Top 15 Wrestler Returns That Would Help The Current WWE Roster

Despite WWE programming improving since last month, there is still a lot of work to do to maximize the roster to its full potential. WWE has injected the roster with tons of new workers including Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Baron Corbin, Big Cass, Enzo Amore, Apollo Crews, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and the list goes on and on. While it is great to see these new personalities on television, it's easy to notice that many of them still have work to do before becoming elite performers.

WWE needs to do a better job of giving these inexperienced rookies a chance to work with wrestlers who know the WWE style really well. For example, having Roman Reigns as the champion makes him the guy who... well makes guys. What we mean is that facing Reigns should be a way of elevating lesser talent, making mid-carders become main eventers. The problem though is that despite being in the main event, Reigns hasn't truly been "made", because even he hasn't worked with enough seasoned talent.

With that being said, the WWE should actively try to balance out the roster, creating a situation where older wrestlers return to put over younger talent to ensure the future of the company. Now we understand that the idea of bringing back older wrestlers could disrupt the harmony in the locker room, but chances are the new crop of talent that WWE has on roster would rise to the challenge, rather than fall short of expectations. Balancing the roster is essential to WWE moving forward as a company.

The point is like anything, WWE has its ups and downs so bringing back its better known alumni can only help them not hurt them. As always let us know who we may have forgot in the comments below.

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15 Matt Hardy

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If you haven't followed Matt Hardy's career since leaving WWE, here is the short version: he is good at making people hate him. Sure, Hardy is good in the ring, but it's his persona that would be good for the company. WWE lacks real heels, who can get real heel heat with the WWE audience. Matt Hardy may be one of the best wrestlers in the country at getting this kind of heat using social media and his microphone skills. Younger wrestlers would be wise to work with Hardy, learning how to be a true heel in the process.

14 Kurt Angle

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We all want it to happen, and in fact it would be a disservice if Kurt Angle finished his career anywhere but WWE. I don't care if they bring Kurt Angle in as a wrestler, manager, trainer, commentator, referee, GM or anything else under the sun, it would only help younger talent to have Angle on the WWE payroll. He is always praised for his ability to communicate tips to younger talent, and he still has a few matches left in him at this point. At the very least, WWE could have him work with NXT's Jordan and Gable to reform "Team Angle".

13 Brodus Clay

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WWE is lacking heels, and at his best Brodus Clay could be the weekly monster heel that the company needs. We don't need the funky dancing Clay, but rather the Clay we thought we were going to get before he debuted on the main Raw roster. The WWE's vignettes featuring Brodus were legitimately scary, and they have other full time wrestlers roster who can instill that type of fear.

12 Rob Van Dam

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This is a name WWE fans see come and go, but Rob Van Dam is a high flying athlete, who goes back in the ECW days. His return gives WWE fans something to chant about, plus, it doesn’t hurt WWE has started to embrace a more hardcore style. WWE can put him in the ring with people like the Kalisto, Sin Cara, or even Dean Ambrose and he’ll still deliver. If nothing else, WWE could expect an excellent crowd reaction for anyone who works with him, becuase RVD matches are anything but boring.

11 John Morrison/Johnny Mundo

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Johnny Mundo has been killing it over on Lucha Underground, and is a much better performer than he was while working in WWE. He has retained his unorthodox style, while learning more psychology in his matches. The current Lucha Underground Champion could put on an excellent program with someone hard hitting like Kevin Owens, as the contrast between styles would be sure to entertain.

10 AJ Lee

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It was sad to hear that AJ Lee was leaving the WWE in 2015, because fans loved to see her wrestling every week. She had the looks and talents to perform in the WWE, and probably still does. It's pretty ironic that the person who sparked the revolution of women's wrestling, left the WWE before she got to see it become reality. This would set up an instant storyline with current Women's Champion Charlotte, if Lee were to return. Also, these two haven’t formally met in the ring, so we could see the Black Widow versus the Figure Eight. Hopefully, the WWE Universe will be able to see her skip around the ring again.

