Top 15 Wrestling Names That Go Both Ways

When wrestlers are signed to a certain wrestling promotion, it is usually their choice as to what name they want to be known as. Some stars are allowed to keep their Christian name, like John Cena and

When wrestlers are signed to a certain wrestling promotion, it is usually their choice as to what name they want to be known as. Some stars are allowed to keep their Christian name, like John Cena and Randy Orton, while others come up with a completely different alter ego.

The likes of CM Punk, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe have managed to make the switch over to WWE and retain the names that they became famous with under other wrestling promotions. CM Punk became a star in Ring of Honor while Samoa Joe and AJ Styles were both stand-out stars in TNA.

When wrestlers come up with their names they usually base them on something they know, so Seth Rollins called himself this because he is a big fan of Henry Rollins and had always like the name Seth. It's not even close to his real name which is Colby Lopez.

Many of the Superstars who come through the NXT set-up are given their ring names by WWE's creative team, so as much as people think that Charlotte gave herself the name out of respect to her father because it is the state where he was born, it was actually WWE that gave her the name.

The following list looks at all the Superstars who gave themselves names that are reversible. Names that can be both first names and surnames.

15 Jason Jordan (Jordan Jason)


The former NXT Tag Team Champion and current member of the SmackDown Live roster has failed to impact the Blue Brand after such a stand-out showing on NXT for the few months prior to his main roster call-up.

Along with his American Alpha partner Chad Gable, Jordan has been part of few storylines on the SmackDown roster over the past few months. It is unknown where his name actually came from because it is far from his real name of Nathan Everhart. He took on the name when he signed with WWE and was sent to FCW which means it was probably WWE's creative team who gave Jordan his new persona. In the coming months there is hope that America Alpha will finally reach the top of the SmackDown Live Tag Team division.

14  14. Nikki Bella (Bella Nikki)


The former Divas Champion and current SmackDown Live Superstar is another one who's name could be used both ways. It could be Nikki Bella or Bella Nikki. The current star of Total Divas and Total Bellas adopted the ring name when she made her debut along with her sister in WWE almost a decade ago.

Nicole is Nikki's real name which is obviously where this came from but the term Bella is Italian for beauty and it is thought that this is why WWE gave these two this ring name. I mean, Bella sounds so much better than Garcia, right? Over on SmackDown Live, Nikki along with the rest of the female Superstars continue to grow and attempt to separate themselves from the Raw brand.

13 Sami Zayn (Zayn Sami)


'The Underdog from The Underground' made his debut in WWE just under three years ago and after making a splash on the Independent Circuit as El Generico, it was decided that when he made his debut in NXT he would be known as Sami Zayn.

Sami's real name is Rami Sebei which means that this ring name obviously didn't come from his own name. Zayn could have easily have been the former NXT Champion's first name instead of Sami and vice versa, but the Montreal native has made his name as Sami Zayn and the current Raw Superstar has been enjoying his time using it so far. While not much has been made of Sami Zayn so far on Monday Night Raw, this could turn around in the near future.

12 Summer Rae (Rae Summer)


The former partner of Fandango and current Raw Superstar is another example of wrestlers who's name can easily be reversed. Rae is also a first name that is often a shortened version of Rachel and Summer could also be used as a surname.

Danielle Moinet is the real name of Summer Rae which means that she is another person who hasn't allowed her Christian name to have any impact on the name that she uses in WWE. The thought is that she was given the Summer name because of her bright blonde locks. Within the current Women's Division on Monday Night Raw, there is seemingly no place for Summer but who knows, perhaps some day she will receive a push and find herself at least in the title picture.

11 Mark Henry (Henry Mark)


'The World's Strongest Man' and the former World Heavyweight Champion is the first person on this list who uses his own name in WWE. Henry has become known to the world through his powerlifting career and it seems that WWE could have decided to allow him to keep his real name so that when he was competing in powerlifting competitions, the fans were aware of who he was.

It is another example of a name where the surname can also be used as a first name because Henry Mark could easily have been Henry's name instead. However, WWE decided to allow him to become known to the world as Mark Henry instead. And what has Mark Henry been up to these days on Monday Night Raw? Not much. This New Era has passed Mark by.

10 Bray Wyatt (Wyatt Bray)


Windham Rotunda is the star who is behind the character of Bray Wyatt. While Windham would have been an incredible name for a character that is as creepy as Bray can be, it is Bray Wyatt that was the name chosen for The Wyatt Family leader while in developmental. As sad as it seems, I think Windham would have been a much more appropriate name for such a leader.

Wyatt is a well-known first name as well as Bray a surname. This means that Bray could easily be used as a surname as well which means that this is easily another name that can be reversed. Whether or not WWE are aware that they are creating all these reversible names is perhaps something that they don't actually know they are doing.

9 Eva Marie (Marie Eva)


Natalie Eva Marie is a current SmackDown Superstar and a star of Total Divas. She has become known to the WWE Universe as 'The Red Queen' and under the name Eva Marie. Eva won the 2013 Diva Search as a way to gain a place in Total Divas and subsequently become a part of WWE over the past three years.

