Top 15 Wrestlers We NEVER Thought Would Score A Hot Woman

Male wrestlers tend to be real men’s men, guys with testosterone running through their veins, wanting to get in the ring and exert their dominance, and wanting to be known as a as a real man’s man, a bloke who has no problem getting with the ladies away from the ring.

Plenty of male wrestlers have lived up to this alpha male ladies man stereotype over the years, mostly the big names, the superstars of the industry such as Randy Orton and John Cena, but there have also been quite a few mediocre wrestlers who’ve have their fair share of women out of the ring, and some of these women have been incredibly hot.

This has caused plenty of us to raise our eyebrows, either in jealously, bewilderment, or even just sheer admiration – you just wouldn’t have expected it from these guys. Of course, it’s not just wrestling talent that we’re looking at here. It’s looks, history, their persona, what they’ve got up to outside the ring; these things usually play a part when it comes to scoring a hot woman, but evidently, for these 15 guys, they haven’t been factors, they haven’t held them back, and actually, kudos to them for proving us doubters wrong. These are 15 wrestlers who we thought would never have a hope in hell of scoring a hot woman.

15 Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens may be a pretty big deal on the wrestling circuit, at the moment with WWE, having won many titles during his time with the promotion, including his stint as the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion, but let’s face it, he’s not much of a looker. So, how he managed to find himself a wife as stunningly attractive as Karina Elias is beyond me, and a lot of other people too, and we were all mystified when it was revealed they were dating and subsequently got married a decade ago. Karina is one of the most beautiful WAGs out there, if not the hottest, and Kevin’s done very well for himself, scoring a hot woman like Karina and setting down with her, building a nice little family together with their two kids. They really do appear to be the perfect little family.

14 Charlie Haas

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Charlie Haas has had a pretty decent time of it on the wrestling circuit, having wrestled with some of the world’s top promotions and having gained quite a few titles too. He’ll mainly be remembered for his time in WWE, but it was his tag team partner, Shelton Benjamin, who often stole the show. It’s because Charlie didn’t really have much about him in terms of charisma, mic skills, and in the looks department too, but it didn’t seem to affect things in his personal life. He managed to score the blonde bombshell from Tough Enough, Jackie Gayda, a woman who looks like she should be supermodeling, someone who many thought would be way out of his league. But they got married, had kids, and now run a nutritional store together in Texas; things couldn’t get much better for Charlie.

13 Rusev

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Okay, some of you may have your own opinions about this list, but this is an entry I’m sure everybody can agree on. Rusev’s a big brute of a man, a former powerlifter, a really brawny, stocky guy, and you’d have to say – of course it depends on a woman’s preferences – he’s not the best looking wrestler on the roster. But to Lana, he’s certainly her ideal man. They’ve been together pretty much from the start of Lana’s career with WWE. She was signed as a social ambassador to Rusev, and later took on a management role. It was interesting seeing them together, seeing how things played out in front of the cameras, because all the while they were seeing each other in private as well. Romance blossomed and they got married in 2016. Rusev’s one lucky Bulgarian beast!

12 Bret Hart

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Now, the Hitman was quite the ladies man back in his prime, but by the time he hit his late 50s, age was really wearing on him and we thought his days of scoring a young beauty were over. Well, turns out the Hitman still had it.

Stephanie Washington’s a fab WAG if ever there was one, although seeing her by the Hitman’s side, you could mistake her for being his daughter – she’s certainly young enough. When they got hitched in 2010, Stephanie was 27, and Bret was in his 50s, so age certainly wasn’t a barrier for the happy couple. Aside from them being at different stages in their lives, there’s a number of other things, which to us, makes them seem totally incompatible. Bret is essentially an old man now and he looks it. He’s been battered and bruised throughout his long and illustrious career, and he’s had numerous health problems over the years, including having a stroke, having cancer, and all of this has certainly taken its toll on Bret. He looks weary, every bit his age, whereas Stephanie’s in the prime of her life. It’s Bret’s third time down the aisle, and so hopefully for his sake, it’s third time lucky.

