Top 15 Wrestlers Who Are Savage AF On Social Media

There was a time when we knew nothing about our favorite wrestlers besides what we saw on screen. Wrestlers were acquired to adhere to a strict code of kayfabe that dictated that they behave a certain way in public. Because of this, most people just assumed that most wrestlers acted the same way in real life that they do on-screen. Social media has changed all of that. Now, we can check out a wrestler's Twitter or Facebook feed and know what they’re thinking, what they’re doing, and what they had for dinner. It’s turned some of the most mythical entertainers in the world into pretty normal people.

For some wrestlers, though, social media isn’t a place they go to when they want to be just another person. It’s their battleground. They treat it like a real-world microphone that allows them to cut the most vicious promos you’ve ever heard. Often times, these promos aren’t directed at another wrestler; they’re directed at you. While some of these performers are just trying to keep kayfabe alive, others simply use social media as an opportunity to simply go savage. These are the top 15 wrestlers who are absolutely savage on social media.

15 Roman Reigns

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Considering that he’s a top babyface in WWE - at least on paper - there’s very little savagery that Roman Reigns can commit on Twitter. After all, WWE doesn’t want one of their top guys committing an unofficial heel turn on social media. Despite this, Roman has always found creative ways over the years to get a few choice words in with some of his detractors. Reigns has previously stated that he does what he does for the kids, meaning that he has zero tolerance for any adult fans who happen to call him out on Twitter.

Roman’s favorite reply is informing these fans to “Say it to his face,” but his Twitter history reveals that he’s not above calling some his most enthusiastic detractors out for their stupidity with such statements as “Stop tweeting at work and earn some money.”

14 Tyler Breeze

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Tyler Breeze has struggled to raise above midcard status ever since he arrived on the main roster. While Breeze never really won that many matches during his NXT tenure, he was constantly over thanks to his incredible character and perfect heel work. Neither of those things seem to have translated to Breeze’s main roster run which has caused some fans to take to Twitter to call out Breeze for his supposed failures. We’d highly advise against doing so. Breeze will not only call out fans (when called out for ripping off Rick Martel, Breeze informed a fan that he’s not a model, he’s a “model that makes money and kicks ass”) but he’s not above telling it like it is. The best example of the latter is the time when he said his favorite part about being on the main roster is going to the bank.

13 Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe is actually an incredibly nice guy by all accounts. Anyone who has ever worked with him or even listened to an extended interview will tell you that Joe is the kind of guy that isn’t quite as big and bad as he makes himself seem during his heel runs. Since Joe is in the middle of a heel run, however, that means he has no problem attacking anyone that crosses his path on social media.

Recently, Joe informed an indie wrestler that “You literally have no idea who your real mother is. I've spoken with your father he has confirmed” and has called out fans for telling their mom “Happy Mother’s Day” from Twitter accounts they should be ashamed of. He’s also an incredibly intelligent individual who always seems to have a clever comment about world events.

12 Kevin Nash

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Speaking of world events, we come to Kevin Nash. In case you didn’t know, many who have worked with Nash often spoke of what an intelligent individual he really is. You wouldn’t really know it due to the fact he spent most of his career as a big man bruiser, but the guy is supposedly a legitimately bright individual. He also loves to comment on politics. In fact, don’t you dare try to engage Nash about politics on Twitter unless you want to receive a verbal beatdown from a man who seems to know more about American history than most.

Nash is a self-described online troll who takes pleasure in simply pressing buttons whenever he get the chance to do so. Incidentally, that’s another thing that many who worked with Nash would have told you about the man...

11 Batista

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In case you didn’t get the memo during his last WWE run, Batista is a guy who loves the fans but has no tolerance for their ideas about how the business should be run. Even still, Batista doesn’t actually go out of his way to insult fans. However, he does have a special fondness for calling out WWE and people in the wrestling industry. Yes, Batista sometimes likes to play the very same Monday morning quarterback that he once accused fans of being. To be fair, the guy’s observations about WWE’s mistakes are often on-point (he once called out Stephanie McMahon for burying every wrestler she works with) and he’s the first to tell you when an article about him or the business is utter BS.

10 The Young Bucks

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For those who don’t know, The Young Bucks are quite possibly the best tag team in the world and certainly one of the best tag teams not currently signed by WWE. Nick and Matt Jackson have long prided themselves on not fitting into the conventions of WWE and generally doing their own thing. Naturally, this extends to the brothers’ respective social media accounts where they love to play up their characters by annoying just about everyone that dares reaches out to them. From informing fans that they peed in the pool of WWE talent, built their own and filled it with money, to simply directing misinformed viewers to Google in order to check themselves, Matt and Nick Jackson have mastered their social media heel game.

9 Dolph Ziggler

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The quality of Dolph Ziggler’s social media heel work can vary depending on his on-screen situation. If Ziggler is in the midst of one of his face runs, he’ll usually dial things back a bit by simply ignoring anyone that bothers him. If Ziggler is in the middle of a heel run, however, all bets are off. Ziggler has long treated Twitter like the television time WWE sometimes refuses to give him. Tell Ziggler that you can’t remember the last time he had a good match, and he’ll tell you that’s because he only has great ones. Ask him to stop wrestling, and he’ll ask you send one million a year to one of his houses. In fact, following Ziggler on Twitter will really leave you with the impression that WWE needs to really let him loose on the mic.

