Top 15 Wrestlers Who Dated Out Of Their League

"To be the man, you gotta beat the man," said Ric Flair. Well, that applies to men all over the world who look for the love of their lives. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there are so

"To be the man, you gotta beat the man," said Ric Flair.

Well, that applies to men all over the world who look for the love of their lives. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there are so few fish that attract as many lovers as WWE Divas.

A large number of wrestlers have dated over the years, and some end up together forever, or at least for the long term. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, as well as The Undertaker and Michelle McCool round out some of most famous and successful wrestling couples of all-time.

But sometimes, WWE Superstars (and wrestlers from other promotions) somehow get luckier than a person who would, say, happen to win five lottery draws. These Superstars score dates, relationships, and sometimes marriages with the most beautiful and desirable Divas on earth. However, a lot of fans and other pundits will question how they got lucky in the first place.

It is human nature to be jealous of others for getting a certain partner, even though all is fair in love and war. But more often than not, we will question some of the biggest relationships in the WWE. It's a common legend that anyone who is rich and famous can get anyone they want, easily.

Well, a lot of people will think the truth applies here. As you'll see on this list, a number of wrestlers managed to date people way out of their league. Here are the top 15 who managed to do so.

15 Dean Ambrose


Yes, Dean Ambrose is well on his way to becoming the next big face of the WWE and could ultimately wind up being John Cena's successor. That's at least how it should be, but for now, Ambrose is a work in progress.

Well, he's dating Renee Young, the gorgeous and sweet backstage reporter who could get any man in the world she wants. But she's choosing a guy who hasn't won a World Heavyweight Championship and (let's be honest) isn't the best looker.

They say girls always love a guy who's confident and that it's the number one quality. Well, Ambrose is confident, so we guess that works...

14 Cody Rhodes 


Cody Rhodes hasn't done a whole lot since The Legacy broke up in 2010 and his Stardust gimmick is definitely one of the biggest waste of times in recent WWE memory. And now, he's married to someone out of his league.

That would be Eden Stiles, one of the company's top in-ring announcers. The two tied the knot in 2013 and maybe we could justify it if Rhodes became a main event star.

But we wonder if she really fines the Stardust paint face attractive, or if she's just sweet enough to love him for who he is and not his actual appearance.

13 Colin Cassady


Colin Cassady, also known as Big Cass, worked his way up and is now on the main roster after becoming hugely popular in NXT along with Enzo Amore. So, we will applaud him for his hard work and dedication, but come on now.

He has been able to land the ever-gorgeous Carmella, who has also served as manager to Enzo and Cass. The two are in a real-life relationship, not just working together on-screen. She's one of the biggest bombshells out there, but she's with a guy who doesn't exactly match her in terms of looks.

12 Lex Luger


One of the biggest stars in both WCW and WWE, Luger was a reason that the Monday Night War occurred. This happened after he unexpectedly left Vince McMahon hanging in the balance and jumped on board with Eric Bischoff.

Luger's impact on the WWE was huge, but he also landed Miss Elizabeth, arguably the most beloved and coveted woman in the history of pro wrestling. The two were a couple in 2003, but it had a tragic end.

11 Jerry Lawler


Everybody loves The King as a colour commentator for WWE, but if we can make it clear, his on-air personality wouldn't attract a lot of women...we'd assume at least.

That's because Jerry Lawler is overly excited every time a woman shows up in the ring or on the titantron. Lawler (at least on screen) has a major addiction to the WWE Divas and was able to win the love of The Kat (Stacy Carter).

She's two decades younger than him and the two got married in 2000, only for it to end in 2001. Did a 30 year old woman really want to date a guy much older than her who had already been divorced twice?

But fine, props to you, King.

10 Nick Mitchell


One of the five members of The Spirit Squad, Nick Mitchell and his crew are surely still celebrating today about the fact he got to date one of the most beautiful and most entertaining wrestlers of all-time.

That would be Torrie Wilson. Mitchell and Wilson lasted several years together and even formed a fashion boutique they called "Officially Jaded."

