Top 15 Wrestlers Who Are Jerks To Their Fans

Wrestlers aren't known to be qualified as the "nice guys". If you beat up people for a living, you probably have a dark side. That is the case with these wrestler misfits.

The people featured on this list will not put up with fans, and believe they are the next greatest thing to sliced bread; their egos are unreal. Wrestling is kind of like a cult, with fan following, promoters, and thousands of people screaming your name. Sometimes those screams are more like heckles, which turns some wrestlers bitter.

Many of these wrestlers are disliked all around, in the complete wrestling world spectrum. Their attitude, and radical mood changes triumph over their name. Fans are the people keeping the "fame" alive for wrestlers, these guys need to understand that. Why are they so focused on being jerks to their followers? The people on this list have had bad interactions with fans on the street, but may act a little nicer if they are getting paid to meet fans. It seems that to these guys, it's all about the money, not about the fans.

Some wrestlers are great towards their fans, and there are a lot of friendly wrestlers out there. These guys are just the bad apples in the bunch. Their egos are the most important thing, and to keep it at a standard level is of most importance to them. It's vital.

It's possible to argue, that fame itself is tough to deal with. Being famous is the same as having your movements watched at all times. I can understand some normal outbursts, but to be a jerk to your fans all the time is totally wrong. Get over it, your famous, and use it to better your name, the sport, and your public image. That would be my advice to wrestlers.

It was normal in the days of kayfabe for heel wrestlers to stay in character at all times, but with the era of kayfabe essentially over, there's no reason to be so mean to the people that helped make you.

Here are the Top 15 Wrestlers Who Are Jerks To Their Fans. As always feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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15 Kevin Nash

via youtube.com

While Nash seems to get on the good side of a lot of his peers, Nash is hostile towards his fans. He argues with them constantly, really about anything. If you follow Nash's Twitter account, he is very unprofessional towards his fans. Nash isn't one of the worst jerks on this list, but he qualifies on here because he isn't the nicest guy to his fans, often making fun of them for being hardcore fans. Most fans don't take kindly to people who call what they love "fake".

14 Brock Lesnar

via theprovince.com

Brock Lesnar is straight forward to them media in his feelings and thoughts. On multiple occasions he has talked about how he left wrestling because he hated the lifestyle of the business and the obligations of interacting with fans. Even after coming back, he does not wave to fans at events, and rarely talks to anybody but his manager or promoter. He's a dry wrestler, who couldn't care what anyone thinks of him in general. Fans describe stories of meeting him as very fake, and that he displays arrogance.

13 Batista

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Batista's ego was very high when he rose to fame in WWE. At the 2014 Royal Rumble, a fan gave him the middle finger while wrestling the match. Batista was clearly enraged, and told the fan he would snap their neck in half. While leaving the event, he flipped off the entire crowd, even though he was a babyface at the time.

To get to that stage in your life, where you're really giving the middle finger to harmless WWE fans, cannot be good. At least be angry at people who harm you, not fans voicing their opinion after spending their money on tickets.

12 Scott Hall

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The legend Scott Hall, is known to be nothing short of a scumbag. Let's not forget when he choked his girlfriend in 2012, which led to Hall checking in and out of rehab. Truth be told, Hall never really had his stuff together enough to actually be able to interact with fans the right way. Hall's worst fan stories come from when he actually forgot to send thank you cards (which he promised) to the people who donated money for his hip surgery. He also refused to sign a birthday card for a kid battling brain cancer at a wrestling convention in 2014.

11 The Miz

via therichest.com

The Miz is one wrestler that is especially noted as fake; he even owns a shirt that says "Haters <3 me". Miz's character is kind of built on being hated by the fans, and he is known to give it right back. This may be a case of Miz staying in character all of the time, which means there is a hint of truth in all of his nasty Twitter responses to haters. His reputation is not very solid, and he allegedly told a fan to "eat d***" once at an event in 2010.

10 Bubba Ray Dudley

via juicemakesugar.wordpress.com

Bubba Ray Dudley knows he's a jerk, he won't deny that. Aside from bullying new wrestlers, and screaming at employees, he's mean to his fans. He once screamed at a fan, and allegedly called him a "fa****", and who could forget about all of the riots he almost started while wrestling in ECW.  His partner D-Von may have said it best:

“He’ll be the first to tell you he’s a jerk. He’ll be the first to tell you he don’t like people. There are times when we’re traveling together and people will come up to talk to me and he will just sit there and he won’t say anything."


via sportskeeda.com

JBL was never liked by colleagues or people backstage. He was especially rude to anyone he found slightly annoying; this includes fans, employees, and other wrestlers. Rene Dupree claims he is racist and a homophobe, which rubs off towards his fans. JBL would be seen yelling at fans, or instigating fights. He would even punch or hit people he didn't like in the crowd, furthering the idea that he is a jerk. You could remove 'to their fans' from this article title and JBL would still be here.

