Top 15 Worst Finishing Moves in the WWE Today

FINISH HIM!!! Anybody who grew up playing Mortal Kombat knows all too well the importance of a finishing move; the final touch of the opponent. The goodnight blow that declares victory. The cooler the

FINISH HIM!!! Anybody who grew up playing Mortal Kombat knows all too well the importance of a finishing move; the final touch of the opponent. The goodnight blow that declares victory. The cooler the move, the better you felt.

In professional wrestling, a finishing move is so much more than just another manoeuvre added to one's moveset. The wrestler's finishing move becomes his/her calling card. The distinguishing factor that places the exclamation point on a match.

Think back through the years and the number of great finishing moves that have become part of professional wrestling history: Figure Four Leg Lock, Sweet Chin Music, Stone Cold Stunner, Tombstone Piledriver, F-5. Mention these moves and wrestling fans will instinctively know who helped make them famous.

There are also those finishing moves that really don't do much in terms of turning on the wrestling fan. Remember the Hulk Hogan Leg Drop as a kid? You probably thought it was the greatest move in the world but in reality, it was a terrible finish. As the years passed and you started to develop more critical thinking, you began to wonder why opponents couldn't easily kick out of the Leg Drop. There was really nothing spectacular or devastating about the move and such is the focus of the following article.

Finishing moves have evolved greatly over the years - guys like Hogan, Flair, and Rock could never pull off something like The Red Arrow but, at the same time, finishing moves have become stale and reused or a complete bore - lacking any real integrity. Obviously, there is only so much that can be done in the wrestling ring before repetitive nature becomes a factor. The Power Bomb, The Spear, The Super Kick - variations of these moves will always exist. However, innovation plays a massive role in how these moves come across on screen.

Now then, let's take a look at the current WWE roster and those who may ant to considering changing or altering their finish.

These are the top 15 worst finishing moves of the current WWE talent:

15 Uso Splash

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) have become one of the more exciting WWE tag teams in recent memory. They're young, talented, and posses strong in-ring abilities. However, their finish could use an alteration.

The Uso Splash has been adopted from Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and while the top rope splash was once an impressive manoeuvre in a past generation; there is nothing particularly devastating about the move in modern WWE.

14 Bella Buster

Of the Bella Twins, Brie has proven to be the more technically sound in-ring performer while Nikki serves more as the "powerhouse" of the duo. Perhaps Brie has picked up a few things from her husband, Daniel Bryan.

So, what is the Bella Buster? Well, it is essentially a grab of one's head that leads to a canvas face-plant - a finisher once used by X-Pac - and a move that is really just a fall to the mat. Ric Flar would perform these nose-dive tumbles on himself during a match.

13 KO Punch

Knocking a man out is the most exciting part of any boxing match and could prove to be the highlight of any MMA fight. However, such sports involve real world combat and not the choreography of professional wrestling.

Whenever Big Show "knocks out" an opponent with a not-so-stiff right hand, the believability factor is low. In fact, the KO Punch often comes across as more of a love tap than a devastating blow.

12 Million Dollar Slam

The Prime Time Players had to break up and float separately around the WWE Universe before finally reuniting and capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship. The long road had lead to long-awaiting glory.

Titus O'Neil is definitely the star of the duo who could have - if provided with the proper platform - broken out as a singles star. While O'Neil has all the power traits necessary to succeed in the ring, but his finisher, the Million Dollar Slam,could use some adjustments.

11 Bo-Dog

Bo Dallas has been spreading his "inspirational" message around WWE for a while now with no actual results to show for all his pandering and preaching. Meanwhile, the Bo-Dog - his finishing move - could use a little more inspiration.

The Bo-Dog is simply a Bulldog with help from the ropes. Something along the lines of a Trish Straus finishing move but with less impact and not as much feeling. This manoeuvre just doesn't work for Bo Dallas.

10 The Big Ending

Big E has struggled to find his spot on the WWE roster. As a sidekick to Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, Big E would never quite establish himself individually. Now a member of The New Day, Big E has found something to run with.

However, as a Big E match draws to a close and The Big Ending is in sight, there is not much to run with when a finisher basically entails dropping one's opponent to the mat from one's shoulder.

9 Party Foul

Adam Rose has quickly become a joke performer - a cheesy gimmick Superstar who will never be taken seriously or pushed into any high-profile spot on the card, but such is the luck for some wrestlers.

The Party Foul (or whatever it may be called these days) is simply a driving of the opponent's forehead into the mat. While it looks as though the move could provide a decent headache, kicking out before three shouldn't prove too difficult.

8 Rear View

Now that The Funkadctyls are extinct and Naomi has branched off on her own, her push continues to dwindle. Naomi remains on the fringe of the Divas Championship picture but never quite able to find a way onto the scene.

Perhaps a more distinguished finishing move would provide some much needed substance to her character. After all, the Rear View is literally an ass to the face; certainly not ranking among moves like the Sharp Shooter.

7 Discus Clothesline

Luke Harper has slowly faded into the background of WWE programming. Following the break-up of The Wyatt Family, Harper would find some success as the Intercontinental Champion but those days are over.

Luke Harper uses the Discus Clothesline as a finishing move which is a spinning version of the clothesline. While the clothesline itself has been part of professional wrestling for ages, Harper's version does not do it justice.

6 Gut Check

We have already covered the big man from Prime Time Players but now let's look at Darren Young and what he brings to the table as one-half of the current WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Gut Check does little to awe the audience. Darren Young drops his opponent onto his knees, driving them into said opponent's stomach - not much for devastation. Perhaps PTP need to adapt more of a double-team arsenal.

5 Fall of Man

NXT has provided the main roster with some exceptional talent as of late in the forms of Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Neville, but The Ascension certainly do not qualify as such.

Everything about this tag team is lame from their look to their act to their entrance and, yes, their finisher is no exception. Fall of Man is part leg drag, part clothesline and full on awful.

4 World's Strongest Slam

Mark Henry: heel, face, or tweener? Does anybody care anymore? Henry has had a lengthy WWE career which dates back to the Attitude Era. Once a World Champion and now just another wrestler tossed into random angles.

Mark Henry is billed as "the world's strongest man," a distinction that nobody believes anymore. Therefore, when we watch Henry perform the World's Strongest Slam as a finisher, we see the move for what it truly is: a variation of a body slam.

3 The Rack Attack

Nikki Bella has a pair of big, fake breasts which makes the name of her finishing manoeuvre that much more meaningless. The Rack Attack. Oh, how that WWE creative team can sure turn out the clever.

Anyway, The Rack Attack doesn't look painful or effective. The Divas sell it to the crowd as best they can but the move's lack of impact is clear. However, Nikki Bella remains the Divas Champion, regardless of this lackluster finish.

2 Dirty Deeds

One must feel for Dean Ambrose - a man with so much potential and nowhere to place it within the confines of WWE. Ambrose hangs around the scene but is not really part of the party.

Dirty Deeds began as a face-plant finisher and has since transformed into a double-arm DDT. The DDT no longer works in a world where innovation has become such a huge part of the finishing move.

1 Attitude Adjustment

The Attitude Adjustment - which is used as the finishing move of one John Cena - seemed much more cool when it was known as the F-U. However, the face of the PG Era could no longer use such a term. Hence, the name: Attitude Adjustment.

The AA is rather simple and could be performed by any WWE Superstar (as made apparent by Kevin Owens). What is the AA exactly? A fireman's carry turned into a spectacle.

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Top 15 Worst Finishing Moves in the WWE Today