11 Billy Kidman

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Billy Kidman’s retired now, but during his wrestling days, he had a pretty good time of it, winning titles wherever he went and amassing a pretty impressive fan following too. He’s been involved in some epic matches over the years, and people still talk about that iconic signature move of his, the shooting star press. He certainly achieved a lot during his time in the industry, and he had a pretty good time away from the cameras too.

Torrie Wilson was one of the hottest divas around, and although Billy was a good athlete, Torrie appeared to be way out of his league. People were seriously amazed when they grew close to each other and subsequently began dating during their WCW and WWE days. But people were just stupefied, not to mention puzzled when they got married, although it didn’t last and they split a few years later. Still, Billy’s a seriously lucky guy to have scored Playboy model Torrie.

10 Goldust

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Goldust’s nearing his third decade in the industry and he’s still going strong– a pretty remarkable feat considering he had some big shoes to fill. But he’s done a sterling job has amassed a ton of titles during his time in the industry, and has done very well for himself away from the ring too.

Goldust can thank the wrestling business, not only for giving him a long and successful career, but also because it’s where he met his former wife, the hot blonde bombshell, Terri Runnels. They married in 1993, but their relationship was doomed from the start. Dusty Rhodes just wasn’t happy with them being together, and apparently caused plenty of problems for their relationship. They ended up going their separate ways after six years of marriage, but still, a big thumbs up to Goldust for managing to score a woman like Terri in the first place.

9 Big Show

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Big Show’s just a brute of a man, a massive scary monster to most people, but a big cuddly teddy bear to Bess Katramados, his gorgeous wife of 15 years.

There’s no arguing with the fact that Big Show’s a legend in the wrestling industry. He’s been around for donkey’s years, and his name’s synonymous with WWE, the promotion which he’s made his own. When he first started out with WCW, he was a pretty mean, scary-looking dude. Since then and over the years with WWE, he’s piled on the pounds, that long hair’s gone, and he’s now in the twilight of his career. But one thing that’s remained a constant in his life, much to our surprise is his relationship with Bess. She’s a private woman, but the pics that have been taken of her show that she’s truly gorgeous, and looks kind of odd by Big Show’s side, but in her case, evidently size doesn’t matter!

8 Buddy Murphy

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When you look at a picture of Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss, you really don't see where the compatibility is. Buddy Murphy looks like a pretty average man, albeit with a big frame, while Alexa Bliss is petit, and has a stunning face. The two started dating back in NXT and eventually Alexa was paired with Murphy and Wesley Blake to serve as their manager. Earlier this year, Murphy announced on Instagram that he and Alexa had gotten engaged. It doesn't seem like Blake and Murphy are going to be a major tag team on the main roster, while Alexa Bliss is set to be a huge star in the women's division for the foreseeable future. Still, at least Murphy knows he's got the envy of millions of fans around the world.

7 Bray Wyatt

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Here’s another bearded beast, another member of the Wyatt family, who many people think is batting way out of his league with Samantha. She’s absolutely stunning, undoubtedly one of the hottest WAGs around, whereas he’s – well, you can see what he is. Of course, the reason many of us are surprised they’re together is based purely on the way he looks. He’s not exactly what you’d call a physical specimen, he looks scraggly, unkempt, and I’m presuming, not a very attractive proposition for a woman, let alone a beautiful woman like Samantha, but that just shows how much I know. B

ray’s been body-shamed by a lot of WWE fans over the years, has beard the brunt of a lot of criticism for being overweight, and is often the butt of joke. But he’s probably taken delight in sticking two fingers up at all of the haters, because with Samantha by his side, he has a right to do so.

