Top 15 WCW Tag Teams You Completely Forgot About

WCW was always a great pro wrestling company for fans of tag team wrestling. In the early 1990s, WCW not only had a World Tag Team Championship but also a United States Tag Team Championship and a Six-Man Tag Team Championship. Years later they would also have a Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship. WCW was also fortunate enough to have ample television time to devote to tag team wrestling. As a result, WCW always kept their roster filled with plenty of tag teams.

WCW fans easily remember top teams such as The Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, The Hollywood Blonds, and The Road Warriors. They also probably remember teams like The Nasty Boys, The Enforcers, The Jersey Triad, and The West Texas Rednecks. However, WCW also had tag teams that didn’t stick around long enough to take their jackets off. These tag teams aren’t easily remembered. Those who do remember these teams without the use of a Google search probably deserve some type of major award to signify their status as a WCW super fan.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 WCW tag teams you completely forgot about. Let’s also find out if you’re a WCW super fan. How many do you remember?

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20 The Master Blasters

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The Master Blasters, Iron & Steel were formed in 1990. The team name was a take on The Master Blaster character from the post-apocalyptic film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. After only wrestling a couple of matches with Steel, Iron was replaced by Blade. This version of The Master Blasters had a nice undefeated streak going until they ran in to the dominant Steiner Brothers. After losing to The Steiners, The Master Blasters became jobbers before splitting up in the winter of 1991. So, just who were The Master Blasters? The most famous of The Master Blasters was Steel who is better known as Kevin Nash. Steel was one of several failed WCW gimmicks for Nash before he hit it big as Diesel in WWE. Iron was also known as Cory Pendarvis and he actually reformed The Master Blasters with Blade on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro in 1999. According to Nash, Iron was supposed to be the leader of The Master Blasters but quit just six day after the team’s debut. Blade was journeyman Al Green whose greatest claim to wrestling fame was as The Dog in WCW in 2000. Nash claims Green was fired for complaining about jobbing to The Steiners, which ultimately ended The Master Blasters.


18 The Cole Twins

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The Cole Twins were brothers Kent and Keith Cole and they were a part of the WCW Tag Team Division for about a year from 1993 to 1994. The baby face duo was very green in the ring and it was a wonder that they made it a year in WCW. They feuded with teams such as The Wrecking Crew, Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce, and Big Sky & Vinnie Vegas. The Cole Twins did score several victories over future ten-time WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat. They also battled top teams such as The Nasty Boys and Pretty Wonderful (Paul Roma & Paul Orndoff). Before leaving WCW, Keith Cole became the answer to a trivia question when he lost to Terra Ryzing aka Triple H in his WCW debut.

17 Bad Attitude

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Most WCW fans remember The Midnight Express. This was a very successful team managed by Jim Cornette. There were several different versions of the team that wrestled in a number of different promotions throughout the 1980s. The WCW version was Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane and they won three United States Tag Team Championships and one World Tag Team Championship between 1987 and 1990. The Fabulous Ones were an innovative tag team that wrestled in the CWA and AWA in the 1980s. They were the team of Steve Keirn and Stan Lane. That brings us to Bad Attitude in WCW. Bobby Eaton and Steve Keirn formed this team in 1994. Despite their impressive tag team resumes, they had little success and split after about seven months of teaming together. They usually put over top teams like The Nasty Boys, Stars and Stripes, and Kevin & Dave Sullivan and only got in the win column against glorified jobber tag teams like Thunder & Lightning.

16 The Power Company

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The Power Company was a team of twin brothers Dave and Dean Power. They were a glorified WCW jobber tag team from 1997 to 2000. They had the classic bodybuilder look with not much to offer in the way of in ring technical wrestling skill. The Power Company was a couple of big guys who were supposed to help other tag teams to get over. During their WCW run, they lost mini-feuds to Harlem Heat and Vicious and Delicious (Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell). The Power Company also lost matches to other veteran teams such as The Amazing French Canadians, Public Enemy, and Scott & Steve Armstrong. They probably solidified their jobber status by losing squash matches to The Steiner Brothers and a handicap match to The Giant aka The Big Show. The Power Company ran out of power and left WCW in 2000 for the independent wrestling circuit.

