Top 15 Worst Celebrity Appearances in WrestleMania History

It's the most exciting time of the year in the world of wrestling. With the conclusion of the Royal Rumble behind us, the road to WrestleMania continues and we are only two months away from the historic event. Everyone wants their part on The Grandest Stage of Them All; and that statement is not limited to just wrestlers. Celebrities and athletes have been attending the big show since its inception and this year will be no different. The fans love to see some of their favorite celebrities take part in the amazing show. Past stars like UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and model Pamela Anderson have gotten huge pops from the crowd and received national media attention. However, not all celebrities that attend the big event receive the same type of approval. Some have been all but forgotten to attend WrestleMania and there are others we wish we could forget.

There are various reasons why celebrities don't pan out as well as the WWE expects. Some celebrities are already disliked by a lot of people and get booed out of the arena before they even have a chance to speak. In other scenarios, the celebrities are put in skits or storylines that don't go well or accepted by the WWE Universe. Some of the celebrities don't even know what's going on (*cough* *cough* Kim Kardashian) and have no business taking up air time. A lot of people would argue that they'd like to see less of the celebrities to give more time to the stars on the main roster. Those chances are slim to none, however, as celebrity appearances have become a part of the tradition at WrestleMania. This week we countdown 15 of the worst celebrity appearances in the history of WrestleMania.

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15 Lawrence Taylor

via wwe.com

One of my pet-peeves with celebrities at WrestleMania is allowing some of them to wrestle in matches. WrestleMania should only be eligible to those who actually know how to wrestle. It's okay once in a while throughout the year to have a star come in and have a match, but not here. The worst part is that they always win. Sure we are to believe that the person who's never stepped foot in the ring is going to pick up the victory over the person who's been doing this for years. I know it's all about buys but WrestleMania will get their buys without sticking celebrities in matches.

The worst part of Lawrence Taylor's match with Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania XI is that it was the main event. The WWE has since learned from their mistake but the damage was done. The crowd was not into this one at all, especially since it followed what should have been the main event between Diesel and Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship. The former linebacker would've been better off having this match at another event - or not at all.

14 Maria Menounos

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Menounos also performed in a wrestling match at WrestleMania XXVIII, teaming with Kelly Kelly to battle against Beth Phoenix and Eve. Unlike Taylor, this was not Menounos' first match in the WWE - but it may as well been. Menounos was (and still is) a big fan of the WWE but there was no excitement to this match. The E! News star had cracked her ribs a couple weeks prior practicing for Dancing With The Stars, which definitely made her hesitant in an already unfamiliar role. Although she had the tough injury and little training in the squared circle, Menounos still miraculously managed to pin the Divas Champion, Phoenix; you know, one of the females that actually does this for a living. To make matters worse, Menounos wore these white pants instead of wrestling gear. By the end of the match, Menounos had this huge smear of something brown on the back of her pants that didn't look right.

13 Mickey Rourke

via wrestlezone.com

Mickey Rourke wasn't involved in an actual match at WrestleMania XXV, but he may as well have. Rourke starred in the movie, The Wrestler, which was a major hit and gave a perception on what it's like for wrestlers trying to make it in the industry. It went to his head a bit as he called out technical wrestler Chris Jericho, from the Red Carpet no less. At WrestleMania, Jericho returned the favor and called out Rourke, who was in the audience. In fighting style, Rourke caught Jericho with a left and knocked him down. And that was that. Jericho had managed to take down 3 legendary wrestlers by himself in a handicap match just minutes prior but the actor who portrayed a wrestler could not be stopped apparently. I know that the WWE originally had planned for a Jericho vs. Rourke match at WrestleMania but things change. It would've been better off to not have Rourke involved at all in the confrontation than finishing it the way it did.

12 Flo Rida

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Of course the man who decided to turn Florida into two words was bound to make this list. His name is not the reason he made this list, however. His performance at WrestleMania XXVIII is what got him here. In 2012, the WWE decided to have Flo Rida perform before The Rock made his entrance for the main event. Anyone that knows anything about hip hop knows how bad Flo Rida is. Just last week on Raw, Flo Rida was a guest on the show and was involved in a skit that saw him battle rap wrestler Bo Dallas. Needless to say, it was so bad that, all jokes aside, I think it's fair to say that Dallas won the battle.  Unfortunately, the WWE sees something they like about the guy since he's had what feels like a theme song for every other pay per view. At WrestleMania, he performed two songs to no pop at all from the crowd with his shirt off. Somehow though he still outperformed someone else at the big event.

