Top 15 Ways to Improve Monday Night Raw

The WWE is at an interesting point in its history, and Vince McMahon and The Authority have a lot of difficult decisions to make.

You see, WWE remains the lone powerhouse wrestling promotion in North America, and there is no sign of another Monday Night War coming, because no one has been able to work with magic like McMahon has.

But that doesn't mean that the WWE is without its weaknesses. Monday Night Raw is slowly declining in ratings, and fan interest appears to be dying down just a short bit, but that doesn't mean they're almost out of business.

The WWE will remain a global phenomenon for years and years, but they still need to make some major facelifts in order to reach new levels of popularity, which they haven't been able to do.

Millions of people on the planet still tune in, but Monday Night Raw, its biggest weekly show, hasn't been as successful in recent years.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions that McMahon and co. can do to make it as popular as it was during the 1990s and 2000s'. It's a brand new Era with unique Superstars.

But in order for that to happen, the WWE is going to have to make some major changes. They'll have to take some big risks that should pay off in the long term. It's all in their hands as to how far they want to go.

With that, here are the top ways they can fix Monday Night Raw.

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15 More Screen Time For the Boss

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Let's be honest, even though he's always playing a bad guy, Vince McMahon knows how to make all of his appearances interesting.

Sadly, he hasn't been on television a whole lot. In fact, he went a year without appearing on television until he came in while Triple H was injured by Roman Reigns in storyline at TLC.

Even when McMahon returned on Raw as a heel, the fans gave him a fairly loud cheer. That goes to show how much he's needed. He's the villain that WWE fans deserve and need.

14 Cut Down Roman Reigns' Time

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You can feel free to disagree with me but I've never met a more boring wrestler who is supposed to be the face of the WWE. Alberto Del Rio is a prime example of this.

In his first WWE stint, he didn't exactly have a great run as the main heel, but he's embracing the role as a secondary heel in the League of Nations. Reigns is much better off as a secondary wrestler.

Maybe a feud with The Wyatt Family would work out better: But Reigns isn't appealing to fans, and it's obvious when he frequently gets booed. He's just not interesting or fun to watch. So he has no reason to steal every spotlight.

13 Cut Down Dean Ambrose's Time

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Dean Ambrose is actually more appealing to the WWE Universe as a face than Reigns. That being said, his friendship with Reigns is a nice storyline, but again, he's also being groomed to become a major face in the industry.

Sadly, it's not working out right now. Ambrose does have the potential, but until he learns his microphone skills and actually comes up with a decent-looking wrestling outfit, he shouldn't be near the top either.

Perhaps a heel turn and feud with Reigns could work?

12 Promote Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens is a rising Superstar in WWE, and now is the time for him to either make a major face turn or replace Sheamus as the main heel.

Owens has one of the best styles in the ring, and his skills on the mic and ways of getting under the fans' skin makes him one of the most prized possessions that the WWE has. So it's time to capitalize on the opportunity.

Until Seth Rollins returns, Owens would be a great fit as The Authority's right hand man, to whom they keep trying to feed the World Championship.

11 Bring The Wyatt Family to Main Event Status

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The Wyatt family may be the greatest villainous faction since the New World Order. Maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but they're one of the biggest hits the WWE has ever had.

That said, it's time for them to stop being put in the mid-card level. Remember Evolution, when Triple H did everything to try to win his title, and his three loyal allies kept trying to help while fighting for every other title belt?

That angle would be a major success for The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt fighting for the title and his three men doing everything possible to screw over his opponents. The Wyatt Family knows how to play heel, and they deserve the major reward.

10 More Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is the biggest name the WWE has on its roster until John Cena returns full-time, or if The Undertaker unexpectedly decides to come back more often, which obviously isn't going to happen.

That being said, Lesnar is the biggest money-maker WWE has right now, and I'm sure part of his contract involves him not having to appear on a weekly-basis. That's fine, but he needs to be on television more.

The fans love Brock. The WWE needs Brock. He deserves to be right at the top of main-event status.

