Top 15 Worst Wrestlers Of All Time: Where Are They Now?

Professional wrestling has been around for a long time, and we have seen wrestlers range from excellent to downright awful. Whether it was a lack of skills or that the character just never caught on with fans, it's easy to see how some wrestlers could be considered worse than others. While some of the greatest wrestlers of all time are probably living pretty well right now, it isn't always the case for wrestlers whose characters didn't catch on with the fans. So what makes a bad wrestler? Due to professional wrestling's entertainment factor, much more is needed to be a popular wrestler than just having a few nice moves in the ring. It takes a good gimmick, good mic skills, charisma, and a genuine connection to the fans. Only a few personalities have been blessed with all these factors in being a great performer, and many have lacked most of them.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 15 worst wrestlers of all-time, and where they are now. Some of the names in this group achieved varying levels of success, but that wasn't enough to keep them off my list of notable worst wrestlers. After reading the names, you have to wonder what some of these wrestlers did after their dubious careers, and where they ended up.

Here are the top 15 worst wrestlers of all time, and where they are today.


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15 Sid

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Sid has gone by many different names throughout his wrestling career, but something each of his names have in common is the lackluster wrestler behind them all. Sid had the passion and the ideal look to be a great wrestler, but his awful mic skills and terrible promos has secured Sid as one of the worst wrestlers of all-time. While he at least had some accidentally entertaining promos in the 90s, he was awful in the ring. In the 80s, he was even worse in the ring and didn’t have any funny microphone botches to keep us entertained.

Amazingly, despite being a bad wrestler, Sid enjoyed a very long career in the business. A serious ankle injury kept him out of action for years, but he still found work in the 2000s on the independent scene. He would make a one-time appearance in WWE in 2012 to defeat Heath Slater. Sid still keeps himself in good shape and looks better than the average 55-year-old.

14 The Warlord

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What wasn’t wrong with Warlord’s comedically short stint in the WWE? From the awful costume to the terrible wrestling skills, nothing helped with this joke of a wrestling gimmick. You could tell this wrestler would never be a champion which was proven during the 1989 Royal Rumble, where he was eliminated in two seconds. Yeah, I said two seconds. He held that record for 20 years and is pretty much the only thing he is remembered for.

So where is The Warlord now? Terry Szopinski is now working for a private security company. As a bodyguard, he has worked with some of the biggest names in show business. Most recently he has worked with 50 Cent and the late martial artist Kimbo Slice. A wrestler at heart, he is still in the ring touring around the world on the independent circuit.

13 The Boogeyman

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Where to start with The Boogeyman? While I will give him that his gimmick is pretty unique considering the guy ate worms and acted like an animal every time he entered the ring, The Boogeyman was nothing more than just a freaky character that didn't contribute much to the matches he fought. Never having any classic matches due to the fact that most of the matches he were in ended in a comical and disgusting fashion, The Boogeyman is considered one of the worst wrestlers of all-time.

As like his mysterious character of The Boogeyman, not much is known of the man behind the paint, as Martin Wright isn't making any headlines. As of now, he resides in Denver, Colorado, and he signed a legends contract in November of 2015. For what, we have no idea.

12 One Man Gang

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The One Man Gang was bad right from the start. His name alone made it hard for him to be taken seriously. With a name like that, you have to be a constant winner. The acronym “OMG” would go on to be more famous than the man himself. Other than the cool aviators, he was no different than any other big guy in the WWE. Although he acted like a beast in the ring, he never turned out to be one, as he never became anything more than a wrestler considered to be lackluster both in and out of the ring.

George Gray had a heart attack in 2000, which led him to losing a lot of weight. He now works as a prison guard in his hometown at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. More recently, Gray was a victim of a flood which destroyed his home. He set up a GoFundMe page, and has already received over $15,000 in donations.

