Top 15 Women In Wrestling Who Hooked Up With The Most Wrestlers

The female wrestlers strutting their stuff over the years in the various wrestling promotions in the industry have had to endure a lot. If you’re a woman and are in the industry, chances are you have

The female wrestlers strutting their stuff over the years in the various wrestling promotions in the industry have had to endure a lot. If you’re a woman and are in the industry, chances are you have had it tough; a life in wrestling isn’t for the faint-hearted. From the sexually explicit storylines to the pillow fights – women’s wrestling used to be considered a joke. In today’s day and age, it’s more about the actual wrestling, the prowess of these women in the ring. But there are still plenty of themes that exist to this day; damsel in distress moments, stories involving cheating and infidelity, which means these ladies get up close and personal with a lot of the guys on the roster of their respective promotions.It’s no wonder then, that sometimes the scripted events of wrestling become distorted and morph into reality – that these ladies begin to cosy up to their male counterparts and they have real-life hook-ups. They may not even be at the centre of a storyline.

It may just be a case of being on the road for the majority of the year, seeing the same people day in day out – sometimes sparks fly and things get taken to the next level. Female and male wrestlers have been hooking up for years and there have been many female wrestlers who have engaged in multiple hook-ups. These are 15 of them - 15 women who have hooked up with the most wrestlers.

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16 Torrie Wilson


Torrie was once painfully shy, but she blossomed and certainly wasn’t shy after retiring during her time with WWE. After a short stint as a model and fitness competitor, she got spotted when she attended a WCW wrestling show, and the rest is history. Wilson was renowned for being one of the hottest female wrestlers in the industry. She acquired plenty of fame and is one of the better-known names in the women’s division to have graced the industry – that’s certainly an accomplishment considering she won zilch during her career.

As I’ve said, she came out of her shell when she embarked on a wrestling career. Her drop dead gorgeous looks combined with her newfound confidence meant that she began getting lots of attention from the guys, some of which was reciprocated. Wilson’s first on-screen hook-up in the wrestling world was with David Flair, but behind the scenes, she got involved with Billy Kidman. This was one hook-up that quickly got serious; the two married in 2003 and spent five years together before going their separate ways. Following her divorce from Kidman, it was rumored that Wilson was smitten with Spirit Squad member Nick "Mitch" Mitchell. The couple broke up in 2011 and soon after Wilson formed a relationship with baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.

15 Sable


Sable was a drop dead gorgeous female wrestler during her eight years in the industry; unsurprising as she was earning her corn as a professional model, doing modeling gigs for some major companies. But in 1996, she ditched modeling and embarked on a career in WWE – thus Sable was born. She entered the industry as Rena Marlette Mero, as she was married to Marc Mero at the time – in fact, she was Mrs. Mero throughout her entire wrestling career. Sable may have remained married to Mero until 2004, but they actually separated in 2003. That’s when “The Beast” Brock Lesnar came onto the scene. The two began a relationship, tied the knot in 2006, and the rest is history; a decade later they’re still married, have kids and are still going strong.

The term “hooking up” is a pretty ambiguous phrase. If you perceive it to mean sexual encounters, in this case, Brock and Marc are your men.

14 Chyna 


The late Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World, was a pivotal figure in the world of wrestling. She was rated highly in the eyes of the management, and was respected by her contemporaries; well, most of them anyway.

Chyna brought something different to roster. Instead of possessing a svelte physique and 'feminine' grace, Chyna was a bullish character. She was muscular and built – a dominant competitor and female enforcer. She loved to dominate in more ways than one – on the wrestling scene but also as an adult film actress. She starred in numerous adult movies, including one with her partner and fellow wrestler at the time, Sean Waltman.

Chyna was also a founding member of D-Generation X. It’s around this time that the world came to know of Chyna and Triple H’s relationship. They initially kept their relationship under wraps; Chyna wanted people to think she got where she was because of herself, not because she’d slept her way to the top. This was more than just a hook-up. They were together for four years and even lived together for a period, before Tripe H moved on to Stephanie McMahon and Chyna began dating Waltman.

13 Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler, “The Weapon of Mass Seduction,” has seduced plenty of guys during her time in the limelight. Due to her appearances on TV shows and relatively successful career as an actress, Stacy’s brushed shoulders with a number of prominent names in the movie industry, and has hooked up with a few too, including the likes of George Clooney and Jamie Foxx.

During her seven-year career in the wrestling industry, she made quite a name for herself. She had a successful career as a female wrestler and was regarded to have been one of the hottest women to have ever graced the industry. It’s therefore no surprise that Vince utilized her feminine wiles the way he knows how and put her at the center of a number of raunchy storylines. Stacy played the roles given to her exceptionally well; perhaps it was because she was engaging in the real thing away from the cameras. She dated Ric’s son – as he’ll always be known – David Flair, for a brief period, and Andrew "Test" Martin, with whom she was dating on and off-screen.

Today, Stacy’s done with dating wrestlers – done with dating full stop. She’s now happily married to businessman Jared Pobre after they tied the knot in 2014.

