14A Bit of Fame

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Though the elder Cena has found a bit of the spotlight through his son’s current wrestling career, the family actually already had some athletic fame in their ancestry. The Champ’s maternal grandfather was Tony Lupien, a first baseman who played in the MLB for six seasons. He managed a career

batting average of .268 with 18 home runs and 230 RBI while splitting his time between the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago White Sox. Prior to that, Lupien was captain of the Harvard University baseball team his junior year and captain of the basketball team as a senior. He even played quarterback for his freshman football team. After retiring from playing, Lupien took a job as coach of the Dartmouth Big Green baseball team, a title he held for 21 years. Although he would never reach the level of fame that his grandson would eventually achieve, it’s easy to see where John Jr. got his athletic abilities.

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