Top 15 Worst Tag Teams Ever: Where Are They Now?

Tag Teams are a central part of professional wrestling. Whether these teams are comprised of two or even more wrestlers makes this component of wrestling even more interesting. The Tag teams in this article weren't the best. In fact, they were the worst of all time, struggling with chemistry and character.

It is possible that the wrestlers were good individually, but being a team made their image falter. To clarify, individual wrestling is very separate from tag team wrestling. There's really a different mental aspect to tag team wrestling that is not present in singles action.

Now, all wrestling fans are aware of which tag teams were some of the best ever. They were the staples of the industry. Some of the best teams include "The Rockers," "The Outsiders," and "Demolition,." The Rockers, for example, had amazing chemistry. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were long-time buddies. Though the two wrestlers were smaller than what promotions usually sought in wrestlers, they competed with one of the highest intensities the wrestling world had ever witnessed. Though the two legends had a falling out in the 90s, their historic tag team will never be forgotten.

What follow here are the 15 worst tag teams ever. Where are they now? You'll soon find out.

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15 Dancing Fools

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Disco Inferno and Alex Wright already had two of the worst gimmicks in professional wrestling history. Disco Inferno was an outdated disco dancer in the 90s, while Alex Wright came along and Alex Wright also had a dancing gimmick, which naturally made them enemies at first. After feuding with each other, they decided to form a team called "The Dancing Fools". Right, because a team called 'fools' is going to get over... Anyway, their run as a team didn't last long, as they mostly feuded with The Public Enemy. The pairing didn't last long, as they were soon split up.

Today, Disco Inferno (Glenn Gilberti) is a trainer at Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas. Alex Wright has been retired as a wrestler for a while, but has started his own wrestling promotion in his native Germany called New European Championship Wrestling.

14 Well Dunn 

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Well Dunn consisted of two guys who had former success in the wrestling world. Steve Doll and Rex King (real name is Timothy Well) were prominent wrestlers in WWC and USWA. Once they decided to go up a level, they were the butts of jokes. They wore obscure outfits that were just plain embarrassing. Well Dunn struggled to have a strong impact on matches, or fans for that matter. Fans weren't very receptive to the tag team. They often were rivals with the Bushwhackers, a group who also made little impact on the wrestling world.

Today, Timothy Well is retired. He is involved in promotion aspects of wrestling. Steve Doll passed away in 2009. He died of a blood clot at the age of 48 years old.

13 Deuce and Domino

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D&D dressed like they were from the 50s. Their black leather jackets looked cool, but out of style. Their greased hair was just awkward for modern day WWE Superstars. The funniest moment was that when they debuted; the fans did not make any noise. It was as if nothing had occurred between them entering the ring and leaving. Fans had no direct response to their presence. Though they won the Tag Team Championships once, the teams they were competing against were not top quality. The tag team ended in 2008, just two years after it began.

Both Deuce and Domino ceased to stick around in wrestling after this. Today, Deuce works in research and development for a health supplement company. Domino is a successful t-shirt designer and hosts his own podcast.

12 Basham Brothers 

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The Basham Brothers gimmick was odd. The premise was that their whole purpose for wrestling was to make a girl happy. The tag team didn't have stability to stick around in the wrestling world. Doug Basham is noted as being better than his brother Danny Basham.

Today, Danny has appeared in video games. He continues to wrestle and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Danny has been in TNA as well. Doug Basham has had a similar career to his brother. He has also appeared in video games, and had a run in TNA. Doug lives in Florida as well, but in Tampa.

The brothers wrestle individually at this point in their careers, and appear to be doing a little better at singles wrestling than tag team wrestling.

11 Mexicools

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Psicosis, Super Crazy, and Guerrera were well respected wrestlers, that is, until they became the Mexicools. They killed their credibility, along with their reputation. Their whole idea was that they were going to rid the world of stereotypes against Mexicans, yet they embodied every stereotype. Their favorite stunt was to drive around in a lawn mower called "Juan Deere," making fun of John Deere. They were a complete joke to the wrestling world. The Mexicools didn't last long together. They vanished from the scene after just a year of competition.

Today, Super Crazy is still a wrestler, still grinding in the industry. Psicosis also works in the industry and lives in Mexico. Guerrera returned to AAA, and did the independent circuit for some time. The Mexicools are long gone, but the members are still wrestling individually.

10 West Hollywood Blondes 

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Lerry Lane and Lodi walked into the wrestling ring looking very flamboyantly. They had glitter all over their bodies and wore pig tails, all while licking lollipops. They looked odd to the wrestling world, and to fans.

It was obvious that they were a lame knockoff of the Hollywood Blondes, a very successful tag team featuring Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. Following their split in WCW they reunited several times, both in TNA and in TNT Wrestling.

Lenny Lane is still wrestling. He actually has a business called Wrestlingparties.com. His whole job is to get kids in shape through exercise. Lodi is a personal trainer and author. He continues to wrestle as well. Lodi is recovering from a bad drug addiction. He actually published a book called Perfect. He trains at a gym in North Carolina.

9 Harlem Heat 2000

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Stevie Ray and Booker T were known as one of the greatest teams in WCW. Following a heel turn by Stevie Ray on Booker T, he decided to join up with Big T, formerly known as Ahmed Johnson in the WWE.  Sadly, the tag team wasn't close to as good as Steve Ray was with Booker. Ray couldn't hold the team together, and Big T was out of shape. It was obvious now that Booker T was the primary reason that the tag team did so well wrestling.

Today, Stevie Ray is "semi retired." He continues to wrestle, and is involved with the promotion of events. Him and Booker T have even re-united as Harlem Heat on the independent scene several times.

