likes of Summer Rae, Dana Brooke, and Nikki Bella decide to step foot in a WWE ring. The Four Horsewomen rarely trash talk in their matches. they prefer the focus to be solely on the wrestling, which is why they are the ones pushing through the glass ceilings. Hopefully, as the women's division continues to move forward, this will happen much less.

5 The Pain Is Shifted If You Roll Over In The Figure Four


This is a theory that belongs entirely to WWE. The company made the decision that because it is hard to break the hold on the Figure Four, they would say that the pressure is relieved if you roll over. WWE likes to ensure all submissions have an escape plan, so this is what they added to Ric Flairs famous move.

In reality, the Figure Four hurts regardless of whether you roll over or not. It is a move that locks your legs together. Moving onto your stomach so that all the weight is on your upper body isn't going to change the fact that your legs are still locked together and it isn't going to hurt your opponent when the legs remain in the same position they were always in. Try it yourself. It doesn't work, you've been fooled for many years.

4 There Will Always Be THE GUY


There was a storyline for a while in 2014 where WWE was deciding whether Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan were the real faces of WWE. The guy that all the fans recognize, the one star that fans who don't even watch WWE already know about.

The fact is, that the WWE Universe already knew that guy was John Cena. Cena is one of the biggest stars in the world. It has reached the point now where the 16-time World Champion could argue that he is much bigger than WWE. He is a film star, a host, a reality show star, a rapper, and a part time wrestler. WWE know that Cena is still a draw despite many fans becoming bored of his antics, and when Cena is gone the cog will keep on moving and it is likely that Roman Reigns will become the next guy.

3 The Main Draw Will Always Arrive Part Way Through The Show In A Limo


This is one that I don't fully understand. If you are supposed to be somewhere and you are the main star of the show, then you would get there early, right? Well WWE logic seems to dictate that you will arrive just as you are about to come out in front of the live audience and you will arrive in style.

Triple H does it all the time, so does Vince McMahon, Goldberg has even begun doing it lately which is craziness. Why can't they arrive on time when the show starts and be shown backstage talking to the people they work with? Show some solidarity between wrestlers perhaps? No. It doesn't seem like something WWE would do, it seems that the grand entrances are something that the company like to do.

2 Money In The Bank Contract


The Money in the Bank Ladder match is one of the biggest matches of the year and it crowns a Mr. Money in the Bank for the next 12 months. The problem is, that it seems as though the contract itself doesn't actually mean anything.

Many fans fail to understand that the briefcase itself is worthless, what the star is carrying around is a signed contract that says that he have a World Championship match whenever he wants. Seth Rollins had his contract torn up by Dean Ambrose and still managed to cash in. WWE could make more of a deal out of that, so a star goes to cash in but they have the case and no contract, what does that mean? It would bring to light the fact that there is a contract, something that they don't make enough of a big deal about.

1 Finishers Hurt Less On Pay-Per-View


That's right, whether WWE put the padded mats under the ring at pay-per-views or Superstars just feel much more reinforced, it seems that the same move that would allow you to gain an quick pinfall on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live becomes completely ineffective a few days later.

Every finisher that has ever been done in WWE has been kicked out of a pay-per-view, including the Tombstone Piledriver. It seems that the bigger audience, and the fact that there are more lights and the WWE Network cameras, the Superstars take much harder hits and still remain standing. It's actually quite miraculous and also quite confusing. It's something that WWE perhaps need to think about changing when it comes to the continuity of the show as a whole.

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Top 15 Unofficial Rules That WWE Obviously Follow