Top 15 Weirdest Weapons in Wrestling

Everyone who has seen wrestling has seen weapons being used. They can sometimes be legal, used behind the back of the referee or simply illegal, but they are an important part of many matches. From CZW’s use of neon bulbs, nails, barbed wire, fire and pretty much anything that hurts to the traditional brass knuckles hidden in trunks or nearby steel chairs, they help crank up the intensity.

Every time a wrestler lifts the ring apron, fan wonder what tool of chaos will come out. Will it be a ladder, to allow death defying leaps? Will it be a steel chair to bust the other wide open? A table? Kendo Stick? Sledgehammer? The list of weaponry underneath a ring goes on and on. But when you get away from the classic set of weapons, what do wrestlers use?

Over the years, wrestlers from everywhere, from WWE to local promotions, have used a very wide array of weapons. Some of their choice may surprise you though. This list compiles the oddest, weirdest weapons ever used in wrestling. Sometimes wrestlers would experiment more with odd weapon choices at house shows, especially before the days of internet forums, where they could test to see if something worked, without worrying about backlash online.

Some could literally be deadly, while some seem inoffensive, but each and every one of them is definitely not something you would see every week on Monday Night Raw. This list will include weapons from many different promotions and is not limited to the WWE.

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15 Gummy Bears

via stumingames.com

By far the least painful “weapon” in this list, the gummy bears were used as recently as this year during the TNA Hardcore Justice tapings. I don’t know how jelly is supposed to make a bump more extreme but hey, it’s TNA. Even if it is a very unusual “weapon”, the fact that it looks and probably is totally harmless keeps it way down, but it’s too funny and silly to keep off the list. Perhaps the intent to use the gummy bears was the amount of sugar ingested would lead to a sugar crash for the opponent and leave him unable to compete.

14 Monster Trucks

via rockethideout.com

One of WCW’s number of brilliant ideas was the Sumo Monster Truck Match between Hulk Hogan and The Giant, now known as Big Show, at Halloween Havoc 1995. The idea was basically to have the two machines push against each other. For five minutes. Yeah. Man I really wonder why WCW went out of business. I was not sure if I could consider the monster trucks as weapon, since a wrestler doesn’t physically hit another one with it, but they’re hitting each other’s truck, so close enough.

13 Jeritron

via bleacherreport.net

This entry highlights a very specific weapon, because it is not just a TV. It is the super expensive and high tech “Jeritron”, from Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel”. TVs and monitors have been used once in a while, mostly the ones from the announce tables, but the Jeritron is memorable because you saw its screen explode when HBK's head went through it. Michaels selling it the way he did afterward makes it look even more painful. Looking back at it, I really miss how they used to put a lot of effort in the set of these segments. Jericho had his Jeritron hanging from a metal structure, he had a colored rug on the ring and everything. Now it looks like they just put a couple of chairs and a logo in the corner.

12 Salt

via barstoolsports.com

Mr. Fuji infamously used salt to assure Yokozuna’s title win at WrestleMania IX. Salt has been used often to distract opponents and maybe attempt a rollup or have enough time to hit a finisher. One interesting variant that can be seen in smaller promotion is the use of “cocaine” (actually baby powder) to replace the salt, but with WWE's PG era, there is no way that this would be shown on TV. Either way, the visual of a wrestler blinded by it is always good for a laugh.

11 A Gaming Console

via wikimedia.org

This is a top 15 list about weapons in wrestling, there’s no way ECW can be left off this list right? ECW famously had 'Fans Bring The Weapons' matches. The name pretty much says it all. Fans bring whatever they want to see the wrestlers use to beat up on each other. The potential for odd weapon usage is extremely high, but one of my personal favorites has to be when a fan brought a gaming console, a NES to be exact. I wonder if they had a wrestling game cartridge in.

10 Popcorn

via wwe.com

The Empty Arena championship match between Mankind and The Rock is a memorable one because it was one of a kind. Two wrestlers going at it in an arena devoid of fans was something truly different. As they went away from the ring and went backstage, they started using different weapons, many of which were odd. Mankind got thrown into a rack of cotton candy and won using a forklift. But the oddest of the bunch has to be the giant bag of popcorn he used to beat down The Rock. Foley used the popcorn in another match while wrestling as Dude Love against Owen Hart at a house show, as both wrestlers had agreed to have a stinker of a match, knowing wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was in the audience. Dude Love struck Hart with popcorn and he oversold the attack and ended up making popcorn angels on the ground. Maybe popcorn is an effective weapon after all!

9 Weed Whacker

via galleryhip.com

This entry is presented to you by CZW, your destination for hardcore wrestling since ECW folded. CZW is known for their extreme tendencies, and this is no different. In an I Quit match, Wifebeater (classy name isn’t it?), used a weed whacker on John Zandig’s already bloody back. To make matters worse, someone even poured salt on his wounded back. This isn’t the only time Wifebeater used a weed whacker, as it even became his trademark weapon.

