Top 15 Ways WWE Can Make Sure WrestleMania 32 Doesn't Suck

It's the showcase of the immortals, but this year's lead up to WrestleMania has been rife with major injuries. Seth Rollins. John Cena. Randy Orton. Sting. The list goes on and on, along with a newswo

It's the showcase of the immortals, but this year's lead up to WrestleMania has been rife with major injuries. Seth Rollins. John Cena. Randy Orton. Sting. The list goes on and on, along with a newsworthy suspension (Titus O'Neil) and an unfortunate sudden retirement (Daniel Bryan). With so many top-tier and mid-card wrestlers sidelined for the single most important day of the year, how can they possibly write a four hour show? Many people are speculating as to what WWE could do to make this year's WrestleMania build off the successes of WrestleMania XXX and WrestleMania 31, and it has inherently created an atmosphere of uncertainty and open-endedness. So the question is this: how can WWE's creative team work with what they've got?

WrestleMania practically sells itself, but that shouldn't mean that the product should take a back seat. In fact, with the bombshell they just dropped on Raw with Shane McMahon returning to WWE, it's already looking like they know exactly what they need to do in order to sell the fans on this year's show. The biggest night of the year is only a month or so away, so they better act fast in filling up the rest of the card.

The clock is ticking, but we should still have faith. After all, WrestleMania 32 has the potential of being a historical show and we wouldn't bet against Vince McMahon under those circumstances. Here's a list of the things we feel would make the show enjoyable for all those who choose to watch on the WWE Network for the low, low price of only $9.99!

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15 Home State Heroes 


Texas has always been a breeding ground for WWE talent since the early days of wrestling on television, which gave birth to superstars the likes of The Fabulous Freebirds, Dory and Terry Funk, and the late, great American Dream Dusty Rhodes. But there are two recent superstars in particular that still mingle every now and then with the WWE and would only make sense to have on hand in Dallas, Texas, and they are Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. Austin has already stated that he plans on being there in some capacity, and hopefully Shawn can also find the time to drop by and say a quick word to the potential record breaking crowd.

14 The Hell in a Cell Match 


I don't know about you, but when I heard that Shane McMahon was coming back to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania, I was a little skeptical. However, when I heard it was going to be a Hell in a Cell match, well, that just changed everything, didn't it? When I got tickets for this year's show, I was excited because it all made sense: The Undertaker's (potential) last match regardless of the opponent in his home state of Texas, so I wanted to be there to see history. Now with this match on the card, anything can happen. Shane McMahon has been known to take some seriously sick bumps in the past, so this match could very well get a little ugly, which brings me to my next point...

13 The End of the PG Era? 


Nothing would satisfy wrestling fans more than to have WWE do away with its "cater to everyone" philosophy, and this show could very well bring about an end to the PG era and mark the start of something much more exciting. The product has suffered greatly from WWE's lack of creative direction and the only way to really give it the boost that it needs is to allow for some artistic freedom. Especially considering that the product is now available on platforms outside of cable, it wouldn't hurt to give us paying fans the product that we've been wanting for so long.

12 Daniel Bryan Surprise Appearance 


Whether or not WWE wanted him to become as successful as he actually became, one thing is clear: the fans were all in with the Yes! movement. But now that he was unfortunately forced into early retirement, the main roster is really lacking their ultimate babyface, so my guess is that Bryan somehow makes an appearance while he's still relatively fresh in everyone's mind. Perhaps during the opening segment he'll be among the list of surprise guests that rattle off their signature catchphrases? Just the thought of seeing a potential crowd of 100,000 people all doing the Yes! chant gives me goosebumps.

11 A Mean Street Posse Reunion 


This is only because fans of The Attitude Era will probably be a demographic that they're going to try to shoot for once again. The Mean Street Posse was Shane McMahon's faction of friends who briefly existed for a couple of years from 1999 to 2001, and I think it'd only be fitting for some of them to make a surprise return during WrestleMania. Maybe, just maybe, they do a run-in during the Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker, causing Shane McMahon to win the match and control WWE Monday Night Raw, but that'd be a little bit of a stretch, wouldn't it?

10 Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman 


Ahh, Paul Heyman and a microphone are simply music to my ears. He likes to talk about wrestlers having those intangibles - those "it" factors where when you've got it, you just have it, and it's something you're either born with or you're not. Paul Heyman is certainly not a wrestler, but no one on the roster has the "it" factor as much as he does. The last time I saw Paul Heyman on a microphone in person was ECW's Anarchy Rulz Pay Per View in Chicago (Villa Park) back in 1999, so it goes without saying that I'm super excited to see the man in action yet again 17 years later.

