15WCW Waited Way Too Long To Debut Him

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As a condition of Hart's release from the WWE, he had a 60-day no-compete clause. This didn't mean he couldn't appear on WCW television, however - he actually debuted on television a month after he left the WWE. He just wasn't allowed to wrestle for another company for two months.

Instead of

waiting the aforementioned month, WCW should have struck while the iron was hot and the Montreal Screwjob was still fresh in everybody's mind. Perhaps they had a good reason - maybe Hart needed time to adjust to a new backstage environment or had a nagging injury he wanted to rest. Maybe he just needed time to recover from what happened in Montreal.

Whatever the reason, it is clear to see that if having him wait a whole month to debut was WCW's idea, then it's one of their dumbest ideas ever. Well maybe not ever. But almost. Sort of like...

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