Top 15 Unscripted WWE Moments You Totally Forgot About

It has been widely known for a long time that professional wrestling is indeed scripted and that all the matches are pre-determined and thought out before they actually take place. The WWE had to confess of the product being scripted in the late 80s when they fell under some heavy pressure and they have tried to make it seem as "real" as possible to the audience ever since by making for more enthralling matches and realistic story-lines to entice the fans.

While almost everything that takes place in the WWE is scripted, there have been some cases of unscripted moments being shown on WWE television. Be it taking place because of a botch or some improvisation on the wrestlers' part, these unscripted moments were something really different and the audience mostly caught onto it when it occurred as well. The WWE may have tried to shove it under the rug after these "real" moments took place on their television and some of them have actually been forgotten by fans.

The WWE has rarely shown anything "off script" on television, but these moments changed that thing about their product and gave us something "real" as we take a look at the 15 Unscripted WWE Moments You Totally Forgot About.

14 Charles Robinson Curses Out Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho has been in the wrestling industry for almost two decades right now and he knows when something goes wrong in the ring, as he did when he was facing Neville last year during a match on RAW. The match was going at a usual, enticing pace when something seemed to go wrong as Neville was hobbling and Jericho noticed that he was hurt. So he tried to roll him up and pin him but the referee Charles Robinson, who had no knowledge of the injury did not count to three. Jericho got extremely annoyed at this and pushed Robinson to get himself intentionally disqualified, but Robinson took this seriously and pushed Jericho right back. At the heat of the moment, Robinson unleashed some curses on him which were noticeable on TV, calling him a "motherf****er" among other things as this was definitely not PG or scripted.

13 Perry Saturn Obliterates Mike Bell

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Perry Saturn was somebody who came into the WWE as a promising individual, but he fell out of the pack while his friends Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko went on to bigger things. Saturn was a mid-carder who often appeared on WWE's lesser shows and it was on an episode of Jakked that Saturn legitimately fought against a jobber named Mike Bell. He was scripted to go over as usual, but after Bell accidentally landed Saturn right on his head, he completely lost it. He went on to obliterate the poor guy, slamming him with legitimate, stiff shots and tossing Bell outside the ring to land on his head on the safety mat. He was punished by management when he was given the Moppy gimmick, which ironically got him over for the first time in WWE.

12 Droz Gets Paralyzed

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Droz was quite the weird wrestler back in the 90s as he was actually given a really disgusting gimmick where he would puke almost everytime he stepped into the ring. He was dubbed as "Puke" because of this and was in the good books of Vince McMahon as a promising mid-carder because of his ability to puke whenever needed before something terrible happened. Droz faced off against D'Lo Brown in a match during a Smackdown! taping in 1999 but things turned awful when Brown attempted to hit his signature move, the running powerbomb. The move was completely botched and Droz landed straight on his head, fracturing two discs in his neck. Even after surgeries, this left him paralyzed from below the neck and he never wrestled again. This disturbing unscripted moment is something the WWE has tried to keep hidden forever, but not many can actually forget it.

11 Mickie James Is Obscene Against Trish Stratus

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Mickie James returned to the WWE as a veteran a year or so back, but her prime will always be when she initially came to the WWE as the crazy fan of Trish Stratus. Their feud culminated in a match at WrestleMania 22 where James would go on to win the WWE Women's Championship from Stratus, but not before doing something really controversial. Mickie was portraying this twisted character and she decided to go off script during the match where she made a provocative gesture by licking her fingers after touching Stratus' private parts. While she did go on to win the title, she was told off backstage because of this unscripted maneuver which was a bit too dirty for WWE and is something they've tried to keep hidden ever since.

10 Daniel Puder Almost Breaks Kurt Angle's Arm

Kurt Angle has returned to the WWE as a Hall of Famer and is doing a good job as the General Manager of RAW ever since being appointed as such. But things got a bit frisky for the Olympic Gold Medalist during his initial stint in the WWE when he tried to rough up the Tough Enough contestants in 2004. He challenged them to shoot fights and Daniel Puder accepted that challenge, but what happened next was something nobody expected. Angle took Puder down, who surprisingly locked in the Kimura Lock on Angle who could do absolutely nothing about it. Puder had some MMA experience prior to coming to WWE, something Angle didn't know as the referee's saved him by helping him pin Puder. It also saved Angle, as Puder would have broken his arm if it weren't for the referees as this unscripted moment was a nightmare for Angle.

9 The Undertaker Gets Set On Fire

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The Undertaker has to be one of the toughest wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside a WWE ring, as he went through a lot of dangerous stuff in his two-decade long career in the company. But something which was really scary for a rather aging Deadman was when he was literally emblazed on fire during a pyrotechnics accident at Elimination Chamber 2010. Undertaker was scheduled to compete in an Elimination Chamber match for his World Heavyweight Title but when he was making his entrance when his jacket was temporarily caught on fire. He suffered first and second degree burns to his chest and neck but managed to compete in the match despite his body burning by dousing himself with water while remaining in the pod. This scary unscripted moment is something which will stay in the memories of many as it shows how dangerous pyro can be.