9 Batista

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Batista has said he’s done with WWE before, but imagine if he came back to the company, and started dominating younger guys. Instead of having this one monster (Brock Lesnar) who comes and goes periodically, you could have two with Batista. Guys like Sami Zayn who would never get the chance to work with Lesnar, could have great matches with Batista; remember his run with Rey Mysterio? Additionally, having another credible former WWE World Champion can only help the injury prone roster right now.

8 Randy Orton

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The viper, Randy Orton is still recovering from a shoulder injury, but his return can’t hurt the WWE as he is a seasoned veteran. Orton has the ability to be the face of the WWE because he’s so deadly inside the ring. Orton is the type of person that will fight anyone to reach to the top, so it be something to watch if someone like Kevin Owens or the League of Nations got in his way. As much as people say Orton is stale, the former champion has the skill set to make other wrestlers look better, something that could truly help some greener wrestlers.

7 Rey Mysterio

via wrestlesite.com

With the rise of Kalisto, the WWE can do the feud they wanted to a few years ago between Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Sin Cara was a total flop, which put an end to that possibility, but a mask vs. mask feud between Mysterio and Kalisto would be epic. Kalisto is the one to fill the void left by Mysterio, but it's be great for Rey to come back for one final run to put Kalisto over. It'd be a welcome change of pace from Kalisto feuding with the likes of Ryback.

6 Shawn Michaels

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Imagine how awesome it would be for Shawn Michaels return full time. He, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Mick Foley came out at WrestleMania and fought the League of Nations, to an amazing reaction. Although he has been out of the ring for a few years now, "HBK" certainly looked like he hadn't lost a step at WrestleMania. There’s no doubt the WWE Universe would gladly welcome him back, facing anybody on the roster.

5 CM Punk

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It’s hard to ignore all the CM Punk chants that still happen at WWE shows, and it's safe to say that a CM Punk return would surely shock the WWE Universe. Punk has no problem expressing what he feels whether you're Vince McMahon, a NXT rookie, or just another wrestler, Punk will speak his mind. Not only is he good on the mic, but in the ring the "Straight Edge" wrestler can compete with the best, which is why he held the WWE Title for a record length. Sadly, this return will likely never happen, as Punk has said multiple times he's done with wrestling. We can dream, can't we?

4 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is still recovering from a knee injury that he received back December, but he was able to make an appearance for the Slammys to accept his Superstar of the Year award. He was using crutches at the time, so now he may be nearing a return to the ring. Rollins will certainly want his WWE Title back, and it’ll will only elevate Roman Reigns to have an experienced guy like Rollins working with him. Rollins will be the future of the WWE, as he can literally wrestle anywhere on the card, making him probably the most valuable piece of the roster at this point.

3 Goldberg

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Goldberg’s name is always mentioned all over social media teasing for one more match, but it never happens. Now would be the perfect time for him to return while Brock Lesnar is still relevant. These two collided way back at WreslteMania 20 and Lesnar would probably want to redeem their stinker of a match. It’s not only Lesnar, Goldberg can face, there are other names such as Apollo Crews, Kevin Owens, and even the current WWE Heavyweight champion, Roman Reigns. It’d be scary yet interesting to see which spear is stronger Reigns or Goldberg's.

2 The Rock

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There’s a reason why The Rock is the champion of the people, but that title also means he’s a busy man. The Rock continues to electrify crowds in whatever role he has been given in the WWE. It would be hard to ask The Rock to come back and do one more run, but if he ever decided to come back to WWE full time it would be a dream come true. Plus, a fight between him and his cousin, Roman Reigns would be sure to draw money. In fact just having The Rock verbally spar with some younger talent - see The New Day as an example - is good enough for the WWE Universe.

1 John Cena

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Hate him or love him, John Cena will always be the man for WWE. We saw last year that not only can Cena still wrestle at a high level, but he can do it with anyone. Keep in mind that Cena probably had the best wrestling matches of his career... and dare we say, the best in the industry in 2015. The most interesting part of it all, is that Cena had these matches with the likes Zack Ryder, Stardust, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Neville. If Cena continues to accept his role as a mid-card enhancer, the WWE is in for a good couple years.

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