Top 15 Worst Ring Attires in Wrestling Today

If you’ve been a fan of wrestling, or have even seen it on TV in passing, you know that the performers and athletes have some creative and “interesting” uniforms, while others surprise you with why th

If you’ve been a fan of wrestling, or have even seen it on TV in passing, you know that the performers and athletes have some creative and “interesting” uniforms, while others surprise you with why they have chosen THAT as their ring attire.

But if you are a fan, you know that sometimes a wrestler’s in ring attire has as much to do with their character as the way they act or the promos they cut. You can normally tell a lot about a wrestler’s character and persona based off of what they wear.

Of course, not every single wrestler in every single promotion can have a great outfit and a great character to match, as some wrestlers have some pretty awful attire. Normally, it’s not up to them, as the creative team has a large say in the characters and direction of the certain wrestlers.

The criteria for the “worst” ring attires are very objective and will range from person to person. In our eyes, the worst attire can range from tights that are too small, to feather boots, clothing that doesn’t fit a character, or any wrestlers that just have outright strange clothing choices, and this list will feature some of the worst ring attires in wrestling today. Read on and enjoy the Top 15 Worst Ring Attires in Wrestling Today!

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15 Sheamus


Sheamus has been through numerous different looks, but his current look has to be the absolute worst of his career. The new Mr. Money in the Bank’s trunks are very similar to the Sheamus of the past, but there is one glaring difference that makes his current attire awful: his hair and beard. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to give him an old grunge era Mohawk and put beads in his beard, but it's absolutely not working.

14 Stardust


This outfit fits well with the character, but that doesn’t excuse how terrible it is. What makes it worse is that Cody Rhodes is a very talented and charismatic star that is being wasted with this gimmick. The Stardust character is clearly inspired by his half-brother Goldust, but unlike Goldust, this isn't the 90s and these characters don't work anymore. The weird metallic suits and star face paint gives Stardust one of the ring attires in the WWE today.

13 Goldust


You didn’t think Goldust was going to get off that easy, did you? The Goldust character has had some of the craziest and worst ring attire combinations in wrestling history, and it's still going strong in 2015. The Goldust of today is somewhat reserved compared to the Goldust of the past, due to not wearing dresses or other crazy outfit combos, but he is still without a doubt one of the weirdest characters in the WWE, with one of the worst in-ring attires.

12 Dean Ambrose


There is just something about Dean Ambrose’s ring attire that makes it awful. We're just not a fan of wrestling in jeans and a sleeveless shirt. I’m sure they could have come up with a more thoughtful or creative approach to his character. It’s been overused and we feel a fresh character like Ambrose deserves something he can call his own. We’ll admit that it fits his character and the “Lunatic Fringe” moniker, but that doesn’t make the ring attire any better.

11 Big E


Big E is without a doubt one of the most psychically imposing figures in the WWE today. His current gimmick with the New Day is resonating well and he seems to finally have found his spot in the WWE. However, the one thing that isn’t working is his in ring attire. That singlet he wears is much too small and much too tight for a man of his size and stature. Instead of chanting "New, Day Sucks," they should be chanting "Find, Some Pants!"

10 Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns is often seen as a future champion and potential face of the company. He was also a member of one of the best and most popular stables in WWE history; The Shield with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Since the stable disbanded, both Rollins and Ambrose have ditched the Shield gear and moved on, while Reigns still dons the shield and has a very similar entrance. It fits his character, but it's time to move on.

9 Titus O’Neil


Titus O’Neil has been bouncing around the WWE for years, but has finally found his spot as a member of the Prime Time Players with Darren Young, as they recently became the Tag Team champs. He is a menacing figure with great size and strength in the ring, but his ring attire is simply atrocious. His tights are wayyyyy too small for a man of his size and he would do well with an entire ring attire reboot. Small tights are fine for most wrestlers, but he is just too big to be rocking tights that small.

8 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens is a new superstar on the main roster, but is already one of the bigger up and comers in the WWE. His recent and ongoing feud with John Cena has produced multiple five star matches and has stolen the show at each of the last two pay per views. But Owens’ ring attire makes it hard to take him too seriously. I don’t know how they landed on basketball shorts, an oversized sleeveless shirt and shiny high wrestling boots, but it’s not a good look.

7 Kane


The Kane of old was one of the most menacing figures in sports entertainment, which went hand in hand with his great character and ring attire. Recently, “Corporate” Kane, as he is now known, has become a shell of his former self. He is now nothing more than a glorified assistant. His in-ring attire is even worse than his new character, as he wears dress pants and shoes. Wouldn't the Director of Operations know he has a match and bring some tights and boots to wear?

6 Solomon Crowe


Solomon Crowe is a current NXT performer and is one of the most exciting athletes on their roster. His in-ring skills and mic skills are outstanding, which makes him a good eventual choice to make the main roster. Although his current character is pretty cool, his current attire is one of the worst. That singlet has to go and he needs to quit using the tanning bed. Hopefully, we see a change in-his ring attire sooner rather than later.

5 Bull Dempsey


Like the previous entry on this list, Bull Dempsey is a member of the NXT roster. Recently, Bull Dempsey adopted a new gimmick, which is just awful. He's now become an overweight, out of shape wrestler who eats too much. His singlet is much too tight and is very plain, making his overall look dull and boring. Sometimes people can get too creative and colorful with their attire, but sometimes they can be too dull, and the latter is the case with Dempsey.

4 Tyler Breeze


Breeze has been with the WWE/NXT for years now and has been through a couple of gimmicks. He made his debut as Mike Dalton, a run of the mill character who didn’t quite catch on with the fans. When he realized he was losing the fans, he debuted his new character, which is essentially a narcissistic model who is obsessed with himself and taking selfies. The character is over, but his attire is awful with feathered tights and a feathered vest to match. However, if fans are supporting him in this role, I doubt we will see a change.

3 Bo Dallas


Bo Dallas is a former NXT Champion who now calls the main roster home. Dallas’ character is all about inspiring others. Unfortunately, his attire is less than inspiring, it’s downright terrible. Bo Dallas simply wears some short white trunks and wrist tape. It’s not so much the attire itself that is awful, it’s just that everything is white, so he basically looks like he’s wearing an oversized diaper every time he's on the TV screen. Not a good look.

2 Luke Harper


Luke Harper is one of the most frightening and imposing figures in the WWE today. He and his tag team partner, Erick Rowan, are one of the best current teams in the WWE today and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them hold the titles soon. While his attire fits his current character's persona in the ring, it's just a bad look. The sweat stained tank top combo with the baggy dirty jeans never fails to gross out its fair share of the WWE Universe.

1 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler has been a mainstay on the WWE roster for years who has been a main eventer before and he always seems to be debuting new and colorful ring attire on a constant basis. For a while it was pink, yellow or blue. But recently, Ziggler has donned leather jackets, denim vests and darker tights. which make him look more like an '80s hair metal groupie than a WWE superstar. Also, what’s up with that guy’s hair? It looks just like Ramen noodles.

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