Top 15 Worst WWE Superstars of 2015

Millions of people worldwide will soon make their New Year's Resolutions as this horrible year of two-thousand-and-fifteen draws to a close. The same tired slogans will be heard: "new year, new me" and "out with the old, in with the new." The month of January will see an influx of gym memberships as the obese obscenity is banned for a little while but in actuality, the new year will be just as horrible as the last.

Those wide-eyed, optimistic resolutions will soon be broken as the drunkards will continue to drink, the stoners will continue getting stoned, the eaters will continue to eat, and every lowlife scumbag who claimed to change their ways will continue to be the only person they know how to be: a bad one. Nothing changes except the numbers on the calendar. Welcome to 2016, Misery Awaits.

This article will take a look back at 2015 and examine some of the worst WWE Superstars on the scene. While the year had its share of standouts, there are those who simply left the fans with nothing positive to look back upon. While Seth Rollins was stealing the show this past year, others were selling fans to switch the channel whenever they appeared on WWE programming.

While it is not easy getting over and getting good in WWE, these Superstars seemingly gave up trying. The sad aspect of this list is that many of these performers were once carving out a nice little spot for themselves in WWE before falling off and fading into the background. This, of course, is often to due to WWE Creative but we still can't ignore the fact that these Superstars made 2015 less than tolerable.

Will the new year bring about change and a new direction for these Superstars? Time will tell, just don't hope with too much heart.

These are the top 15 worst WWE Superstars of 2015:

15 The Miz 


"The Most Must See WWE Superstar of All Time" was not exactly in high demand this past year. The Miz has certainly fallen far from once competing in the main event of WrestleMania.

14 R-Truth 


What do you remember most about R-Truth in 2015? The time he stole the Intercontinental Championship or the time Truth believed that he was the king of WWE? And, there we have Truth's year in a nutshell.

13 Big Show 


For the "World's Largest Athlete," 2015 was a year in which fans grew tired of the gargantuan man. "Please retire" chants would echo throughout buildings while Show was on the mic or involved in a match.

12 Mark Henry 


It becomes increasingly difficult to pay attention to anything involving Mark Henry anymore. In fact, it is safe to say that his best days in WWE are long gone. Henry no longer intrigues in the slightest.

11 Damien Sandow 


This past year WWE blew an opportunity to create a star when they chose to ignore the fan reactions for Damien Sandow while he was performing as a stunt double and outshining The Miz.

10 Curtis Axel 


Speaking of mimicking legends, Curtis Axel would spend some time in 2015 working as an imitation version of Hulk Hogan, a gimmick Axel was forced to drop following the release of Hogan due to his racial insensitivity.

9 Erick Rowan 


Behind the sheep mask and beard, Erick Rowan was made to look like some sort of unwashed genius until that aspect of the Superstar was forgotten when it became clear Rowan wasn't going to work on his own.

8 Jack Swagger 


It would appear as though Jack Swagger misses Zeb Colter who served as some sort of a uncle to Swagger. Nevertheless, their alliance has dissolved and Swagger has struggled through the year.

7 Heath Slater 


There is really nothing left for Heath Slater in WWE. When do we actually see Slater on main programming? To catch an RKO backstage from Randy Orton before finding his way back off Raw.

6 Fandango 


In a weird twist - not that long ago - the WWE Universe actually took to Fandango and began to dance along in the crowd to his theme music. It seemed as though Fandango had stumbled onto something that would help advance his career.

5 Adam Rose 


This new commentary thing Adam Rose is doing already feels stale; much like Rose's party-boy gimmick and oddball artist thing he had going on for a while. Rose just doesn't get over.

4 The Ascension 


The idea of The Ascension making it out of NXT before other, more qualified Superstars is baffling. Simply put: they suck. They are supposed to be intimidating but come off as fake barroom heroes who have never won a fight.

3 Bo Dallas 


Nobody has bought the "inspirational message" touted by Bo Dallas and nobody ever will. Face it, it's over; time for a change. Dallas just isn't getting it done in WWE at the moment.

2 Los Matadores 


Bull fighters in WWE? The idea reeked from the start. Not to mention the demoralizing use of a little person being forced to dress like a bull and accompany this tag team to the ring. Who the hell come up with this stuff?

1 Stardust 


When Dustin Runnels was transformed into Goldust during the Attitude Era, his career was taken to brand new places as the character would provide Runnels with his greatest success. Such is not the case for his brother.

Cody Rhodes was good as Cody Rhodes; a generational wrestler with decent mic skills who could work a strong match. Enter Stardust: a modern-age, younger sibling version of Goldust and an unnecessary character shift.

Cody Rhodes would be so much better as himself but because of the cosmic character and lack of significance, we declare Stardust as the worst WWE Superstar of 2015.

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Top 15 Worst WWE Superstars of 2015