8 Randy Orton

via cagesideseats.com

Randy Orton was first known to be a jerk when he got discharged from the Marine Corps in the 1990s; his combination of fame and his short fuse only compounded his likelihood to act like a jerk. In real life when he is asked for autographs, he often blows off fans. It is well documented that Orton has been fined for blatantly cursing at fans, who cheered his injuries. In April of 2015, Orton berated a bunch of fans at the airport in Albany, who were waiting for autographs from wrestlers when they landed.

7 Scott Steiner

via imagecity.com

Scott Steiner seems to be a guy that can legitimately be insane, so it's hard to say whether he's a jerk or he has some loose screws. Heckling him at an event is risky business, as he's had no problems verbally berating fans who dare say anything to him. He's also prone to get physical if he doesn't like something a fan says. It's hard to imagine him being approachable away from the ring either, as his personality doesn't exactly scream, 'fuzzy teddy bear.'

6 Bob Holly

via wwe.com

Bob "Hardcore" Holly has a huge reputation of being a jerk. As a sidebar of being mean to fans, here is a story regarding him and his tag team buddy Rene Dupree. Dupree forgot to pay a parking ticket for Holly one day. Nothing too serious. Holly got really angry and threatened to kill him. He kicked the guy 15 times in the head. Take that in. That story goes from 0-100 very quick.

If that is an indication of Holly's personality, I would be afraid to be around him. His fans already are afraid of his temper regardless. Holly allegedly admitted to hating his fans, and beating up some during his career. In some instances he went berserk on fans during or after matches.

5 Shawn Michaels

via tattoobite.com

Shawn Michaels certainly has changed for the better since his days in the '90s as perhaps the biggest jerk in the wrestling business. He's a new man today, but that doesn't mean he's perfect. The arrogance is still prevalent with him and that arrogance is still on display when interacting with his fans. He'll be pleasant if he's at a formal autograph signing, but don't expect a warm Shawn Michaels on the average day out on the street.

4 CM Punk

via comictrash.com

Punk referred to himself as a "self admitted jerk" once, so he put himself on this list. Many WWE employees hated working with Punk, and cited him as rude and even abusive. He says what's on his mind. It's well documented that Punk would tell fans that he hoped they died, or call them hate filled things during his time in WWE. If you don't believe it, just YouTube the video of Punk calling a fan a gay slur at a live event. Also after leaving wrestling, CM Punk was at a Chicago Blackhawks game, and almost got in a big fight with a fan.

3 Vince McMahon

via cagesideseats.com

As much success Vince achieved in his career, he did it being a real scumbag. He even once said that to be a great wrestler, you need to be a jerk. McMahon makes this list as more of a jerk in general, than specific instances. Despite social media existing for nearly a decade now, McMahon has refused to listen to the fans who want to see a different version of the product. It's almost as if McMahon has actively ignored most of his hardcore fans, who got him to the place he is now; if that isn't being a jerk, then what is?

2 Hulk Hogan

via theirishwhipblog.wordpress.com

Hulk Hogan is a jerk. Hogan traded in his legacy, fame, and good name for a few extra bucks and exposure. The "Immortal" Hogan should have gone down in history as the most iconic figure in wrestling, but due to his own poor personal choices, he is now a leper in the world of professional wrestling. Parents who grew up watching Hogan can't even share their memories with their kids, because Hogan has ruined his reputation with outlandish statements, a horrible run with TNA, lawsuits and sex tapes, and being publicly shamed by the mainstream media. For breaking his fans' hearts, Hogan makes this list.

1 New Jack

via grantland.com

New Jack is the biggest jerk in wrestling to his fans. Hands down, no arguments made. Let's not forget when Jack pulled out a knife on William Jason Lane in 2004. He stabbed the guy 13 times with fans all around him.

Aside from beating up and hurting fellow wrestlers unprofessionally, he is physical towards his fans.He also had an alleged incident at a bar, where he threw a beer at someone's head. In fact New Jack has a ton of stories about his interactions with fans, so many that we can't list them all here; look up the "Mass Transit Incident".

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