11 Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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Sure, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a teen heartthrob in the '90s but so were 'NSync and the Backstreet Boys and they were never invited to WrestleMania. Thomas had no reason to be at WrestleMania XI. He was a co-star on the hit show, Home Improvement, and the star of Man of the House but in a WrestleMania that had more celebrities than you could count, it didn't make sense to bring him in. Backstage, he defeated former WWE Champion Bob Backlund in a chess match. He was also a guest timekeeper, as if that was necessary. The WWE was really starting to get popular at the time so it made sense to try and get all of the celebrities involved. However, at WrestleMania XI it took away from a lot of the wrestling impact of the show. This was not one of the better WrestleMania shows we are used to seeing.

10 Sy Sperling

via bleacherreport.com

You may not remember the name but you probably remember the phrase, "I'm not just the hair club president, I'm also a client." Sy Sperling became quite famous in the mid '90s and it carried over to WrestleMania X. Sy introduced ring announcer, Howard Finkel, as his latest client. Prior to the big show, there was a lot of hype about Sy Sperling attending WrestleMania. Why I don't know. Maybe they were trying to attract the older male crowds who were seeing less of their hair. His introduction was very short, however, and it's easy to forget he was even there. No one cared that the Fink was bald and they cared even less when he got hair. The Hair Club for Men was a huge success built by Sperling but it wasn't selling at WrestleMania. Doink the Clown, fittingly, sprayed water in Sperling's face prior to the next match.

9 Machine Gun Kelly

via xclusiveszone.com

Originally, I had MGK kicking off our countdown, but after reviewing his performance at WrestleMania XXVIII, I had to move him up. Even though he didn't make Flo Rida look good because that's improbable, Machine Gun Kelly actually had a worse performance. The WWE is apparently attracted to bad hip hop. Here's how his performance breaks down. They had P Diddy introduce MGK, who was met with a crowd full of boos (so was Diddy). MGK did perform his best hit, Invincible, but that's not saying much. You couldn't really hear it that well because the crowd didn't stop booing him.

Flo Rida was there to introduce The Rock in the main event and MGK was there to introduce John Cena. As if the performance wasn't bad enough, MGK at one point calls John Cena an underdog. Yeah that's right. The same John Cena that's soon to break the record for most championships in WWE history. Swing and a miss there Kelly.

8 Floyd Mayweather

via gamespot.com

Floyd is an exception to the rule of not allowing celebrities to wrestle in the ring. It would have been okay to see Floyd wrestle in a match for a change or have a boxing match against his opponent, the Big Show. The WWE seemed to try and meet in the middle by having them compete in a No Disqualification Match at WrestleMania XXIV. Mayweather's posse got involved consistently in the match, which led to Mayweather using brass knuckles to knockout Big Show, picking up the victory. It was a poor ending to a match that was billed as a giant size athlete against the best fighter in the world. There were rumors that "Money Mayweather" was paid roughly $20 million for his WrestleMania appearance. That's a ridiculous amount for anyone, and if true, I know a lot of wrestlers weren't happy to see that payday.

7 Herb

via uproxx.com

Sometimes in marketing, a really dumb idea works out. Between 1985-1986, Burger King had one and ran with it. They created a goofy fictional character named Herb that had never eaten at Burger King burger. Evidently, in the '80s no one thought that maybe Herb just knew better. With a "Where's Waldo?" theme in search to find Herb, it was a big hit for Burger King. Herb was found at WrestleMania II as a guest timekeeper because remember those are necessary. WrestleMania II was chaotic, with the event being held in 3 different cities. Fresh off their success from WrestleMania I, the WWE was, obviously, trying to build off that success but they went overboard. Again, too many celebrities became the focus point. This is one of those rare cases where I would've liked to have seen Herb wrestle in a match just to see him get his ass beat. A match with someone else on our countdown could've been very fun to watch.

