Top 15 Wrestler/Celebrity Look-A-Likes

If Hollywood ever comes a calling to make a film about the following wrestlers, we know who to cast first. That’s because, by luck or fate, by some sort of entertaining magic, these men and women bear a humorous, maybe uncanny resemble to select actors.

It’s the sort of amusing sports-entertainment crossover that’s fun to delve into. There are all sorts of connections between Hollywood and athletics. We’ve discussed in the past wrestlers turning to films, successfully or otherwise, sometimes going back and forth between the two. There are also those athletes that pair up with celebrities, achieving something more famous and powerful as this intriguing couple than alone. Then there are those actors who have played wrestlers on screen, and maybe even have drawn from experience.

Here though, we are going for an even more ridiculous, maybe tenuous connection for the pure purposes to entertain, and maybe raise discussion. These are those wrestlers, who more often than not, bear a resemblance to on-screen actors.

The slight caveat of course is that actors change their looks all the time, and they do it on and off screen. That’s part of the fun of being an actor. So at times below we may have to get particular and specific. This is also meant to be fun and silly, so we’re not going to stress too much. We just want you to look at these wrestlers a little differently next time.

We’re going to try and stay in the present here with the people we’re talking about, and cull only current and (somewhat) popular folks, but some are too good to resist.

So sit back, tilt your head to the side, dim the lights, a maybe blur your vision even. Here are the top wrestler lookalikes.

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15 Rob Van Dam & Jean Claude Van Damme

RVD: islam-batista22.deviantart.com / Jean Claude: blurrent.com

It’s not a coincidence both share similar last names. It’s alleged that RVD, whose birth name is Robert Alex Szatkowski, was given the ring name because of his similar look to action star and martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme (RVD is from Michigan and Van Damme is from Belgium, but that doesn’t matter). Across ECW, WEE, and TNA, Van Dam won a total of 21 championships while resembling the actor - the pony tail is a big part of the look. This is definitely a case of owning the similar appearance, but unlike JCVD, there was no cool bio-pic made of the wrestler.

14 Edge & Matthew Lillard

Edge: wrestling123.org / Lillard: imgkid.com

Both these men, especially the actor in the equation, have gone through different looks, so we’re going to have to line this up carefully. Edge, the loud, energetic, and charming former WWE star from Ontario, Canada, and Matthew Lillard from Michigan both seem to exude this sense of idealism and naughtiness. They seem like pranksters, and both feature the same smirk showing off their pearly white teeth, as well as eyes that show they know what they are doing, despite often being ridiculous on the stage or screen. Give them both shaggy long hair and a surprised look on their face, and they’d disappear into each other.

13 EC3/Derrick Bateman & Andy Samberg

Bateman: cagematch1000.blogspot.com / Samberg: andy-samberg.com

Before he cut his curly hair, Derrick Bateman, now wresting under the name Ethan Carter III, looked like a jacked up version of Andy Samberg. In addition to the dark locks, both feature a goofy grin and maybe a slightly noticeable nose. Perhaps EC3 was nervous about the inferences made being compared to a funny, nebbish comedian not known for his strength or hunkiness and he changed his look and name. Then again, Samberg has done pretty great for himself too, so he probably ends up winning this battle.

12 Jack Swagger & Thomas F. Wilson

Swagger: weblogs.baltimoresun.com / Wilson: seriessub.com

This might be the most ridiculous on the list, not because of the similarities, but just the people involved. While Thomas F. Wilson may not be a household name, he certainly starred in one of the best known trilogies in film, portraying a classic villain. He was Biff Tannen (and later Mad Dog Tannen) in Back to the Future, and with blond hair, baby face, and an often confused look and penchant for fighting, he bears striking resemble to Jack Swagger. The 33-year-old wrestler from Fargo has switched to a more rugged look with some stubble, but get rid of that, and there he is: Biff Tannen.

11 Chris Jericho & Gordon Ramsay

Jericho: walkingdead.wikia.com / Ramsay: hellomagazine.com

The funny thing about these two is that it’s almost certainly the celebrity that is probably more feared and known for his anger. Indeed, Chris Jericho, the heroic Canadian wrestler with the charm and good looks, bears a certain resemblance at times to master British Chef Gordon Ramsay. It’s most likely the short blond hair, which is short enough to be proper, but not so short that it doesn’t move around when running (or really angry, in Ramsay’s case). They’re also about the same age – though Ramsay seems to have a lot more stress on his hands.

10 Lana & Yvonne Strahovski

Lana: pixgood.com / Strahovski: yvonnestrahovski.net

They may not be the most popular figures in either the wrestler or actress category, but they are surely on their way. The smoldering, seductive WWE Diva Lana is a blonde bombshell who is as fierce as she as tough. Yvonne Strohovski, meanwhile, is a blonde beauty in her own right, with similarly dark eyebrows, fair skin, and full lips. Both Lana, whose real name is C.J. Perry, and the 32-year-old Australian Strahovski sport an effortlessly glamorous look while still being formidable; whenever either are on screen, they are not to be trifled with.

