Top 15 Ways NXT Has Restored Your Faith in Wrestling

Faith is a funny thing; a strange notion in which people take solace. Faith provides the dreamer another night void of nightmares as pretty little thoughts in pretty little heads run in pretty little circles; never too far from vicious reality but never allowing such a reality to enter within their cozy confinement.

So what happens when faith fails? Those who lose faith find it again in other aspects of life. Faith is an infection which one can never cure. Even when faith has faded, it will always reappear once again, in most cases stronger than ever. Such is the psychopathic nature of our being.

It truly is difficult to except hard facts: we're all going to die and there is no way to change or alter that course. Each living being must come to an inevitable end. When faced with this fear, the quickest soothe comes with faith in a higher power. Faith allows the scared to sleep.

However, in this life there are those who live wide-awake; never enough time to rest as the insanity of the insomniac overtakes every aspect of their every day world. These are the people who live without faith and face the horrible hindrance of death.

This essentially leaves us with the “dreamers” and the “wide-eyed.” And faith remains stuck in-between.

In the wrestling world, things have become too familiar to the bitter fan as everything feels old and stagnant. It's always Winter in WWE. Where is the fresh smell of Spring? The answer: down in Florida at a little place known as Full Sail.

This is where the bitter fan may find some Faith once again with the hottest brand around: NXT. The only promotion akin to independent wrestling while operating under the umbrella of a major Sports Entertainment company.

These are the top 15 ways NXT has restore your faith in wrestling:

15 You Have a Familiar Feeling


That strange feeling creeping up your spine: what is that? This feeling you once knew during the Attitude Era. This feeling of Can't Miss TV. This is the familiar feeling that has resurfaced thanks to NXT.

14 You Listen Closely for Independent Rumblings


Throughout its short tenure, NXT has plucked some of the best independent wrestlers from obscurity and showcased them on a WWE-produced stage. Thus, providing these stars with their first major platform.

13 You Loved the Dusty Rhodes Classic


Dusty Rhodes played an integral part in developing NXT late in his life. And now the promotion honours his legacy with the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament which wrapped up last October.

12 You Couldn't Believe the Sight of Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe has been through the wrestling ringer, as he spent many years on the independent circuit, and also performed for a low-grade promotion known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

11 You Smile Again


With the way WWE has operated over the past decade, it was easy to become a bitter fan; one who would watch with half-sunken eyes and a hateful heart. For the sweet promotion you once loved had gone sour.

10 You Pay Attention to WWE Divas


It all began with Stephanie McMahon and her introduction of the "Divas Revolution" on Monday Night Raw. Stephanie would then call out Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte ... and the Female Revolt was underway.

9 You Care About Women's Wrestling


Keeping with the female side of things: there is definitely a lot to look forward to as it pertains to the future of Women's Wrestling. The women of NXT have moved away from the erratic-eye-candy-valet days and into actual wrestlers.

8 You Got Goosebumps from London 


The English wrestling crowd is as intense as any fanbase you can find in North America. While overseas for NXT TakeOver: London, the audience would help make this latest instalment that much more special.

7 You Felt Good for Finn Balor


While in Japan for a WWE Network Special, Kevin Owens would defend the NXT Championship against Finn Balor; an Irishman who made his name in Japan while rising to the top of their wrestling circuit.

6 You Felt Validated in Brooklyn


With Finn Balor as the new NXT Champion, Kevin Owens was set to play full-time on the main roster. However, this story needed a proper ending. Thus, the Canadian and the Irishman were set to settle the score in New York at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

5 You Were Proud to Watch Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn


Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn - real life best friends - have traveled all the rocky roads together on the independent circuit. Two incredible wrestlers who were never given the time of day by WWE ... until that all changed.

4 You Erupted for Sami Zayn on Raw


On an episode of Monday Night Raw - live from Montreal - hometown boy, Sami Zayn would arrive to accept the John Cena U.S. Open Challenge. Needless to say, the Quebec crowd erupted for Zayn.

3 You Lost Your Mind When Kevin Owens Defeated John Cena


The measuring stick in WWE is undoubtedly John Cena. The fifteen-time World Champion is the man to whom all other Superstars are compared. Which is why no one saw it coming when a brash upstart outshined the Spotlight.

2 You Lost Your Heart to Sasha Banks and Bayley


While the women of NXT were making some noise, something needed to happen that would bring this noise to a deafening decibel level. Which is exactly what happened at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

1 You Officially Fell in Love


Sasha Banks vs. Bayley pt. 1 was epic. Therefore, a rematch between the two female stars needed to exceed all expectation. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley pt. 2 would take place at NXT TakeOver: Respect.

The much anticipated rematch was contested as a 30-Minute Iron Man (or Woman, I guess?) match with the added pressure of being the first female bout to main even a WWE special. Sasha Banks and Bayley did not disappoint.

The end result would see Bayley retain the Women's Championship in a match that made you officially fall in love with NXT.

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Top 15 Ways NXT Has Restored Your Faith in Wrestling