9 Shake Up the Divas Revolution

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The Diva's Revolution, sadly, isn't going anywhere. There just aren't any women who have been able to appeal to fans in the ring like Trish Stratus, Lita, Stacy Keibler, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, or any other female legend.

WWE gives them very little attention. And when they do, it's always the same boring thing: Charlotte winning thanks to her father cheating.

There is talent with her and Becky Lynch, but there needs to be some creativity to shake things up. Could WWE bring back some former Divas with major names? There are many options, but something has to change.

8 Bring Back a Former Face

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Goldberg and Kurt Angle have found their names surfacing in many rumors about possibly returning to the WWE, and we really have no idea what's happening behind the scenes.

However, the WWE always does well when a former Superstar from ages ago makes an iconic return. Even if it's a short run like The Rock when he headlined two WrestleMania events, it would bring interest back.

Goldberg, Angle, anyone! Just bring back a legend.

7 More Creativity

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The storylines on Raw have literally been non-changing the past few weeks: Roman Reigns beats up whoever provokes him at the end of Raw. Kevin Owens beats up Dean Ambrose/Dolph Ziggler. The Wyatt Family attacks a person that's all alone. Ric Flair helps Charlotte win by being the "Dirtiest Player in the Game."

Sorry, but that's getting boring. We need some major changes, and the fans have to be kept guessing. WWE used to always keep the fans guessing, but the results of every Monday Night are too easy to predict.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why some people stop watching.

6 Create a Face Power Alliance

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Aside from The Shield's run late in their tenure, there haven't been a lot of alliances that were faces. Most groups tend to be villains.

It's time to change that. If the WWE could bring together an awesome alliance that, say, consistently fight against The Wyatt Family or League of Nations, then we're talking about something interesting.

What if Kane, Lesnar, Big Show and Ryback, for example, began feuding with The Wyatt Family? You have eight giants in one major feud. There are different possible combinations for  this, but let's get a rivalry going that reminds us of WCW vs nWo back in the '90s.

5 More Title Matches

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A large percentage of WWE fans will simply not pay the money to watch Pay-Per-View events. It's no coincidence that 90 percent of intriguing title matches also happen on such events.

Therefore, the WWE needs some more championship matches on Raw. That's a way to get more viewership. People get tired of having to wait every month or two for a major title match.

Getting a title match on Raw every three or so weeks would sure make things a whole lot better.

4 Make Raw Two Hours

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Three hours for Monday Night Raw is too much, considering that three quarters of the screen time goes to boring matches, that as I outlined earlier, are just not interesting in any way.

If Raw goes back to two hours, it forces the writers to come up with more interesting and creative storylines and eliminates all the filler and nonsense in between which has become the worst part of each broadcast.

3 Mix Up the Matches

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Must every match be a regular match?

Seriously, what happened to Ladder matches, Table matches, Inferno matches, First Blood, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage, and Chair matches?

The WWE never has these exciting matches anymore except for the occasional Pay-Per-View. We need to see some more hardcore-type matches on Raw, because those are the ones fans want to see.

2 More Wrestlers On the Main Card

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Right now, Reigns, Ambrose, and Sheamus are the three wrestlers who are the Big 3. Triple H has just returned, and hopefully Lesnar makes more appearances on screen.

But why not try to really blow it all up and bring a bunch of wrestlers to main card? Cena, Orton, and Rollins will eventually return from injury and can't be on the mid-card level. Reigns, Ambrose, and Sheamus probably won't go anywhere.

Lesnar is always going to be a big name. Why not bring all members from the League of Nations and Wyatt Family to the top? Get a bunch of main event wrestlers going, giving you a billion options on how to use them.

1 Make John Cena Heel

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I can't express enough how overdue this one is.

Hulk Hogan and John Cena are two of the biggest names in the history of wrestling. When Hogan turned heel in 1996 to join the nWo, it took wrestling off the charts, and onto a major success.

Cena has been the face for over a decade, and it's losing its magic. With his triumphant return, fans would expect the usual heroics. Which would set-up the perfect time to make him heel and force all of the fair-weather fans to watch full-time again.

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