Top 15 Worst Wrestling Team Names Of All Time

With the most recent tag team tournament and the emergence of new factions, the tag team division is starting to become a fan favorite and become relevant again. During The Attitude Era of wrestling,

With the most recent tag team tournament and the emergence of new factions, the tag team division is starting to become a fan favorite and become relevant again. During The Attitude Era of wrestling, there were tag teams such as The New Age Outlaws, The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, The Brothers of Destruction, The APA, Too Cool, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian. These tag teams were entertaining and exciting and had the crowd on their feet every time they stepped foot in the ring. Most of the tag teams in The Attitude Era had the fans on their feet as soon as their entrance music hit, with most of them entertaining fans before they even hit the ring, whether it be through dancing, promos or signature moves.

The New Age Outlaws would come out and do their famous promos to get the crowd hyped while Too Cool would dance their way down to the ring. Today's tag teams are trying to get back to when the tag team division was popular and it looks like it's working.

With the emergence of tag teams such as The New Day, The Usos, and most recently the popular Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy, WWE might be entering a golden age of tag team wrestling. Enzo and Cass have taken over the fans with their famous promos before matches and you can't...teach…that. The New Day are using the same strategy with promos before matches and getting the crowd involved with chants and their "New…Day Rocks" clap.

Once the WWE finds two wrestlers that will form a tag team, they then have to think of a name for the members. Although it sounds easy, many tag teams have failed at the easy task of picking a team name. Here are some tags teams that should have spent a little more time thinking about what to name themselves.

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15 Air Boom


Although they were a pretty exciting tag team because they both were high flyers, their name could have been better. For some reason, the name "Air Boom" was chosen by Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston after the WWE Universe was asked to submit names via Twitter. Out of the thousand of submissions, I'm sure they could have picked out a better tag name for this dynamic duo. Air Boom defeated David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in 2011 to win their first and only WWE Tag Team Championship, but Bourne was released in 2014 by the WWE, officially ending Air Boom.

14 Vince's Devils


As the Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon could have came up with a more original name for his group of ladies. Everybody knows that McMahon clearly played off the Charlie's Angels name, but he should have stuck with "Ladies In Pink," which was the original name. Vince's Devil's consisted of WWE Divas Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, and Victoria. They were put together to not only help McMahon out, but also to help each other out during matches.

13 Rhythm and Blues


The Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine could have came up with a better name than a music genre. Even if they came up with something corny like "The Honky Valentines," it would have showed that they actually tried. Managed by Jimmy Hart, Valentine changed his whole appearance for the sake of the team. The team's best moment came at WrestleMania VI when the duo was chauffeured to the ring in a pink Cadillac driven by Diamond Dallas Page (DDP).

12 The Headshrinkers 


A pair of Samoans by the names of Fatu and Samu were the original members of "The Headshrinkers," although they had members come later on down the road. Samu is the son of the Wild Samoan Afa, while Fatu is Afa's nephew. The duo was said to have hard heads, so the idea was that they did not feel any pain. In 1994, The Headshrinkers beat The Quebecers to win their first and only WWE Tag Team Championship. To come from the Samoan background, they could have chosen a better name such as the "Samoan Savages" or "The Samoan Headbangers."

11 The Mega Bucks


Ted DiBiase was jealous of then-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan, but could never defeat him or get hold of his championship belt. After helping Andre the Giant win the title from Hogan, they formed The Mega Bucks. This led to a feud with The Mega Powers, which consisted of Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Although the duo did not last long, they were a pretty effective team together, despite having a pretty bad name.

10 The Killer Bees


During the '80s, the Miami Dolphins had one of the best defenses in the NFL and named themselves the "Killer Bs." Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair knew this and thought it would be clever to name themselves after the Dolphins defense because both of their last names start with a "B." Not the best strategic plan for coming up with a name. Although the duo was unsuccessful at gaining the Tag Team Championship, they did win the WWF Frank Tunney Sr. Memorial Tag Team Tournament after defeating Demolition in the Finals.

