Top 15 Wrestlers Who Are Pretty Weird in Real Life

"Too weird to live, too rare to die." - Hunter S. Thompson You have seen this quote on your social media feed; used by some so-called subversive college kid as an expression of his/her uniqueness.

"Too weird to live, too rare to die." - Hunter S. Thompson

You have seen this quote on your social media feed; used by some so-called subversive college kid as an expression of his/her uniqueness. You have seen it scribbled on t-shirts and covered in Ralph Steadman style art. Perpetrated as a battle-cry against society. You have even seen an album named after this quote from the hairdo, eyeliner, rotten rock band known as Panic! at the Disco.

These words have been interpreted in many different ways as many different writers (myself included) are guilty of borrowing a touch of weirdness from the Dr. Thompson. What did it really mean to man who wrote this famous line? What does it mean to you? There are no wrong answers between weird and dead; there are just many, many more questions.

This article is meant as exploration of the weird. The weird that comes along with professional wrestling - a world where convention is lost and the unusual is found within the twisted psyches of those involved. There is nothing normal about the professional wrestler and that's what makes it so interesting. The abnormal can usually attract a decent crowd.

The thought of a person with the already known knowledge that he/she must go out and lose in front of an arena full of spectators while willfully abusing their body in the process is baffling to many but, to those who understand it, is a wonderful and reckless exhibition of the wildly weird. There is acceptance among the strange strangers who congregate at the wrestling show.

Wrestling is never going to be something that is considered "normal" and the older one gets the weirder they seem while still participating in the sideshow act of wrestling fandom. The "normal" can have their sense of normalcy while the freaks come out to play.

These are the top 15 wrestlers who are weird in real life:

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15 Sasha Banks


"The Boss" Sasha Banks has been a promising addition to the main WWE roster. The girl with the brightly colored hair who walks with her own sense of self has played a contributing factor in the "Divas Revolution."

The fact that Sasha Banks is a cousin of Snoop Dogg is weird enough to make life weird for anybody. On television, Banks walks the aisle with a hip-hop soundtrack blazing but in reality, Banks is an avid fan of K-Pop music.

You may question the validity of Sasha Banks's weirdness but it is there; just look deeper.

14 Jerry Lawler


Jerry "The King" Lawler is without question the true king of professional wrestler. All other Royals who have come along over the years have been mere imposters and Jerry Lawler knows this to be true.

As if living a King gimmick is not weird enough, Jerry Lawler is an artist and there is no such thing as a non-weird artist. Aside from art, Lawler collects Coca-Cola and superhero merchandise.

Long live the Weird King.

13 Paige


The young and not-so-innocent world of a WWE Diva can be the weirdest experience of one's life. Paige lives this role every single day while out on the road with the traveling sideshow known as WWE.

The pretty and pale Brit looks different, sounds different, and acts differently than most of the other girls in WWE and that's all right. Paige has a certain weird punk-spunk to her that is quite endearing.

Stay weird, Paige. Stay weird.

12 Brock Lesnar


What you see on television is not far from real life as it pertains to Brock Lesnar. The Weird Warlord of wrestling who once took a leave of absence to conquer the UFC world before returning to the WWE.

Brock Lesnar doesn't like many people and in turn, does not want to be liked by anybody on this planet. When away from the mainstream spotlight, Lesnar lives a reclusive-like life with his family.

Leave The Beast breathe and he will not be forced to attack.

11 Chyna


The wicked weirdness that is the life of Chyna. A woman who is now considered a disgraced former Diva but was once considered the most dominant and powerful woman in the entire industry.

Chyna has walked down some weird avenues and her stroll continues to this day. The once wrestling star turned adult film star has found pity from fans due to her troubled state of affairs.

Someday Chyna may find what she has been looking for on the shady avenues.

10 Lita


Lita has always been an original. During her active run in WWE, Lita changes what being a Diva meant. The look of Lita was not the typical female look that had become so common within the company.