11 Glacier

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Raymond Lloyd, the man behind the awful gimmick of Glacier, was actually a pretty skilled martial artist. Due to the fact that Glacier was an obvious ripoff of the iconic Mortal Combat character Sub-Zero, Glacier was never taken seriously as a wrestler. He was signed to the WCW back in 1996, and never came into fruition as a successful wrestler. Maybe it was the man behind the gimmick that was the problem, as none of his wrestling characters were ever successful throughout the 90s.

Raymond Lloyd is now 52 years of age, and currently resides in Orlando, Florida enjoying the weather. In his personal life, Lloyd volunteers at many different charitable organizations, ranging from raising awareness for breast cancer and playing in celebrity sports games to raise money for different causes. Lloyd hasn't let his sub-par wrestling career affect his life after wrestling, as he is making a positive impact within his community.

10 The Great Khali

via theindianexpress.com

As a wrestler, The Great Khali turned out to be not so great after all. Standing an impressive 7’1″, his skills inside could never match his stature. If you add very little charisma to a bad wrestler, you get The “Great” Khali. Being from India, he spoke very little English, which may explain why he couldn’t win over many fans. With the lack of real wrestling skill, charisma, and poor mic skills, The Great Khali will go down as one of the worst wrestlers of all time. It certainly didn’t help his popularity that he couldn’t deliver in the ring.

The only thing Khali brought to the WWE was his height, which he took back to India in 2014. Dalip Singh Rana, at age 44, still maintains a serious workout regiment, and apparently eats very healthy as well. Rana sadly had to have surgery in 2012 to remove a brain tumor.

9 Nathan Jones

via sportskeeda.com

Nathan Jones is one of the biggest busts the world of wrestling has ever seen. He had the look of a wrestling superstar and even had some seriously cool vignettes; however, Nathan Jones' career never turned out the way people expected it to. The problem with Jones is that he really couldn't wrestle if his life depended on it. He was actually so bad at wrestling, the WWE had to take up an injury angle on him to keep him out of action. Growing tired of traveling and being a professional wrestler, Jones asked for his release and never returned to the company.

In 2008, Jones signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, but nerve damage caused by a cement truck hitting his left arm kept him sidelined for the first three months. He never ended up wrestling for the promotion. He now resides in his homeland of Australia, but does take time to star in a few movies, most notably playing Rictus Erectus in the most recent Mad Max installment.

8 Heidenreich

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When your most memorable moment in the WWE is when it appeared you were about to rape Michael Cole, odds are your career wasn't really successful. Heidenreich was brought in to the WWE as a psychopath who would recite poetry. Following a failed run as a heel, he was turned face, intended to play more of a comedic role. Eventually WWE made the awful decision to pair Heidenreich up with Road Warrior Animal to form a new Legion of Doom. The pair would win the tag titles, much to the dismay of fans of the original Road Warriors.

Nowadays, Heidenreich is part of a class action lawsuit against WWE which alleges that wrestlers suffered traumatic brain injuries during their time in WWE, only for the company to hide the risks.

7 Brutus Beefcake

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Maybe it was the ridiculous barber gimmick, or the fact he couldn’t really wrestle, or the bowties that looked like they were cutting circulation to his red tomato face, but any of these could put Brutus Beefcake on this list. Did I mention the name? Oh yeah, that was bad too considering it had nothing to do with his character, as he was always carrying around his hair cutting sheers, which he never used.

In 2006, while he was working at one of Boston’s MBTA stations, there was an anthrax scare at the station, though Leslie later admitted it was his cocaine. He checked into a drug rehabilitation facility and claimed he was clean soon after. I doubt he was clean though because on November 7, 2013, Leslie went to Toronto City Hall with a pair of sheers, saying he wanted to give mayor Rob Ford an “intervention.” He was quickly escorted from the property.

6 Mantaur

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The Mantaur gimmick was terrible to be honest, as the minotaur creature/man never got over with wrestling fans. Even mooing at his opponents, it was hard to take Mantaur seriously at all, which made him one of the worst wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. His WWE persona of Mantaur may have ruined Mike Halac's career, as after moving from the WWE to ECW, fans would still chant "Mantaur" during his matches, never letting him live down his awful character.

