Top 15 Wrestlers Who Are Horrible On The Mic

In wrestling, it takes many different abilities to be successful. Some wrestlers have the “whole package,” which consists of great physique, wrestling ability, and, very importantly, microphone skills.

However, time and time again we watch wrestlers who lack one of these fundamental areas. Often times, it is microphone skills that many wrestlers lack. In the past, it has shown it can hold a superstar back from a major push. Though, there are also the special cases where wrestling ability alone can compensate for the wrestler's microphone skills.

This list looks at the top 15 worst wrestlers on the microphone. Many of the greats like Stone Cold, The Rock, and Ric Flair had remarkable microphone skills, which aided them to superstardom within the wrestling industry. The wrestlers on this list are the absolute opposite, didn’t have the luxury of having mic skills like those guys and had to make use of their other skills. Many had, or are having, successful careers and others never panned out and had lackluster ones. Furthermore, there are some wrestlers on this list that are missing all three skill sets, which makes fans question why they were ever given a chance...

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15 The Iron Sheik

via en.wikipedia.org

It was really common to feel confused during an Iron Sheik promo. It was impossible to tell if he was speaking English or Iranian from one interview to the next. Sheik is a legend in the WWE and deservedly so. His problem wasn’t that he had no skill on the mic, but his problem was that he couldn’t speak English proficiently. Even today, you can watch him shoot on other legends on social media. It’s like he never really left wrestling, and I encourage you all to go watch them as they are hilarious and still very confusing.

14 The Ultimate Warrior

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Go listen to a Warrior promo and let us know if you understand anything he’s talking about. Warrior’s problem wasn’t the English language like some on this list, his problem was no one understood what he was referencing and he sounded like a lunatic on cocaine. He had a great intensity and energy on the mic, but wrestling fans couldn’t wrap their head around the message he was trying to convey.

Here's a fun example of one of his rants: "Now you must deal with the creation of all the unpleasantries in the entire universe as I feel the injection from the Gods above."

Try to make sense of that and get back to us.

13 Batista

via ringsideacademy.com

Batista wasn’t good on the mic when he entered the company and he was just as bad when he left it (twice). Batista lacked skill and passion when he was on the mic. “Bootista,” as fans call him nowadays, is a suitable name for him. He’s boring in the ring and on the mic, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he never returns from the last run he had. It's strange that he's so poor on the mic, especially since he was pretty good in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

12 Rob Van Dam

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Rob Van Dam is a crowd favorite and one of my personal favorite wrestlers, with his phenomenal acrobatic skill-set and a laid back demeanor. While everyone might love his in-ring work, most can not stand listening to him on the mic. Van Dam sounded like he was presenting a bad oral presentation in his elementary school class. He never really grasped what it took to succeed on the mic and this is probably the reason he had a short lived career as a top superstar in WWE.

11 Jeff Hardy

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He had a different look to him that drew interest from fans and he was also a great high-flying wrestler, which helped him have some success throughout his career. Problems with substance abuse derailed his career, which is tragic as he was one of the top guys in WWE at one point. The one hit on Jeff was his mic skills, as it was evident he wasn't very comfortable and even with time and practice, he could never put it all together.

10 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is one of the best genetically gifted athletes to ever step foot in the ring, Brock has all the physical skills you need to be a top wrestler, but the only thing he's missing is mic skills. It is very evident that Brock is terrible on the mic, as he only really says a couple of sentences a year. This is the reason for his paring with Paul Heyman, as Paul does the talking and Brock stands there, looking intimidating. Jim Cornette once said that “Brock was boring as watching paint dry.” Most wrestling fans feel the same way.

9 Jack Swagger

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Swagger should have always had a manager speaking for him. For some reason, WWE decided to give him a title run where he had to cut promos by himself and it wasn’t well received. Eventually, the WWE creative team came to their senses and paired Swagger with a great talker in Zeb Colter. If Swagger were to ever make another run as champion, it would be a lot more successful with someone like Colter speaking for Swagger.

8 Lex Luger

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

The problem with Luger was that he was boring on the mic, as he had no real character or passion. When he wrestled greats like Hogan and Savage, he couldn’t go toe to toe with them on the mic and that hurt him, as fans always felt those feuds were missing an extra element to be great. Plain and simple, Luger was vanilla on the mic, in an era where guys like Ric Flair and Randy Savage were cutting incredible promos.

7 Bobby Lashley

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Lashley is another example of a big man who was essentially useless on the mic. WWE tried to give him a big push, as they always do with impressive physical specimens, but eventually his lack of skill on the mic stopped his WWE career. Obviously TNA hasn’t learned from WWE’s past mistakes and they haven’t paired him with a manager. Apparently it's a better idea to have fans hear Lashley’s awkward promos.

6 Yokozuna

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Plain and simple, Yokozuna was bad on the mic and WWE knew this. So, for most of his career, he was paired with Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji, so they could do the talking for him. However, for some reason, WWE had the terrible idea to make Yokozuna start speaking more often once he turned face. He was an accomplished wrestler but once he started opening his mouth, wrestling fans stopped caring about him. He would be higher on the list if the portion of his career where he spoke lasted longer, but fortunately for him and the fans, it did not.

5 Bret Hart

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It hurts me to put Bret Hart on this list because he was one of the best technical wrestlers in history. However, his mic skills were so bad that it would be wrong to make a list like this and not include him. Bret was boring and had no flair on the mic, making his promos below average at best. Though, he proved that with just pure wrestling ability, you can still be one of the best wrestlers in the industry without having mic skills.

4 Sid Vicious

via bleacherreport.com

Not only has Sid screwed up many times in the ring, he also has done it on the mic. He had no ability on the mic, as he would just yell, get angry, and look like a fool. His character was that of a psycho, and he could have found better ways to incorporate that on the mic, but instead he left fans disappointed and bored. When you drop gems like "you're only half the man that I am, and I have half the brain that you do," you need to be considered one of the worst wrestlers on the mic.

3 Ahmed Johnson

via wrestlingrecaps.com

It would be easy to write an entire article about how bad Ahmed Johnson was on the mic. The easiest, and most entertaining, thing to do is to go on YouTube and watch his promos. We must warn you that they are very hard to understand and a number of them have subtitles. This is one of the main reasons he never was pushed into the spotlight, as wrestling fans just couldn’t listen to him speak on the mic and because of that, he wasn't a believable character.

2 The Great Khali

via wwezone.org

Where do we begin with this one? Not only is Khali a terrible wrestler, he's somehow even worse on the mic. It's downright painful to watch Khali cut a promo because it’s obvious he can barely speak English. For some reason, WWE still made him do promos, even though he wasn’t relevant in any storylines. WWE finally put wrestling fans out of their misery and released Khali. It's embarrassing to think that he's a one-time World Heavyweight Champion.

1 Scott Steiner

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Slow and hard to watch in the ring, Steiner was even worse on the mic. If you search on YouTube, you can find a thousand compilations of Steiner screwing up promos. Fans will notice that during every screw up (and there are a lot of them), he tries to cover it up and references his biceps. Here’s some free advice for you Steiner, stop with the curls and practice public speaking in the mirror. It would have served him better if he was placed with a mouthpiece to do the talking for him throughout his career.

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