Top 15 Worst Wrestlers Triple H Had To Work With

We all know of the ‘The Game,’ ‘The Cerebral Assassin,’ ‘The King of Kings’ etc. That’s because on his best day with a great opponent the matches are always five star quality. Wrestling the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker to name but a few. However those legends of the ring were also capable of five star matches. Unfortunately for Triple H there have been many wrestlers who haven’t always lived up to the expectation of The Game and consequently given him less of a decent match. With that being said, the following is a list of the 15 worst wrestlers Triple H had to work with.

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15 Big Show

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With all due respect to the Big Show, he’s fantastic at what he does as he makes his stuff look real, which as a fan you want to see. However, there are many limitations in regards to what the Big Show can and can’t do in the ring. Against Triple H, he was always the big guy and Triple H is no small man. the way Triple H wrestles didn’t compliment the size of the Big Show. This is probably why we don’t see much of him on television anymore. Plus moves like the High Knee, the explosive Clothesline out of the corner, and of course the pedigree never looked like they had an effect on the seven foot, 450 pound Big Show. Their matches were only good thanks to the selling of Triple H. He made every move look like the Big Show was trying to kill him. The unfortunate thing was the Big Show couldn’t return the favour due to his size.

14 Scott Steiner

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Let’s all be honest guys: we all love the bumbling talking Scott Steiner. The guy should have his own TV show. Unfortunately he was one of Triple H’s worst opponents. Nothing made sense in this feud as they ended up competing in an arm wrestling competition and even a bodybuilding pose off on WWE Raw. Steiner couldn’t move as good as The Game and unfortunately for fans this feud will never ever be remembered for the matches. Triple H again did his best to bring the best out of the ‘Big Bad Booty Daddy’ however Steiner’s best just wasn’t good enough. Take into fact that during this feud, you could tell that Steiner just wasn’t bothered about this angle which is probably why the matches were never any good. It’s a real shame to be honest as Steiner in his prime would have been a great opponent for Triple H. It's a shame it happened at the latter end of Steiner’s career.

13 The Ultimate Warrior

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One of the quickest WrestleMania matches ever was between Triple H and The Ultimate Warrior. This was one of the punishments given to Triple H after the infamous ‘Curtain Call.’ With the match lasting under two minutes, Warrior destroyed Triple H and no sold the Pedigree. After the shoulder tackle and Gorilla Press Slam, Warrior followed it up with the Big Splash and covered Triple H for the three count. The thing was Warrior couldn’t sell which made the match bad. In theory Triple H could out wrestle Warrior on any given day but this was way before Triple H became The Kings of Kings. Thankfully this never happened again but it was a horrible punishment by WWE. If this match would have happened before all the controversy then Triple H would have made this match great. I think there could have been a program with these two as well which would have kept fans interested.

12 Dustin Rhodes

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This match took place on WCW television. Dustin Rhodes (now known as Goldust) took on Triple H, known then as John Paul-Levesque. After a some technical exchanges in the first few minutes of the match it went downhill from there as Levesque was an enhancement guy in his early days in WCW. The two didn’t really click in the ring which is strange as when the two met in WWE years later, it wasn’t such a bad match. When there is no chemistry between both wrestlers it’s really hard to put on a good match and you could see that neither of them were bothered in the match itself. If I remember correctly the match ended with a Running Bulldog and a strange pin on Levesque. Rhodes moved Levesque around on the mat during the count and picked up the victory.

11 Reverend D-Von

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This was when D-Von Dudley was repacked as The Reverend D-Von, who at the time was accompanied by Deacon Batista at ringside carrying a briefcase. D-Von was basically put in there to bump for Triple H to show how resilience he was after a five on one attack prior to this match. This match was a warm up match to a title bout with Chris Jericho in Hell in a Cell. The match went back and forth and even had interference from Deacon Batista. To add insult to injury Chris Jericho appeared at ringside and hit him in the forehead with the briefcase and cost Triple H the match. The match made no sense in regards to D-Von who was thrown in there with no agenda or feud. This was a shame as I think a normal singles match could have been good to watch.

10 Test

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Now we all remember the wedding ceremony package on WWE Raw when Test was about to marry Stephanie McMahon. Wth Vince McMahon by her side for the wedding everything looked to be going smoothly until The Game, Triple H turned up. He proceeded to show a video of himself marrying Stephanie McMahon in a drive thru wedding the day before. I would have turned this into the biggest feud of the year but it wasn’t. The match was below average and lasted all of six minutes. The thing was that test was a big guy and was made to look like an average sized wrestler which didn’t help the match at all, as he was bumping everything Triple H did to make him look weak in statue. If they had built this match up better it would have been very good to watch but unfortunately it wasn’t.

9 Curtis Axel

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This match was on WWE Raw In May 2013. At the time Triple H was serving his on air COO role. During this time, Paul Heyman announced Curtis Axel was his newest client. Axel being the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect, there was a buzz about him and great things were expected. However, this never materialized. The match went back and forth and the crowd were really not into this at all, which is a shame as Triple H put Axel over in this match. There were major plans but Axel couldn’t live up to it. Triple H then faced him a month later in June 2013 and again jobbed out to Axel via DQ. This could have been a great match but wasn’t given the time or effort put in to make this good.