We can understand Wilson dating Alex Rodriguez, one of the greatest baseball players ever, but we are a bit surprised she didn't go for the likes of John Cena, Edge or Chris Jericho.

9 Triple H


Hear us out.

Stephanie McMahon is a billionaire heiress and her looks are out of this world. Unless you're a Prince, the son of a billionaire who runs another successful company or a star like, say, Mick Jagger, then Stephanie is out of anyone's league.

We LOVE Triple H. He and Stephanie have been great together and have a great family, but he totally went out of his league to win her (and that's a good thing for everyone).

8 Joey Mercury


Joey Mercury had a nice run in the MNM alliance, which featured him, Melina, and Johnny Nitro (also known as John Morrison in the 2010s).

That being said, he was very lucky to have dated 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Christy Hemme, the lovely redhead that became the dream girl for millions of men across the WWE Universe.

Their alleged relationship didn't last long, however. But Mercury sure made a LOT of people jealous.

7 Matt Hardy


If it weren't for Trish Stratus, a large portion of us would call Lita the most desirable Diva of all-time. Her punk-attitude, sweet-sounding voice, and girl-next-door character won over just about every guy's heart.

Everyone knows what happened with Matt Hardy and Lita: They were together on and off-screen, until Lita began dating Edge, Hardy's real-life friend. And as we know, Hardy went on an all-out assault on the both of them via the internet.

Hardy simply didn't deserve her for the way he treated her, and although he was popular to the fans, he wasn't one of the TOP stars the way Lita was a legendary Hall of Fame Diva. Matt should have been happy she gave him a shot in the first place.

6 John Morrison


Whatever the gimmick was, nobody can deny John Morrison/Nitro appealed to fans for his character and overall wrestling ability. Forming the MNM alliance made him awesome, because he got to date former Diva, Melina.

What was great about Melina was just how awesome she was as a heel to start her career, but also how she was the sweetheart and lovable Diva. She was one of a kind and Morrison was lucky to have her for a while.

5 Goldust


Both Goldust gimmicks in the WWE have been very, well, creepy. It's amazing that he'd be able to wheel a girl to join his side with the character he's been putting on for years. But his latest run hasn't been very successful either.

It's amazing that he was able to marry Marlena, who was his on-screen manager. The two were married from 1993-1999 and most WWE fans will think he was lucky to have her.

4 Rusev


I haven't met Rusev personally, but I assume he's a nice guy.

That being said, he's not necessarily the most appealing wrestler to women. That's part of his character for sure, but Lana (his real-life fiancee and on-screen manager) is one in a million.

Given how he viciously attacks his opponents (and does it in an ugly matter), we're surprised she took him over someone like me.

Just kidding, I'm dreaming.

3 Mike Bennett


I'm going to be honest, I only know Mike Bennett because he's married to former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis.

Maria hasn't actually been in the WWE since 2010, but many were paying attention to her personal life as her and Bennett tied the knot. Bennett now performs in TNA after years with independent promotions, so die-hard WWE fans will be devastated that she chose a company rival over one of Vince McMahon's own wrestlers.

Kanellis is a memorable Diva, but only so many WWE fans are familiar with Bennett.

2 Justin Gabriel


Justin Gabriel had a nice run as one of The Nexus villains, but has been out of the WWE since 2015. While some of us will remember his solid tenure with the company, others will remember him for briefly owning the love of Kelly Kelly.

She simply is a natural beauty, but is with former NHL star Sheldon Souray now. Gabriel and Kelly Kelly dated shortly and the relationship didn't last long. It's amazing how an underused star got to the top of the Diva chain.

1 David Flair


To be fair to David Flair, he is the son of the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing son of a gun who has claimed to have kissed every woman around the world.

David, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, will probably never come close to being a lady's man like Ric. Then again, who really is? But he did score one of the biggest fishes in the sea. That woman? Stacy Keibler, who is one of the most desirable Divas ever.

Flair hasn't experienced a portion of the success in pro wrestling like his father or sister, but we give him credit for briefly dating Kiebler.

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