Top 15 Wrestlers in Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground debuted last year with the idea to create a new wrestling product. With Mark Burnett as a producer and the television show airing on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network, the expectations for the company giving fans something new were lived up to. The production and the writing felt more like watching a movie unfold rather than a typical wrestling show. The wrestling was to be true to the Mexican lucha libre tradition while incorporating more things to feed the American wrestling fan base. Stars from AAA and the independent wrestling scene were signed as well as a couple of former WWE and TNA names.

The hunger of the roster looking to show how talented they were would give the promotion matches that delivered every week. You were guaranteed at least one great match on each episode of season one. The writing was on point as every wrestler had direction going forward in each storyline or feud. Everything that happened culminated in a great story or led to something more important. The weekly hour was utilized effectively and left the fans wanting more. After season one ended with a tremendous "Ultima Lucha" finale, many were wondering if we saw the end of Lucha Underground with little news breaking in the months following.

Luckily, season two was announced a few weeks ago and is scheduled to be ready for a premiere in January 2016. Executive producer Eric Van Wagenen gave insight into everything that is going on with Lucha Underground and their future in an interview with The Richest. The promotion continuing gives a true alternative for any wrestling fan as Lucha Underground is unlike WWE or any other wrestling company. They’ve created a world so unique and refreshing that is must watch for any fans of pro wrestling, old or new. The roster depth is incredible and we’re going to look at the fifteen best wrestlers in Lucha Underground.

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15 King Cuerno 

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King Cuerno has a very impressive look that stands out on the television screen right away. As one of the original AAA stars to sign with Lucha Underground, Cuerno had two very memorable feuds with Drago and Johnny Mundo in season one. Cuerno’s Last Man Standing match with Drago and Steel Cage match with Mundo are two of the greatest matches from the first season of the show. The matches were the perfect mix between great wrestling and brilliant storytelling to end each feud. Following the two programs, Cuerno served as one of the more consistent members on the roster and should be one of the faces to return for a big season two.

14 Mil Muertes 

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Mil Muertes is the current Lucha Underground Champion after defeating Prince Puma in the season finale. Many fans may remember Muertes for his short stint in TNA as Judas Mesias. With much improvement over the years, Muertes is one of the larger and more physically imposing members of Lucha Underground. The smaller and more aerial wrestlers have great chemistry with him as a rare big man on the show and he’s athletic enough to add to the match as well. Muertes does not have to worry about his weak mic skills as he’s managed by the incredible Catrina. She cuts the promos and creates the stories while he plays his role perfectly.

13 Sexy Star 

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As the biggest female wrestling name in Mexico, it made complete sense for Lucha Underground to bring over Sexy Star as the female face of the promotion. Lucha Underground has intergender matches where men and women can face other. Sexy Star is the woman that has been involved in most of those matches and always carries herself well. Her popularity grew every week as she’s one of the rare wrestlers that you can’t help but love. Season one ended with Sexy Star being kidnapped by psychotic fan turned wrestler “Marty the Moth,” who was bringing in his sister to face her. No word yet on who it will be but this is one of the more interesting storylines entering season two.

12 Cage 

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As a regular in popular independent wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Brian Cage has been respected by diehard wrestling fans for a couple of years but he was given his first true break on television by Lucha Underground. Cage is one of the strongest men in wrestling with an intense style. Quite frankly, Cage may be the most terrifying man in Lucha Underground and he doesn’t even wear a mask. As strong as he is, Cage is also very agile and does things in the ring a man his size shouldn’t even consider. Cage will be one of the more interesting performers to look for in the promotion for years to come.

11 Ivelisse 

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After failing to win a contract on WWE Tough Enough in 2011, Ivelisse Velez kept working her way into respectability on the independent wrestling scene. Ivelisse was given an opportunity on Lucha Underground and she made the best of it. Involved in a romantic storyline that turned into a trios team, she won the Lucha Underground Trios Champion with Son of Havoc and Angelico. Ivelisse has a natural charisma and realistic wrestling style that makes her comes across as one of the toughest wrestlers on the show, regardless of gender. Regardless of if she continues to compete against men or starts to wrestle against women again, Ivelisse is someone to keep an eye on.

10 Jack Evans 

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Jack Evans makes his living wrestling in Mexico following impressive stints in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Evans is one of the best high-flying wrestlers in the business today and has implemented more personality into his matches. Typically playing the arrogant and cowardly heel, Evans should be spotlighted much more in season two than he was in the first season. Evans is in a tag team with Angelico in Mexico and they are regarded as an elite team right now but both men stayed away from each other in season one. There’s a chance they could be reunited in season two which would make Evans even more must-see than he already is.

9 Angelico 

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As mentioned before, Angelico is most known for being Jack Evans tag team partner in Mexico but last year saw him work with Son of Havoc and Ivelisse as a trios team in Lucha Underground. No one created as many memorable moments in season one than Angelico. With his death-defying high risk moves, Angelico frequently jumped from incredible high spots onto his opponents. Fans fell in love with him and there’s no reason for that to not continuein season two. Angelico has a great look, always leaves an impact on the viewer and makes every match he’s in feel like a must-see attraction.