15 Big Sky & Vinnie Vegas

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Big Sky & Vinnie Vegas was a monster heel tag team in WCW for the first part of 1993. They were a physically imposing team with Sky at 6’9 and around 300lbs and Vegas at 6’11 and over 300lbs. They feuded with teams such as The Cole Twins but also took on the cream of the crop such as Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas and Sting & Davey Boy Smith. The team split up in the middle of 1993 and followed very different career paths. Vegas aka Kevin Nask of course would reach superstardom as Diesel in WWE and later as one of the founding members of the nWo. Sky aka Tyler Mane became a WCW jobber before leaving the pro wrestling business. Mane achieved greater fame as a Hollywood actor. Film fans probably know him better as X-Men’s Sabretooth and Michael Myers in the Halloween reboots.

14 Air Raid

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Air Raid was a tag team in WCW at the beginning of 2001. If you were a WCW fan and you blinked then you would have missed Air Raid. If you didn’t watch WCW Thunder then you might have missed them all together. However, they did compete in the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Tournament and scored a non-title victory over then WCW Tag Team Champions Boogie Knights (Alex Wright & Disco Inferno). When Vince McMahon purchased WCW in March 2001, the contracts of Air Raid were not picked up. The two split up and went in very different directions. Air Paris went back into the southern independent wrestling scene. The other member of Air Raid is currently the reigning WWE Champion. AJ Styles took the long road to WWE after not getting picked up following the WWE purchase of WCW. Styles’ road to the WWE Championship included building a reputation as an international pro wrestling superstar in TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.


12 Thunder & Lightning

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Thunder & Lightning were in the WCW Tag Team Division during much of 1993 and 1994. They were a team heavy on the body builder look but didn’t deliver much inside the ring. It’s surprising that they stuck around WCW for as long as they did considering the tag team division wasn’t too shabby in those days. Thunder & Lightning feuded with teams such as Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce, Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndoff & Paul Roma), and Harlem Heat. They usually lost against these teams and only got their hands raised in squash matches against WCW jobber tag teams. The team left WCW in 1994 and split after a short run on the independent wrestling circuit. Thunder would all but disappear from pro wrestling. However, Lighting aka Jeff Farmer would return to WCW in 1995 and took on the persona of Cobra. As Cobra he feuded with Craig the Pitbull Pittman. In 1996, Farmer would take on his greatest persona when he debuted as the nWo Sting.


10 Men At Work

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Men At Work was a jobber tag team in WCW during the mid 1990s. They wore hardhats and tool belts to the ring and wrestled in jeans and work boots. Men At Work jobbed to top teams such as The Road Warriors, Nasty Boys, and Four Horsemen. They occasionally scored upset victories over teams like Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater and Steve & Scott Armstrong. Who was Men At Work? Mark Starr was a career jobber in both WCW and WWE. To his credit, Starr was one of the more talented enhancement talents to work in both companies. The other member of Men At Work is a more familiar name. Chris Kanyon went on to have great success in both WCW and WWE following his jobber tag team run as a member of Men At Work. Kanyon did a great job in a bad situation as Mortis in WCW’s miserably failed “Blood Runs Cold” angle. He also formed a very successful tag team with Diamond Dallas Page and won two world tag team championships (WCW & WWE). Kanyon was also a United States Champion. Kanyon was also one of the featured WCW talents in WWE’s Invasion Angle.


8 The Patriots

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The Patriots were the team of Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip. They were in WCW in the early 1990s. Despite not being a very good tag team in the ring, the team of a Desert Storm veteran and a firefighter was popular with WCW fans. The best way to describe the team’s in ring ability was “Hart Foundation light”. Champion was the muscle and Chip was the technician. Problem was that Champion was no Jim Neidhart and Chip was no Bret Hart. However, The Patriots did manage to capture the United States Tag Team Championship by defeating The Fabulous Freebirds. They also had a nice run with the belts. The Patriots defeated The Freebirds in numerous rematches in addition to defending against The York Foundation and challenging The Enforcers for the WCW Tag Team Championship. They lost the belts to The Young Pistols before leaving WCW to return to the southern independent wrestling scene.

7 The Wrecking Crew

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The Wrecking Crew, Rage & Fury, was a tag team in WCW during most of 1993. They debuted in WCW with several shocking victories over the fan favorite team of Z-Man & Johnny Gunn. The Wrecking Crew also feuded with teams such as The Cole Twins and Marcus Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio. They also occasionally battled other heel teams such as Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce and Cactus Jack & The Barbarian. By the Fall of 1993 The Wrecking Crew disappeared from the WCW Tag Team Division. Who was The Wrecking Crew? Rage was former Master Blaster Blade aka Al Green. Fury was formally known as The Terminator. The Terminator made a name for himself in the late 1980s in Florida and in Japan. He also came from a famous wrestling family. Fury aka The Terminator was Marc Laurinaitis. His famous brothers are Joe Laurinaitis aka Road Warrior Animal and John Laurinaitis aka Johnny Ace.


