Top 15 "Where Are They Now?" Stories of '90s Wrestling Stars

That teen spirit stench of the 1990s lingers in the air to this day as the decadent decade has left a resounding impact on popular culture. The final ten years of the twentieth century were packed ful

That teen spirit stench of the 1990s lingers in the air to this day as the decadent decade has left a resounding impact on popular culture. The final ten years of the twentieth century were packed full of rebellion, rage, and raunchy circumstance. Kurt Cobain is dead and there remains no semblance of nirvana in the world.

One thing that would flourish amid the nuclear '90s was the professional wrestling industry. WWE, WCW, and ECW had taken wrestling to new heights as its popularity would skyrocket. Hulk Hogan turned his back on “Hulkamania” while “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was becoming the most bad ass WWE Superstar in the promotion's history.

Paul Heyman was presenting a new form of professional wrestling by eliminating all the usual standards and introducing the perversion of hardcore. The Monday Night War was in full-swing as Eric Bischoff tried and failed to knock Vince McMahon out of the industry entirely. Wrestling had an “it” factor and was actually considered cool.

The business has certainly fallen hard since these days; having lost much of its cool while being designated to a kid-friendly product. In the '90s, professional wrestling was all about the disenchanted adolescent and wayward young adult. This is no longer the case as a PG label has been slapped upon WWE; stripping the product of its former attitude.

However, those who experienced the '90s wrestling ride can always look back and remember the “good old days.” Whenever a Pearl Jam or Smashing Pumpkins song is played and the mind instinctively goes back to the place a time, wrestling is never far behind. The faces of those who helped make the '90s such a great decade for the industry remain burned in the memory of fans.

So, where are some of these wrestlers now? In this piece, we will venture back into the '90s to dig up some of its wrestling stars and find out what they have been up to lately.

These are the top 15 “where are they now?” stories of '90s wrestling stars:

15 Vampiro 


Vampiro was an interesting wrestling character who unfortunately showed up in WCW at the wrong time. The nWo were at their peak and there was simply no room for a guy like Vampiro, despite the awesome character.

Where is Vampiro now?

Vampiro currently works for Lucha Underground as a color commentator alongside for WWE talent, Matt Striker. Vampiro, who found his greatest success with the Mexican wrestling audience is a great fit for Lucha Underground.

14 Ahmed Johnson 


Ahmed Johnson was brought into WWE and viewed as a future star. While with the company, Johnson would capture the Intercontinental Championship. However, not much more would come of Johnson's career.

Where is Ahmed Johnson now?

Ahmed Johnson has since retired from in-ring competition but remains active in the wrestling community. Johnson works for Booker T and Stevie Ray's Pro Wrestling Alliance wrestling school.

13 Shane Douglas 


During the '90s, Shane Douglas worked for WWE, WCW, and ECW; the promotion in which he made the biggest impact. Douglas - with his disrespecting of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship - would help introduce the Extreme alternative.

Where is Shane Douglas now?

Shane Douglas has worked extensively as a wrestling promoter since his in-ring days have faded and is hopeful to begin a new wrestling promotion where performers will be taken care of - health and finance wise - more efficiently.

12 Konnan 


While a member of the WCW roster, Konnan would manage some minor successes as a United States, World Television, and World Tag Team Champion and spend most of the decade with the promotion.

Where is Konnan now?

Konnan is currently working closely with the Lucha Underground promotion where he has served as an on-screen manager and has helped bring a number a Lucha Libre stars into the promotion.

11 Rikishi 


While only playing the role of Rikishi for a short time in the '90s, Solofa Fatu (real name) would find himself as one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions while assuming the role of a Samoan Savage as a member of The Headshrinkers.

Where is Rikishi now?

These days Rikishi enjoys the action of his sons Jimmy and Jey Uso as they light up the WWE tag team division while making sporadic appearances on WWE programming; by all accounts Rikishi is done with in-ring action.