6 David Flair

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Having a man of Ric Flair’s pedigree as a dad, when David embarked on a wrestling career, he was always going to have it tough. He had massive shoes to fill and plenty to live up to. His sister, Charlotte, has had a better time of things during her few years in the industry, but David hasn’t really achieved a great deal. He didn’t have much of a fan following either. Because he was a Flair, people expected a lot, but he fell short of a lot of people’s expectations, probably his own too. But one aspect of his life people would be giving him props for, is his dating history, which includes the gorgeous Stacy Keibler. They dated when they were in WCW, and people were shocked how a talentless guy with zero personality and no charisma, could get with someone like Stacy, who was at the opposite end of the spectrum at the time.

5 Mick Foley

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Yes, Mick Foley is one of the best and most popular wrestlers to have ever graced the ring, but let’s face it, he’s never been the best-looking guy on the roster. In fact, there isn’t one time during his entire wrestling career where you can actually say 'this guy looks good, he looks the part of an athlete'. He had a horrible figure, and despite his skills in the ring, his great personality and mic skills, he was constantly being mocked and was the subject of ridicule due to his fitness and his overall appearance.

But for the beautiful Colette, none of this seems to be an issue. They got married in 1992, have four kids together, and are still going strong. Foley can count himself incredibly lucky he’s had a rock like Colette to lean on and a stable family environment during the course of his career. Whenever someone asks 'how could Noelle Foley be Mick's daughter?', the answer can be found by looking at pictures of Colette from her modeling days.

4 Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger may not have had the best of times in WWE – towards the latter end of his stint with the promotion he became somewhat of a glorified jobber – and his career may not have been going strong, but one thing that certainly was was his relationship with Catalina.

Mocked for his poor mic-skills and his lisp, Jack didn’t have the qualities needed to make it big with the promotion, but seriously, if you’ve got a wife like Catalina to come back to at home, why on earth would he give a damn.

Catalina’s appeared in magazines such as FHM and Complex and even tried her hand at wrestling at one point, which is where they met. She’s smoking hot, and now that Jack’s on the indies, he can look forward to spending a lot more time with her and their two kids.

3 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar may have the body, may have found fame and fortune, but in terms of his personality, there’s not really much there. Brock’s a guy who know what he wants, and that’s cash. All he cares about is how much money’s in his bank account, so wherever he his, whatever sport he’s involved in, whatever promotion he’s contracted with, he’s not going to stop and smell roses, and try and form relationships. He prefers to do what he does and then go back to living a life of solitude, the simple life.

You wouldn’t have thought the glamorous Sable would be willing to live such a life, but Brock’s definitely converted her. Sable was one of the hottest divas in WWE, and – judging by what we’ve seen from her in the ring over the years – is definitely more sociable than Brock. On a personality front, they seem totally incompatible, but Brock must have some charming traits hidden away somewhere, because they’re still together and are going strong after over a decade of being together.

2 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler may have the title of being a King in the ring, and deservedly so, but surprisingly he’s also a king out of the ring, due to everything he’s gotten up to over the years, all the stunningly beautiful women he’s scored. He’s been married three times, and each one of his former brides have been smoking hot. The beautiful Stacy Carter was his most recent wife, but that marriage was a failure and only lasted for a year, not that it put Jerry off from scoring another woman.

He moved onto Lauryn McBride, a stunning 28-year-old woman. They’ve actually been together for quite some time and are engaged, which has surprised a lot of people, mainly because of the massive age difference between the two, which is almost 40 years!

1 Big Cass

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Big Cass’s career is still in it’s infancy – he’s certainly not the biggest name on this list. Having been around only for six years, that’s understandable, although he hasn’t been making any headway, and his look and skills aren’t really anything to shout about. Carmella’s in pretty much the same boat, having only made her main roster debut last year, but unlike Big Cass, she’s super-fit – her background as a personal trainer and dancer has probably played a huge part in that – and is certainly one of the hottest wrestlers on the roster.

She’s absolutely stunning, and it left a lot us scratching our heads when it became known the two of them were dating.  Not many would’ve expected them to make a couple, but Carmella has said that when she first saw him, she thought he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen, so there you go.

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