Top 15 Worst-Looking Wrestlers In WWE Video Games

WWE 2K17 on the whole is a pretty decent game. As per usual there are a tonne of glitches,  and many things to poke fun at regarding it, but that isn't to say it isn't a lot of fun to play. Many of the playable characters are done incredibly well. In fact, aside from the characters listed in this article, the game's roster looks as good as it ever has previously.

2K set a record for amount of Superstars in the game this year, but it's pretty clear they phoned it in for a few of them. Many characters didn't receive any updates at all from last year's game, and last year's game had plenty of un-updated characters as well. In other cases, some characters who made their debut in this year's game could have perhaps used a bit more seasoning.

This article takes a look at some of the worst looking characters to appear in recent versions of the game. We are sticking with playable characters as well, so Renee Young's nightmarishly hideous render in WWE 2K16 will be left alone. In 2K's defence, her character looks much better this year.

Here are the top 15 worst looking wrestlers from WWE's most recent video games:

15 Eva Marie

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Corey Graves must be losing his mind over how bad Eva Marie looks in WWE 2K17! What makes this worse for Eva, is that looking good is the entire essence of her character. She doesn't wrestle often, and when she does it's terrible. Her entire character revolves around her being attractive, which evidently was not information passed down to the 2K17 design team.

In real life, Eva Marie's physique flows in a perfectly sculpted formation. In WWE 2K17 she is a clunky, ghoulish-looking character with red hair that seems to be attacking her.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this will probably be the last time Eva Marie is depicted in a wrestling video game. As of this writing, she is not expected to return to the company. Corey Graves is said to be quite distraught.

14 Tyler Breeze

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It's hard to blame 2K for doing a bit of a rush job on Tyler Breeze, but this is a bit much. For instance, his hair isn't really even in strands. He has a solid brick of a hair in a flock-of-seagull styled cut draped over the left side of his head.

The other issue with Breeze is that he makes that Zoolander male-model face when he poses for his selfie, and that is a hard thing to animate in a video game. As a result, Breeze's character ends up losing his most defining feature in digital form.

Breeze is actually a graduate of Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy, and is a fairly decent wrestler when given the chance. As of this writing, he and Fandango are the #1 contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

13 Bayley

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They shouldn't have made it possible for Bayley's face to not be smiling. Her face is normally so expressive that to see it ever animated in an expressionless way is sort of off-putting.

The whole character just looks so clunky, as if they ran out of time and had to make do with the best they had. This was Bayley's first inclusion in a video game, mind you, so 2K can be cut a little slack here. Actually, since 2K does a great job with these games for the most part, they should be cut a lot of slack.

In future games, Bayley will almost certainly be better designed. She is someone who is going to be a giant star in coming years, and could even find herself on the game's cover one day.

12 Lita

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They didn't even attempt to update the Lita character in this year's game. For shame, 2K! For shame! Lita was a groundbreaking pioneer of women's wrestling, and she deserves better.

For starters, Lita's ring gear is the same as last year's, and doesn't include an option for her ring gear with the Hardyz, or from her time with the Rated R Superstar Edge. Her entrance is clunky and mechanical and much like her appearance and moveset, it is completely un-updated from the previous year.

Since Lita is on WWE TV from time to time these days, serving as an ambassador for the women's divisions, you would think they would put more of an effort to get her looking realistic.

Expect next year's roster to include more women, and hopefully they look a little better than they do in this year's game.

11 Brian Pillman

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Pillman's hair was never that flat, and while he was often in good shape, he never had the 12-pack abs 2K has envisioned him with here.

Like other characters, Brian Pillman received no updates in this year's game. Pillman fans are probably just happy he is still in the game, however. As someone who was never quite as famous as he perhaps should have been, many fans enjoy having such an under-appreciated character in the game these last few years.

Pillman's inclusion in the game in recent years also allows fans to come agonizingly close to being able to form the full Hart Foundation stable from 1997. Alas, doing so has always required downloading a created version of Owen Hart, due to issues Owen's family has had with WWE since his untimely death.

Pillman's time in WWE was short, but thankfully he lives on in video game form, even though the hair they gave him looks terrible.

10 Dana Brooke

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They gave Dana Brooke a zombie-face and purple complexion. Those were odd choices.

This was Dana's first inclusion in a video game as well, so perhaps 2K can be cut some slack on this one. Characters tend to come out looking a little better if the designers have been able to tweak them over the course of a few years. I'd expect Dana to come out looking a little better in next year's game.

It's not clear what will be going on with Dana's career by the time WWE 2K18 comes out however. She was positioned to eventually enter into a feud with Charlotte in 2017, but WWE stomped that one out quick when Charlotte was moved to SmackDown. It could mean they've lost faith in Brooke. While some think Dana isn't ready for the main roster, others see a lot of potential in her.

9 Shane McMahon

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So Shane McMahon made a return to WWE video games this year, and they made a few interesting choices with his character. What they have done here is taken the body of the younger McMahon from the time before he left the company eight years ago, and then just made his hair grey. They haven't actually aged his face or adjusted his physical appearance in any other notable way.

Since returning to WWE, Shane's got a bigger chest and traps. His head has also rounded out. He's a bigger guy now than he was before, but that is not captured in video game form.

Getting McMahon in this year's game at all may have been tough, however. Normally the last WrestleMania is the cut-off point to be included in the next game, and Shane returned just before WrestleMania last year.

