Top 15 Worst Nicknames In Wrestling History

Over the years there have been more than a few colorful characters who have graced the world of wrestling. You’ve got to be colorful, have something about you, something that makes you stand out and be memorable, if you want to have a half decent time of it in this profession. Consequently, because of their gimmicks, individual personalities and antics inside and outside the ring, a lot of wrestlers get lumbered with nicknames – in some instances, really unfortunate nicknames. These nicknames are often bestowed upon these individuals to piss them off, antagonize them, and perhaps remind them of some of their not so proud moments. They can cause them a great deal of embarrassment – theses nicknames aren’t so welcomed. Others just shrug them off, but still have to contend with being referred to by those godawful names.

Some are delusional and truly believe their nicknames are clever, unique and just really awesome – they’re unique alright. But very often it's a commentator, writer or a fellow wrestler who spews the name out there and it just takes and sticks. These are the 15 worst nicknames – nicknames that make you cringe and shake your head in bewilderment – that have been bestowed upon wrestlers in wrestling history.

15 Alberto Del Rio - Mexico's Greatest Export


This is a classic case of a wrestler thinking he’s something he’s not. Sure wrestlers have inflated egos but this is just taking the biscuit.

Obviously, Alberto Del Rio originates from Mexico. He’s had a decent career too, winning titles and championships wherever he’s gone; but Mexico’s Greatest Export? I think not. This nickname would have suited certain members of his family; his dad, Dos Caras, widely regarded to be the greatest luchador to have come out of Mexico, and perhaps even his uncle, Mil Máscaras, a highly decorated wrestler who won a ton of titles around the world – but not Alberto.

14 Jinder Mahal - The Man of Peace


This is just a really crappy nickname for a wrestler. Yes, the Jinder Mahal gimmick might portray a guy who’s religious, a guy who’s found inner peace, the enlightened one, someone who helps others climb the ladder of enlightenment; that’s all well and good, but ultimately, Jinder Mahal is a wrestler, so this nickname just doesn’t fly.

13 Ryback - The Master of the Feed Me More


When cutting a promo with Kevin Owens, Ryback retaliated to Owens’ comments and called himself ‘The Master of the Feed Me More.’ When he said that, everyone kind of stopped, thinking, “what did he say, the master of the what?” It’s a pretty dumb nickname to christen yourself with and it left everyone scratching their heads. What does that even mean; what is the feed me more and how do you become a master of it? Sure, Ryback chanted "FEED ME MORE" all the time, but that's a sentence, not a tangible thing.

12 Cody Rhodes - The Son of a Son of a Plumber


Dusty Rhodes was born into poverty in a relatively poor area of Austin, Texas. He was born the son of a plumber, and when he worked hard and made it work for himself in the world of wrestling, people began to become aware of his background and that nickname, ‘The Son of a Plumber,’ stuck. So, when Cody Rhodes embarked on a wrestling career, what’s the son of a plumber’s son going to be known as? The son of a son of a plumber. It’s a mouthful alright, but I guess it’s associated with Cody’s late dad’s nickname, so he wouldn’t mind too much.

11 Val Venis - The Big Valbowski


Val Venis began calling himself The Big Valbowski properly around 2002. He used to refer to himself by that name in promos, but he started using the name more and more frequently and then in 2002 it kind of stuck. Whether it was his genius idea or Vince wanting to do some gimmick repackaging behind the scenes, it seemed to be an impulse change but one that didn’t really work.

The name’s a take on the movie name; The Big Lebowski – very original nickname and kudos to whoever thought of that…not. There were rumors circulating that the Val Venis gimmick was going to be repackaged entirely, and that he was eventually going to be known as Jeffrey Valbowski, but thankfully nothing came of that.

10 Owen Hart – Nugget


9 The Undertaker - Booger Red


The Undertaker can thank Jim Ross for this nickname. It’s didn’t really take off – thankfully – but it was The Undertaker’s nickname – among many others – for a period of time.

