Top 15 Epic Wrestler Guest Appearances on TV Shows

The guest appearance ... everything in music, film, and television is subjected to guest roles. Whether it be an additional voice added to a studio session to be featured on an upcoming track, an unexpected cameo in a blockbuster movie, or simply a short-lived role on a television series. The guest appearance is popular and polarizing.

Of course, with all things related to the realm of art, the guest appearance can provide a much needed boost to a certain medium or become a catastrophic bust. Convention is tossed aside when stars collide and the hope becomes that the stellar collision will create something beautiful - something that has never been seen before.

When the guest appearance fails, that failure is felt from artist and actor alike as the ego becomes bruised from the blistering blow of reality. This is where the blame-game begins and the comradery ends. Someone must endure the finger-point and take responsibility for the busted project, right?

In the article ahead, the focus will center on the collaboration of professional wrestling and television as we take a look at some televised guest appearances that have been made by some of the biggest professional wrestlers in the business. Those which we feel have proven to be a success (although debate is encouraged as some may seem like a flop appearance to certain viewers/fans).

This is not going to be a piece about Hulk Hogan on Baywatch or Walker, Texas Ranger. The level of cheese in both appearances has a grotesque odor that still lingers twenty years later throughout the wrestling world. The objective here is to present a list of good guest appearances - those which one would want to watch again.

Perhaps you have seen some if not all of these examples. Perhaps your curiosity peak like an acid wave. Either way, these are the top 15 wrestler guest appearances on TV shows:

15 Lita on Dark Angel


Dark Angel was a short-lived, cyberpunk, science fiction series that starred Jessica Alba in a role that would help establish her acting career despite the loss of interest and cancellation following two seasons.

14 The Miz on Sirens


Sirens was another short-lived series that followed the comedic exploits of Chicago EMT Paramedics as they navigated their way through the everyday trails of love and career. The show was recently cancelled due to low ratings.

13 Kane on Smallville


Smallville was a long-running and immensely popular series that followed the life of Clark Kent before becoming Superman. The series was a massive hit as the teenage-drama element would play a pivotal role in production.

12 Vader on Boy Meets World


Boy Meets World was a coming-of-age sitcom that centered around the life of Cory Matthews from middle-school through college - along the way, finding irreplaceable love and friendships.

11 Edge on Haven


Haven is a supernatural series that places the ultra-dramatic into play (like many other shows) and is loosely based on The Colorado Kid - a novel by the hero of the horror genre, Stephen King.

10 Mick Foley on Squidbillies


Squidbillies is an animated, late-night, black comedy which focuses on a family of hillbilly mud squids who live in the Appalachian Mountains and are feuled by alcohol, abusive behaviour, and untamed aggression.

9 Triple H on The Drew Carey Show


The Drew Carey Show was a comedic series set in Cleveland, Ohio that followed the life of "everyman" Drew Carey as he dealt with issues at the office and home. You may recall that Drew Carey has had past associations with WWE.

8 Macho Man on King of the Hill


King of the Hill was an animated series created by Mike Judge (the same mind behind Beavis and Butt-Head). The series showcased the Hill family and their colourful cast of friends, co-workers, and neighbours.

7 Bret Hart on The Simpsons


The Simpsons require no explanation, as the animated program has stood the test of television time with an impressive number of years and episodes to show for cartoon that has crossed generations.

6 John Cena on MADtv


MADtv was a sketch comedy series that was originally inspired by Mad magazine. The show was aired as a late-night program and rivalled long-running comedy giant Saturday Night Live.

5 Hulk Hogan on Robot Chicken


Robot Chicken is a stop motion, adult, animated comedy that parodies not only topics of the present but reinvents subjects of the past such as old, forgotten television shows and movies.

4 The Rock on Saturday Night Live


Saturday Night Live has been a New York City institution for the past forty years. The place where major Hollywood actors, superstar athletes, and electrifying wrestlers have gone to grace the stage with their attempt at sketch comedy.

3 Stone Cold on Celebrity Deathmatch


Celebrity Deathmatch in an MTV claymation series that pits celebrities against each other in an epic fight to the death - a popular program with sinister plots and comical circumstances.

2 Roddy Piper on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is comedic series that takes comedy to a whole new level and follows the exploits and schemes of four narcissistic friends while lacking any moral code.

1 That Wrestling Show


The top spot on our list goes to That '70s Show which dedicated an entire episode to the group of teenagers and fathers heading out to a local wrestling show. The episode is titled "That Wrestling Show."

What made this episode so good? It was aired in 1999, during the peak of the Attitude Era and showcased modern wrestlers as performers from the '70s. The Hardy Boyz - who had their own unique look - were shown wrestling in more traditional wrestling gear.

Ken Shamrock was given a small speaking role when he punked out Red and Eric (father and son) who were sitting on the front row. The legendary Ernie Ladd portrayed the manager of Rocky Johnson who was played by none other than the actual son of Rocky Johnson, The Rock.

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Top 15 Epic Wrestler Guest Appearances on TV Shows