12 Nikki Bella 


The Bella Twins took the industry by storm when they burst onto the wrestling scene, what now seems like an age ago, way back in 2007. In 2014, Nikki embarked on a very successful solo career and began dominating the division as the Divas Champion for a total of 307 days.

With Nikki having been a prominent model, it’s unsurprising that she quickly began getting plenty of attention from the guys on the WWE roster – attention that with a couple of wrestlers, was reciprocated. Dolph Ziggler was her first hook-up in wrestling. They were together for quite some time – from around 2005-2011, before their relationship fizzled out and Nikki moved on to John Cena. They’ve been together ever since, and it’s even been rumored that they could be about to tie the knot.

11 Maria 


After standing out in the 2004 Diva Search, Maria Kanellis began her life in WWE. The first wrestler she dated was CM Punk. They met while they were both wrestling with developmental territories and went on to have a two-year relationship. It’s rumored that when she was with WWE, she also had a hook-up with John Cena off-screen, in addition to all their kissing in front of the cameras.

In 2011, after being released from her WWE contract, Maria then went on to join ROH. It was here she met Mike Bennett. They engaged in plenty of on-screen storylines, but were also hooking up off-screen. Things got serious, and in 2014, they got hitched and they’ve remained happily married ever since. They also have a son together.

10 Beth Phoenix 


Former WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is certainly up there in terms of being regarded as one of the best female wrestlers of all time. She began her career wrestling on the indies way back in 2001, before her career really took off with WWE. As her meteoric rise to fame began, unsurprisingly she began to get a lot of attention from the guys on the roster. CM Punk was one of those guys, and the two are rumored to have hooked up when they were both stars on the main roster in 2010. It was exactly that – a hook-up – and it didn’t develop into anything serious because Punk quickly moved on to other women. Beth’s probably thanking her lucky stars that it didn’t work out with Punk, because otherwise she’d never have hooked up with Edge. The two are married and have had two kids together.

What a lot of people don’t know is that for the vast majority of her wrestling career, Beth was actually married to Joey Knight, a member of The All-Knighters Canadian tag team. But they went their separate ways in 2010, and that’s when Beth began hooking up with guys on the main WWE roster.

9 Michelle McCool 


Former WWE Divas Champion and Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, rose to fame in 2010, when she became the first woman to unify the titles. She finished her career a four-time champion – a tremendous achievement considering she took a while to find her feet in the industry.

In all, 2010 was a great year for Michelle. Not only did she unify the most prestigious titles in women’s wrestling, she also married The Undertaker and became one-half of one of wrestling’s biggest power couples. They had a child together a couple of years later, and now they’re enjoying life in the slow lane, as The Undertaker’s winding down on his long and illustrious career in the industry.

Before her involvement with Taker, Michelle actually dated his cousin! Yes, she dated Brian Lee – remember him? – during her early stages with WWE, but down the line she traded up, as she switched hooking up with the Imposter Undertaker for the man himself.

8 Melina Perez


Whichever way you look at it, Melina wasn’t the most popular female wrestler on the roster. She got into a number of feuds – storylines and real-life feuds - with some prominent stars who were also fan favorites – this didn’t endear her to the audiences watching at the areas or on their TV screens. Regardless of her issues with other women in the division, she’s gone down in history as one of the best female wrestlers of all time – she’s certainly one of the best to have graced Vince’s promotion, winning a couple of Divas Championships and the Women’s Championship. Despite her unpopularity in the women’s division, she found solace in the arms of some of the guys who were around at that time.

The first wrestler on her dating résumé is Mike Knox – she got with Knox before she was an established part of the industry. Then she had a much-publicized relationship – and breakup – with John Morrison. Apparently, she hooked up with Batista while they were still in a committed relationship; Morrison found it in his heart to forgive Melina, but things eventually fizzled out around the time Melina and WWE parted ways.

7 Lita 


Lita spent seven years in the industry during which she won the WWE Women’s Championship an impressive four times. She packed a lot into these seven years; being a member of Team Xtreme, teaming up and then later feuding with Trish Stratus, and that wacky storyline with Kane. She certainly made an impression and consequently hooked up with three of the main guys on the roster during that period. Her most notable and long-lasting relationship was with Matt Hardy, who was massive in the industry at the time as one-half of the Hardy Boyz.

She got involved with Matt pretty much as soon as she got into the industry, and their relationship lasted about six years. But it all ended disastrously when Lita was found to be hooking up with Edge; they’d been seeing each other for months while Lita was still dating Hardy. Unsurprisingly, Hardy was furious, and his conduct and erratic behavior contributed to him getting shown the door by WWE. A few months later, after he’d cooled off a tad, he was back, and this time everything played out in front of the cameras as the real-life events were translated into a storyline.

Lita’s affair with Edge wasn’t anything serious – well, it was serious enough for her to make a mockery of her long relationship with Hardy. But in 2009, CM Punk – as he does – came into the picture. They dated for a while, broke up, then apparently got back together a few years later. They may have gotten together, but by this time, Punk had moved on to AJ Lee. Apparently he was chasing Lee while still with Lita; if all’s true she must have gotten a nasty taste of her own medicine alright.