6 Mike Tyson

via tjrwrestling.net

Mike Tyson's voice alone gets him on this list. To be honest, Tyson's appearance at WrestleMania XIV wasn't all that bad but every time a microphone was put in front of him, you couldn't help but laugh. Originally, Tyson was supposed to be the special referee for the WWE Championship between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold. It was later announced he would be the special guest enforcer, which is basically a referee's backup. Tyson had appeared to align with Michaels and DX prior to the main event but after the referee was knocked out (shocking), Tyson gave a fast three count for Austin to win the title. He followed that by knocking out Michaels after the match. It was around this time that the Attitude Era was emerging in the WWE and Tyson has been credited some for it. I didn't see it and expected a lot more from Tyson's appearance. Maybe Stone Cold should've dropped him with a Stunner for good measure.

5 Snooki

via espn.com

Again, we have another celebrity who has no business in the ring taking the spot of someone more deserving. Will the WWE ever learn from their ways? Snooki was involved in a six-person mixed tag match that would've been more suitable on an episode of Smackdown instead of the grand stage. She was, surprisingly, impressive during the match, performing a double cartwheel and a backflip. Still, she was in the ring for less than a minute and pinned a former Divas champion to get her team the victory. With the match only lasting about five minutes, it's a wonder why they had it at all. The Jersey Shore star I think would've been more suitable for some kind of background skit. Like it or not, the show was an absolute hit so it made sense having Snooki on as a guest. Still, I would've preferred watching her fist pump than wrestle.

4 Kim Kardashian

via sportskeedia.com

The world's most successful sex tape producer, Kim Kardashian, hosted WrestleMania XXIV. It was quite clear from the get go that she had no idea what she was doing. The best part was watching Mr. Kennedy yell his name in her ear. That just never got old to me when he would do that. Kardashian never took her role in the big event seriously and very obviously needed cue cards for all her segments. It was reported that she even needed a cue card to announce the attendance record because she couldn't remember the number. Apparently, Kardashian received $25,000 just for the attendance record and her terrible memory. Hopefully, Kim is now too busy with husband, Kanye West, and giving her children ridiculous names to ever appear in the WWE again. She was downright awful in her appearance. To quote from Billy Madison, Kim, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

3 Clara Peller

via setcelebs.com

Clara Peller became famous for her, "Where's the Beef?", commercials that she did for Wendy's. At WrestleMania II, Peller was another important guest timekeeper that saw her screw up her popular slogan. Even though I am not a fan of celebrities fighting at WrestleMania, here is where I could've made another exception. Peller may have been well over age 80 at the time but this is the WWE, they could've made it work somehow. With Herb from Burger King also at ringside for WrestleMania II, we could've seen a Battle of the Burgers match. The WWE could've even called Ronald McDonald to come in for a triple threat match to fight for true burger supremacy. Ah, what could've been. The match might have been the worst we've ever seen but it still would've been a hit. We've been forced to see matches like Michael Cole against Jerry Lawler since then so it couldn't be much worse than that. Peller would pass away just over a year after her WrestleMania appearance.

2 Pee-Wee Herman

via eonline.com

Growing up as a kid, I couldn't stand Pee-Wee Herman. The only laugh more annoying was Fran Drescher's. I could care less about his big adventure or that awful bike. The only thing worse than his bike was his bow-tie suit. At WrestleMania XXVII, Herman was invited to do a backstage skit as John Cena's number one fan. The good news is that the skit involved The Rock so it was at least tolerable. The skit saw The Rock convince Herman to become a fan of The Rock instead but to hear Herman doing Rock catchphrases could have you envying deaf people. He actually concluded it by asking, "Can you smell what the Pee is cookin'?" Good Lord. Thankfully, it was short. Overall, I didn't get the concept of having Herman portrayed as John Cena's number one fan. I'm sure it was an attempt to be funny but if it was, it was only because of The Rock.

1 Donald Trump

via notey.com

The Republican front-runner has actually appeared at quite a few WrestleMania's in his lifetime, even hosting the event at WrestleMania's IV & V. However, it was his involvement at WrestleMania XXIII that got the most notoriety. In a Battle of the Billionaires billing, Trump and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon participated in a Hair vs. Hair match, with each representing a wrestler of their choosing. And this is a guy that's running for President of the United States. The loser would see that billionaire's head shaved. Trump was in the corner of Bobby Lashley with McMahon in the corner of Umaga, and Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee. Of course, Trump was not going to lose his hair so McMahon had to lose. After helping Trump shave McMahon's head, Austin fittingly delivered a Stone Cold Stunner to Trump just because he can. Thank you Stone Cold. Thank you.

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