Top 15 Wrestlers From The Monday Night War You Forgot About

When you think back, it’s amazing how many professional wrestlers performed during the Attitude Era for WWE, WCW and ECW. The WCW roster alone must have been 125 people deep, 94 of them being part of some incarnation of the nWo.

Think about how many factions there were in each of those promotions as well. Do you remember WCW’s Misfits in Action? What about the original incarnation of The Nation of Domination that featured J.C. Ice and Wolfie D?

It’s easy to remember the stars but there were so many guys that were in and out of the promotions, some having short stints in each with no real traction (think 2 Cold Scorpio).

There are plenty of guys that are hard to forget, that carved their names into history like The Rock, Stone Cold and Goldberg but this article is about those wrestlers who made no mark and were forgotten before they even had a chance to make an impression on fans.

I consider myself a pretty serious mark, and remembering some of these performers made me understand why I had erased them from memory in the first place. Of course, with three big shows and a few hundred guys to keep track of, it was easy to forget people. It’s interesting too how some of these performers seemed to have some force behind them but just couldn’t catch on with fans even though they were really a pile of hot garbage.

Welcome to a who’s who of, who?

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15 The Demon

via timetobreak.com

KISS condoms, a KISS casket and a KISS wrestler. Yes, these are all real things. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why anyone would think that a wrestler modeled after the Gene Simmons KISS persona would work. I guess when you’re fairly new to the business as Dale Torborg was and the higher ups say, “Hey, we’re gonna paint you up like that guy from KISS” you say, “AWESOME!” The character lasted about a year, which was way too long, but so short-lived that I was able to erase it from memory.

14 High Voltage

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I think WCW wanted us to believe that High Voltage was on their way to being one of the next great tag teams, but seriously, the guys never had a chance. Robbie Rage and Kenny Kaos looked like they ate ‘roids with their Wheaties before doing 1000 squats and screaming at each other in the gym. I assume some executive left the names up to his 14-year-old son to come up with. Easy to forget these guys seeing as their run lasted a total of five matches, with only three being televised. They only won one.

13 Meat

via wwe.com

Shawn Stasiak, son of former WWWF champion Stan Stasiak, had a solid, albeit uneventful career in the WWE and WCW during the Attitude Era, but you may have forgotten that he got his start as the character Meat, the male friend of the Pretty Mean Sisters. The character was super lame and didn’t catch on at all. He was part of the infamous GTV angle which is ironic because he was supposedly let go for recording conversations between wrestlers.

12 Crowbar

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David Flair: Son of a legend. Daffney: Goth-looking girl who acted slightly insane. Crowbar: I’m not really sure what Crowbar’s point was in this trio. Reading up, I just found out he was in the WWE as Devon Storm between two separate runs in WCW. In the latter promotion, he held the Hardcore, Cruiserweight and Tag Team titles. He was also in ECW. I seriously had no idea. I remember tuning out during these segments as there was nothing I found appealing about the story.

11 Miss Kitty

via tvropes.org

I remember Miss Kitty for basically being the woman who would do whatever ridiculous thing was expected of female wrestlers in the WWE locker room and for being the reason that Jerry the King Lawler quit his announcing gig with the company in 2001. She showed off the puppies after an evening gown match which was easily the highlight of her only Women’s Championship run and of her career. When she was fired by the WWE, Lawler followed her out the door. The marriage, her career and his departure didn’t last long.

10 Danny Doring

via pl.wwe.com

You may remember the Angry Amish Assassin Roadkill from ECW or that he and his partner were managed by the girl who would become Lita in the WWE. What you might not remember is the name of Danny Doring, the aforementioned partner. He didn’t have a cool catchphrase like “Chickens” and was a pretty generic looking guy, but he worked with some cool people. Don't Doring's pink and black tights make him look like a Hart Foundation wannabe?

