Top 15 Ways To Fix The Divas Revolution

In February 2015, actress Patricia Arquette won an Oscar for Supporting Actress in "Boyhood." During her acceptance speech, she demanded equal rights with the focus of pay for women. After her speech,

In February 2015, actress Patricia Arquette won an Oscar for Supporting Actress in "Boyhood." During her acceptance speech, she demanded equal rights with the focus of pay for women. After her speech, many women in the entertainment industry took to Twitter to thank her. One was Stephanie McMahon. McMahon thanked Arquette for using her platform. After McMahon’s tweet, former WWE Divas Champion, A.J. Lee retweeted her then followed up with her frustrations about how things were in the WWE. McMahon took to the high road, thanking Lee for her opinion. Vince McMahon later tweeted that the company hears them and followed with the now famous hashtag Give Divas A Chance.

While the Divas in NXT were tearing the house down in high profile matches, the Divas on the main roster seemed to be left behind. While Give Divas A Chance would trend nationwide, there seemed to be something missing with women’s wrestling.

As the spring of 2015 approached Stephanie McMahon promised to shake things up in the women’s division. She promised a "Divas Revolution." She mentioned how Ronda Rousey was the most popular competitor in UFC. Finally, Stephanie added the three top women of NXT to the main roster, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch. These women came to even the odds as the Bellas Twins joined by Alicia Fox were dominating the division and with that, the "Divas Revolution" was born.

For anyone who loves women’s wrestling, the "Divas Revolution" was something to raise the excitement level. Most fans will watch promotions such as Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU), Shimmer or Shine. On these independent wrestling promotions, the women are known for their in-ring work. For a while the WWE would recruit models and turn them into wrestlers. The "Divas Revolution" was something that had fans believing this was the end of that. However, it has seemed to become stale. The Revolution is not dead yet, but it could be. Here the top 15 ways to fix it.

15 Female Commentators


The WWE Divas Revolution can expand beyond the ring. WWE has always employed female backstage announcers. Now as the company moves forward, especially with the discussion of equality, it's time to put a female on the announce team. Renee Young does a great job hosting PPV Pre-Shows. Fans would love to hear her voice during a match on Raw and/or SmackDown as Young has already sat in at the table during Superstars.

14 Have More than One Divas Storyline


With a "Divas Revolution" in place, it is important for fans to understand the value of women’s wrestling. In the days of social media, the women can make their own stories on Twitter and Instagram. With all of the talent on the roster, there is enough room for more than one Diva-related storyline that fans can get invested in. There is one belt, instead of having two women battle for the title, and the rest watch in the back, allow the others to have a rivalry away from the title.

13 Have a Minimum of Two Divas Matches on PPV


Fans consider it a treat when there are two women’s matches on one show. There have not been two women’s matches at WrestleMania since WrestleMania 22. If there are more than one Divas storyline, it will be a lot easier to sell the fans on two women’s matches on the cards. This will prove that the revolution means something as opposed to the Divas match simply being known as the "bathroom break."

12 Make Some Divas Exclusive to Raw or Smackdown


Although there is no longer brand exclusivity, making some of the Divas exclusive to Raw and some to SmackDown would make their matches more special. They would not have to rush through their stories, thus allowing them to build the rivalry. Daniel Bryan said that when he won the Intercontinental Championship, he wanted to keep it on SmackDown, and become the face of that brand. Taking a few Divas such as Becky Lynch, Brie Bella, and Tamina and placing them on SmackDown would prevent them from getting lost in the shuffle.

11 Valets


As WWE brought in women’s wrestlers who paid their dues on the independent circuit, there are still some who are models turned wrestlers. Women such as Cameron, Summer Rae, and Eva Marie are easily lost in the shuffle during the "Divas Revolution." However there is still a fan base for them. Since these women have characters that can make you love or hate them, they could be paired with wrestlers who they would help build. Think about Rusev, when he is on television fans will tune in just to see Lana.

10 Bring Back Legends


There are some true women’s wrestling legends who came through WWE. Alundra Blayze, Ivory, and Jacqueline were all women who dominated the WWE women’s division during the '90s. Trish Stratus and Lita would reinvent the division during their tenures. These women are legends. Bringing them back during the "Divas Revolution" to help mentor this generation would allow the women to be taken more seriously.