Like many other former wrestlers who did not find much success in wrestling, Halac was named part of a class action lawsuit filed against WWE in July of 2016, which alleged that wrestlers incurred traumatic brain injuries during their tenure and that the company concealed the risks of injury.

5 The Shockmaster

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Easily one of the most comical gimmicks in all of wrestling history, The Shockmaster was one of the worst wrestlers of all time. Fred Ottman also worked as Tugboat, who is another one of the funnier wrestling characters we have seen, as he dressed up in a red-striped shirt and a sailor's hat, but back to the infamous Shockmaster. The Stormtrooper rip-off didn't get over with fans at all, and it didn't help that he wasn't a great wrestler either. He will most be remembered for his time in WCW, as he smashed through the wall as the Shockmaster in one of the worst moments in wrestling history.

Fred Ottman retired from wrestling in 2001. He now lives in Lakeland, Florida and works as a safety manager for Gaffin Industrial Services, a building cleaning service. He also coaches the little league team of his two sons.

4 Koko B. Ware

via trjwrestling.net

Koko B. Ware is considered the worst Hall of Fame inductee ever to many wrestling fans. This guy definitely won’t be remembered for his actual wrestling skill, but more for his incredibly weird costumes and his macaw, named Frankie. Almost every one of his costumes hurt my eyes with the vibrant colors. I can’t believe that he was somehow inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. After his induction, you might start to think that the WWE is giving out spots in the HOF to just about anybody.

As of now, James Ware lives in Collierville, Tennessee. In 2015, Ware was a plaintiff in a case against the WWE for concussion-based injuries during his time spent as a wrestler. That’s a bold move, although commendable for Ware, considering the WWE inducted him into the HOF with very little actual wrestling accomplishments.

3 Lex Luger

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While Luger’s 90s wrestling career was definitely somewhat successful, he is still considered one of the most overrated wrestlers of all time, as he really didn't produce like promotions expected. Working as a heel early in his career, this wrestler was not a threat at all to any other wrestlers because of his weak wrestling skill. I guess the only thing going for him was his appearance, which I think had more of a babyface then what was fitting for his character, who was marketed as a man's man.

In 2011, Lawrence Pfohl began working with the WWE again on their Wellness Policy. He even published his first book in 2013 named Wrestling with the Devil: The True Story of a World Champion Professional Wrestler – His Reign, Ruin, and Redemption. That title is way too long, another reason he was one of the worst!

2 The Barbarian

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A cheesy barbarian is never a good idea in wrestling, or pretty much anywhere besides maybe a movie about barbarians...I don't know. However his getup actually just looked like it was a kid's Halloween costume, which immediately made him lose any credibility he had before entering the ring. His whole gimmick was lame, and it definitely didn’t help that he barely displayed any wrestling talent either throughout his career as The Barbarian. He even joined up with one of the other worst wrestlers of all-time, The Warlord, which made a team that was laughable at every moment they were together in the ring.

Sione Vailahi lives in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, with his wife and seven children, one of his sons being a highly recruited football player who now plays for Brigham Young. He currently manages his own construction company in Charlotte, and is doing quite well for himself. Along with Mantaur, Vailahi is named on the class action lawsuit against the WWE.

1 Paul Roma

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A boring wrestler with little talent and no gimmick is rarely successful in the world of wrestling. If there were DVR’s back in the 80s, people would have been fast forwarding through his matches. While a memorable gimmick isn't always needed for a wrestler, Paul Roma was kind of just there, as he is definitely one of the most boring wrestlers of all time. He never could really win against real competition and his addition to the Four Horsemen didn’t work out at all. He definitely had the look of an 80s wrestler, but just not the talent needed.

Paul Centopani runs a successful wrestling school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he now lives by himself. He also regularly visits and speaks to kids at St. Jude’s Hospitals, which he really enjoys.

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