It’s kind of a puzzling nickname, but there is meaning to it – it’s not a random name that’s just been conjured up out of thin air. It was a nickname given to Calaway’s fellow Texan, Thomas Henry Nobis Jr. Tommy played in the NFL as a linebacker and got the nickname as he was a frightening guy on the football field. What’s booger got to do with being frightening? Yes, booger does refer to a piece of nasal mucus, hence it’s on this list as one of the worst nicknames – certainly not one of The Undertaker’s best and perhaps why it didn’t really catch on. But in southern lingo, booger means ‘a frightening apparition,’ and The Undertaker’s red headed – Booger Red.

8 Rick Steiner - Dogfaced Gremlin


Rick Steiner’s always going to be known as Scott Steiner’s brother. When they started out they formed quite a tag team duo together, and they still do team up now and again on the independent circuit. But in comparison to his brother’s career, he kind of fell into obscurity while Scott’s career went from strength to strength. Rick did have a very successful tag team career though but didn’t find success in single’s competition.

7 Lex Luger - The Narcissist


This nickname came about in 1993, just after the closure of another one of Vince’s terrible and failed ventures, the World Bodybuilding Federation. Luger joined the federation, but no sooner had he joined, he got injured in a motorcycle accident, and during his recovery, the WBF went bust.

Luger’s gained a reputation of being super arrogant and uber-cocky. It’s no secret he once thought the world of himself, so this persona he began to portray at Royal Rumble 1993 suited him down to a tee. After the Royal Rumble, The Narcissist was born. Luger would stare into mirrors before entering the ring, and the whole thing was just kind of cringeworthy.

6 Mark Henry - Sexual Chocolate


This nickname arose in 1999 and was another self-inflicted nickname. But it wasn’t just random – the nickname has a story to go with it.

5 The Great Khali – The Punjabi Playboy


This is just a play on words – some alliteration, but it makes no sense whatsoever. In fact, I can’t think of a nickname that’s less suitable for The Great Khali.

He’s a gentle giant – perhaps not in the ring – is stoutly religious and isn’t a controversial character. Even while decimating opponents in the ring, he did his thing then left, so why on earth anyone deemed him to be a playboy – a wealthy guy who spends heavily and is sexually promiscuous – is beyond me.

4 Brodus Clay - The Funkasaurus


Brodus Clay’s appearance makes him stand out, but his accomplishment in wrestling after over a decade in the business have been less than remarkable. Perhaps that’s why he was given such a ridiculous nickname – it’s memorable, but for the wrong reasons.

When The Funkasaurus gimmick arose in 2012, Clay was actually doing quite well for himself. He was on a 21-match winning streak when we first heard that godawful name – Funkasaurus – and unfortunately, other funk-related names subsequently started popping up. Clay formed a tag team called ‘Tons of Funk’ and then started something with The Funkadactyls as well; what’s with all this funk?

3 Roman Reigns – The Big Dog


Roman’s nickname, ‘The Guy’ was a pretty decent nickname. Roman himself liked it and the name took on. But then, on an edition of Monday Night RAW, there was a segment during which Roman got into a brawl with Rusev and the commentary team did away with ‘The Guy’ and instead began referring to him as ‘The Big Dog.’ Perhaps he lost ‘The Guy’ tag due to his recent suspension and the powers at the helm of WWE. Or perhaps we’re just looking into reasons for the name change too much, and it was just simply a name change.

2 Jack Swagger - The All-American American


Jack Swagger has a pretty impressive résumé as a professional wrestler. Even as an amateur and high school/college wrestler, Jack had a decent time of it.

1 Sheamus - The Great White


‘The Great White’ moniker got a lot of people talking. Browse through wrestling forums and you’ll discover that a lot of people were puzzled with the nickname. Some thought it was a bit of a racial thing, but that actually has nothing to do with it. The nickname arose at SummerSlam in 2011 where Sheamus was involved in a feud with Mark Henry. Henry started throwing his weight around, and that’s when Sheamus retorted with the remark that Henry resembled a killer whale, saying nothing he could do would affect the great white, roll of the beach and make way for the great white – in reference to a great white shark. Apparently, the name came up by total accident – it wasn’t planned or anything, and henceforth Sheamus was known as The Great White.

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