8 Charlotte Flair

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This is perhaps what Ashley Fliehr looked like when she was in her mid-20s, but it's not altogether clear why they didn't decide to put Charlotte Flair in the game.

Charlotte's body just isn't built like that. Her shoulders are wider apart and she's physically wider in other areas as well. They have a slender, blonde young woman here, and that isn't the Charlotte Flair today's wrestling fans know.

As with many others on this list, however, this is Charlotte's first year in the video game. With women playing a bigger role in WWE these days, they will play a bigger role in the video games as well. Seeing as Charlotte is arguably the biggest star in women's wrestling at the moment, expect 2K to spend a little more time on her in future versions of the game.

7 Kevin Owens

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This looks more like Kevin Owens if he moved into DDP's house and started doing yoga for a year. Perhaps 2K forgot how to design characters with big bellies; after all, the amount of "fat wrestlers" really has decreased in recent years.

Fat guy wrestlers used to be a genre of wrestler. You had your Yokozuna and Vaders, heck, even Dusty Rhodes was a fat guy wrestler. Perhaps citing health reasons, WWE has significantly decreased the amount of such wrestlers on the roster. 2K's failure to create a realistic rendering of Kevin Owens can then be chalked up to lack of practice with his genre of wrestler.

Owens is far too thin in the game, both in terms of his stomach and face. They did do a great job with his entrance, however, including having a unique entrance for when he is carrying a championship belt.

6 Alicia Fox

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Why can't Alicia Fox get more respect? She has literally been signed to WWE for 11 years, and this is the best they can do for her in the video game?

Alicia made her debut in WWE developmental just a day after she turned 20. Now 30 years old, she has struggled to be put in major storylines over the years, but she's always remained on the roster. She made her main roster debut in June of 2008, almost nine years ago. Fox is a former Divas Champion, but has fallen down the rankings in recent years.

As of this writing, she just finished an odd little program on 205 Live. Fox had been involved with Cedric Alexander but left him for Noam Dar, only for her to leave Dar when it looked like Rich Swann was taking an interest in her. (He really wasn't.) It was all very forgettable, but she's back on Raw now. She most recently lost a singles match to Dana Brooke, which isn't a good sign.

5 Albert/Matt Bloom

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There is a perfectly good reason why the NXT trainer in career mode for this year's game looks a little rushed. The trainer in last year's version of the game, Bill DeMott, resigned from his position under a cloud of suspicion. Numerous ex-trainees from WWE developmental went public with some fairly shocking claims against DeMott. Accusations ranged from sexual harassment to racism to bullying to just being super-annoying to be around.

What's weird is that the playable version of Jason Albert in the game looks just fine. That version of the character was a DLC download which was released months later, though, so they had time to fine-tune the character a little more.

Also displeasing, is that Lord Tensai in an alternative attire for Albert? Why doesn't anybody respect Lord Tensai?!

4 Randy Savage

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There is no excuse for giving us a cartoonish version of the Macho Man.

The above rendering looks like an amateur comic book illustrator sketched it out in about an hour. Considering what his career meant to pro-wrestling, creating a realistic looking render of the Macho Man should have been a bigger priority for 2K.

They did update the character slightly this year, giving us the old-school Macho Man instead of the Macho King we had before. It's still the same simplistic face, however, not the expressive face we remember from Randy Savage.

Also there is no Miss Elizabeth or Sensational Sherri in the game this year, making his entire character seem like it is lacking something quite essential.

It's unlikely 2K goes another year without improving this character. He's just too important not to.

3 Summer Rae

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Does somebody at 2K have a grudge against Summer Rae? Seriously, for her character to come out so disturbingly mis-formed, one can only assume it was done on purpose.

In reality, Summer Rae is a stunningly beautiful person. She even played in the Lingerie Football League! Does the above picture resemble a female athlete in any shape or form?

Her hair is just out of control in the game this year. They didn't even attempt at turning her hair into strands (as opposed to a solid block of blonde color) until it goes past her shoulders.

It's not hard to believe Summer Rae wasn't made much of a priority for 2K. After all, how many people are really choosing to play as her? All the same, Summer Rae has talent when called upon, it's just they hardly ever call upon her anymore.

2 Mr. McMahon

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It's the same Mr. McMahon that has been in the game the last three years. Not a single update done.

A few years ago when 2K placed emphasis on wrestlers from the Attitude Era, they produced this version of Vince to appear in the game. They've just left him in the game without even so much as a touch-up.

It's amazing to think that when Mr. McMahon first started getting in the ring to feud with Steve Austin, he was already in his early-50s. He did a lot of crazy stunts for a guy his age during that period. He went through tables, he jumped from halfway off a cage, all at an age past when most wrestlers retire.

Chances are we won't see another update on the Mr. McMahon playable character anytime soon. 2K doesn't seem to be motivated to do so.

1 The Ultimate Warrior

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While most characters in 2K video games look like digitized versions of their real-life counterparts, Ultimate Warrior looks like a cartoon. Randy Savage's character has the same problem, only not as bad as what has been done with Warrior here.

Perhaps they thought the face-paint would mask the fact that they only bothered to put the most generic of faces behind it. While 2K clearly put a lot of effort into animating his hair into the long, chaotic mess that did sit atop Warrior's head, the hair also doesn't move at all in the game, creating an unrealistic feel when using his character.

Warrior's inclusion in the video game a few years ago led to his re-appearance in WWE and Hall of Fame induction. Sadly, Warrior would succumb to a heart attack just a day following the Raw after WrestleMania in 2014.

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