9 We Want Lana! 


By now, everyone should know about how Lana has been virtually buried by the WWE creative team over her choice to announce her real-life engagement to Rusev on Twitter which killed an entire storyline with Ziggler, but I don't care, I want to see Lana at WrestleMania 32. Rusev is apparently very well liked backstage and has nothing to do with the heat that Lana has been receiving from Vince and WWE creative, and with WrestleMania's card looking to be up in the air in certain places, I wouldn't mind at all to see Rusev start a quick storyline against anyone in the next coming weeks just as a build to a showdown at WrestleMania.

8 Roman Reigns Heel Turn 


I think that the WWE universe has been fed up with the way the higher ups have handled the entire Roman Reigns saga. Especially considering that Triple H has been getting way more pop from the crowd every single time they trade blows, there is really only one way for Reigns to get over the hump, and that's for him to turn heel. It won't be easy because Vince has been feeding the Roman Reigns babyface angle for seemingly forever now, but a calculated heel turn pulled off at just the right time would make Reigns' character exponentially less boring.

7 The Undertaker/Triple H Entrances 


No one has had a better entrance in the history of professional wrestling than The Undertaker. Hearing that gong being blasted over the speakers of AT&T Stadium is going to get the seven year old in me to mark out like never before, and couple that with Triple H's entrance (which has gotten more and more elaborate over the years), the price of admission is worth it in those two segments alone. Last year, Triple H had a whole Terminator theme, which, yeah, was cross-promotional and flagrant advertising, but it was still pretty cool nonetheless. WWE has a flair for theatrics, so whatever they concoct is surely going to be impressive and very well executed.

6 Record Breaking Attendance Figure 


The current attendance record of 93,173 has been disputed for quite some time now, so I am all in favor of putting an end to that debate once and for all with a new attendance record somewhere in the six figure territory. They'll probably announce that they've broken the record regardless of whether or not it's even possible to cram over 100,000 people into AT&T Stadium, which according to Wikipedia is able to seat 80,000 people. Yeah, you can squeeze more people in around the ring area, but the ramp and Titantron take up quite a bit of space too. My guess is that this is their chance to finally put to rest the the indoor attendance record drama, but there's one problem: they don't have an Andre vs. Hogan headliner to sell. It'll be interesting to see what they'll do in the next month leading up to WrestleMania.

5 The Wyatt Family Disbanding 


Bray Wyatt is one of the more entertaining characters that the WWE currently has on their roster and seeing his entrance in person is going to be awesome. But WrestleMania is an event where storylines come to a climax, and I wouldn't surprised at all if that's where they decide to split up The Wyatt Family. The faction is fine how it's currently being used, but if they want to get the most out of everyone involved, I think it'd be a perfect situation to have them start feuding with each other instead of random talents on the roster here and there.

4 Celebrity Guests 


WrestleMania and celebrity appearances are like two peas in a pod. Mr. T at the first and second WrestleManias, Muhammad Ali, Jenny McCarthy, Pam Anderson, Lawrence Taylor, Floyd Mayweather, Pete Rose... you get the idea. Arguably one of the biggest reasons why WrestleMania XIV was able to put WWE over WCW during the Monday Night Wars was the appearance of Mike Tyson in the main event between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. At last year's WrestleMania they even had a 20 minute segment that featured Ronda Rousey, so who do they have in mind for this year's surprise ringside guest?

3 Possible Brand Split 


This has been on a lot of people's minds ever since Shane made his surprise return to Raw. Rumor has it that there was a small error on Ticketmaster's website claiming to have an event in Baltimore on May 23rd named "WWE vs. Monday Night Raw," which has since caused a frenzy of people suggesting that Raw and SmackDown are going to once again become two separate brands. The error has since been fixed (and it's also not the first time that this has happened at the exact same venue in Baltimore), but would that be the worst idea in the world if at WrestleMania they choose to officially announce another brand split?

2 Brock vs. Ambrose 


No matter what happens in this match, it should be an absolute barn burner. The Ambrose fire has been lit for quite some time now and Brock is cementing his status as the perfect fighting machine, so I think everyone in the world has high hopes for what they will be able to do together. Win or lose, Ambrose should get a huge boost from the match, and it'd be slightly reminiscent of the Bret versus Stone Cold match at WrestleMania 13. Both of those characters should come out of the event looking like warriors, so this match has the potential to be ranked right up there with the classics.

1 Debut of a New Championship Belt 


I thought that once the days of the spinner belt were over that anything they used afterward would be so much more appealing. And I was kind of right: they used the Big Gold belt along with the current WWE logo championship belt for a little while, and I think now would be just about the right time to go in a different direction. While the WWE logo belt is worlds better than the spinner, it still doesn't have that classic championship belt look to it. The NXT belt also suffers from this problem, but at least that one still features thick metal plates. With the WWE going back to the classic Intercontinental Championship belt, I think the World Heavyweight title should also revert to something a little more timeless.

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Top 15 Ways WWE Can Make Sure WrestleMania 32 Doesn't Suck