8 Rusev

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Anyone who has followed Rusev’s career closely knows that the man has more natural charisma and personality than half of the roster. Unfortunately, his character and a historic lack of opportunities often prevent him from really showing the world what he can do. No such restraints exist on social media where Rusev is able to simply say and do whatever he wants. Rusev’s social media game is an interesting mix between kayfabe and reality. It’s sometimes hard to tell when Rusev is calling fans and idiot in character and when he is doing it in reality.

The best part about Rusev’s savagery is that it often goes above the heads of the people he’s insulting. A great example is the time he wished a Happy American President’s day to Donald Trump, Richard Nixon, and nobody else.

7 Iron Shiek

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Most of the wrestlers on this list belong to the modern era or a fairly recent era of wrestling. That makes sense when you consider that younger people tend to be into social media more than older people. Meet one of the best exceptions to that rule. The Iron Sheik has taken to Twitter like no other old-school wrestler has. This guy’s pinned Tweet is “EAT SLEEP GO **** YOURSELF REPEAT.” He only ever writes in all caps, and he mostly finds some person, place, political idea, or thing to insult.

Sometimes, Sheik doesn’t even need a target. For instance, his last piece of motivational wisdom involved telling people that they’re going to be dead in 50 years so don’t be a jabroni. The man is a legend.

6 Chris Jericho

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Much like the other wrestlers on this list, Jericho’s social media is affected by whether or not he’s currently playing a heel or face. When he’s a face, he launches into relentless shill mode. He promotes WWE, he promotes Fozzy...it’s pretty boring stuff. When we’re blessed with the glory of heel Jericho, however, things get much more interesting. Jericho is a master of making incendiary statements then watching as millions flock to him to call him an idiot. That’s when Jericho begins tearing each and every one of them apart with the master word work that makes his promos so legendary. Jericho’s insults flow like wine and are just fine. In fact, you could argue that WWE should never let Jericho be a face again simply because it deprives us of his troll game.

5 Big E

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Big E’s Twitter account is arguably the best on the planet. We’re quite serious. You might occasionally laugh at one of Big E’s promos, but if you follow him on Twitter, then you know the man spits nothing but pure gold. While Big E preaches love and humor whenever possible, there are times when the man can't help but go savage. He’ll tell anyone who calls out adults for watching wrestling to not mess with his money. He’ll tear into whatever ridiculous storylines WWE may be running at the moment. He once warned those watching WrestleMania to not drink every time they hear “Ultimate Thrill Ride” unless they want to die. It doesn’t matter who your are, what you believe, or even if you watch wrestling. Big E will find a way to insult you.

4 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio is one of the most controversial wrestlers in the world at the moment. The man has made a bad habit of no-showing events, turning in bad performances, and generally being kind of an unlikable guy. Naturally, this means his social media feeds are endlessly amusing. Del Rio has left WWE twice partially because he just couldn’t stand their crap, meaning that he has zero patience for anyone else's. Del Rio knows what people say about him and we know he knows this because Del Rio loves to call out anyone who dares insult him publicly. This legion of “keyboard warriors” - his words - are no match for Del Rio’s absolutely savage retorts. Some guys are funny trolls. Del Rio simply goes out and gets them.

3 Kevin Owens

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The day that WWE turns Kevin Owens face is going to be the saddest day in social media history. While there are many other wrestlers who use their online presence as an extension of their heel persona, there are none which do it quite as well as Kevin Owens. The man is relentless. His latest hobby is endlessly insulting America, but that only scratches the surface of Owens’ heel greatness. Actually, you can be pretty sure that Owens uses the whole heel thing as an excuse to tell people what he really thinks. Whether he’s reminding someone that he is him and they are only some sad guy that uses the word bro or just calling someone out for being named Joshua, Kevin Owens’ social media accounts should be preserved as global treasures.

2 Randy Orton

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To be honest, Randy Orton is usually fairly restrained on social media. He posts pictures of his family, thanks fans, and does all the usual acceptable social media practices. However, there are times when Orton just can’t help himself. In those moments, he turns into a social media viper. Orton’s social media savagery isn’t always funny, but it’s almost always memorable. He once got in trouble for identifying a gym patron as the Latino Miss Piggy and recently caused quite a stir by insulting pretty much indie wrestler everywhere by reminding them how successful he is. When these incident occur, Randy Orton goes into full heel mode by attacking anyone that dares question his particular point of view. Regardless, we know two things: never approach Randy Orton at the gym and ask for a picture and never call him out over refusing to take a picture on Twitter.

1 CM Punk

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CM Punk may no longer be with WWE - a fact that haunts his fanbase every day - but if you ever find yourself missing the man, just know that you can always find him on Twitter dropping pipe bombs whenever possible. For as busy as Punk usually is, it’s remarkable how often he still finds time to call out those who think it’s a good idea to talk trash to him on Twitter. Roughly 50% of Punk’s tweets consist of him telling someone exactly what he thinks. Sure, some of these replies are nothing more than a good ole’ **** you, but Punk will occasionally pull out some brilliant comeback that reminds you of the man’s glorious promos. Even those who simply want to talk hockey with Punk are not safe.

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