9 Male Managers


Why can’t a man take a back seat to a woman sometimes? 16-time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair now has taken on the role of his daughter Charlotte’s manager. Since having her dad by her side, she has become a better heel. Flair can show her first hand how to get over and have the fans really despise her. Imagine Paul Heyman with Eva Marie? She would have even more heat than what she already has. What a pairing indeed.

8 Have an All-Divas Show


With the WWE Network, the company can give fans a show any time they please. Many fans woke up 5am to watch the Beast in the East special in Japan. Having an all-Divas show would take the "Divas Revolution" to the next level. There are a lot of hungry women on the main roster as well as NXT, plus there are women on the independent circuit who could be used as enhancement talent. A show with nothing but women’s wrestling matches in the WWE would have fans tuning in from everywhere.

7 Queen of the Ring Tournament


The King of the Ring tournament was one of the most prestigious tournaments in the company. With guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar winning, everyone knew they would be the next guys to carry the torch. A Queen of the Ring tournament could do the same for the women. Taking the top 8-16 female competitors in both WWE and NXT and placing them in such a light could prove beneficiary in the long run.

6 Divas Mid-Card Title


When a women’s wrestler captures the WWE Divas Championship, she is known as the best women’s wrestler in the world. There is only one title, and with a growing division a mid-card title would be perfect. This title would be for the Divas who were recently promoted to the main roster from NXT. An Intercontinental Championship or sorts but specific to the Divas.

5 More Merchandise


Merchandise will always help the company make money. Every women’s wrestler have their own t-shirts, however, the more the company can do, the better. During the Attitude Era, there were calendars, special edition magazines, and everything else in-between. This is an easy sell. As more women come into the WWE, fans will pay for anything they are featured on. While nobody can really compare to John Cena in merchandise sales, the women can surely attract some buyers.

4 Diva Stables


When the Divas Revolution was introduced, there were three teams: Team BAD, Team PCB, and Team Bella. Team BAD looks to be coming to an end soon, the Team PCB broke up, and while Alicia Fox is still with the Bellas, Nikki is hurt. Though these stables may be ending, now is not the time to ditch the idea completely. Stables have always allowed those with less experience to work with veterans. Take The Rock for an example. Having him with a The Nation, he learned how the business inside and out and was protected. The same could go for the up and coming women.

3 High Profile Matches


At the 2002 Survivor Series, Trish Stratus and Victoria battled in a hardcore match for the WWE Women’s Championship. Fans still talk about this match to this day. On NXT, fans witnessed Sasha Banks and Bayley steal the show at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, which led them to main event the next NXT Takeover in an Ironman match. As the "Divas Revolution" continues, it is very important to the women and the fans of women’s wrestling that they are in high profile matches. Charlotte and Sasha Banks are two women who can lead the charge.

2 Make Clear Heels and Faces


In the past few months, it has been very difficult for fans to see whose heel and whose face. When the "Divas Revolution" began, the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox were the bullies and it was Paige seeking help to take them off their high horses. But no one would help. After all, Paige has made a lot of enemies in the locker room. Prior to the Bellas bullying everyone, Naomi who had turned heel had just unsuccessfully finished a program with Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship.

For anyone to take the division seriously, it will be very important for heels and faces to be established. Fans will need to know who to love and who to hate. Many feel that you cannot tell the people who to like anymore, but a good heel knows how to make his or herself hated. When she was a heel in NXT, Sasha Banks knew exactly what it took. After all, she made a little girl cry.

1 Stephanie McMahon


With Stephanie McMahon on television full-time, there is no better female character in the WWE to lead the "Divas Revolution." While she was the one who established the revolution, it almost seemed like she left the women hanging. Establishing her as the boss with the women in the same manner how her husband and father is with the men, fans will really connect with the top female babyfaces. She has the ability to make everyone despise her. A true "Divas Revolution" will have an authority figure at top and Stephanie McMahon is the perfect person to do so.

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Top 15 Ways To Fix The Divas Revolution