6 AJ Lee 


AJ Lee looks like a sweet and innocent girl, but she’s a strong and confident woman who goes after and gets what she wants – not that any guy in his right mind would say no to a night with Lee. One thing shows what a strong woman she is; she’s managed to tame the biggest playboy out there, and to date, seems to have kept him on a tight leash so he doesn’t stray and get up to his old antics. We’re of course talking about CM Punk. The two married in 2014 having hooked up and gotten together about a year previously.

But way before Punk came into the picture, the first wrestler on her dating résumé was her trainer at the time, Jay Lethal. She then began to hook-up with Trent Barretta while they were both with WWE, and Lee also dated many wrestlers in storylines. But her most notable relationship by far is her marriage to Punk. She made an honest man out of him and they’re going strong.

5 Kelly Kelly


Kelly was so good debuting for WWE’s ECW brand, Vince McMahon decided to name her twice. Kelly Kelly started out as an exhibitionist, and she played her role tremendously well, sending the crowds wild with her strip teases. She, herself hadn’t done enough to revive the ECW brand, but her performances certainly justified her a place on the main roster, where she went on to become Divas Champion.

It’s rumored that Kelly hooked up with a lot of the main guys on the roster. Randy Orton has said that he thinks this number is 10.

As for her WWE run, Kelly was memorable without being majorly talented and without having a ton of success. She’s rumored to have hooked up with CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Test, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena. That’s quite a dating résumé.

Aside from the rumors, it’s common knowledge that Kelly was in a relationship with Canadian wrestler, Andrew Martin, better known by the ring name, Test, before his death in 2009. She then got with South African wrestler, Justin Gabriel, and Batista around the time her career was winding to a close.

She's now married today, to former NHL player Sheldon Souray.

4 Mickie James


Mickie James’ career is still going strong. She’s a fiery woman with a loud personality and one who tasted the majority of her success with WWE. She won the Women’s Championship an astonishing five times and the Divas Championship once, making her part of an elite group in terms of her in-ring accomplishments. There may be more to come, as she’s just signed a contract that will bring her back to WWE at the turn of the year.

During her long and illustrious career, James has tasted a lot of success but has also had to contend with plenty of trials and tribulations. But it’s her dating history within the world of wrestling that’s turned a few heads.

James’ first hook-up was with CM Punk. This was when they were both newbies in the wrestling industry and still trying to make their way on the independent circuit – way before Punk’s numerous sexual conquests in the women’s division of WWE. That same year she began hooking up with Punk on the indies, James traded up for Joey Mercury. This didn’t last and pretty soon she had moved on to Kenny Dykstra. This relationship ended when James supposedly cheated on Kenny with John Cena. Kenny’s pretty adamant that’s what happened and has been very vocal in saying that it was a contributing factor to his lackluster WWE career.

She also reportedly was dating Jeff Hardy at one point.

Mickie James’ now seems to have binned her promiscuous ways in favor of a more stable relationship. She’s happily married to former TNA stalwart, Magnus, and they’ve recently welcomed a baby boy to their family.

3 Sunny 


"Tammy" Lynn Sytch aka Sunny, was certainly one of the most promiscuous female wrestlers out there. She’s been around for over two decades, and although she hasn’t yet officially retired, she’s not doing well. A number of health issues and personal demons have hampered her career and prevented her from gaining far more titles than the solitary one – the WSU Championship.

Sunny and Chris Candido were high school sweethearts. It was he who got her into wrestling, and they were very much a solid couple, regularly shown on-screen together until Candido’s death in 2005. Sunny’s most notable relationship was with Shawn Michaels. They were together for nine-months until rumors started surfacing that Sunny had been unfaithful to Michaels with Bret Hart. Michaels somehow found out about the alleged affair and brought it to everyone’s attention, although both Sunny and Hart denied anything had ever happened.

Sunny’s also had flings with Davey Boy Smith and Raven, and is rumored to have explored the depths of the professional wrestling rosters in the U.S. on many more occasions.

2 Missy Hyatt


The woman regarded by many to be The First Lady of Wrestling enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the industry, only retiring earlier this year. She had to endure plenty of sexually-based storylines, which she took to like a seasoned pro. Perhaps that’s because she was already comfortable with most of the guys on the roster – she was always rumored to be getting up close and personal with one wrestler or another.

When Missy started out in the industry in 1985, she did so as a manager. She managed John Tatum whom she was in a real-life relationship with at the time. When she left WCCW and began working for the Universal Wrestling Federation, she became romantically involved with Eddie Gilbert of the "Hot Stuff International " stable. They had an affair which unsurprisingly led to the end of Missy and Tatum’s relationship. There was a lot of animosity between the three which spilled over into some on-screen confrontations. At least it was serious – not that Tatum would’ve taken any solace from that – as they married a year later. Their relationship may have been serious enough for them to get married, but perhaps it shouldn’t have developed beyond a casual few hook-ups because they were divorced a little over a year later. All of this happened pretty early on into Missy’s career.

Over the next three decades she’s been rumored to have hooked up with a number of other prominent wrestlers, including the likes of Sting, Road Warrior Hawk and plenty of others.


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