Top 15 Worst Current WWE Theme Songs

Considering all the planning that goes into creating a sports entertainment character, it’s no understatement to say that the most important aspect is arguably the theme song.

In many cases, whether a superstar flourishes or flops can come down to the wrestler’s song itself.

When you think of the greatest stars in the history of WWE – Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Trish Stratus, the list goes on – they all have theme songs that have become iconic on their own.

If any wrestling fan was to hear the theme song of any of the above WWE legends, chances are they could name who the song belongs to without having to think longer than a second.

Although not every Superstar and Diva can be a WWE legend, a theme song that is both awesome and fitting can be enough to give a wrestler some extra crowd support, which is ultimately what decides their future in the company.

A wrestler’s entrance and theme song are their opportunities to make a first impression every time they perform at a show and if their theme song isn’t up to scratch, it’s hard for the crowd to engage with the subject.

There are some truly enjoyable theme songs in the WWE and the company seems to get it right more often than not.

However, there are a number of Superstars, Divas and tag teams that have theme songs that either don’t fit their characters or just plain suck.

These are the 15 worst current WWE theme songs.

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15 Finn Balor

As a preface, it needs to be stated that Finn Balor's theme song is arguably the best tune in WWE. When Balor enters an NXT arena in demon mode and crawls down the aisle, it truly is WWE entrance aartistry. The problem is that the demon gimmick is a part-time thing, whereas his theme song is still used when he is plain old Finn Balor. The song is awesome, but it doesn't work when Balor is making his way to the ring in a suit with the NXT Championship clutched against his hip like the high profile stars of yesteryear. Maybe it's a case of Balor having two themes, much like Triple H, so that the current theme song makes Balor's demon entrance even more of a long-awaited spectacle.

14 The Vaudevillains

It's hard to put Aiden English and Simon Gotch on this list, but it has to be done. The current NXT Tag Team Champions are arguably one of the most unique teams WWE has ever produced and it's awesome that they are getting a genuine push. The entrance is enjoyable with the old-fashioned introduction and handshake, but as the duo makes their way to the ring and the initial crowd pop has faded, the tune isn't upbeat enough to wash out the near-silence. It's nothing a little bit of rhythm and bass can't fix, so long as it's not enough to take away from the vaudeville gimmick. It's a fine line to walk, but something has to be done to drown out the silence.

13 Adam Rose 

After Adam Rose struck out in WWE with his party gimmick, Rose has come back down to NXT to further develop his character and skills. However, it appears WWE is running with Rose as a heel, and his up-tempo and happy-go-lucky theme song doesn't quite fit the bill. With no Exotic Express dancing down to the ring by his side, Rose desperately needs a new theme song to try and break out as a heel character because there's no chance he will be taken seriously as a bad guy with that song.

12 Dean Ambrose

It's odd that the theme song of Dean Ambrose is perfect for the character but still seems odd. You've got the biker-y aspect covered with the engine revving up and Ambrose's high octane style is captured in the upbeat tempo. When you hear the song, you know it's Dean Ambrose, yet somehow the fact that it's a generic tune for a character the WWE clearly didn't expect to be so popular takes away from the impact it's meant to have. An entrance song doesn't need lyrics to have an impact, but a remix of Ambrose's theme by a band - which the WWE has done with Superstars' songs before - would make him seem more legitimate.

11 The Lucha Dragons

Rather than the Lucha Dragons being a serious tag team that could well and truly take the tag team division by storm, the combination of Sin Cara and Kalisto are little more than an attraction for the kids. It shows most in their theme song, which is based around the "Lu-cha, lu-cha" chant that nobody seems to participate in, creating awkwardness every time the Dragons compete. If you try and force wrestling fans into doing something, chances are they aren't going to oblige; the Lucha Dragons' theme song is the perfect example of that.

10 Emma

After Santino Marella's retirement, Emma was left somewhat high and dry after the duo had good success in WWE. Having moved back down to NXT as a heel, Emma shed the goofy theme song and awkward dance routine and is now being pushed as a serious badass along with partner in crime Dana Brooke. Her new song is a darker remix of the old tune, but it's still boring and doesn't leave an impression. Considering Brooke stands out with her physique, athleticism and cool entrance, Emma is again being overshadowed.

