Top 15 Worst Wrestlers of the 2000s

When asked who we think the greatest wrestler of all time is, we may automatically go with the obvious choices, such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, or the Phenom himself The Und

When asked who we think the greatest wrestler of all time is, we may automatically go with the obvious choices, such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, or the Phenom himself The Undertaker. However, we can't forget that when the Attitude Era bled into the millennium, we were introduced to a plethora more of stars. John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, CM Punk and the list goes on. Some can probably argue that the stars of the 2000s have been just as successful as the ones to come before them.

But not every Superstar hired by the WWE shares that same success.

When the brand extension began in 2002, we had two rosters for the first time; one designated to Raw and the other designated to Smackdown, which allowed for one of the biggest rosters we ever witnessed. But does bigger always mean better? With so many wrestlers and Divas being signed, not every one of them could be a star. And that's fine. Because the sad truth in life is not everybody can be a star. And if you're reading this, you're probably not a star either. And that's okay. That's why we have the internet to make us feel important.

With this list, we will be looking at the some of the worst wrestlers of the 2000s. For everyone appearing on the list, it doesn't necessarily mean they lacked skill. We're looking at the whole picture here. Charisma, popularity, etc, etc. Therefore, if...

a) they're not really remembered for much

b) they never blew us away, not even remotely, like not even one time

c) they overstayed their welcome or

d) people just didn't really care about said wrestler

e) they were active in the WWE between 2000 and 2010.

If these apply, then they meet the criteria for being in the Top 15 Worst Wrestlers of the 2000s.

15 Mordecai/Kevin Thorn


Do you remember these two? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. But if you do, you probably already knew that Mordecai and Kevin Thorn were both played by the same guy. For some reason, the Mordecai character only lasted a few months and as for the Kevin Thorn character, did anyone really want to see a poorly done rehash of Gangrel? Yes, the Undertaker and Kane may have been hits in the 90s, but by the 2000s, supernatural characters proved to be a thing of the past. This probably explains why the Wyatt Family are just weirdo hillbillies who don't possess any supernatural power, thank God.

Active: 2004, 2006-2007

14 Ted DiBiase Jr.


I hate to include him in, but the legendary Ted DiBiase's son makes the list. A two-time Tag Team champion, Ted DiBiase Jr. was fine. But that's just it. He was just fine. DiBiase Jr. was a handsome man, he wasn't bad on the mic, and even wrestled some of the biggest names in the company such as Randy Orton and Degeneration X. But nobody really cared. In the end, he just couldn't really establish his own character and grow into it. At one point, many expected him to be the breakout star of Legacy over Cody Rhodes.

Active: 2008-2013

13 Chris Masters


First and foremost, I have to give it to Chris Masters for his entrance. It was the douchiest thing ever, but it worked. Unfortunately for Masters, his matches were never really that exciting, so his character could only work for so long. After being released from the company, he would later be resigned but nothing much came of it. The most memorable part of his run was his Masterlock Challenge but his matches sure didn't leave us with anything to remember.

Active: 2005-2007, 2009-2011

12 Muhammad Hassan


Oh Muhammad. Real name Mark Copani, this poor soul is a perfect example that even if you're talented, WWE can still screw you over with a terrible gimmick. With real life terrorist attacks happening around the world, UPN didn't want the character on their network anymore and WWE had no choice but to knock him back down to developmental where he was eventually released. It's a shame Hassan had to land here.

Active: 2004-2005

11 Miss Jackie


The winner of the second season of Tough Enough, Jackie Gayda was quickly thrust onto the main roster that year where she had one of the worst matches in WWE history against Trish Status. The poor girl was obviously still very green and and they should have given her some extra time in developmental. She eventually turned into a decent competitor, but fans never really opened up to her, too busy cheering for the likes of Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. But I will give her this. The girl did wrestle in some hot ring attire.

Active: 2002-2005

10 MVP 


A former United States and Tag Team champion, MVP was pushed into the spotlight upon his arrival as WWE's hottest free agent. And for some reason, he liked to pretend to throw a basketball around even though he wasn't a basketball player. I didn't really understand this, did you? Originally pushed to the moon, MVP eventually fell into irrelevancy. Maybe because they didn't really know what to do with him after a while. Or maybe because his matches were pretty forgettable. Either way, he's the one who asked for his release. Apparently he wasn't happy with his position with the company.

