Top 15 Worst Wrestlers Currently in WWE

It's no secret that finding success in the wrestling industry does not always require actual wrestling ability. What made Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior so popular long ago? Really ask yourself w

It's no secret that finding success in the wrestling industry does not always require actual wrestling ability. What made Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior so popular long ago? Really ask yourself why you enjoyed watching these two guys? Their in-ring abilities were limited and their promo work consisted of the usual "hope from the hero" jibber jabber or incoherent, nonsensical, cosmic-related crap that was more confusing than inspiring.

Their match at WrestleMania VI was the wrestling highlight of 1990 ... but why? What really happened in that match? Hogan and Warrior locked up a few times, tested strength, ran the ropes, ran into each other, hit a double clothesline, and eventually Warrior hit a splash on Hogan to win the WWE Championship. Fast forward six years: Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart blow the roof off the Arrowhead Pond in what is probably the greatest WWE wrestling match in history. What a difference two wrestlers can actually make.

This trend has never faded as it pertains to the big wrestling-based promotions. Even during the glory days of WCW, it was once again those who cannot wrestle placed at the forefront of the company. Hogan had aged but unlike a fine bourbon; only got worse as the years progressed. However, there he was - now wearing black and white - constantly in the main event picture. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero were overlooked as Bill Goldberg - a man who lucked out in professional wrestling - grunted and speared his way to the top of the card.

This is an article that will showcase all the bad that exist within WWE ... wrestling-wise. To clarify, those who make this list are not necessarily bad entertainers but they are bad wrestlers which is the focal point of this piece. You will notice to omission of John Cena from this list; in contrast, Cena has also been left off our "Best Wrestlers" list. Cena is a strange breed of WWE Superstar. By all accounts, Cena is a sports entertainer with the passion of a wrestler who can still look green at times but has oddly gotten better this past year. Therefore, we leave John Cena lost in wrestling purgatory and move forward.

On top of that, we've always decided to omit the Divas for this list, as this list will focus specifically on the male Superstars in WWE.

These are the top 15 worst wrestlers currently in WWE:

15 Bo Dallas 


While there are sure to be a few true "Bo-Lievers" out there, the truth about Bo Dallas is that aside from his "positive reinforcement" gimmick (which has grown stale) there has never been anything that exciting about the Superstar.

Bo Dallas has never stolen the show; only interrupted at the worse possible time. In fact, Dallas has never really had a long drawn-out match in WWE. Sure, he is a former NXT Champion but keep in mind: no matter how much you love NXT, not everybody who graduates the system is meant to be a star.

14 Alex Riley  


Alex Riley is currently sidelined with an injury, not that anybody is really keeping track of Riley and his career progression. In recent memory, Riley has been a voice in NXT who tried to compete but was shunned by the crowd.

Prior to that what was Alex Riley's role in WWE? Sidekick to The Miz? Jobbber? The guy who was buried (allegedly) by John Cena? No matter what the excuse may be for holding Riley back, his in-ring abilities are not that of a top-tier wrestler.

13 Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns makes such lists at this point in his career but the day could come where Reigns is not considered to be a sub-par wrestler. While Reigns has certainly gotten better in the ring, there are still many miles ahead on his road.

The WWE machine wanted the fans to support their choice for breakout Superstar earlier this year but the audience didn't want a "sports entertainer" they wanted a real wrestler in Daniel Bryan ... perhaps something to keep in mind.

12 Big E


Are the gyrations of Big E entertaining or disturbing? You have to enjoy - even if you hate The New Day - the commitment level Big E puts in to the character he currently portrays. Point for effort.

However, Big E is really just another bodybuilder-Superstar-type. Yeah, he has a nice vertical leap but not much else. Big E definitely shoes flashes of a true entertainer but we're here to talk about wrestlers.

11 Ryback 


It's hard not to think that Ryback was created in the likeness of Goldberg; despite what anybody on the WWE creative team would have you believe. Of course, the fans would take notice of this and prove once again to WWE that they cannot insult their intelligence.

Anyway, on to Ryback ... "The Big Guy" does the usual "big guy" stuff with nothing really out of the ordinary. The look and the gimmick have been played and unfortunately for Ryback, it's as good as it will get as his wrestling abilities will never exceed the limits of the "powerhouse" performer.

10 Rusev 


The push of Rusev is all but over. At least he will get to say that during his WWE career he had a WrestleMania match against John Cena ... the highlight of the run and unfortunately the peak.