9 John Cena

There is no doubt that John Cena is the face of the WWE, and his theme song has almost become iconic in itself. With that said, enough is enough. For more than 10 years, Cena has been at the forefront of the WWE and you're almost guaranteed to hear those painful sirens every time you tune into Raw. Sirens aside, the song is incredibly terrible by itself. Many forget that John Cena actually released a full rap album, and now that Cena has evolved from the rap gimmick to the passionate, driven and successful star of today, having him enter the ring to a tune that he is rapping is worth a face palm.

8 King Barrett

Wade Barrett has had some seriously awesome theme songs along the way, so it's somewhat irritating WWE settled for his current one. King gimmick aside, which completely doesn't fit his entrance music, the theme is dull and annoying. It's really no surprise that Barrett has struggled to gain any traction after returning from injury earlier this year, especially considering the successful Bad News Barrett gimmick was dropped after winning the King of the Ring tournament. Eight words: "BAH-BAH-BAH-BAH-BAH-BAH-BAH BOOOOOOM." Just no. Stop.

7 Neville

When Neville made his way up to WWE after a successful run as NXT Champion, the WWE Universe was thrilled to finally see one of the most enigmatic and exciting wrestlers on the roster get a run at the top. However, the longer Neville continues in WWE, it's becoming obvious that the good reputation he built up in NXT is slowly being tampered. Although his in-ring abilities are as good as ever, his superhero gimmick and uninspired theme song are almost hard to endure. The song itself is just a cluster of noises that sounds less appealing than a flock of seagulls flying into a wood chipper.

6 Cesaro

It's ironic that it took tag team partner Tyson Kidd getting injured for Cesaro to finally get the singles push he deserves. After high profile matches with the likes of John Cena and Kevin Owens, Cesaro finally looks to be claiming his spot near the top of the card. However, his theme song is still incredibly dull and uninspiring. The annoying Despicable Me "BEEE-DOOOOO, BEEE-DOOOOO" sirens aside, Cesaro's theme song is mostly recognisable for how ordinary it is. It screams generic and if Cesaro is to continue his upper-midcard status, an original and enjoyable theme song would go a long way to aiding that.

5 Alicia Fox

Although Alicia Fox is now running with the Bellas and has adopted their ring gear and theme song, the Divas revolution angle isn't going to last forever and as such, neither will the Bella trio. Eventually 'Foxy' will have to break out as a singles competitor, something she hasn't managed to do in recent times. One of the major issues she has had is being seen as too generic, despite having a relatively unique appearance and skill set. With so many 'cool' Divas coming through the ranks, Alicia Fox needs a revamped appearance and theme song to stand out from the pack.

4 Kane

It's unfortunate that Kane has to make this list given how awesome his previous theme songs have been, especially when it's not even the current theme that is the problem. The reworked classic masked Kane song was truly awesome when Kane returned with the new mask a few years ago, but now that he is playing the role of an authority figure, it's just awkward. The song itself screams intimidation, but there is nothing intimidating about an old, out of shape guy wearing a nifty suit coming to the ring with a creepy tune playing and flames displayed on the displays. It has effectively taken away from the effect the theme song will have when Kane eventually returns to his Devil's Favorite Demon gimmick.

3 Prime Time Players

Receiving a push as the WWE Tag Team Champions before losing the titles to New Day, the Prime Time Players are all about crowd interaction with a mixture of humor and straight-up strength. The team itself is solid, but the theme song is far too quiet and dull for a team that relies on hyping the crowd. Now that Titus O'Neil and Darren Young have dropped the titles, a revamped theme song could help them from getting lost in the pack of original and enjoyable tag teams in both WWE and NXT.

2 Blake and Murphy

The former NXT Tag Team Champions were somewhat surprising choices for champs with so many awesome tag teams coming up through the WWE's developmental territory, and their psychedelic entrance only became even lamer with an ordinary theme song alteration. The original Blake and Murphy theme was able to be endured, but the latest version is just a big old cluster of ear-splitting pain. The entrance is already hard enough on the eyes; don't make it hard on the ears as well.

1 Sting

When sting made his long-awaited WWE debut at Survivor Series in 2014, he entered in the most dramatic fashion, foiling The Authority's underhanded tactics and allowing Dolph Ziggler to knock Stephanie McMahon and Triple H out of power. As awesome as the moment was, his WWE theme song is horribly dull. It's not often you can say a WCW theme song is better than something the WWE produces, especially in current times, but his new theme sounds like a poor rip-off of his iconic WCW entrance song. The sooner WWE bites the bullet and has Sting enter arenas to his old WCW song, the better.

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