15Doubling Down On The Fire And Lightning Silliness 

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Frankly, Wyatt displaying the power to summon lightning and signal pyrotechnicians to trigger isolated explosions isn't just unimpressive, it's downright counter-productive.

Some horror movies work better when the audiences see the monster and others are better off when the creature remains unseen, or immaterial. Let’s say The

Undertaker and Kane are best presented as Jason Voorhees-type monsters. Partially due to the eras in which they first appeared, we can accept a degree of overtly supernatural shenanigans from The Brothers of Destruction. Wyatt, on the other hand, is a “reality era” monster, more akin to the Blair Witch, or maybe a Babadook. He’s better off if we don’t see him flaunt otherworldly talents. A guy who tells everyone he’s a monster and surrounds himself with people who agree that he's a monster, is scarier than an actual monster - because we in the reality era know that actual monsters don’t exist.

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