Top 15 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Want to Date Your Daughter

"Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more." - Kurt Cobain She grew up fast and now you are burdened with the reality of being the father of a social and sexually active woman. Oh, the horrors that

"Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more." - Kurt Cobain

She grew up fast and now you are burdened with the reality of being the father of a social and sexually active woman. Oh, the horrors that come along with such a circumstance. How did the time pass so fast? Old age is creeping and there is no way of avoiding the grasp of his cold, lifeless hand.

The most you can hope is that she will meet a decent man with whom she can spend her life; but where are these men? The world is no longer a place of clean-cut, young men who say "yes, please" and "thank you, sir." This is the age of the Hooligan: the brash, egomaniacal, male with little regard and plenty of testosterone.

The men of the real world in many ways mirror the monsters of professional wrestling. The kind of world where brutes are welcomed and gentle are banished. The only place where a man in tights can strike fear into the hearts of spectators. The one strange corner of society where abnormal appears normal.

Of course, you wouldn't want your precious little daughter to bring home one of these Grotesque Gladiators. Charm is often lost upon these men as not all wrestlers turn out to be Dwayne Johnson. Most of these maniacs are damaged physiological creatures and outcasts among the everyday world.

The idea of your daughter being with a professional wrestler should be a cringe-worthy thought knowing what the lifestyle entails. Think about your Baby Girl, sitting at home while this wrestling-boyfriend travels the globe, perhaps living a life akin to the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Meanwhile, your daughter will live with doubt and fear: doubt about monogamy and fear of injury as the wrestling world is a brutal place in which to exist.

These are the top 15 wrestlers you wouldn't want to date your daughter:

15 Mojo Rawley 


Tune into an episode of Breaking Ground and you will understand why you wouldn't want this NXT Superstar, Mojo Rawley, dating your daughter. Rawley is essentially an almost thirty manchild and the lack of maturity is apparent.

Mojo Rawley – like the hyperactive kid in your elementary class – needs to be scolded by coaches for goofing around in the gym. Meanwhile, away from the training facility, Rawley fancies himself a party animal and enjoys the lifestyle accordingly.

14 Baron Corbin 


They call Baron Corbin, “The Lone Wolf.” This nickname is an extension of his personality as Corbin is far from being the most sociable NXT Superstar on the roster. While there is nothing wrong with dating an introvert, you wouldn't want your daughter hanging with a Wolf.

Baron Corbin is moody and often times difficult to get along with which can prove disastrous in any relationship; especially one of a romantic nature. Corbin could cause a young lady some serious distress thanks to his personality.

13 Enzo Amore 


The NXT Universe absolutely adore Enzo Amore. Their relationship has grown organically and now, Amore is classified as one of the most popular Superstars on the roster. However, would you really want a guy like Amore dating your daughter?

Take a good look at Enzo Amore: while entertaining, Amore doesn't offer much in the ways of sophistication (If that's your taste). Amore is one strange and goofy dude with an odd haircut and a lack of anything considered classy.

12 Teddy Hart 


Teddy Hart comes in as the “indy darling” of the list. However, do not be swayed by the last name. Despite an association to the legendary Hart Family, you would never want your daughter to become romantically involved with a guy like Teddy.

Teddy Hart is the family embarrassment; a man who could never get his act together and break through in a major wrestling promotion. On top of that, Hart has been arrested in the past and accused of sexual assault. All daughters should stay far away from this Hart.

11 Zack Ryder 


Zack Ryder seems like a perfectly nice guy as there is nothing really that controversial about Long Island Ice Z. However, Ryder is a perpetual let-down; having never made much of his WWE career other than internet fame.

If you happen to be a parent of high-standards and expect your daughter's boyfriend to excel and succeed at everything, then Zack Ryder is not the guy for your girl; unless you make peace with the concept of underachievement.

10 Ryback 


Whenever a person expresses their belief in a self-help book, run away as quickly as possible. Self-help is a hopeless, brainwashed, market which preys on the naive while pulling in major profits. Which is why you wouldn't want your daughter dating Ryback.