5 The Motor City Madman & The Big Cat

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The Motor City Madman & The Big Cat was a monster heel tag team in WCW during the early 1990s. The team’s run was for the most part unsuccessful although they did feud with some of WCW’s top stars of that time period. They attempted to take out Lex Luger before Luger enlisted the help of several partners to help him. Luger emerged victorious in the feud with partners such as Big Van Vader and El Gigante. To their credit, The Motor City Madman & The Big Cat went after big guys and big names. They also didn’t just pick fights with the baby faces. The Motor City Madman & The Big Cat also tried taking out Sid Vicious. However, this led to Vicious reuniting with Dan Spivey as The Skyscrapers. The Skyscrapers defeated The Motor City Madman & The Big Cat at Starrcade 1990. The team disappeared shortly after their defeat. The Motor City Madman would fade out of the pro wrestling scene while The Big Cat would have greater success in both WCW and WWE as Mr. Hughes.

4 The Creatures

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The Creatures made their first and only appearance at Halloween Havoc 1991 in a loss to Johnny B. Badd & PN News. The match was hyped heavily on WCW television and led many WCW fans to believe it would be the debut of some new super team, a returning favorite, or a veteran team from another promotion. The fact that Badd & News were a make shift team also had fans very excited at the possibility of a huge tag team debut. The Creatures turned out to be jobbers under masks. Joey Maggs & Johnny Rich are credited as being The Creatures. The Creatures obviously fell way short of the WCW Halloween Phantom who debuted as well in a victory over the Z-man. The Phantom turned out to be none other than former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ravishing Rick Rude. WCW took the idea of trick or treat to a new level when they forced fans to digest the cheap unwrapped candy at the body of the Halloween bag that was The Creatures.

3 The Desperados

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The Desperados were a very short-lived three-man tag team in WCW during the summer of 1991. The team was comprised of Dutch Mantel aka Zeb Colter, Deadeye Dick aka Moondog Rex, and former WWE jobber Black Bart. The team was actually part of the briefly revived WCW Six-Man Tag Team Division which also included The Fabulous Freebirds, York Foundation, and Dustin Rhodes, Big Josh, & Z-Man. However, The Desperados only won squash matches when they weren’t jobbing to The Freebirds on house shows. It is said that the team was broken up when a very high profile pro wrestling star refused inclusion in the group. In a shoot interview with The Hannibal TV, Stan the Lariat Hansen said he “liked” the members of The Desperados but did not want to be a “cartoon”. In a series of vignettes that aired on WCW television, The Desperados searched for Hansen and of course would never find him. Without Hansen, the vignettes made no sense and the sun set on The Desperados.

2 The Minnesota Wrecking Crew II

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The Destruction Crew, Wayne Bloom & Mike Enos, was a dominant tag team in the late 1980s in the AWA. They were AWA Tag Team Champions. After losing the belts, they remained a top team in the AWA and also had a run with New Japan Pro Wrestling. After the AWA closed up shop, the team moved onto WWE where they were repackaged as The Beverly Brothers. The Beverly Brothers only had minimal success in WWE. However, they did feud with tops teams of the early 1990s such as The Legion of Doom, Natural Disasters and The Bushwackers. Isn’t this supposed to be about the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II? The Destruction Crew aka The Beverly Brothers were The Minnesota Wrecking Crew II. In a unique situation that was probably brought on by the instability of the AWA, AWA Tag Team Champions The Destruction Crew donned masks and debuted in WCW as The Minnesota Wrecking Crew II managed by Ole Anderson. They unsuccessfully challenged The Steiner Brothers for the WCW Tag Team Championship before returning to the AWA.

1 Maximum Overdrive

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Maximum Overdrive was the team of Jeff Warner & Tim Hunt. They were in WCW for a cup of tea in 1990. Maximum Overdrive was built up by WCW as credible competition for The Steiner Brothers. However, this was done so they could simply be fed to The Steiners. In other words, Maximum Overdrive was glorified enhancement talent. WCW would later use similar booking in their use of The Master Blasters. WCW felt they could quickly build up unknown contenders to make it appear The Steiners were squashing anyone from anywhere at any time. The teams would disappear and would it appear they were ruined from the beating they took from The Steiners. After their beating, Maximum Overdrive split up. Hunt disappeared into obscurity while Warner was brought back for a brief run. Warner was repackaged as JW Storm and received a brief push before becoming a WCW jobber.

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