8 Moppy

via metalarcade.net

This entry is not only weird for the nature of the weapon, but for the story behind it. Perry Saturn was involved in a storyline where he fell in love with “Moppy”, a mop with a painted smiley face, not unlike Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away. Saturn even had to dump Terri Runnels to stay with his beloved mop. The storyline originated from a real life incident where he beat up a jobber after he botched a spot. Many believe the mop, along with the new gimmick of “that guy who was hit on the head and is now kinda weird”, were a punishment, but it actually got him quite over with the fans and led to a face turn. Raven finally killed Moppy, throwing her in a wood chipper. R.I.P. Moppy, we miss you everyday.

7 Coconut

via uncoached.com

Food has been used often in wrestling, often in backstage food fights. But this time, the impact felt way more powerful than simply tossing mashed potatoes through the cafeteria. During a Piper’s Pit segment, Roddy Piper received Jimmy Snuka as a guest. After things got heated (it’s Piper’s Pit, what did you expect?), Rowdy grabbed a coconut and hit Superfly right on the side of the head. Seeing the coconut explode made the hit look devastating. Piper also rubbed bananas in Snuka’s face. Man you could get away with stuff back in 1984.

6 Jake Roberts' Cobra

via 411mania.com

This might be the scariest entry on this list. Jake Roberts was famous or his use of snakes to play mind games on his opponents, but arguably the most memorable moment was when he trapped Randy “Macho Man” Savage in the ropes and unleashed a cobra, who bit the Macho Man. Now, the cobra was obviously de-venomized, but it was still a very graphic sight, with Savage’s blood dripping from the holes that the fang caused. Back then, when lines between reality and fiction were blurrier, I am sure a good number of fans were really concerned about the fan favorite’s health. Ironically, the cobra died within a few days. Maybe the Macho Man was the one with the venom after all?

5 Undertaker’s Urn

via nickgraffis.com

The Undertaker’s urn is a key piece of the character’s mythic persona, as it contains the source of his powers. It has been the key of storylines over the years, from his Boiler Room Brawl with Mankind or more recently his feud with CM Punk. It was also used frequently as a weapon. Who does not remember Paul Bearer striking the Deadman on the head with the urn before handing it to Mankind? It may be less unorthodox to the eyes of some because WWE got us used to it, but think for one second. A funeral urn, the final resting place of a person’s ashes, used as a weapon? That’s some pretty messed up stuff if you ask me!

4 Legos and Hard Candy

via iliveforprowrestling.com

Indy wrestling can be a showcase of incredible wrestling, but it also can be rather silly. Maybe not WCW silly, but close. At PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla), a match between Drake Younger and Joey Ryan went above and beyond the usual limitations of the human body. Remember the pain of stepping on a single Lego left on the floor? Now, imagine getting piledriven on a pile of them. That’s what happened in that Lego and Hard Candy Deathmatch. It seems that a piledriver on Legos is enough to win a match, if anybody ever doubted that.

3 Head

via notinhalloffame.com

ECW comes on this list once again. This time, it’s Al Snow’s weapon, tag partner and even foe, Head. Al Snow portrayed a man who developed schizophrenia after years of jobbing for the then WWE. Mick Foley would then share with him some advice that changed his career. Foley told Snow that, to get far in the business, he needed to “use a little head”. Snow took the advice quite literally and Head was born. Head was a severed mannequin head with the words 'Help Me' written backwards on its forehead. So, if you’ve been following, this is a mannequin head that was used as a tag partner. Weird enough? But wait, there’s more! It led to some very unusual moment, such as Snow winning (or losing?) a hardcore match against himself.

2 Kayak

via kayakfortworth.com

During an ECW Fans Bring The Weapons match, Mick Foley, a.k.a. Cactus Jack, looked through the crowd, trying to find the perfect weapon. Through the usual chairs, sledgehammers and baseball bats, he saw a much bigger weapon so odd, he could not resist the urge to use it. So he picked up a two place kayak. A big, complete two place kayak that some fans likely paid a decent sum of money for, probably strapped on the top of their cars and carried through the ticket gate with the hope that someone would pick it up to fight another dude. While not very practical, you have to respect their efforts.

1 Artificial Leg

This weapon was used at least twice to my knowledge. It was used during WWE In Your House 7, when Diesel, during his last TV appearance before jumping ship to WCW, tossed Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon from his ringside seat and stole his artificial leg in a match that had already seen the Spanish announcers' boot, the referee’s belt and a fire extinguisher used as weapons. Imagine the feeling you get when you see someone pulling on a man’s limb and it suddenly comes off. For those who did not know the existence of the artificial leg, probably most of the crowd, it must have been shocking. Seeing the two men using the “severed” limb as a weapon is pretty much as weird as you can get. An artificial leg was also used during an ECW Fans Bring The Weapons match, where someone from the crowd handed his leg, no pun intended, to the wrestlers.

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