Think about family dinners with “The Big Guy” where he gets to fill in his potential new in-laws on all the “positivity” in his life. Meanwhile, you must grin and absorbed all the nonsensical rhetoric being spewed out by Ryback.

9 The Miz 


The Miz may be married to a former WWE Diva, Maryse, but even if the former WWE Champion were single and somehow found himself in a relationship with your daughter, it would prove to be a sweet piece of hell.

The Miz – a former reality star – presents a very obnoxious persona in both real life and on television. Any father with a short-fuse would easily find himself enraged by The Miz' company. “The Most Must See Superstar” could have a man seeing red.

8 Jerry Lawler 


It is now time for the creepy portion of this list and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Yes, sometimes these young daughters are attracted to an older man. This case, it's a much older man like the sixty-six-year-old wrestling legend and longtime womanizer.

Could you image your daughter bringing home Jerry Lawler? “The King” is older than you are and now you much face this tragic truth. And, as wrestling fans will know, Lawler loves a youthful woman. Reference his marriage to Stacy Carter (The Kat)?

7 Daniel Bryan 


This entry is geared specifically towards the Conservative, right-wing father who never would be able to fathom the though of his daughter dating a neo-hippie wrestler like Daniel Bryan. The appearance of Bryan alone would be enough to disapprove.

Daniel Bryan loves the environment and cares about the well-being of animals. These concepts are often lost on the Republican male looking to shoot his dinner and heat his home, which is why Bryan would be ridiculed and rejected by such a man.

6 Randy Orton 


Randy Orton has settled into the Family Man way of life. Currently on his second marriage, Orton is also the father of a little girl which is why Orton himself would probably agree that you wouldn't want your daughter dating a guy like him; at least a certain version.

In his earlier years, Randy Orton was said to have been a hell-raising young man whose enjoyed life to the fullest. Orton has also been known to be quite temperamental and has fallen under the spell of substance abuse throughout his career.

5 CM Punk 


The idea of a Straight Edge boyfriend would excite many fathers; knowing that their daughter will not get caught up in the ravenous party lifestyle while with a man can be reassuring. That's until dear, old Dad is introduced to CM Punk.

The tattooed brawler look is one often misunderstood and it's easy to see how a father would find faults in his daughter dating CM Punk. Aside from appearance, Punk possess a personality that proves rather difficult to connect with on deeper levels than the surface.

4 Jeff Hardy 


Jeff Hardy has been with the same women since 1999 and has two young children with his longtime partner. While the commitment level of Hardy (if he were single) would be reassuring to a father, a quick search of Hardy would have him thinking otherwise.

Jeff Hardy has struggled and battled his way through the darker corners of life. Hardy has encountered his problems with the law while dealing with substance abuse issues. These are immediate red flags for any father looking after his daughter.

3 Seth Rollins 


Seth Rollins has proven to be the best investment made by WWE in quite some time. As WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins proved naysayers wrong by leading the company in a unique manner. However, that doesn't mean you would want Rollins dating your daughter.

Seth Rollins found himself involved in a nude picture scandal which subsequently cost him a fiance. With Rollins set to be “the future” the up-and-coming Divas are sure to set their sights on “The Architect” and whose to say Rollins would remain loyal to your daughter?

2 Dolph Ziggler 


There has always been something sinister about Dolph Ziggler as it pertains to women. Ziggler is a consummate professional out in the ring but behind the scenes appears to be a flirtatious and forward man which could cause worry for a father.

Dolph Ziggler has the looks and the charm. That magnetic aura to which women are drawn. Such a distinction would cause great concern for a parent whose daughter found herself romantically involved with “ The Show Off.”

1 John Cena 


John Cena is still the face of WWE, despite what anybody may say or preach. The Cena Era has not come to an end and will continue to exist within the WWE Universe. This alone makes Cena a man not suited for your daughter.

While the idea of your daughter dating the biggest star in WWE may seem nice at first, the overall outcome would not have her best interests at heart. Cena is desired by women all around the world and is in constant demand.

These situations could leave your daughter lonely, wondering, and trying to escape the nagging and neurotic thoughts that come along with dating a wrestler.

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