Big T  is retired completely. He is also suing the WWE for brain injuries he sustained while wrestling. He actually went back to college upon his retirement from wrestling.

8 The Dicks

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The Dicks put more effort into their appearance then their wrestling. They were corny and used lotion to blind opponents. They got released five months after their formation because surprise, surprise, they weren't over with the crowd. They beat Legion of Doom 2.0 and the Mexicools, but both of these tag teams were simply awful. The Dicks had little fan appeal, and it wasn't hard to see why.

Today, Tank Toland is engaged to a former wrestler. He met her while training in Ohio. Tank is a full-time high school teacher in New York. Chad Wicks lives in Kentucky. He resides with his family and does promotional events for wrestling. He is trying to live a normal life and stray from wrestling, but still is involved in events. Chad and Tank are still friends and talk now and then.

7 The Godwinns

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The southern pig farmers were noted by many to be one of the worst tag teams ever. Hillbilly Jim managed Henry O and Phineas Godwinn. The group was barely successful. Jim had more success on his own, and when he managed this team, his reputation faltered.

Today, Hillbilly Jim is retired. He has been in movies, and was also included in the organization of the Special Olympics. He was in a Chevy commercial too. Henry O is suing the WWE along with hundreds of wrestlers for sustained injuries. Phineas (Dennis Knight) is retired. He is now a chef in Florida. He is a tattoo artist as well and has some questionable tattoos, like a Confederate Flag on his arm. Hopefully that was just for the purposes of his gimmick back in the day.

6 Legion of Doom 2.0

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Legion of Doom 2.0 was a failure compared to the absolutely legendary original Legion of Doom. Animal and and Hawk had awesome chemistry, but unfortunately Hawk passed away in 2003. Animal then worked with Heidenrich, an amateur in tag team success compared to Hawk. Heidenrich didn't work as well with Animal, as it was a lame attempt to recreate the magic of the Road Warriors.

Today, Animal still wrestles occasionally in the same facepaint. Animal has been on television, and shocker, he is involved in the lawsuit against WWE too.

Heidenreich meanwhile, is also involved in the concussion lawsuit against WWE, as he claims he has suffered from depression and has been suicidal due to brain injuries he sustained while wrestling. Looks like they're still teaming up in some capacity.

5 David Flair & Crowbar

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David Flair was nothing in the wrestling world compared to his immaculate father Ric. Crowbar and David Flair were not good together. They broke up shortly after they lost to The Mamalukes, and they were long forgotten. David could never capture the attention of the crowd like his father had. The group's gimmick was to act mentally unstable, but it just looked stupid.

Today, Crowbar wrestles in Europe and America. He earned a college degree in physical therapy, and got married. David Flair lives in North Carolina. He is married and manages the Seal Wire company with his spouse. Crowbar and Flair don't talk much, as they never really had much of a relationship before they began wrestling together as one. We're just thankful they're not wrestling anymore.

4 The Spirit Squad

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The group was Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Mikey and Nicky. These guys were basically male cheerleaders and acted as the useless henchmen of Mr. McMahon. This tag team wasn't treated with respect. They were considered to be a complete joke in WWE. They were sent down to OVW, and basically split up shortly after. Most of the group weren't able to amount to anything.

Kenny continues to wrestle. He played football, and went back to college to study. He used to be engaged to Mickie James. Johnny is "semi retired.". Mitch is now a martial artist. He owned a fashion boutique with his girlfriend, but they split up in 2011. He has been given the nickname of "Big Time" in the wrestling world.

The only member of the Spirit Squad who has achieved any success is Nicky, who you now know in WWE as Dolph Ziggler.

3 Tekno Team 2000

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Chad Fortune and Erik Watts should have never teamed up. The team consisted of two bad wrestlers. They were released very shortly after their creation. Their flashy attire and jumpsuits didn't do much to win over any fans. What it did do was serve as a way for them to get beat up and pushed around in the ring.

Today, Chad is a truck driver. He enjoys driving monster trucks a lot more than he did getting dominated in the ring. Erik Watts is on the independent wrestling circuit. He books events and sometimes acts as a promoter, much like his father Bill Watts.

The Tekno Team will go down as one of the worst tag teams ever because of their weird and pathetic attire. More than their clothing, they were weak in the ring and never amounted to much.

2 Harris Brothers

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The identical twins were purely awful. They worked on many team names such as "Creative Control," or the Disciples of Apocalypse. They were a boring team who never quite found a gimmick that stuck. Don Harris had a corny aspect to his wrestling, and his brother was the same way.

Don has since worked behind the scenes in TNA. He likes wrestling, and wants to also spread awareness of how to perform wrestling feats safely and with the right technique.

Ron has since started working for the Christian music label 'Beach Street Records.' The brothers now work together for Aroluxe, a marketing and production company. Back in April this year, it was reported that they were interested in buying TNA, but they no longer appear to be potential buyers.

1 The Johnsons 

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The team consisted of two guys who went under the alias Dick and Rod Johnson. It's fair to say that the Johnsons are the absolute worst team in tag team history. The team dressed in plastic and their name was a play on the male genitalia. They debuted in TNA and immediately looking quite weird. Their acts didn't get fans excited for anything. How could they? What kind of wrestling fan would get excited about a team like this? It was crazy that two men dressed up as literal male genitalia and wrestled. It was childish as well. Were they trying to be jokes?

Today, Mike and Todd Shane work as bouncers in a Florida club. They have been out of wrestling for quite a while, as portraying such a gimmick must have turned them off on the business completely.

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