Top 15 Worst Stables in WWE History

Stables are one of the cooler concepts in wrestling as any time a group of credible and talented wrestlers come together, it will lead to entertaining matches and segments. Many of the greatest successes and performers in wrestling were created due to impressive stables. The New World Order helped give WCW the greatest success the company would ever achieve. D-Generation X became a draw on WWE television. The Four Horsemen still live on today when fans talk about the greatest factions. Evolution gave us the past, present and future of pro wrestling on display together. Stables are great when done right but for every one successful faction, there are a couple of abysmal ones.

There needs to purpose, credibility and chemistry for a faction to work. Any time a wrestling promotion just decides to pair wrestlers together for the sake of it, the faction flops. The reason the nWo, DX or Evolution were able to get over is because you knew what their purpose was and why they were together. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were trying to overtake WCW with their own organization. D-Generation X wanted to change the serious and bland world of pro wrestling. Evolution wanted to merge experience, greatness and potential together to gain power and seize championships.

Many of the selections on this list are victims of poor booking and were put in a position where they were unable to succeed. These stables lacked a sense of direction and gave us some pretty terrible television because of it. There were even a couple of instances of talent not having chemistry but being paired together, while some of the stables did have purpose and chemistry but weren’t credible enough to be taken seriously. While all terrible in different ways, these fifteen wrestling stables share the bond of being the worst in WWE history.

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15 Blue World Order 

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During the brand split days, the Blue World Order made an appearance in WWE. Most known for their hilarious parody of the New World Order in ECW during the 90s, WWE tried using the nostalgia in their favor, but it was not successful. At the ECW One Night Stand 2005 reunion PPV, JBL legitimately beat up and bloodied The Blue Meanie during a huge battle between all the wrestlers. WWE apparently signed Meanie to avoid a lawsuit and it led to the bWo getting a run in WWE with Stevie Richards and Nova joining him. The television segments and matches featuring the Blue World Order delivered some of the worst material of the year. The times changed and that act wasn't relevant.

14 D-Generation X (2006) 

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D-Generation X is one of the greatest stables in wrestling history. The incarnations featuring Shawn Michaels, Chyna and Triple H in 1997, as well as the next version with X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws replacing Michaels, were both outstanding. The problems arrived when Michaels and Triple H reformed DX in 2006. The sophomoric humor of DX was more appreciated in the 90s due to what society wanted at the time and the places Michaels and Hunter were in their careers made it difficult to understand why they brought it back. In 2006, they had no purpose. Michaels and Triple H fighting against “the man” was laughable considering they were “the man.” It was extremely cringeworthy to see two men in their 40s doing crotch chops and making poop jokes in 2006.

13 Vince’s Devils 

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The first of two all-female factions to make the list is Vince’s Devils. Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria were placed together as a heel faction with a close relationship to on-air figure Mr. McMahon. Somehow the group's terrible name, which was obviously based on Charlie’s Angels, was not the worst thing about the group. McMahon has been known to write or influence storylines that would see the best looking women on the roster flirt with him and this faction was another case of his ego at work. The three heels would pick on rookie and Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro until Trish Stratus returned to help her.

12 Los Boricuas 

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1997 would see WWE attempt to create faction warfare with various groups attacking each other. Unfortunately the factions were all busts and Los Boricuas were one of them. Savio Vega was a respected member of the roster for his work as a talented midcarder but he started this stable after he was kicked out of the Nation of Domination. WWE would hire three wrestlers from Puerto Rico and create a group that would not be able to do anything memorable. Miguel Perez, Jesus Castillo and Jose Estrada Jr. debuted as members of the faction but didn't have distinct characters aside from being a group of Puerto Ricans that hated the D.O.A and Nation of Domination.

11 The Cabinet 

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One of the biggest examples of the limited talent during the brand split was The Cabinet. After years of work as a midcarder or enhancement talent, JBL was made into a main event heel and a WWE Champion for the SmackDown brand. JBL created his own inner-circle to surround him with Orlando Jordan, The Basham Brothers and Amy Weber joining, but none of those people deserved to have a full-time roster spot on WWE television. JBL was already starting to become an incredibly dull champion but this really sunk the latter days of his reign as the group had very little chemistry.

10 The J.O.B. Squad 

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The Attitude Era gave us many self-aware gimmicks that would deliver a eye-wink to the audience. Al Snow, Bob Holly, The Blue Meanie, 2 Cold Scorpio and Gillberg created a group of jobbers known as The J.O.B. Squad and they united to make fun of the fact that they were enhancement talent and would lose every match. The group helped each other in matches and it was originally a funny gimmick. The comedy would lose its luster pretty quickly as most of the wrestlers in the faction lacked talent. If a Bill Goldberg parody is the highlight, you know the stable isn't great.

