Top 15 Wrestlers We Wish Had Stayed In WWE Longer

Like every other profession of this world whether you are a doctor, engineer, scientist, businessman or a sportsman, there is always one element behind your career. Hurdles or difficulties may occur i

Like every other profession of this world whether you are a doctor, engineer, scientist, businessman or a sportsman, there is always one element behind your career. Hurdles or difficulties may occur in your career at any point and you never know to what extent it will follow you. There are two ways, you might get over it and followed by success or the other possibility is you will quit your job and say farewell to your profession. Similarly wrestlers show themselves as powerful beings of this world but a wrestling career is often filled with regrets.

WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world founded in 1952. Creations such as Raw, SmackDown and recently NXT have given WWE a famous name all over the world. WWE is recognized as one of the biggest podium for wrestlers to show their contrivance. Wrestlers can climb of the heights of their career and can create legends like The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin or John Cena. Unfortunately, sometimes WWE runs end well before we as fans are ready for them. Maybe they had so much more to offer before deciding to leave. Maybe WWE reacted to hastily in letting them go. Either way, this list will be full of names we would have loved to see hang around a lot longer.

Here is the list of top 15 wrestlers we wish had stayed longer in WWE.

15 The British Bulldog


Davey Boy Smith known as The British Bulldog had multiple stints  in WWE and all of them were admired by people that pushes his name in the top wrestlers list. But in the late 1980s it was reported that he left WWE, due to a clash Rougeau Brothers on some prank pulled by Curt Hennig backstage. The fight reportedly reached to the extent where both of the Bulldogs decided to leave WWE. He made his return to WWE just after a small break in Japan. Following another run in WWE that saw him win the Intercontinental Title in Wembley Stadium, Davey Boy left for WCW. He would return in 1994, where he would stay until the Montreal Screwjob in 1997, going back to WCW with Bret Hart.

Bulldog returned to WWE in 1999 where he briefly got a main event push. It was clear in 1999 though that Bulldog wasn't in a place to work in WWE. Sadly his personal problems caught up to him. He would leave the company in 2000 and passed away in 2002.

14 Chyna

Theo Westenberger/Corbis

Chyna is always remembered as one of the most zealous women in the history of wrestling with her fit body which made her a huge name in the history of WWE before getting into the relationship trap. Chyna was in a relationship with Triple H. Things were fine until she found out the love letter from Stephanie McMahon to Hunter. She went to Vince to discuss the issue. Vince already knew the relationship of his daughter with Hunter and  things were not in the favor of Chyna as she got her termination papers from WWE through fax which was indeed a hurtful moment for her. She was then seen in TNA but the charm she has in WWE was missed. Sadly she passed away earlier this year.

13 The Ultimate Warrior


Just like other wrestlers, Warrior got fired from WWE mainly of his rowdy attitude. The most famous spells came out when he captured Intercontinental title and World Championship. Due to these high level achievements his demand was higher for wages in WrestleMania VII. WWE paid what he asked for, but because his attitude he was suspended from WWE and eventually fired. One year later he re-joined the company but was released for receiving the shipment of human growth hormones. His last spell was in 1996 and ended through termination by Vince McMahon for missing many shows. He returned to be inducted in the 2014 HOF class but passed away just days later.

12 Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels only lands at 12 on this list, because while he was still the best performer in the business when he retired, he left in the best possible way. Still, HBK is looking great even at 50 today and every time he comes back to WWE he looks fit as ever and ready to put on a great match. If he had stuck around a couple more years, we could have gotten the dream matchup of HBK against his former student, Daniel Bryan.

11 Lita


Lita didn't leave WWE long after her most famous rival. It was already a blow to the Divas division when Trish Stratus retired following Unforgiven 2006, but less than six months later, Lita was gone from WWE as well. Lita went on to other projects, but we wish we could have seen her compete a lot longer. Divas like Beth Phoenix and Natalya were right around the corner, which were other battles we could have seen from Lita.