8 Son of Havoc 

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Another person from the Tough Enough 2011 cast that failed to get a job with WWE was independent wrestling star Matt Cross. Continuing to work at his craft, Cross was finally signed by a television company when Lucha Underground hired him to play Son of Havoc. Havoc was the most popular member of the loved trios team with Ivelisse and Angelico. With both awe-inspiring aerial displays and an overall likable personality with good character progression, Havoc was adored by the fans at The Temple and those watching at home. Cross has gone on the record as saying Lucha Underground is his priority which gives hope for more moments in season two.

7 Drago 

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Drago was one of the first five AAA stars to sign a contract for Lucha Underground. As one of the most exciting and talented luchadors, Drago lived up to expectations and was tremendous in season one. Drago’s mask and gear catches the eye of the average viewer and his in-ring work will make them a fan forever. With standout matches against Aero Star and King Cuerno, Drago showcased the lucha libre spirit and helped Lucha Underground stay true to its roots. In the season one finale, Drago defeated Hernandez in a match that saw fans hit Hernandez with straps outside the ring in a very memorable night. Drago will be one of the prime players in season two.

6 The Mack 

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Willie Mack has been one of the best independent wrestlers on the West Coast and actually earned a WWE developmental deal with NXT last year. The contract didn’t go through due to an issue when undergoing through medical testing. Despite the tough break, Mack continued wrestling in the indies and got a break in Lucha Underground. As The Mack, he instantly made an impact and stood out with a star presence. The Mack and Cage would have great matches together and their best took place on the season finale. If there was any doubt before, the match showed The Mack should be a big player in Lucha Underground and has the potential to be a future champion in the promotion.

5 Pentagon Jr. 

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Pentagon Jr. is the best heel in Lucha Underground due to his portrayal of the most dangerous luchador. For most of the first season, Pentagon would break the arms of his opponents after defeating them as a sacrifice to his “master.” The storyline culminated in an absolutely brutal fight as commentator and Mexican wrestling legend Vampiro stood up to Pentagon. Following the match, the big reveal was that Vampiro was the master and wanted Pentagon to show just how ruthless and vicious he could be. The end of season one paired them together and teased that big things would come in season two for Pentagon. Pentagon Jr. vs. Prince Puma is expected to be the big storyline continuing the long time rivalry of their mentors, Vampiro and Konnan.

4 Catrina 

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While she doesn’t typically wrestle in Lucha Underground, Catrina was a must to make this list. Formerly known as Maxine in WWE, Catrina was used to the best of her abilities in Lucha Underground. She managed Mil Muertes and The Disciples of Death. None of her wrestlers speak and they all wear masks so she portrays the emotion and plays a huge role in getting the stories across. Muertes is the Lucha Underground Champion and the Disciples of Death are the Lucha Undergroud Trios Champions entering season two. That’s mostly attributed to the success of Catrina. Her work as an actress has been flawless and she’s the complete package as a performer in Lucha Underground.

3 Fenix 

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At just 24 years old, Fenix is already one of the most impressive pro wrestlers in the business. Many would argue he’s the best high flyer today and the scary part is he will only get better. The most memorable match of the first season of Lucha Underground was a “Graves Consequences” casket match between Fenix and Mil Muertes. Both men and Catrina performed excellently but Fenix’s ability to get the sympathy from the viewer and his electric comeback was a very special moment. On the season one finale, Fenix won the Gift of the Gods Championship and is going to play a huge role in any success for Lucha Underground.

2 Prince Puma 

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Independent wrestling star Ricochet is viewed as a top tier prospect. After failing to get a contract at a WWE tryout, many wrestling experts considered it a terrible decision by the WWE. Ricochet continued to do well traveling the world and eventually got signed by Lucha Underground. The promotion built him as the face of the franchise with the new character Prince Puma. Now rocking a mask, he's a consistent source of greatness every week, from the season premiere to the finale. Puma was the first Lucha Underground Champion and held the title until the finale when he dropped it to Mil Muertes. Everyone in Lucha Underground loves him and he will continue to be one of the biggest stars on the television show.

1 Johnny Mundo 

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For many years in WWE, John Morrison was supposed to become a world champion and one of the big stars on the show. That never happened. Following years of impressive matches in the midcard, Morrison left WWE and tried his hand in acting. Lucha Underground would give him a new opportunity as Johnny Mundo. Given his recent past work on WWE, Mundo was instantly the biggest name on the show as they tried to create brand awareness and he was definitely a great chance. Mundo delivered excellent matches with Prince Puma, Alberto El Patron, King Cuerno and just about everyone else he faced. No one was as consistent or proved as much as he did in season one. Mundo has become one of the best wrestlers in the world and Lucha Underground put the spotlight on him.

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