9 Randy Couture & Jason Statham

via 22dreamslastnight.wordpress.com

This may be breaking the rules a little bit, but it’s too much fun to resist. Couture is our wrestler in question – he did complete in Greco-American wrestling at the Pan Am Games before turning to Mixed Martial Arts. This one is enjoyable because his lookalike is his co-star across three rather entertaining films in The Expendables franchise. Both are powerful men with shaved heads, big smiles, and scruffy faces. Couture has some height on him, but Statham has more on-screen kills, which should probably count for something.

8 Adam Levine & CM Punk

Punk: wrestling123.org / Levine: pinterest.com

These two talented men may be the ones most adored by women on this list. The sexy entertainers both have athletic builds (though CM Punk certainly more so) and a body full of tattoos - they're both punks (one even by name), but lovable ones. Their short dark hair and occasional scruffy beards only serve to reinforce the look. It certainly helps that they’ve both seem to rise to fame around the same time and are rooted on by many.

7 Dolph Ziggler & Chris Hemsworth

Ziggler: pittsburgh.cbslocal.com / Hemsworth: Filmofilia.com

Depending on how sandy his blonde hair is on any given day, wrestler Dolph Ziggler could be confused for the latest People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Thor himself, Mr. Chris Hemsworth. While sometimes with bleached-blond hair, Ziggler has a strong jaw, a bit of stubble, and just the right amount of cockiness to resemble Hemsworth. Thor is a good comparison too, with his long locks. They both have a lovely smile, one that is almost boyish in nature. Whenever we turn on the screen and see them, they're both magnetic characters who get positive reactions from the crowd.

6 John Cena & Matt Damon

Cena: bbs.zhongxue.k618.cn / Damon: galleryhip.com

We’re talking about action-adventure Matt Damon here, as that’s what makes the most sense. Sure, Damon is a talented actor of great range and regard, but when he is bulked up and dispatching baddies, especially in the Bourne trilogy, he starts to look not too dissimilar from John Cena. With close-cropped hair and a very sharp jaw line, something about Cena (and Damon) make you want to root for them. Cena has also starred in films, so he knows a thing or two about dispatching villains and blowing things up.

5 The Rock & Dwayne Johnson

Rock: sportsstarsworld.blogspot.com / Johnson: comicvine.com

These two are practically twins, yet for some reason they aren’t going to make it to the top of the list (that would be cheating). The Rock dominated wrestling in the late 90s and early 2000s, and still returns to the ring every so often. Johnson meanwhile has seen a successful movie career, making dramas, comedies, and action-adventure tales. The Rock scowls more than Johnson, but both have pearly whites and bald heads. Their resemblance truly is uncanny – and it’s strange you never see the two of them in the same room.

4 Alicia Fox & Rihanna

Fox: villains.wikia.com / Rihanna: beautybulletin.com

One of the most outspoken women in wrestling shares both an attitude (bad-itude?) and incredible looks with one of the most entrancing and talented young artists in the music industry. Yes, the divisive Alicia Fox shares a certain resemble to singer Rihanna – and both seem just as polarizing to some. Of course, Rihanna is constantly changing her look and style, but with her bold dark red hair, she and Fox run similar. Not for nothing either, but rival Cameron recently said that Fox looks like a “stank version of Rihanna.” We can’t speak to the first part, but certainly agree with the second.

3 Roman Reigns & Jason Momoa 

Reigns: pinterest.com / Momoa: rspwfa2.livejournal.com

This may be a case where the wrestler is clearly more popular than the actor, though that’s for another debate. Regardless, Jason Momoa, who is making his name as a seductive action hero (he did portray Conan the Barbarian, after all), with his long dark hair and mysterious aura, looks mighty similar to WWE wrestler Roman Reigns. Their birthplaces aren’t same, but they're somewhat similar regions:Reigns' ancestry is Samoan, while Momoa was born in Hawai’i. What’s more, when you slap a goatee on them, and set them loose fighting; it’s easy to see the resemblance. You just might not know if you want to root for them or be scared of them – or both.

2 Cameron & Nicki Minaj

Cameron: fanpop.com / Minaj: flavorwire.com

We already talked about one side of trash-talking, but diva Cameron, who’s real name is Ariane Nicole Andrew, lashed out at Alicia Fox because of comments Fox made first. She called her a ‘bootleg version of Nikki Minaj.” Again, we won’t touch that first part, but the resemblance definitely is there. Both women have big smiles, smoldering eyes, and don’t mind being photographed in various states of undress. While both change their look with frequency (Cameron is a model and dancer too), when they’re sporting bangs and showing off their long hair, the similarities are pretty apparent.

1 Triple H & Sean Bean

via mynuvotv.com

It looks to be the best pairing on the list, especially when you look at the actor’s more science fiction and fantasy-like roles. The two are best compared with long hair and beards, and certainly Bean’s turn as Boromir in the first entry into The Lord of the Rings franchise is pretty telling; Game of Thrones saw him return to the rugged look, and that actually works too. Still, the acclaimed actor from England, who has starred in Goldeneye, Silent Hill, and The Island, among many other films, has both a charming cockiness and a warming look to him, just like Triple H.

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