Eva is definitely not a crowd favorite by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to the WWE Universe, but she does seem to be making waves in the entertainment world since she's currently taking time away from WWE to make a film with Nicholas Cage. Eva's name came from her real name after WWE decided to drop her first name and let her go by her middle name instead.

8 Adrian Neville (Neville Adrian)


Now known purely as just Neville, the former NXT Champion has become one of the ultimate underdog style characters on the main roster but right now he could be thought of as one of the most underutilized talents that WWE has on their books. Neville has been used mostly as a jobber or on WWE Superstars recently which is a complete waste of talent.

Adrian Neville has been known under many different guises during his wrestling career, with Pac being the one he was known for on the British Wrestling Circuit. Neville's latest name isn't even close to his given name of Benjamin Satterley, and there is no knowing why WWE decided to give Neville a reversible name before they took away his first name.

7 Erick Rowan (Rowan Erick)


The scary ginger member of The Wyatt Family who has recently undergone surgery is currently on the sidelines for up to six months, but the impact he has made in WWE over the past few months means that fans are awaiting his destructive return. Since Erick Rowan's injury was made public, WWE has decided that Luke Harper should take his place on SmackDown alongside Bray Wyatt.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion's real name is Joseph Rudd and before WWE he was only known by the ring name Thoruf Marius, which is just as odd as his current name. Maybe WWE wanted his character to have a strange name to set the scene from the beginning of his career. Either way, it seems if this was their plan then it is definitely working.

6 Baron Corbin (Corbin Baron)


The winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 and the former NXT Superstar is now a main part of the SmackDown Live roster. Baron Corbin is definitely one of the Superstars that WWE should be pushing forward right now.

He is from the same class in NXT as the likes of Finn Balor, Tyler Breeze, and Sami Zayn, so it seems that creative were the ones who decided that Baron Corbin was the perfect identity for this Superstar. Corbin has become a well-known Christian name for many people and so his name is definitely one that is reversible. Corbin's real name is Tom Pestock which seems a lot less threatening than Baron Corbin. Of course, Tom Pestock is a former football player, so perhaps that name was more intimidating on the gridiron.

5 Wesley Blake (Blake Wesley)


The former NXT Tag Team Champion and father to be is currently on the NXT roster in an on-going feud with the man he won the Tag Team Championships with, Buddy Murphy. Blake and Murphy were once one of the biggest threats on the NXT roster when Alexa Bliss was managing them.

Sadly Alexa was called up to the main roster before Blake and Murphy but the duo had already broken up before her departure. Blake is the first name of many well-known personalities even though here it is known as Wesley's last name. Cory Weston is the real name of this Superstar, which shows that WWE could have decided on his first name because it is quite similar to his surname. Does anyone believe Wesley Blake will ever make the main roster?

4 Curtis Axel (Axel Curtis)


The son of Mr. Perfect and the former Intercontinental Champion has gone from gimmick to gimmick without a lot of success in his career with WWE. Curtis Axel comes from a family that is synonymous with wrestling which makes his decline in WWE even more harrowing.

The name Axel has become known as a given name ever since Will Farrell called his son Axel back in 201o, while the name Curtis is obviously Jamie Lee's surname as well. Axel's real name is Joseph Hennig and he himself explained that his name was a combination of his father who was known as Curt Hennig and his grandfather Larry 'The Axe' Hennig. During his time in WWE, he has also been known as Michael McGillicutty while he was part of a group known as The Nexus.

3 Cedric Alexander (Alexander Cedric)


Cederic Alexander, the newest WWE Superstar on this list and one of the stars of Raw's Cruiserweight Division also has a reversible name. Alexander could easily be used as a first name as well as the surname that Cedric has become known for. Alexander has been known by this name for his entire career because it is a combination of his Christian name and middle name.

Cedric came out on top on the kick-off show for Hell in a Cell and this could hopefully be a sign of things to come for the over enthusiastic Superstar. However, with so much talent coming through the Cruiserweight Division right now, it will be interesting to see where Alexander goes next. Cedric helped steal the show at the Cruiserweight Classic this past summer.

2 Dana Brooke (Brooke Dana)


The former NXT Superstar and the current Raw star has become known on the main roster for her alliance with Women's Champion Charlotte. However, Dana Brooke makes this list because WWE Creative decided to once again give another Superstar a reversible name. Dana's real name is Ashley Sebera which means that this had no input on her new ring name.

Dana was a fitness competitor and bodybuilder before she joined WWE which means that this is the first ring name that she has been given in her wrestling career. Not to mention the fact that WWE had already had a female wrestler known as Ashley which obviously swayed their decision to give her a much less personal name when she arrived down in the developmental system.

1 Daniel Bryan (Bryan Daniel)


The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current General Manager of SmackDown Live has come a long way since he was known as Bryan Danielson in Ring of Honor. Obviously this is Bryan's real name, but when he joined WWE they didn't give him the same contract as the likes of CM Punk and Austin Aries, since they were allowed to keep the name they had found fame under outside of WWE.

Bryan instead decided to shorten and then reverse his name and became known as Daniel Bryan instead. Something that is much shorter and makes number one on the list because it is definitely a reversible name. Daniel Bryan's real name was exposed to the rest world while he was on Total Divas and more recently on Total Bellas.

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