9 Jeri-Show


In 2009, Chris Jericho and Edge won the Unified Tag Team Championships. However, Edge got injured prior to their title defense at Night of Champions. Jericho revealed his partner at Night of Champions to be Big Show and Jeri-Show went on to beat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. After 140 days as the champs, Jeri-Show lost to DX at a TLC Pay-Per View. DX gave Jeri-Show a rematch for the titles, but if they lost, Jericho would have to leave RAW forever. DX won the match, ending Jeri-Show. A better name for them could have been "The Big Walls of Jericho" or maybe "The 500 Walls." Those names aren't that good either, but they're better than Jeri-Show.



After going on a bit of a cold streak, Kurt Angle decided to team up with the Tag Team Champions at the time, Edge and Christian, to form ECK. They obviously chose the name by using the first letter of each wrestler's name, spelling out nothing, which makes it a terrible name. They later added Rhyno and, you guessed it, they called themselves "RECK," which is not that bad because it could be pronounced as "Wreck." Anyway, this trio turned quad's best moment came when they all entered the King of the Ring tournament and all four made it to the semi-finals. While this was a great accomplishment, this also lead to the end of the stable. Edge went on to beat Angle in the finals to become King of the Ring, which did not sit well with Angle. Rhyno left for the ECW brand and Christian also became jealous of Edge, which lead to the break-up of the partners.

7 Rated-Y2J


At The Bash Pay-Per-View, Chris Jericho lost his Intercontinental Championship to Rey Mysterio. Later on that night, Jericho teamed up with Edge as a surprise team to form Rated-Y2J, which is one of the worst names on paper and even worse when you hear it aloud. Despite the name, the team went on to win the match and become the new Unified Tag Team Champions. The duo was short-lived due to a injury that Edge suffered, causing Jericho to find a new a partner in Big Show.

6 The Smoking Gunns


Tag Team partners Billy and Bart Gunn, who were cowboy brothers in the WWE, teamed up to form the duo The Smoking Gunns. Their last names were Gunn, but that's the best name they could come up with? "The Gunn Show" would have been better than that. Regardless of the bad name, The Smoking Gunns went on to become three-time WWE Tag Team Champions. When they lost the titles to Owen Hart and The British Bulldog, and then lost their manager Sunny, Billy turned on Bart, ending the partnership.

5 The Bad Street Boys


Everybody has heard of the former popular boy band The Backstreet Boys, including members of the WWE. Joey Matthews, Gregory Helms, Shannon Moore, and Christian York were clearly music fans (or whoever named them was) as they named themselves The Bad Street Boys. Although members of the stable won various Tag Team Championships throughout their careers, they were never really successful in the WWE, WCW or ECW.

4 Well Dunn


Timothy Well and Steven Dunn teamed up to from Well Dunn in 1987. This was one of the worst tag names ever created. We can see the attempt at creativity by taking both of their last names and making into a name, but are they supposed to be a tag team or a waiter/waitress asking how you want your steak? Before that, they were called Southern Rockers and Simply Devine, which are much better names. Due to an injury to Well against Men on a Mission, the team had to part ways, although they did team up again to compete in Tennessee.

3 RybAxel


The team of Ryback and Curtis Axel were as bad as their name sounds. Although they had chances at winning the WWE Tag Team Championship, they never could get over that hump. Although they beat The Rhodes Brothers in non-title matches, they were not clutch when it came to the gold. Ryback had an injury while the team was intact, but when he returned from the injury, he broke things off with Axel.

2 The Gangstanators


Just looking at this name on paper makes me throw up a little. This is probably one of the corniest tag names in history. The ECW team of New Jack and John Kronus made up this ridiculous named duo. At As Good as it Gets in 1997, the duo won their first and only ECW World Tag Team Championship against The Dudley Boyz. The team split up on good terms, focusing on their singles careers. They still teamed up from time to time to compete until Kronus left ECW for Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

1 The Spirit Squad


Whether it's two, three, four, five or more men in a group, they should never call themselves "Spirit" anything. To make matters worse, The Spirit Squad dressed up as male cheerleaders and carried around Pom-Poms. The only advantage they had against other teams was their numbers. The shock of the world came when they defeated Kane and Big Show for their first and only World Tag Team Championship. After DX and Ric Flair defeated them in a Five-on-Three Handicap match, The Spirit Squad were sent back to where they came from. There was not a lot of cheering going on that night.

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Top 15 Worst Wrestling Team Names Of All Time