10 Bret Hart


A cold war brewed between Bret and McMahon. McMahon claimed that he could no longer afford the 20 year contract he had signed with Bret, which forced Hart to go to WCW. Then of course, there was Montreal Screwjob. It's unfortunate that the WWE couldn't find a way to keep Bret in WWE or at least end things on better terms. There were many possible Attitude Era rivalries we missed out on with Hart, while his career wasted away in WCW.

9 CM Punk


CM Punk was the talk of the business from 2011 when he cut his famous "pipebomb" promo. He remained WWE's most popular star up until 2014 when his pent up frustration with the company reached its boiling point. In 2014, Punk walked out on the WWE and was eventually released in June of that year. Looking at the landscape of WWE today, it's agonizing to know Punk will never mix it up with this new era.

8 Trish Stratus


Trish Stratus had a storybook ending to her career, beating her greatest rival Lita in her hometown of Toronto to win the Women's Championship one more time. She retired from wrestling at the age of 30, meaning she had so much more in the tank. The Divas division suffered heavily following the retirements of Trish and Lita. Had both of them stayed a few more years, it's unlikely the division would have been overlooked by the WWE for so long.

7 Goldberg


Goldberg gained a lot of popularity when he joined WCW and become a star there. After the company folded he eventually made his way to the WWE . Goldberg did not find so comfortable working in WWE mainly because of his backstage politics and his collision with Triple H. He only signed a one-year contract with McMahon. He chose not to re-sign due to some personal problems with the business. It's a shame he never got to redeem himself for the subpar final year of his career.

6 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar was made into the next big thing in WWE, but he didn't stick around long enough to really carry the company torch. The WWE made him their hottest star just months after his debut in 2002 but by 2005 he was gone. Considering the likes of The Rock, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, heck even Hulk Hogan jobbed for him, Lesnar left the WWE hanging in 2004. His departure left a significant hole on the roster, which resulted in John Cena being pushed as the next face of the company.

5 Randy Savage


Randy Savage left WWE in 1994 because he felt he still had more to offer the business than as an announcer. Boy was he right. The WWE was in a new era and Vince felt there was no need for Savage as a wrestler, so Savage left late in 1994 when his contract expired. Instead of spending his last days as a wrestler in WCW, it would have been fun to see the legend mix it up with the new generation and even remain an onscreen character for the Attitude Era.

4 Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio is one of the latest addition in the left overs of WWE, Rumors have confirmed the reason why Rey Mysterio left was because WWE extended his contract without asking him. He's now back to Mexico again. With the emergence of Kalisto, it would have been awesome to see Mysterio stick around long enough to put the up and coming luchadore over before moving on to other promotions.

3 The Rock


The Rock was the WWE's biggest star and as a result, gained a huge following in Hollywood, due to his mega wins at the box office in The Mummy Returns and later The Scorpion King. Soon after the release of The Scorpion King, rRock came back to WWE but after a brief run as a heel in 2003, he finally decided to leave. He made his return for a short stint but again, his priority was with Hollywood. The Rock could have had so many memorable feuds in the mid 2000s as he was still on top of his game, wrestling wise.

2 Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle was in a state where he had to take time off from wrestling, or at least slow things down. He was burned out and had become addicted to painkillers. He requested to have a reduced schedule, but WWE would not give him one, so he asked for his release instead. Angle instead joined TNA where he had an awesome run, but his fans have always wished he would have stayed in WWE all these years. It's a shame he and the company couldn't find a compromise on a reduced schedule.

1 Stone Cold


Austin is someone who faced similar issues as CM Punk with WWE. His attitude in 2002 was considered offensive by WWE as when he bashed the product in an interview. He walked out on the company in 2002 after refusing to job to Brock Lesnar on an episode of RAW. He would return nine months later, for a one-off feud with The Rock before retiring for good. It's a shame his injuries had caught up to him, as Austin would have had several great years left in him.

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