9 Lodi

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Raven’s Flock was a WCW stable full of forgettable talent like Reese, Sick Boy and Lodi, not to be confused with the town in New Jersey famous for the Bada Bing strip club. Lodi had the stupidest gimmick which basically consisted of him holding up signs during matches involving Flock members. But for some reason the guy was hilarious. Did he even wrestle more than a handful of matches during his tenure in WCW? He got squashed by Goldberg which was worth watching.

8 Beaver Cleavage

via cagesideseats.com

Only Vince McMahon could have come up with this character and found it to be amusing. Beaver was former Headbanger Mosh and was in reference to the television show 'Leave it to Beaver'. The gimmick was so terrible that it lasted for one match in 1999, a victory over Christian. How’d you like to be the only notch on this guy’s belt? Honestly, I forgot about Mosh too, so double whammy for this guy.

7 Carl Ouellet

via prowrestling.wikia.com

I will admit that I remember the French Canadian guy with the eye patch from the WWE and WCW, but if you gave me a list of names, I may never have picked Carl (or Pierre) Ouellet from the list. I don’t remember him winning very much and most of the matches I found online are of him losing to the likes of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Public Enemy. Award-winning they are not. He was one of The Quebecers (the newer version) with Jacques Rougeau who had a more memorable career.

6 Mustafa Saed

via youtube.com

If you’re a pro wrestling fan, you more than likely know New Jack who’s blazed a path of bloody glory for more than 20 years. But do you remember his partner in The Gangstas, Mustafa Saed? While I knew there was a second Gangsta, I couldn’t remember his name when researching this article. I guess it’s tough to be remembered when your partner is one of the most insane wrestlers in history. He’s literally this generation’s Abdullah The Butcher. I just made that up. You’re welcome.

5 Essa Rios

via tumblr.com

Remember when the WWE realized that the WCW cruiserweight division was awesome and tried to create their own? It was full of second-rate schlubs except for a few performers, but one of the guys in the 1997 tournament to crown a champion was Aguila. The character didn’t last long, but the wrestler was later reintroduced as Essa Rios. Managed by Lita, it wasn’t long before people were paying attention to her and not him. Rios did hold the WWE Light Heavyweight title for 34 days in 2000. When I try to imagine Essa Rios in my head, I see Super Crazy.

4 Rodney

via wwe.com

If we start talking about the Mean Street Posse, you likely remember Pete Gas or Joey Abs. You may not remember Rodney though, the third wheel on a bus to nowhere. I can’t recall ever seeing him actually wrestle a match and a quick Google search didn’t bring up any video evidence of him doing so either, but he did have some from 1999-2001. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a cool name like the other two that he’s so forgettable.

3 Giant Silva

via wwe.fr

What a tub of goo this behemoth is. Giant Silva was a member of The Oddities and not even one of the good ones if there is such a thing. Luna and Kurgan were so much better than this ogre who couldn’t wrestle, couldn’t speak and looked like your nightmares. Googling Giant Silva was one of the best things I did in writing this article. His MMA matches since his departure from the squared circle are some awful displays of athleticism. Check out his match with Akebono, a craptastic masterpiece.

2 Brakkus

via pl.wwe.com

Brakkus was a WWE guy sent to ECW during a 1997 invasion angle. He wrestled Taz for the ECW World TV title at Cyberslam 1998 and promptly lost in 2:37. He didn’t fare much better in the big leagues, wrestling for the WWE from 1996-98. He lost to Savio Vega in the first round of the Brawl for All, wrestled one more match for the company and that was about it. Seriously, Brakkus? What kind of stupid name is that?

1 The Maestro

via wcwworldwide.tumblr.com

Most of the people on this list I remembered at least slightly after looking them up. I can tell you honestly that I have no idea who the Maestro is. Not one memory of this guy performing in the ring, but in 1999 and 2000 this dude was in WCW and beat Bam Bam Bigelow, Ernest the Cat Miller and Norman Smiley. Who in their right minds let that happen? He also lost a shoot fight with Tank Abbott that lasted 13 seconds. He later went by the name, the Stro. I’m a little upset that I know this much about the guy now.

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