Top 15 Valets in Pro Wrestling History

In pro wrestling there are many techniques that can be used to get a guy over with the audience, especially when they are debuting a new persona or are having a problem connecting with the fans at all. Some of the techniques include trying to get a cheap reaction from a crowd by insulting or praising their town or local sports team depending on if the wrestler is a heel or a face, or a wrestler using different tactics in matches to catch the audience’s attention. Yet maybe the most common way to get heat or attention in general, on struggling wrestlers is by giving them a manager or valet. In other cases a wrestler may have an enforcer in their corner who is not a mouthpiece for the wrestler nor eye candy. Chyna would be a perfect example of this.

While both can be used as a mouthpiece to represent the wrestler, valets are used primarily as eye candy to attract the audience while at the same time distracting a wrestler’s opponent. From a suggestive dress to a splash of makeup, the valet’s role as eye candy has helped many wrestlers win over the fans and pull a fast one on opponents. Yet valets are not just eye candy, they are also strong and calculating, making sure that not only does their wrestler have a backup plan set in case something goes wrong, but that they have one for themselves as well. Let’s face it, valets are only willing to help a guy out as long as he remains the winning horse in a race, but if she shows that he is not the winner she thought he would be, the guy will soon find himself without a valet in his corner. Other times a backup plan is needed if a valet sees her wrestler becoming overly possessive or abusive, in which case she breaks free and leaves the guy in the dust.

This list is designed to look at the greatest valets in pro wrestling ranked according to popularity, talent of the valet and the quality of wrestlers that she helped, and how she is remembered in the history of wrestling. So please read, enjoy, and let us know what you think down in the comments section. How would you have ranked these differently? Are there other valets that you felt should have made the list or that one of the entries should be ranked differently?

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18 Honorable Mention: Woman

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Nancy Benoit, better known as Woman in ECW and WCW, became a staple in ECW, as the valet for the Sandman after working with Kevin Sullivan. She would be seen opening beers for the Sandman or lighting his cigarettes while holding his signature Singapore Cane, which she would use to strike his opponents from behind. After leaving ECW and going back to WCW, Woman would find herself as the valet for the Four Horsemen which featured her eventual husband, Chris Benoit. Woman would appear sporadically before finally retiring from ring work in 1997.

17 Jacqueline

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As a valet for numerous wrestlers in the WWE and TNA, Jacqueline was a staple of women’s wrestling in the late 90's and early 2000's; Jacqueline was a great mix of intelligence, beauty, and brawn. After briefly working with Harlem Heat in WCW, Jacqueline debuted in the WWE as Marc Mero’s replacement valet after he had a falling out with Sable.

Both women would fight each other in a variety of ways, probably most famously in a bikini contest at Fully Loaded and a moment at Capital Carnage where Sable ripped off Jacqueline’s top after a match, revealing her bare breasts to the crowd. After Mero, Jacqueline would be part of a female duo with Terri Runnels and Ryan Shamrock called P.M.S. and managed wrestlers like Shawn Stasiak, before heading to TNA and being the valet/manager for Beer Money, Inc.

16 Dawn Marie

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More on the eye candy side than anything else, but still able to hold her own inside the ring, Dawn Marie was a staple of ECW in the later years of the promotion’s run. As the valet for Lance Storm and later Justin Credible, he and Storm created the Impact Players, Marie played her character as beautiful but ditsy and clumsy, which sold well with the fans. After ECW went bankrupt, Marie would eventually end up in the WWE as Vince McMahon’s legal assistant and later Al Wilson’s fiancée during a rivalry with Tory Wilson.

15 Kimberly Page

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As the leader of the Nitro Girls, Kimberly Page was a staple of the Monday Night Wars for years. Along with working side-by-side with her husband Diamond Dallas Page, Kimberly was THE beauty of World Championship Wrestling. Unfortunately she would leave the company on a sour note as she, along with the other Nitro Girls were being put into matches against other wrestlers, including David Flair and Scott Steiner, despite them not really having much in the way of in-ring training. The change in direction would basically spell the end of Kimberly’s career at WCW and the Nitro Girls in general.

14 Melina

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As the valet of MNM, Melina was a great blend of sultry beauty and in-ring ability. While Joey Mercury and John Morrison may have been the ones posing for their paparazzi and the crowd, all eyes were on Melina as she would enter the ring, usually after performing the splits. After the team separated, Melina would make her own mark in the Divas division, winning the championship on multiple occasions, though on various occasions she would be seen in the corner of her boyfriend Morrison.

13 Beulah McGillicutty

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Originally entering ECW as a former childhood friend of Tommy Dreamer looking for revenge, Beulah McGillicutty would find herself in some of the promotion's most shocking angles, including a triple with Dreamer and Kimona and the bloody brawl with Bill Alfonse. A mix between the girl next door and hardcore fighter, Beulah would prove she belonged in the ECW ring as she was more than willing to take a bump or hit someone with a Singapore cane, all the while providing moral and physical support to her husband Tommy Dreamer.

12 Debra McMichael

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The woman who led to the innuendo of 'puppies', Debra McMichael was a valet in the purest sense. As a manager for numerous teams and groups including the Four Horsemen and most notably Jeff Jarrett, Debra knew exactly how to help her clients win. With a simple opening of her blouse, Debra could distract even the toughest of wrestlers long enough for the guys that she managed to take advantage. It would soon become common in storylines for wrestlers to take various medicines or herbal remedies in order to combat their natural urges when seeing Debra.