8 Doink The Clown

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Where on earth do I start with this. Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Doink the Clown. This match was never going to be a classic. It was a curtain jerker match and meant nothing to either wrestler. The match was sloppy and didn’t make any sense. The problem this match had was Doink normally dead sells and didn’t put over the moves. Also, he was always looking at the canvas which didn’t show the crowd his true expressions. There was a moment in the match where Doink the Clown went for an elbow. He was so out of position you could see Triple H unsure of where to move. Doink was in the latter stages of his career at this point and nothing really happened to him after this. Don’t forget that Doink was played by many other wrestlers, ones who could have given Triple H a good match. One such wrestler was The Brooklyn Brawler.

7 Mike Legacy

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This match was on WWE Superstars back April 1995. Triple H had just moved from WCW as John-Paul Leveque and was just being introduced to the WWE fans. At this point in his career he was given jobbers. Mike Legacy was in a striped singlet and looked nothing like a wrestler. In the beginning of the match we saw basic technical moves but it looked sloppy from the outset. Over selling by Legacy in this match made him look stupid in all honesty and he was just fed to Triple H. Plus the commentators always made reference to Triple H being undefeated, so you knew he was always going to win. After a botched Neck Breaker and a Pedigree the match thankfully was over.

6 Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese

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Now, Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Drosse was one of my favourite gimmicks of the '90s. This match took place on WWE Supertars in July 1995. Droese was never known for being a great wrestler and didn’t really last long in the WWE. But he did in fact wrestle The Game. After an altercation on the outside, the match started. However the match was very basic and a cheap shot from Triple H was done right in front of the referee. This match went back and forth and you could tell that Triple H was calling the bout. The Sunset Flip spot lasted way too long, as Droese outweighed Triple H by 50 pounds, yet couldn’t bring him over for the pin. Triple H then finished Droese with a Pedigree out of nowhere. This match made Droese look better than he was, thanks of course to Triple H.

5 Matt Hardy

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Back in the day when Matt and Jeff Hardy were brought in as jobbers, they were fed to all the new talent, and in this case Matt Hardy was fed to Triple H. The match itself lasted less than three minutes and was mainly there to put over Hunter Hearst Helmsley who was undefeated at the time. The match started off technical and Helmsley threw Hardy round like a rag doll. The wrestling was really poor from Hardy. Poor selling, feet movement was bad, and it look like Triple H was beating him up during his corner strikes. In fairness Hardy shouldn’t have been in the ring at all at that point in time. Once again a Pedigree finished off Hardy. In 2017 Matt Hardy is a far more polished wrestler and his "Broken" Matt Hardy gimmick is the best thing in wrestling today.

4 Marty Garner

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For those who don’t remember this match you’ll all know the finish. This match was on WWE Superstar and once again lasted around three minutes. Hunter Hearst Helmsley was still involved in his undefeated streak. The match showed Helmsley bullying Garner who never really provided any offense aside from a Dropkick and a Hip Toss. Garner looked sloppy and it seemed Helmsley was wrestling himself. There was a poo Back Breaker attempt and Garner landed on his bottom instead of his back across the knee. Once Triple H bullied Garner in the corner with some stiff shots, a High Knee followed. Then, the moment we all remember. The Pedigree which spiked Garner straight in to the canvas. Whether he was safe in that finisher or actually was injured, Garner made that move look incredible. Either way we will never know. Thankfully these two never wrestled against each other again.

3 Jeff Hardy

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Similar to his brother Matt Hardy, back in their early days, Jeff was not ring ready. Both brothers were brought in to do jobs. This time it was Jeff Hardy’s turn as he took on The Blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley in one on one action. This match unfortunately lasted a mere two minutes and Triple H went on with his undefeated streak. Jeff was a sprightly young wrestler and was actually given a lot more offence than anyone during the undefeated streak. After missing a top rope move, Hunter Hearst Helmsley took advantage and a minute later Helmsley hit the Pedigree on Hardy for the win. Later in matches Jeff would grow as a great wrestler and give Triple H a run for his money. However back then it wasn’t the same. The only thing to come out of this match was that we got to see Jeff Hardy growing as a wrestler.

2 Kane

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With all due respect to both guys, these matches were all the same and nothing great was ever taking place in the ring. The match we remember most was on WWE Raw for the World Heavyweight Championship with the added stipulation that if Triple H won Kane would remove his mask.. After multiple interferences from  Evolution, the match was finally won by Triple H and all hell broke loose. Rob Van Dam came down to make the save and after that Kane unmasked. The match itself was poor and there was never really any flow. It was sloppy. These two would meet again in the months to come but the feud unfortunately never lived up to its expectations.

1 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan may have been the biggest draw in the WWE and the biggest name the company ever produced. However, no matter how much hulking up was made and no matter how many Hulkamaniacs were behind him, its real simple: Hulk Hogan was never a good wrestler. Triple H at the time of Backlash 2002 was in his prime and Hogan wasn’t. This showed during their match. The two met in the ring and it wasn’t the dream match we all hoped for. Triple H was taking the bumps while making Hogan look great but Hogan himself did not contribute much to this match. After interference from Chris Jericho and The Undertaker, Hogan finally landed the Leg Drop and won the Undisputed WWE Championship. The two shook hands and went their separate ways afterwards. However, Triple H should have retained the title during this match.

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