Even as the Russian crusher character, Rusev was never that exhilarating to watch in the ring. Rusev can kick and stomp and use the Camel Clutch but beneath "The Brute" lies little in the way of a wrestler.

9 Bull Dempsey 


In many ways, NXT is superior to WWE. However, there are times when NXT can act exactly like its older brother. Bring forth Bull Dempsey and the "Bull-Fit" gimmick. The stench of bad WWE comedy is all over Dempsey.

And it's not just the character that is bad, it's everything. The play on words is really not that amusing and neither is Bull Dempsey himself who is a rather sluggish NXT competitor; far from the likes of Finn Balor and Sami Zayn.

8 Mojo Rawley 


Another story of football player turned "sports entertainer."  Mojo Rawley is now a "Hype Bro" alongside the long lost "Broski" of WWE, Zack Ryder... an obnoxious and irritating tag team to watch.

Despite their annoyance levels, it is clear that Zack Ryder is the more talented of the duo, as Mojo Rawley lacks a lot of mojo. Nothing stands out about Rawley that is going to have the main roster calling his name; he's just an ex-football player.

7 Baron Corbin 


Guess what we have next? That's right, another ex-football player in Baron Corbin. Big, bland, and typical. Corbin is "mean" and arrogant and will stop at nothing to reach the top of NXT; where he doesn't belong.

This "Goldberg Formula" doesn't really work anymore. Superstars like Baron Corbin are not what the modern fan desires. The Corbin character has been seen over and over and over ... we get it, now let's try something new.

6 The Ascension 


The only tag team to make our list: The Ascension - a team comprised of Konnor and Viktor. Upon first glance it is obvious that WWE wanted The Ascension to seem like a modern day Demolition or Legion of Doom but such an impression was not made.

The Ascension look foolish and impose no viable threat to the tag team division. Their in-ring work does not mirror the work of great tag teams of the past. The Ascension are akin to the imitation crab one can purchase wrapped in plastic at the supermarket.

5 Erick Rowan 


Away from The Wyatt Family, Erick Rowan was caught in a bad place: stuck in character limbo. Rowan continued to wear the sheep mask and was portrayed for a while as some sort of strange savant before succumbing to injury.

Erick Rowan certainly fills the needs of intimidation in a WWE Superstar with his size, beard, and mask but when it comes to in-ring abilities, Rowan is limited at best ... just a big and burly Superstar.

4 Colin Cassady 


Colin Cassady stands nearly seven-feet-tall ... and that's about all we can say about Cassady. While we have seen these near seven-footers flourish in the past (The Undertaker, Kane), Cassady is not one of them.

Colin Cassady does his thing in NXT along with his tag team partner Enzo Amore and their manager Carmella. Sure, people may like these guys but they're not going to be remembered as an iconic tag team. The Dudley Boyz are dangerous, these guys are goofballs.

3 Braun Strowman 


It has been nice to see the reformation of The Wyatt Family with its new member, "The Black Sheep," Braun Strowman. Bray Wyatt continues to works wonders on the mic and put out a strong effort in the ring.

However, as it pertains to his latest follower, Braun Strowman, not much of the same can be said. Strowman is simply muscle for the maniac Bray Wyatt; lacking any real wrestling ability and proving that even a big man can pose little psychical threat (Strowman's moves do not look painful).

2 Mark Henry 


Mark Henry has been hanging around the WWE for quite some time. "The World's Strongest Man" is unquestionably a powerful man in real life. Henry can do things an average man can only dream of doing.

However, despite his impression strength, Mark Henry really isn't much of a wrestler. Even when Henry is supposed to be a face, the crowd can turn on him in an instant. Awesome power, no doubt but not much in terms of wrestling ability.

1 Big Show 


Let's talk about Paul Wight: the man has been a novelty act since first arriving in WCW back in 1995. All professional wrestling giants have been billed as such over the years. How else can you book a man of such massive proportions.

The Big Show has taken part in many major WWE storylines throughout his tenure but has never been much of a wrestler. In his earlier days, Show was a little more agile in the ring but definitely not a high-flyer.

When it comes to pure, in-ring, on-the-mat, wrestling ability, Big Show does not posses much. The greatest giant in history? Perhaps ... but not the greatest wrestler.

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Top 15 Worst Wrestlers Currently in WWE