Top 15 Wrestler/Celebrity Look-A-Likes

If Hollywood ever comes a calling to make a film about the following wrestlers, we know who to cast first. That’s because, by luck or fate, by some sort of entertaining magic, these men and women bear a humorous, maybe uncanny resemble to select actors.

It’s the sort of amusing sports-entertainment crossover that’s fun to delve into. There are all sorts of connections between Hollywood and athletics. We’ve discussed in the past wrestlers turning to films, successfully or otherwise, sometimes going back and forth between the two. There are also those athletes that pair up with celebrities, achieving something more famous and powerful as this intriguing couple than alone. Then there are those actors who have played wrestlers on screen, and maybe even have drawn from experience.

Here though, we are going for an even more ridiculous, maybe tenuous connection for the pure purposes to entertain, and maybe raise discussion. These are those wrestlers, who more often than not, bear a resemblance to on-screen actors.

The slight caveat of course is that actors change their looks all the time, and they do it on and off screen. That’s part of the fun of being an actor. So at times below we may have to get particular and specific. This is also meant to be fun and silly, so we’re not going to stress too much. We just want you to look at these wrestlers a little differently next time.

We’re going to try and stay in the present here with the people we’re talking about, and cull only current and (somewhat) popular folks, but some are too good to resist.

So sit back, tilt your head to the side, dim the lights, a maybe blur your vision even. Here are the top wrestler lookalikes.

15 15. Rob Van Dam & Jean Claude Van Damme

RVD: / Jean Claude:

14 14. Edge & Matthew Lillard

Edge: / Lillard:

13 13. EC3/Derrick Bateman & Andy Samberg

Bateman: / Samberg:

12 12. Jack Swagger & Thomas F. Wilson

Swagger: / Wilson:

11 11. Chris Jericho & Gordon Ramsay

Jericho: / Ramsay:

10 10. Lana & Yvonne Strahovski

Lana: / Strahovski:

9 9. Randy Couture & Jason Statham


8 8. Adam Levine & CM Punk

Punk: / Levine:

7 7. Dolph Ziggler & Chris Hemsworth

Ziggler: / Hemsworth:

6 6. John Cena & Matt Damon

Cena: / Damon:

5 5. The Rock & Dwayne Johnson

Rock: / Johnson:

4 4. Alicia Fox & Rihanna

Fox: / Rihanna:

3 3. Roman Reigns & Jason Momoa 

Reigns: / Momoa:

2 2. Cameron & Nicki Minaj

Cameron: / Minaj:

1 1. Triple H & Sean Bean


It looks to be the best pairing on the list, especially when you look at the actor’s more science fiction and fantasy-like roles. The two are best compared with long hair and beards, and certainly Bean’s turn as Boromir in the first entry into The Lord of the Rings franchise is pretty telling; Game of Thrones saw him return to the rugged look, and that actually works too. Still, the acclaimed actor from England, who has starred in Goldeneye, Silent Hill, and The Island, among many other films, has both a charming cockiness and a warming look to him, just like Triple H.

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Top 15 Wrestler/Celebrity Look-A-Likes