15Complicated Delivery

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John Cena has worked hard for everything in his life, including life itself. John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. was born April 23, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts to Carol and John Cena Sr. as the second-oldest of five brothers (Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean), but the birth came

with some complications. According to Cena in the documentary DVD, WWE: John Cena: My Life (as well as later comments made by his father), little John was born with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around his neck. Obviously this was a serious and scary situation that could have spelled a whole host of birth defects and other abnormalities, but thankfully Cena made it out unscathed and did not suffer any lasting effects. He eventually went on to attend Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts as a teen (more on his high school days in a bit), but eventually transferred to Cushing Academy, a private prep boarding school.

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