8 The Rock Fooling Around With Fans At RAW

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The Rock has to be one of the most charismatic characters to have stepped foot in a WWE ring and he has been proving that with his occasional appearances on WWE TV over the years. While he doesn't really wrestle, The Rock does cut some promos and has fun whenever he's at a WWE event. He decided to go off the book when he appeared on an episode of Raw last year when he came to the ring and saw some cosplayers of WWE stars in the front row. Now because these cosplayers were portraying controversial characters like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, and others, they were moved to another seat so that they couldn't be seen on TV. The Rock saw them and went off-script, going to interact with them and making sure everyone saw them and The Rock proved his entertainment skills with no further consequences.

7 JBL Legitimately Beats Up The Blue Meanie

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JBL has had the reputation of being a big bully for many years now and he used to pick on those who could never really stand up for themselves or were too good natured. He decided to prey on The Blue Meanie, who had signed on with WWE to appear on their ECW One Night Stand PPV in 2005. In the end of the entertaining PPV, the ECW originals and the WWE wrestlers had a brawl of sorts, but when it ended everyone was shocked at one particular wrecked up wrestler. That was The Blue Meanie, whose face was smashed and bloodied by JBL who legitimately hurt him during the brawl and went off script. JBL did this "shoot" on the poor Meanie whose face looked awful after that, as this forgotten incident showed the backstage power of JBL in WWE.

6 Bart Gunn Knocks Out Dr. Death Steve Williams

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The WWE was under heavy pressure to come up with something which would help them win the ratings battle against WCW during the "Monday Night Wars" and while some ideas were, some were really terrible. One of which was the Brawl for all, which intended to show "shoot" fights and the winner would be the "toughest" fighter in WWE. It was like a boxing match of sorts but with more moves, as Bart Gunn faced one of the favorites in "Dr. Death" Steve Williams in the 2nd round. Many feared Williams because of how stiff his shots were, but in an unscripted moment, Gunn actually managed to knock out Williams in the match. This impressed management very much, who were shocked yet impressed that Gunn could actually do that and he went onto win the tournament which has been long forgotten.

5 Shane McMahon Bounces Off The Glass Ceiling

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Shane McMahon is called a daredevil in WWE for a reason because he can perform some stunts even the best superstars can't even imagine of doing, as he's been doing these insane stunts to entertain the fans for a long time now. But the reality is that most of them are scripted and orchestrated that way so that he wouldn't get hurt, but things got a bit scarily real when he faced off against Kurt Angle in a Street Fight at King of the Ring 2001. The two had an extremely bloody match which moved onto another side of the arena, where there were some glass ceiling doors. Kurt tried to suplex Shane through the glass, but it didn't go as scripted as it failed and Shane's head bounced off the ceiling. The ceiling cracked on the second attempt, but this scary unscripted moment could've been catastrophic for Shane's career.

4 Mankind Picks Up The Rock's Glasses

Not all the unscripted moments has to be embarrassing or disturbing, as some have actually been quite hilarious and the one which tops that list is a segment involving The Rock and Mankind. It was during a Smackdown Taping when The Rock and Mankind were in the ring together and the Great One was delivering an electrifying promo to the crowd. But he moved his head with such force once that his glasses fell to the ground and The Rock being the hot-shot was never going to pick it up. So in a moment that wasn't scripted, Mankind went ahead and picked it up for him much to the delight of the crowd. The Rock acknowledged this as he later said "The Rock thanks you for that" and went ahead with the rest of his promo, but this unscripted moment was actually pretty awesome.

3 Hulk Hogan Fired As Mr. America

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Hulk Hogan may be the reason why WWE attained mainstream popularity in the 80s and went on to become the company that it is, but his arrogance reached a new level after his success in WCW. He returned to WWE later on, but things didn't go well with him when newer stars were getting more attention than him in the company. Hogan decided to leave the company in 2003 after having a disagreement with Vince McMahon, who decided to go off the books to "fire him" on national television. McMahon came down to the ring and showed a video which showed Mr. America actually being Hulk Hogan, firing him in the process. This moment may not be remembered by many because of Hogan returning years later, but it was quite the clever, unscripted moment which showed how well McMahon can mix up reality and kayfabe.

2 Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack

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Jerry "The King" Lawler has been one of the most entertaining characters in WWE for a long time as his legendary commentary team with Jim Ross helped to bring out just how much of a brilliant wrestling personality he was. But everyone was shocked in 2012 when Lawler passed out in his announcer's table and was unresponsive. His commentary partner Michael Cole continued to call the match while the medical team came to check on Lawler. It was later discovered that Jerry had suffered a legitimate heart attack on WWE Television and he was quite fortunate to still be alive. Obviously this was not a scripted moment, as this was scary for Cole and the WWE because of how Lawler had almost lost his life while doing commentary. Thankfully Lawler has made a full recovery and this harrowing incident may be forgotten, but was extremely scary when it happened.

1 Jake Roberts' Snake Gone Rogue

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Jake Roberts was quite the chilling characters during his wrestling days in the WWE as the thing that made him scarier was probably his pet snake "Damien". Roberts got engulfed into an intense feud with "Macho Man" Randy Savage in the early 90s when the villain Roberts tried to get under his skin. He went onto unleash Damien on him and while this was the plan as Savage was terrified of snakes and made sure it was not poisonous, things started to go south. The snake bit Savage's arm and refused to let go. This unscripted moment was as shocking as it was terrifying at the time, but thankfully the snake let go soon and this forgotten unscripted moment showed just how dangerous it can be when you try to write a segment with a vicious, wild animal.

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