9 La Familia 

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Vickie Guerrero becoming an on-air character led to the formation of La Familia. Vickie was dating Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Champion Edge on television and created a faction of their “family” to protect his world title. Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and Bam Neely rounded out the stable, but these are not the people you want doing your bidding in WWE given their win-loss records. Vickie was getting great heat and Edge was a top heel, so there was some success due to their presence but it was impossible to take the entire stable seriously due to the jobbers. The storyline between Edge and Vickie became convoluted and it was a terrible time for viewers.

8 PMS 

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Vince Russo is responsible for many of the most outlandish ideas in wrestling and here's another ridiculous brainchild of his. PMS, also known as Pretty Mean Sisters, consisted of Terri Runnels, Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock. The trio was a group of men-hating women that would get involved in matches and exact revenge on the wrestlers that spurned them. Then, Shawn Stasiak debuted in WWE as “Meat” and was the “slave” of PMS. Meat would lose many matches because he was exhausted from pre-match love making with Runnels. Terri has stated in interviews that she despised the PMS gimmick and fought the idea when it was pitched. We all wish she won that battle.

7 The Corre 

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The Nexus was a short-lived but memorable faction of young stars trying to take over the WWE. After a couple of months in main event storylines, the faction turned into a complete joke. Things reached a new low when the group split with Wade Barrett leading a new stable know as The Corre. Barrett moved from Raw to SmackDown and was joined by Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Ezekiel Jackson. Obviously, it was hilariously bad. The highlight of the faction came when they were destroyed by a team of random faces at WrestleMania XXVII in less than two minutes. Aside from the unnecessary “r” in its name, The Corre added nothing to WWE television.

6 The Oddities 

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In another example of a bad idea during The Attitude Era, we have The Oddities. WWE paired them together as a group of odd “freaks” in an original heel concept but eventually turned them into faces. The Insane Clown Posse rap duo would join the faction and rap their theme song as they walked down to the ring. While there were some entertaining moments, their limited shelf life caught up to them. The Oddities were all poor in-ring performers and their gimmick could only be endearing for so long. They won the 1998 Worst Tag Team Award by The Wrestling Observer and are viewed negatively when looking back today.

5 D.O.A. 

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The Disciples of Apocalypse were another irrelevant group that were a part of the faction warfare WWE was going for in 1997. The D.O.A. was a group of badass bikers that were made to look like the last four men you would ever want to meet in a bar fight. The faction consisted of Crush, Brian Lee and The Harris Brothers but they did not have much of an on-screen presence. They would have matches and feuds with Los Boricuas and The Nation of Domination but they were often viewed as the least relevant of the three factions. It was a lazy idea with even worse execution.

4 The Spirit Squad 

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The Spirit Squad consisted of five talented young wrestlers working as a male cheerleading faction. They won the tag team titles and would get some strong heat from the crowd but they were treated as jokes for the most part. Their most memorable times in WWE came during a feud with D-Generation X. That may sound like a great honor and huge career moment but it was really just an excuse for Triple H to make jokes while Shawn Michaels giggled. The group would end when Michaels and Triple H literally stuffed them all into a box and placed an OVW sticker on it, as a way to send them back to developmental.

3 The Truth Commission 

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There are very few acts that contributed to more consistently boring matches and segments during the late 90s than The Truth Commission. They were a paramilitary heel group that was supposed to intimidate their opponents. but no one viewed them as a credible threat. Their outfits looked silly and they never had noteworthy storylines. The Jackyl could cut a great heel promo as the manager but his talent was wasted with the group of stiffs. Kurrgan was meant to be the top star in the faction but turned out to be another oversized wrestler with very little talent who fizzled quickly.

2 X-Factor 

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The idea of a stable featuring X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert did not seem that appealing on paper, yet it somehow turned out worse than expected. While the three men all had something to offer the wrestling business, none of them were dynamic performers and none could play a credible leader. You may not even remember the trio being a faction as their time on television was limited and lackluster. Another huge reason for their high placement on this list was due to their theme song. The legendary X-Factor faction would enter to the sweet sounds of “Uncle Kracker.” Their chances of success were doomed from the start.

1 The Mexicools 

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Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera were all talented wrestlers and should have been able to showcase it in WWE. Instead their debut with the company was one of the most racist and offensive gimmicks in wrestling history, as they debuted as The Mexicools. They would ride to the ring on lawnmowers and play up racial stereotypes. Despite all three having a good track record with work rate, The Mexicools didn’t have any memorable matches and just left a bad taste in the mouth of any viewer with a progressive mind. It was really hard to watch back in 2005 but it looks even worse today if you watch a show during that time on the WWE Network. Between the terrible legacy it leaves and three talented wrestlers flopping, The Mexicools are the worst WWE stable of all time.

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