11 Marlena (Terri Runnels)

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In a new twist on the valet/wrestler dynamic, Marlena was more authoritative than most valets when it came to working with her wrestler, in this case her husband Goldust. Coming off as a dominant/submissive relationship, Marlena was giving Goldust support in the ring so long as he provided her with victory or gold. Always present in her director’s chair smoking a giant cigar, fans knew that she was the one wearing the pants in that relationship, especially after Goldust was disrobed by Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania XII, revealing Goldust wearing some very frilly lingerie. She would then join up with Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock to form the Pretty Mean Sisters where they managed Shawn Stasiak to slight success.

10 Francine

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While Beulah may have been willing to get into it with you in the ring and Dawn Marie would use her looks to distract you, Francine was all business and would conduct herself accordingly from outside the ring. The longtime valet for “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Francine was always there for whenever he needed assistance against an opponent, whether that was a hit from behind with a weapon or a quick flash of skin. It is because of that ability to assist when needed, the "Queen of Hardcore" was a valuable asset for anyone she was associated with including Raven, R-Truth, and Balls Mahoney.


8 Torrie Wilson

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Debuting in WCW as the selling point to bring David Flair into the NWO and cause him to turn on his father, Torrie Wilson would soon become one of the most recognizable female personalities in pro wrestling. After joining the WWE Torrie would find herself in a whole new spotlight after posing for Playboy on a couple occasions as well as winning the Golden Thong Award from the WWE in 2002. Torrie’s work as a valet would help numerous wrestlers get recognition from fans including various angles with Carlito, Billy Kidman, Jimmy Wang Yang.

7 Stacy Keibler

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 After winning a contest to be named the newest Nitro Girl, Stacy Keibler would soon become one of the most memorable valets in pro wrestling history. Soon she was made the valet for the team Standards & Practices, where she would get noticed by dancing on the announce table and showing off her 42 inch legs. After WCW was purchased by the WWE, Keibler would go on to be the valet for the Dudley Boyz, Test, as well as Rosey and the Hurricane, dressed head-to-toe in superhero garb as Super Stacy. While she would attempt to win the Women's Championship in a Diva's Battle Royal, she would never be able to capture the belt, remaining a stronger valet instead of a competitor.

6 Sunny

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Seen as “the original WWE Diva” by many, Hall of Famer Sunny definitely left her mark on the wrestling industry. As the manager for such teams as the Legion of Doom, the Bodydonnas and the Smokin' Guns, Sunny was always there to support her teams, so long as they were on top. She would work for various promotions including the WWE and ECW, managing both male and female wrestlers to various degrees of success, even stepping in the ring on a few occasions to settle a dispute with a rival. In the end her body of work definitely warranted induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and set the mold for what a Diva is and could be.


4 Trish Stratus

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A strong blend of valet and manager before becoming one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time, Trish Stratus definitely had what is referred to as “the 'It' factor.” Making her WWE and wrestling debut in 2000 scouting talent for her new team, Stratus instantly caught everyone’s attention with her stunning looks. Soon she was acting as the manager for Test and Albert, forming T&A, helping them get a few Tag Title shots while also helping her other wrestler Val Venis win the Intercontinental Title. As she moved onto single’s competition, Stratus would still act as manager and valet for other high level stars like Kurt Angle and Triple H, being able to excel in more than one outlet within the WWE.

3 Sable

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Debuting at Wrestlemania XII as the valet for Hunter Hearst Helmsley before becoming the valet for “Wildman” Marc Mero, her then husband, who would take her away from an abusive Helmsley and make her his valet. After Mero was out recovering from an injury, Sable would see a surge in popularity which would be used in a storyline as Mero returned and would be jealous of her popularity, eventually leading to a breakup between the two. She left the company in 1999, but would further excel in the role following her 2003 return.

Sable would manage a few other wrestlers like Albert and act as a mistress to Mr. McMahon while at the same time winning the Women’s Championship once. Her popularity would only boost more as she would go on to be on the cover of Playboy three times, with them becoming some of the bestselling issues of all time.

2 Sherri Martel

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After a career as a top woman's wrestler, Sherri Martel would go on to become a high level valet for top superstars. Wrestlers like Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, and Harlem Heat would be just a few of the wrestlers who would claim Sherri as their valet, each using her to meet their specific needs in the ring. As a great mix of good looks and in-ring work, Sherri could handle her own with the big name wrestlers and proved it on many occasions, which included feuds with Luna Vachon or against Michaels.

1 Miss Elizabeth

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While Sunny has been called the original Diva, many would argue that Miss Elizabeth truly changed the perception of women in pro wrestling. Debuting as the surprise manager for “Macho Man” Randy Savage in 1985, Miss Elizabeth would always be seen in the corner of Savage, eventually leading to an on-screen wedding between the two at SummerSlam ’91 before leaving the promotion in 1992. She would return as Savage’s valet in 1996, this time in WCW.

By working with Savage, Elizabeth would turn heel and join the nWo, helping the heel group in numerous incidents as they tried to one up their competition. Near the tail end of her wrestling career Miss Elizabeth would have her first official match against Daffney in 2000, followed by matches against Rhonda Singh and Madusa before being released in August of the same year.

She changed the course for women in the wrestling world and without her, you wouldn't see the women you do today.

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