Lita is a tattooed, hard-knocked, punk-rock, vegan who has always lived, played, and performed under her own set of rules; which usually consisted of no rules at all ... only adrenaline and adventurous spirit.

Lita lives with anarchy.

9 Cesaro


Everybody seems to be loving Cesaro these days. "The Swiss Superman" has paid his wrestling dues without receiving much reward. While he may never be top-dog in WWE, winning over the fans is huge and must feel great.

Cesaro is a man who is fluent in multiple languages and doesn't sleep in a bed. The wrestling maniac certainly possess his share of weirdness and as we watch him attempt to make good in WWE, the weird trip continues.

Perhaps the WWE office will someday turn weird and give Cesaro the ball.

8 Kane


Politics, politics, politics. One would think that a professional wrestler - who deals with backstage politics on a regular basis - would have no political interests outside of their daily profession.

Well, for one weird reason or another, Kane is heavy into politics. Behind the monster is some sort of politician which in its own right borders on being a monster. Politicians are a strange breed.

However, these are the ways of Kane when away from wrestling.

7 Rob Van Dam


It's funny how someone as popular as Rob Van Dam was never able to draw money like John Cena or the mega-stars of the past. Such was the cruel fate for RVD while working for WWE.

RVD has always been a weird dude; which is half the reason why people love the ECW original. RVD is an in-ring high-flyer as well as a real life high-flyer as an avid supported of marijuana usage.

Roll another one before the Rolling Thunder.

6 Becky Lynch


The "Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch is quickly rising through the ranks of the Divas division as a crowd favourite performer who connects with the weird that hangs out in the massive arena crowds.

Becky Lynch has worked all over the world; and not only as a wrestler. Lynch has worn a number of weird hats throughout her time in this world (like being an actress) but eventually wound up where she truly belonged.

It is hard not to take notice of the beautiful Irish girl with all the bright hair.

5 The Iron Sheik


The Howard Stern Show often welcomes weird characters onto the program but even they weren't prepared for wrestling legend, The Iron Sheik, who became an internet sensation following his appearances on the program.

The Iron Sheik is crazed beyond his years and lives in a world all his own. The former WWE Champion doesn't hold back on any topic. Sheik spews viciousness with her tongue and people always wants more.

Always remember: The Iron Sheik will make you humble.

4 Finn Balor


Finn Balor could very-well be the best male talent currently in NXT. Balor wears the NXT Championship with his Irish pride and gives everything he has each and every night when he walks down that aisle.

The weird side of Finn Balor becomes evident when The Demon appears on your television screen. Balor models his body paint after the comic book characters he loves while collecting Legos in his spare time.

The Demon lives!

3 Mick Foley


Has there ever been a WWE Superstar more loveable than Mick Foley? How can you not enjoy the antics of Foley and all his wonderful weirdness. Foley was never the typical WWE Superstar and we loved that fact.

Take a good look at Mick Foley; if you can't see the weirdness then you are not looking hard enough. Foley is man who found a way to be truly comfortable in his own skin while creating a hardcore legacy along the way.

"Have a Nice Day." ... "Bang! Bang!"

2 Raven


Do you remember Raven? The perpetually depressed loner who really made a name for himself in ECW, where wrestlers like Raven were nourished and allowed to fly higher (no pun intended) than normal heights.

Raven is a member of Mensa, loves comic books and comedy and has struggled with substance abuse all while undertaking the weird profession of professional wrestler. Raven was built for the wrestling industry.

One of the true wrestling originals.

1 Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy is one of those guys that will forever be known as a babyface. Even after turning heel, rooting against Hardy was always a difficult task. There is something about their wildly weird man that attracts people.

Jeff Hardy is an artist. What kind of artist? Well, it's hard to say for certain. Hardy delves into a number of different realms. The only person who may full understand Jeff Hardy's art is Jeff Hardy ... and even that is questionable.

May your weirdness never fade, Jeff Hardy.

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