Active: 2006-2010

9 Rosa Mendes


The only person on the list surprisingly still employed with the company, Rosa Mendes may be beautiful but I'm not sure if the girl was made for the world of sports entertainment. She just kind of seems to be there with no purpose. According to the Internet Wrestling Database, she has lost 91% of her matches in an almost 10-year career. The poor girl just can't seem to get the crowd to care about her. The WWE has never done anything significant with her, so why is she still around?

Active: 2006, 2008-Present

8 Deuce & Domino


Like any debuting tag team, Deuce & Domino bursted into the Tag title hunt on Smackdown and would capture the championships from Paul London and Brian Kendrick. But like many tag teams throughout the years, they failed to capture on the momentum of their title win, and eventually split up and were released from their contracts. Forgettable. They'll be on many lists of 'worsts' and they're thrown together here.

Deuce was active: 2007-2009

Domino was active: 2007-2008

7 Vladimir Kozlov


Brought in as a monster, destroying competitor after competitor in singles competition, WWE seemed to have big plans for Vladimir Kozlov, but... he was kind of boring, wasn't he? Meant to be an intimidating force, Koslov eventually danced around with Santino before he was released. We weren't sad to see him go. WWE fans held their collective breaths when there were rumors of a Kozlov/Undertaker battle at WrestleMania XXV, before they thankfully went with HBK.

Active: 2008-2011

6 Nathan Jones


This guy. Nathan Jones. He was big and muscly, so Vince McMahon was probably into that, but damn... that's pretty much all he had going for him. Jones was given a big push upon his arrival, but then he started wrestling and boy was he bad. He was so bad in fact, that he was pulled from his scheduled WrestleMania match, where he was set to team with The Undertaker to take on A-Train and Big Show.

Just because someone may have "the look", doesn't mean it's going to translate well within the squared circle. Great physique though!

Active: 2002-2003

5 Simon Dean

john Giamundo/WWE

Placing as the fifth worst wrestler to come after the millennium, this isn't a knock at the man's wrestling ability. Watch some of his ECW stuff as "Nova" and you'll see what I mean. But the Simon Dean character? A physical-fitness-guru? What was this poor guy supposed to accomplish with a gimmick like this? It was fun for a whole two seconds but quickly overstayed its welcome and I bet you completely forgot about him.

Active: 2004-2006

4 Heidenreich


The man who raped Michael Cole. Wait no, he just read him a poem. I think. Jon Heidenreich was like the Smackdown version of Gene Snisky, but without the same success (if you can call Gene Snitsky's career successful). He had a feud with the Undertaker, but even the Phenom himself couldn't make Heidenreich a star. He was just sort of generic and strange. And correct me if I'm wrong, but did he have any fans?

Active: 2003-2005

3 Ashley Massaro


The winner of the 2005 Diva Search, Ashley would compete at two WrestleManias and wrestled with some of the greatest Divas the division has ever had, including Trish Stratus, Melina, and Mickie James to name a few. But why? She couldn't wrestle. But again like Jackie Gayda, can you really blame her when the WWE never really gave her much time to train before throwing her out in the ring? Yes, I can blame her because she never got any better. I will give her this. She was very nice to look at, but so were the other Divas.

Active: 2005-2008

2 The Great Khali


Look at this man. He's a freaking giant. He looks like he belongs in the WWE. And you know what, he did belong in the WWE. For a little. He was a novelty act and just that, but was featured too much and it didn't take long for fans to realize that we were never going to witness a good Khali match. Had he been in the WWE for a year, with a few feuds here and there against a few other big men, it would've been cool. But years later, did we really need to see him dance like a fool as the Punjabi Playboy? No, we didn't.

Active: 2006-2014

1 Daniel Puder


The worst wrestler to emerge in the 2000s is the winner of the Million Dollar Tough Enough, Daniel Puder. But can we really call him a wrestler? Coming in with a background in MMA, for some reason or another WWE saw potential in the dude. But Puder thought he was too cool for school to receive a pay cut to train in Deep South Wrestling, so he declined the offer and quit. Doesn't that say enough? Why should we like this guy? Oh yeah, we didn't. He also disrespected Kurt Angle, so there's more of a reason not to like him. You sir, are the worst wrestler to come from the 2000s.

Active: 2004-2005

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Top 15 Worst Wrestlers of the 2000s