10 Taz 


Perhaps the most intense ECW performer to ever emerge was a man named Taz; a Suplex Machine and all-around mat-maniac. Following his days in ECW, Taz(z) would find work in WWE as both a wrestler and commentator.

Where is Taz now?

After working as a commentator for a number of years with TNA, Taz would part ways with the company in April of 2015 and currently focuses his time on his podcast: "The Taz Show: Bodyslams and Beyond."

9 Tatanka


While perpetuating a Native-America stereotype, Tatanka would debut in WWE and remain undefeated for over a year. However, Tatanka would never capture a championship in WWE despite his popularity.

Where is Tatanka now?

Tatanka is currently signed to a Legends Contract in WWE - which allows for past Superstars to attain some exposure and monetary compensation - while also performing on the independent circuit.

8 Marc Mero 


While in WWE, Marc Mero would portray a boxer-turned-wrestler type character and would capture the Intercontinental Championship. However, Mero is perhaps best remembered for his manager, Sable.

Where is Marc Mero now?

Marc Mero has since retired from wrestling and has actually spoke out against the profession and the drug use involved. Mero now lectures at high school and colleges about the dangers of substance abuse.

7 The Sandman 


The Sandman is a former five-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, an accomplishment the Hardcore Anti-Hero would have never attained in any other professional wrestling organization.

Where is The Sandman now?

While working for TNA, The Sandman would no-show an Impact taping and has not been welcomed back to the promotion. The Sandman is now back where he belongs: working the independent circuit.

6 Scott Steiner 


In WCW, Scott Steiner would find his footing as a singles competitor during the '90s, as "Big Poppa Pump" would become a fixture on the scene. However, Steiner's success was limited due to the needs of other big name stars.

Where is Scott Steiner now?

Scott Steiner is currently affiliated with Global Force Wrestling; a promotion founded by another '90s relic in Jeff Jarrett. Steiner also performs sporadically on the independent wrestling circuit.

5 Raven 


The most enigmatic wrestlers in the history of ECW is undoubtedly Raven. The moody and mournful performer had a special way of delivering his message to the audience and became one of the biggest stars in the promotion.

Where is Raven now?

Raven - while not exactly in the best shape these days - continues to work the wrestling scene and tour; having competed in promotions such as the defunct Extreme Rising and Resistance Pro Wrestling.

4 Buff Bagwell


Throughout the '90s, Buff Bagwell was a constant background character in WCW. Bagwell would never achieve main event success but would prove to be a solid mid-card performer during his tenure.

Where is Buff Bagwell now?

Since the demise of WCW, Buff Bagwell worked for TNA but in recent years and made his rounds on the independent circuit. Bagwell has also appeared on the realty series "Gigolos" where he serves as a male escort companion.

3 Vader 


While getting his start in the '80s, Vader would rise to prominence in the '90s as one of the most dominant, intimidating, and powerful figures in the wrestling industry as well as one of the greatest WCW World Heavyweight Champions of all time.

Where is Vader now?

In recent years, Vader would find himself back in Japan - the country in which he found early wrestling success - and working for All Japan Pro Wrestling while also embarking on a stint with TNA.

2 Sean Waltman 


Sean Waltman spent the '90s decade performing as the 1-2-3- Kid, Syxx, and X-Pac. While never the biggest dog in the fight, Waltman sure as hell did bark while living on the edge.

Where is Sean Waltman now?

Sean Waltman is once again associated with WWE where he is signed to a Legends Contract and making sporadic appearances throughout the year while close re-associated with The Kliq.

1 Sabu 


If any one wrestler represents the look of ECW in the '90s, that wrestling is without question, Sabu. The torn and scarred body of the crazed performer is a testament to the Extreme livelihood of the beloved brand.

Where is Sabu now?

Sabu may never hang up his boots despite the battery he has endured throughout his career. In fact, Sabu continues to perform - with his signature hardcore style - on the independent circuit.

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Top 15 "Where Are They Now?" Stories of '90s Wrestling Stars