Top 15 Weirdest Storylines in Wrestling History

The professional wrestling business is one that has seen many successes at unexpected times. Many times, things just need to go your way and this applies to everyone from the front office staff working with a new on-air talent to the performer themselves. When the perfect mixture is met between the performer and all others involved, great things happen. This is especially the case when it comes to the storylines that are being drawn up for the wrestlers.

Sometimes, there are talented performers that are dealt a raw hand when it comes to the storylines they are given. That’s not to say that the only reason why wrestlers fail is the storylines they are involved with, but it doesn’t help. We have seen plenty of wrestlers end up with incredible careers after taking part in a terrible storyline or gimmick. Many of these performers are in the WWE Hall of Fame and many others are on their way. Who could forget Stone Cold Steve Austin when he was The Ringmaster? He certainly tries to. Or what about Kevin Nash when he was Vinnie Vegas in World Championship Wrestling? Or even Kane when he was your friendly neighborhood dentist, Dr. Isaac Yankem?

The thing about these angles and storylines for these performers is they all had something deep down that allowed them to recover. Many of the performers that were unlucky enough to make this list didn’t have the chance to do big things afterwards. Even though Kane is featured on this list, he was able to overcome it all and win the world title, but not everyone was able to turn things around.

What were the top 15 weirdest storylines in professional wrestling history?

15 Boogeyman

14 Perry Saturn and Moppy


13 Jillian Hall’s Growth

12 David Arquette and Vince McMahon Championship Runs

11 Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero Custody Battle

10 Vince McMahon’s Death


9 Shawn Michaels and God vs. The McMahons

8 Hawk and Tim White’s Attempted Suicide Attempts


7 Val Venis Nearly Losing His Penis


6 Billy and Chuck Commitment Ceremony

5 Heidenreich violates Michael Cole?


4 Snitsky and the Baby

3 Dawn Marie, Torrie and Al Wilson


2 Mae Young and Mark Henry’s Baby

1 The Katie Vick Saga


Back in the day when Kane was actually a force in the wrestling business, the Katie Vick saga began. The story that was relayed to wrestling fans was that Kane killed a woman named Katie Vick in what appeared to be a drunken driving accident. In a vignette, Triple H appeared at her funeral in a Kane mask and proceeded to have sex with the body. Luckily for all wrestling fans, this terrible angle ended soon after, but it will forever go down as the weirdest storyline of all time.

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Top 15 Weirdest Storylines in Wrestling History